Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are a member of the rodent family. Cavia porcellus is descended from the wild guinea pig of the Andes Mountains. Guinea pigs properly known as cavies were domesticated some 7000 years ago and used as a source of food, but they are social animals and make great pets.
i have 4 guinea pigs, and i must say, they produce quite alot for such a small animal!! in around 2 hours each guinea pig produces about 12 poos! and around 1 wee! obviously this changes and this is only andaverage!
If you mean the type of plastic igloo that you buy in pet-shops toput in cages then , yes they do. Guinea pigs love to have a smallprivate place to sleep at night. You don't have to buy one of thesethough, guinea pigs would be just as happy with a cardboard boxthat they could chew on , you'd have to...
Yes you can. I introduced two 6 month old female babies to my 4 year old female guinea pig and she did fine with them. Just remember that some personalities don't go good together, so you will want to watch them and make sure they get along.
Possibly, most of the time they make that noise if they get excited, frightened, or want attention from something.
No they do not like all foods. But this is a list of what they can eat! Red or Green Bell Peppers Broccoli Kale Carrot Romaine Lettuce Celery Dandelion Leaves Fresh Grass Baby Tomato's Apple Cucumber Parsley Pear Seedless Grapes Corn...
it all depends on the aquariums size and bedding, if it is at least 40 gallons and filled with fluff, you're good
It is closer to their belly than their back, and just below thechin area. You can feel it beating, but it feels different to ahuman heartbeat as it is so fast. Please tell me you aren't goingto cut up a guinea pig or something disgusting.
Yes , they can. It's nothing to worry about because it's quite common and it will grow back.
Yes. If guinea pigs are not healthy e.g they are too thin , they are sick , they have an infection , it is hard and unhealthy for them too have babies. It's not recommended and you really shouldn't, but it can be done.
Not unless they are ugly and a shame to the family.
generally, when they're not happy, they stop squeaking. I had two Guinea pigs, and when one of them died, the other one stopped squeaking.
Guinea pigs don't suffer from dandruff, but they can get mites. Youprobably mistake the mites for dandruff. You should seek a vet's advise about treatment, and apply a verythorough cleaning to the little ones' living quarters.
All they do is sit around and eat...
Yes, unfortunately, they do. There is nothing you can do about it except take it to the vet.
Sow - female Boar - Male Piglets - Young
yes they can, this is normal though it just means thyey have a little cold, just like us!
they come from they opposite side of Africa, Guinea comes fromGuinea the sahel savana comes from Sahel
leave the guinea pig in it's cage if you have the gunea pig out hold it i don't think your dog will eat your guinea pig
Well it depneds on where you stay if you stay in a rural area you could really find it outon farm or put out a add and i would be sure that you would find one and if you dont live n a rural area then you might have to go online to Pet to find a beloved friend!!!!!!!!
the guinea pig will not run away when it sees you, it will also seem excited to be around you.
At any book store or on Amazon or ebay. If its in a book store itwould be under Animals.
i know that there are guinea pig breeders, but I got the silkie that I had from a regular pet store. she died last month though. :'( I had her for nearly 6 years. RIP Lily and Penelope
If it plays, eats and sleeps, its happy.
A guinea pig will chatter its teeth if it is agitated or upset. The guinea pig is often showing that it is angry and this sound serves as a warning to keep your distance.
These cages are usually built for rabbits, but with a sturdy ramp inside, and no wire cage bottom, then it will be fine for guinea pigs. Please bare in mind, these are usually wooden, and if they are outside, they have to be weatherproof.
so they can go were they need to go
hamsters live 2-3 years if it is a healthy hamster it may live 2-4 years
Yes! Guinea pigs LOVE veggies of any kind as long as its green (thedarker the green the better)
they breath through their nostrils like most other mammals. I dont think that they breathe through their mouths at all, but I could be wrong about that.
Because this is not (and should not be) part of their natural diet. Guinea pigs benefit from feeding on fresh grass hay, such as timothy hay, in addition to food pellets which are often based from timothy. Alfalfa is also a popular food choice; most guinea pigs will eat large amounts of alfalfa when...
Depends on how much heat you are talking about. If you talking about room temperature then the pig will be warm and happy. If you are talking about something hotter then the pig might be cooked ready to eat.
No . All guinea pigs need to be kept in pairs. Donot keep two males even if they are neutered/fixed. You can keep amale and a female. Just spay/neuter/fix one.
It could, guine apigs are creatures of habits and even the smallest changes can stress them out, try slowly adding the new food to the piggies diet.
Get it used to being handled when its young (under a year old)
Guinea pigs are able to breed at 3 to 4 weeks old. But it is better to wait a bit longer to let them breed. You should also breed them befor they are 6 months old.
A little pink like penis
must of been something they ate, or perhaps a disease they all shared (bacteria or viral) or perhaps if they got into something. They say some things your shouldn't feed a guinea pig as its poisonous to the, potatoes being one food that's poisonous. Your questions doesn't mention in what they manner...
No. Guinea pigs need a different environment from chinchillas. It would be best to house them in different places. If your guinea pig/chinchilla are lonely put their cages opposite each other.
You dont. The male may kill the babies. You need to keep the males apart from the babies.
it won`t be able to walk or if it can, it will be in extreme pain
Well, there is no best kind :) If you are just a first time pet owner though, get a short haired pig, they need to be groomed only like once a year :) (Please get you guinea pigs at a shelter not a shop!)
Olives MIGHT be okay but make sure they don't get the pit. :D
Yes they are. My guinea pigs LOVE strawberries. Although, be careful when feeding strawberries to guinea pigs, because the green leaves are HIGHLY poisonous to them.
