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Works of fiction that have so affected the thinking and culture of a world that they have withstood the passage of time and history. Many are required reading in literature classes throughout the world.

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Literature Classics

Who is d'artanian?

If you mean d'Artagnan, he's the so-called "fourth musketeer" in Alexandre Dumas's classic swashbuckler novel The Three Musketeers. The three are Athos, Porthos, and Aramis ("One for all and all for one"). The name of Disney's "Mouseketeers" was a pun on this title.
Sherlock Holmes
Literature Classics

Is The Hound of the Baskervilles a classic novel?

Yes, Some people think it is the best Sherlock Holmes novel!

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Medieval Religion

Who are the sinners in the vestibule of hell?

I assume from the terminology that this relates to the Comedia of Dante Alighieri.

The sinners in the Vestibule (Described in Canto III) are the Futile those "whose lives knew neither praise nor infamy" (ibid l. 36) and including "that caitiff angel-crew/Who against God rebelled not, nor to Him/Were faithful, but to self alone were true" (ibid ll. 37-9).

These figures represent those without conviction either to good or bad. They are represented following a banner that wildly flaps around in the same way that their opinions and values shifted in life.

The only identified figure is "The coward spirit of the man/Who made the great refusal;" (ibid ll. 60-1) it is uncertain who this represents although it has been suggested that it is Pope Celestine V who abdicated the papacy in favour of Boniface VIII who Dante hated; it has also been suggested as an identifier for Pilate who condemned Christ despite believing His innocence.

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Literature Classics

What do you infer to be the author's attitude toward Emily Grierson?

Faulkner appeared to have the goal of wishing the reader to be aware that a change in a person's (Emily's) mental state could be reflected by a corresponding change in physical appearance.

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Literature Classics

Why would a person read classic literature?

Classic literature gives the reader a foundation for references in other work and literature. Often a writer alludes to a classic work within a piece of writing and without knowing the book the reader misses the meaning of the author. References to classics is often used in standardized testing and reading the classics also provides the reader with a cultural references. Many products today use classic symbols, names, and terms to sell their product. A good example of this is Nike. Nike is a goddess in classic Greek myth and there is a reason why it is used on their shoes, but without knowing about the myth the whole meaning is lost.

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Ernest Hemingway
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What is the irony in the novel Old Man and the Sea?

in the book the marlin is being eaten by sharks until just the bones are left. At the end of the book people just think the bones must be what's left of a shark

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What does the Devil in the pick of destiny mean when saying Ill make him scream like the scarlet pimpernel in reference to Kyle?

The Scarlet Pimpernel was a movie based on a true story of someone in Europe who called himself the Scarelt Pimpernel and ran around freeing innocent people from jail. He eventually was caught, tortured, and killed I believe.

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How does Madame Bovary die?

Madame Bovary commits suicide. She finds Justin and orders him to take her upstairs to where the pharmacist keeps his Arsenic (a poison used to kill mice). She eats a large amount of it and returns home to see her husband in distress because of their financial situation. She threw up many times, and soon started to throw up blood. Eventually she died on her bed.

Literature Classics

What book does the character Quilp appear in?

The most famous one is in Charles Dickens's "The Old Curiosity Shop".

charley and the chocolate factory

Literature Classics
Charles Dickens
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What were Charles Dickens' top ten best books?

1 A Tale of Two Cities

2 Great Expectations

3 Oliver Twist

4 David Copperfield

5 Little Dorrit

6 Bleak House

7 A Christmas Carol (novella)

8 Nicholas Nickleby

9 Martin Chuzzlewit

10 Hard Times

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What is the climax of young goodman brown?

The satanic ritual in the forest where YGB yells out for Faith to resist.

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Bodies of Water

What is the water under a drawbridge called?


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Is sense and sensibility a love story?

Yes, Sense and Sensibility is a love story about two young women and the men they fall in love with. One of the women represents good sense, and the other represents sensibility, meaning strong feeling of emotions.

Literature Classics
Charles Dickens

Why is Charles Darnay imprisoned?

he had over spent in his money.

Literature Classics

What does Hektor swear to do with Achilleus's body if he dies?

return it to Achilleus's soldiers.

Literature Classics

Who does Aladdin marry in the 1001 Arabian Nights?

In "Aladdin's Wonderful Lamp," Aladdin marries Princess Badroulbadour after wishing to become rich and powerful. Princess Badroulbadour is the daughter of the Chinese emperor. The sorcerer kidnaps Badroulbadour and takes the lamp to Maghreb. Aladdin still has a magical ring and summons another djinni, who transports Aladdin to Maghreb to save his wife.

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Edgar Allan Poe

What are words that describe Edgar Allan Poe?

Scary, Nutcase, emotional, determined, Arrogant.

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Who is Ethan Frome's wife?


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Ernest Hemingway
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Who said one man's freedom is another man's slavery?

Some say Attorney General Ramsey Clark

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Is the sign of the beaver considered a classic?

yes indeed its a classic book its been around more than 40 years

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What made Nolan willing to betray his own country?

In Man Without a Country, Nolan was willing to betray because of the VP Burr who was putting bad thoughts in his mind and making Nolan confident about it

Literature Classics

Where does Achilleus drive his spear to kill Hektor?

Achilleus drives his spear into Hektor's collarbone.

Harry Potter
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Is the clockwork orange the book appropriate reading for a 14 year old?

In my opinion clockwork orange is an appropriate book for a person of this age. I'm 20 years old and read his book when i was about 16 and it has remained one of my favourites ever since. Certainly the subject matter may seem a bit risque as it centres mainly around drugs, violence and sexual deviancy but a person of 14 is more than old enough to realise that the intent of the book is not to encourage this behaviour. In fact i believe anyone who argues that books, film or television cause bad behaviour are extremely ignorant and are merely looking for a scapegoat on which to blame societies ills.

The only stumbling block that may be faced when attempting to read the book at this age is the language as the writer invented much of the words used in the book. However most copies provide a dictionary at the end of the book and i found the language to be one of the best features of clockwork orange.

John Steinbeck
Literature Classics
The Pearl

What does the rifle symbolize in the book 'The Pearl'?

The rifle symbolizes a deep change in Kino's character. At first, Kino seeks to buy medicine for his sick son, Coyotito, with the money that would come from sale of the pearl. However, his wealth sparks his greed, and he seeks to destroy those who would steal from him rather than protect his son.

On a more abstract level, the rifle can be seen as symbol for society's propogation of greed.

Literature Classics
The Outsiders

Who was in the ambulance with Ponyboy in The Outsiders book?

the man who was at the fire and said he was brave for going in thr fire to save those kids.


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