Nickleback is a Canadian rock band that has sold 30 million records world wide.

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How old are the Band members in Nickelback?

it is nickelback mom.


What are the names of the musicians in Nickelback?

Chad Kroeger (Guitar and lead singer), Ryan Peake (Guitar and vocals), Mike Kroeger (bass) and Daniel Adair (drums and vocals) :p


What is Chad mendes' wife's name?

Danielle Mendes

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Where was Nickelback's Music Video Savin Me filmed?

It was filmed in Hastings Street, Vancouver.

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Where are the band members from Nickelback from?



Is Daniel Adair from Nickelback married?

If go to his website and check out is latest promo shots, you can see his wedding band in one of them. Fans have been wishing him the best on his marriage as well.


What year did Nickelback start performing?

I think it was 1996.


When was Tim Dickson from Nickelback's Far Away video born?

Dob 1980 from langley bc


When did Chad Kroeger die?

Umm...he did'nt?


Where did Nickelback get their name?

Easy, Mike kroeger...chad's (vocalist) brother worked before for starbucks, and he usely said " here is your nickel back "

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How did the band Nickelback get its name?

The typical defensive set has two corner backs and two safeties (free safety and strong safety). The nickelback is the additional player added on plays when the defense is definitely expecting a passing play. He becomes the fifth, hence nickel, back in the defense's 'secondary' unit.
Nickelback's bass player, (Mike Kroeger) came up with the name. He used to work in a coffee shop (Star bucks) and was constantly saying, "here's a nickel back" when giving change.

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Is Chad Kroeger single?

Who's Chad Kroeger? And is he single?

Chad Kroeger is the singer of a great band named "Nickelback" which includes the four guys: Chad Kroeger ~ Vocals & Guitars Mike Kroeger ~ Bass Ryan Peake ~ Guitar & Vocals Daniel Adair ~ Drums & Vocals

He was classed as married to a woman named Marianne. This was classed as this as Canada recognizes (as) common law after 1 year of living together. They have NO prenup. I know this for a fact. He is a friend.

No, Chad Kroeger is not single, he's married to Marianne Gurick.

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Did cheryl Lynn sing lead on funkin for Jamaica?

The vocals on trumpet player Tom Browne's song " Funkin' For Jamaica " are performed by singer Tonni Smith.

Tonni can be found on MySpace @

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What is Chad Kroeger of Nickelback's Twitter name?

He doesn't have Twitter. There is a band account - @nickelback

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Green Day

When did Green Day become a band?


Green Day first became a band in 1987 . It wasn't called "Green Day" yet though, it was called Sweet Children. Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt formed it. In 1989 adding drummer Al Sobrante and changing the name to Green Day, that same year they independently released their first EP called "1000 Hours". Soon signed a contract with Reprise Records, (a division of Warner) and released their first album, then replaced drummer Al Sobrante, who quit the band for college, with Tre' Cool. Who is still with the band.


Green Day became a band in the mid' 80's and it was started by Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt (not dimt)


Since the pop punk explosion heralded by super-band Nirvana, few bands have had the success and influence that Green Day have had.

With the 1994 major label release of their album Dookie, Green Day has brought the late 1970s pop-punk sound to a new generation of teens. Their music is frenetic with the three cord energy and style of post-punk pop and they have opened the door for countless other pop-punk, ska-rock and skater metal bands who have followed their lead.

Green Day hails from the San Francisco Bay Area - Berkeley to be exact - home of a thriving post-punk underground subculture. Billie Joe Armstrong (guitar, vocals) and longtime friend Mike Dirnt (orig. Mike Pritchard) began playing music together at the age of 14 and formed the band Sweet Children. In 1989 the duo, renamed Green Day, added drummer John Kiffmeyer and independently released their own EP, 1,000 Hours.

The California hardcore punk scene embraced the EP and the band soon signed with local indie label Lookout. Green Day's first full-length album, 39/Smooth, was released later that year. Some time after this release the band replaced Kiffmeyer with their current drummer, Tre Cool (orig. Frank Edward Wright III). The band moved into the '90s, amassing more fans as time rolled on. Their big break came with the release of their second album, Kerplunk, which attracted major label attention. This led to a record contract with Reprise. In the spring of 1994, Green Day released its major label debut, Dookie, which drew the attention and support of MTV. The heavy rotation of the video for the song "Longview" catapulted the band into the alternative mainstream.