They have vocal cords as humans do, and make a wide array ofsounds, most of them high-pitched.
yes guinea pigs are very popular in Australia, almost every pet shop sells them and for cheaper prices there are usually many people breeding them .
A guinea pig's brain is 4 grams in weight.
a guinea pig is called 'un cochon d'Inde' in French It can also be called un cobaye (rhymes with travail ), which is the word you would use to metaphorically describe the subject of an experiment.
well for 1 they are both from the rodent family. they both have teeth,eyes,ears,mouths, 4 feet etc. LOL guinea pigs do not have tails. guinea pigs cannot run around in an exercise ball, it will permanantly damage them. hmm.... that's all i can think of!! hope this helped :P
yes you can if you want babies, it is very unlikely to have just a female and male together not having babies. also be careful because once the mother has had babies the father could possibly kill them.
If the shelter are responsible enough they will hold the piggiesthere until they know whether or not they are pregnant. They can besexually mature from as early as 4 weeks according to guinealynx.The vet will not necessarily be able to tell.
about $50, 35 for guinea pig and 15 for food and supplies
Some of the best ways to bond with your guinea pig is to be the only one feeding your guinea pig, so eventually s/he'll recognise that you are its feeder, creating an immediate strong bond with the guinea pig!. Also offer it special treats that it wouldn't normally get, like cheese or jam.....
You should get big storage boxes the clear snap lid kind and drill a hole on the side for water that's what I did.
Answer . I would suggest not housing two hamsters together in the first place but... they don't need A LOT of space. Maybe a 16'' by 10''. that would be giving a lot of space. If you didn't have the space or money for one that big you could get something smaller. but the bigger the better when...
depending on where you are it may be, all of Australia is legal, but some amerian states can be illegal
i don't quite know the answer, but i would look it up on the net and you will definetly get an answer some how. It will take from 9 to 10 days before they get their fur.
search on google - '' they have a lot of helpful info and even a whole page on sexing guinea pigs. remember - boys have an i... girls have a Y :)
You'll find guinea pig on the menu in most South American countries, especially Peru.
Go to the vet ASAP! this happend to my guinea pig he a bad disease and could only eat baby food and had to be put to rest
The truth is out there . Now before i answer your question, is the hamster engulfed it the tumor and is it benign?
Well I thought a hamster was a darwf hamster . I have a guniea pig do not know.
Guinea pigs dont live in Peru, they live in an island called Guinea this here, is a picture of guinea
Yes when they have babies or are pregnant.
Guinea Pigs make a very cute whooping sound.
You should provide a good hay at all times, a bowl full of dry feed a day and fresh veggies at least a couple of times a week, preferably every day. has a good guide to what veggies to feed your pet Guineapig. .
They are born ready to eat and drink water on their own. They needto start being weaned at 2 weeks old and fully at 3 weeks old.Males become fully fertile at 3 weeks old and to prevent backbreeding, they must be removed.
yes, the same as there will be for any inbred animal
I've read that it is safe to put under the wood shavingS to reduce Odor but I wouldn't suggest feeding it to ur piggy
My guinea pig has very recently gotten bumble foot too . I went on line and checked it out . I found out that for an easy homoeopathic remedy i suggest bathing her foot in esperian salts 3 times a day for about 10 to 20 minutes . I wish you the best of luck on curing it . If it get worst don't...
it matters how old the fuinea pig is
a full grown hamster and a full grown guinea pig are absolutely nothing alike in size my guinea pigs are almost the size of small rabbits the only time they would be simmilar in size is if you had a like 4 week old guinea pig and a full grown male teddybear hamster lol
Guinea pigs are smarter than hamsters in responding to us.They even respond when hearing our footsteps or when opening fridges.But,hamsters are more intelligent in doing tricks than Guinea pigs.
Guinea pig pregnancies last 59 - 72 days. Litter size can be from 1 to 10 approximately. The female (sow) is fertile immediately after giving birth to the babies, and if the male is present (boar), she could very possibly get pregnant again. NOTE: This is NOT recommended, as it could put a large...
in my experience (4 times) guinea's don't poo abnormal amounts.
Guinea pigs (also known as cavies) are animals in the rodent family that make great pets and used to live in the wild. They come in many different breeds and colors, and make a variety of noises. They're a lot smarter than most people think. Needless to say, they are awesome animals.
no. they only drown.. no. they only drown.
unless your guinea pig has specail need and needs to be bathed, you dont need to give them baths. they can clean themselves, like a cat, with their tounge.
As, They squeak in the way pigs do. Their ears look like pig ears. And guinea pigs eat an incredable amount!
yes of course they do but they are very thin.
No guinea pigs are not reptilian. Guinea pigs are mammals. .
In captivity, Guinea pigs are often kept in cages with smooth plastic (or similar) flooring. Such flooring is not designed to naturally wear out the animal's tow nails. Under those circumstances, yes, they do need clipping regularly. Without proper care and regular clipping, toe nails overgrow....
Because they are very fun and loving.
in some states you can but in most of them you need a lisence and a suitable sized enclosure
Yes they eat Swiss cheese and it does not appear to give them any digestion problems.
It is not recommended for the ferret would attack the guinea pig.
Depends on the age and gender. I would get another guinea pig andtry to introduce them. However if its an adult this can bedifficult and if its an adult male this can be VERY difficult. Ifits young than try to introduce another. Before you go out and buyone, have a guinea pig play date, If he or she...
Yes a guinea pig has a tale but it is very short
Yes, they can and have the ability to change viruses and make them worse...Take a look at the swine flu. Stay away from your pet pig if you get a cold or the flu.