Their ascent continued into the summer of '94, as the single "Basket Case" spent five weeks at the top of the modern rock charts. During Woodstock '94 the band stole
Green Day formed as a band in early 1987, though they were originally called Sweet Children.

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How old is Marianne Goriuk?

Marianne Goriuk is about 47 years old (born 1970-1971).
She was the longtime partner of Chad Kroeger until they split up in 2008.

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What is lengthiest song to ever be a top ten hit?

Wasn't It eith "American Pie", or "American Trilogy"? That's all I can remember. Hope that it helps. could be "One" by metallica


What is the most requested song?

Today - the most requested song - by far - has been Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven" Atlantic records has paid songwriters Plant/Page over $25,000,000 in airplay royalties for this song (at .03 cents per play) since it's release in 1974. This 35 year old song is still on most rock stations play list in 2009!!! Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" is also very popular - but it is very seasonal!! Led Zeppelin IV was released on November 8th 1971.

The Beatles

What is the most famous song?

Pretty’s on the inside for nerds because it helps them get calm


What are some interesting facts about Nickelback?

1) The band originated in Canada...Well to be more specific, the band originated in Hanna, Alberta, Canada.

The year was 1995.

2) The four band members names are Chad Kroeger (Lead vocals) Daniel Adair (Percussion) Mike Kroeger (Electric bass) and Ryan Peake (Lead guitar).

3) The band went through two drummers, Ryan Vikedal (Ryan Peake's friend) and Daniel Adair (Current drummer). Ryan Vikedal left and was replaced with Daniel in 2005.

4) Mike Kroeger, which is the oldest member in the band, was the first to get married and start a family. Now, this is obvious...he is the elder brother of Nickelback's frontman, Chad. (Also refer to fact #28)

5) Daniel Adair was associated with other acts prior to being Nickelback's drummer: Three doors down, Theory of a Deadman, Burn Halo, Suspect and Martone. He started playing drums at the age of thirteen.

6) Chad Kroeger worked with Josey Scott (lead singer in the band, "Saliva") for the the single "Hero", that was incorporated into the movie "Spiderman".

7) Nickelback's Rockstar music video featured some celebrities and other singers such as: Kid Rock, ZZ Top member, Billy Gibbons (another cool band), Dale Earnhardt jr.(NASCAR driver) the crew from American Chopper and the Naked Cowboy (He's seen walking around NYC sometimes) Check it on MSN video sometime!

8) The first album ever to be released by them was called "Curb" (1996) then "The state" (2000) "Silver Side up" (2001) "The long Road" (2003) "All the Right Reasons"(2005) and Dark Horse (2008).

9) Nickelback was nominated about 62 times and won 26 awards.

10) Ryan is the second oldest, then Chad and last, Daniel.

11) Rockstar was a third hit featured in the "All the Right Reasons" album. It's the conclusion to that album.

12) Nickelback performed a popular ZZ Top song, "Sharp Dressed Man" in tuxedoes and dark sunglasses. This is on Youtube!

ZZ Top is pretty good band too! Why do you think they performed this song?

13) Chad Kroeger performed with Carlos Santana (popular electric guitar player) for the song "Why don't You and I" (2002)

that was included with Santana's album "Shaman". Then Chad returned in 2007 and performed the song "Into the Night" for Santana's album, "Ultimate Santana". Check on Youtube!

14) Nickelback never won a Grammy Award. (Not yet! But they will!)

15)They were inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in the year 2007.

16)The name of the band, Nickelback was given to them because Mike Kroeger often said to people at his old job in a coffee shop, "Here's your nickel back!"

17) Their full names are:

Chad Robert Turton

Michael Douglas Henry Kroeger

Ryan Anthony Peake

Daniel Patrick Adair

18) Nickelback has been around for about 16 years.

20) One thing mentioned in an interview about the new album, "Dark Horse" is that Nickelback isn't too fond of shooting music videos. They rather shoot something with animation in it. Hey it's true! It might even be a good idea to consider if people are uncomfortable in front of a camera. Check on Youtube.

21) The band shot the music video "Gotta be Somebody"(4:13) twice.

22) I hate this one: I've heard on Youtube that the band got booed off stage and some idiots threw rocks at them! They were only on their second song!

Listen: If your planning to go to a concert, don't act chaotic! I mean, you go to a concert to just listen to their music, not to ruin their act.

23)Nickelback has recently completed their "Dark Horse Tour". Don't worry, once a new album comes out they will be back on usual.

24)Nickelback was also on this talkshow called "The Hour". And yes, this is on Youtube!

25)Birth dates:

Chad Kroeger: November 15, 1974 (Age:36)

Ryan Peake: March 1, 1973 (Age:38)

Daniel Adair: February 19, 1975 (Age:36)

Mike Kroeger: June 25, 1972 (Age:38)

26)Check the music video: "If Today was Your Last Day". I found it on Youtube a few days ago but they said they will take it off eventually. If it is not available on Youtube, check out the Bing search engine or MSN Video.

27)Nickelback's album "Silver Side up" (2001) was released on the "Dark day". The "Dark day" I'm referring to is September 11, 2001...

28)Chad and Mike are half-brothers. Mike's the older one.

29)The music videos by them:"Leader of Men" (2000) "How you Remind me" (2001) "Too Bad" (2001) "Never Again" (2001) "Figure You out" (2003) "Someday" (2003) "Feelin' way too Damn Good" (2003) "Far Away" (2005) "Photograph" (2005) "If Everyone Cared" (2005) "Rockstar" (2005) "Savin' Me" (2005) "Gotta be Somebody" (2008) "If Today was Your Last Day" (2008) "Burn it to The Ground" (2008) "Never Gonna be Alone" (2008) "I'd Come for You" (2008) "This Afternoon" (2008) **The year after the music video's name is when the song originally was released**

Example: "Never Gonna be Alone" is located on the 2008 track, "Dark Horse". Even though the music video was released in 2009, I only put the year the song was released.

30)Every single album they made so far has eleven songs each except the "Curb" and "The State" which both consist of twelve.

31)The song on the 1996 "Curb" album which was titled "Just Four" was again put on the 2001 album "Silver Side Up" as "Just For" (I think the song on the Silver Side Up album is better. Hey, that's my opinion. It's the same lyrics but the newer version sounds better.)

32)Nickelback has their own podcast on iTunes! Maybe all you fans can subscribe sometime! Come on, it's FREE!!!

33)The song "Burn it to the Ground"(3:28) is heard playing in the background of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" or in other words, the sequel to the first Transformers film.

34)The band also released a CD titled "Hesher" ("Hey Sure") before the "Curb". (Not considered a studio album like the other six)

35)Chad Kroeger worked with Chris Daughtry for Daughtry's song:"No Surprise". He has recently worked with country singer, Tim McGraw for a song titled:"It's a Business doing Pleasure with you" along with Brent James.

36)"Something in Your Mouth" is the starter for the album "Dark horse".

37)Never Again is the starter for the album, "Silver Side Up".

38)Another song that's nice is "I'd Come for You" (4:22) {Sorry about the info I posted before, it turns out the music video was created after I said it wasn't}

39)A song called, "Follow you Home" was the "All the Right Reasons" starter.

40)"Rockstar", as it stands, is still rated most popular above "Gotta be Somebody" and "If Today was you Last Day" on iTunes.

41)Ryan Peake (Nickelback's Lead Guitarist) sings the lead vocals for "Use Somebody" (Kings of Leon) at their concerts. (Dark Horse Tour only)

42)Chad Kroeger is the executive producer of 604 records, which was established in 2002.

43)Chad and Mike got to play a few games with the New York Islanders (Hockey team). Wow, they went skating with my favorite hockey team! This is on Youtube.

44)"Because of You" is featured on Guitar Hero: World Tour {Downloadable content only}

45)Nickelback is the "Band of the Decade" of 2000's Don't believe me? Check and

46)Timbaland single out now: "Tomorrow in a Bottle" (feat. Chad Kroeger) {Just giving you people a heads up if you didn't know about it}

47)Nickelback performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics closing ceremony. They perfomed "Burn it to the Ground".

Green Day

Why does Green Day rock?

It's simple, and has nothing to do with what genre they fall into or how many hits they have. If you like them, then they rock. If there's something about them that makes you smile then that's why they rock.

They rock because they know stuff about life, and because they have awesome songs.


Do members of Nickelback have pets?

i think chad kroeger has a black cat

Ryan has a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Diego.


What is Mike Kroeger's occupation?

He is the bassist for Nickelback. That is his primary income source.


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