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MP3 Players, audio and sound systems are relatively new. They are more compact than the earlier CD players, and are not prone to skipping. These devices can also store more songs than previous gadgets.
Repairing a Cassette Player For about $100 installed, you can replace that antiquated piece of junk for a CD player. Or spend a little more and get an MP3 player also. Why spend the money on a cassette player when you can replace all your old tapes with CD's for the same price. Chances are, anything…
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You could have a blown outputs stage on your amp, or maybe the speaker's cooked. Check all your wiring. Try replacing the speakers. If the problem persists, install a new headunit and brand new wiring.
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%FOLLOWUPS% Sounds like a power transister overheating & shutting down. Take it to a radio/TV repair shop for repair(If more than $75 buy a new aftermarket)
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Quite easy to do if....your original wiring for the radio is all there including the connectors! If so, all you need to do is go to Canadian Tire if in Canada, Walmart automotive section, or a do it yourself car parts supplier or aftermarket audio store and you can buy a connector that is made for y…
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Here This helped me out a whole heap. http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=321030 -jb Remove the dash First you have to remove the dash pad, there are 9 screws I think. 2 are under the defrost vent cover, 2 are in the glove compartment, 1 is in side the fuse panel, 1 is …
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im not sure, but you can tell by getting a wire tester at any hardware store, it looks like a screwdriver but has a light where the handle usually would be, touch it to all the exposed parts of each wire, when it lights up, you've found your memory wire, if you put the car on do it again the other w…
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Not overly familiar with the Lumina, but you might have accidentaly disconected them at the bus, or the CD player could be drawing to much power(unlikely)
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Will probably have to go to an auto sound place and get a wiring adapter for the electricals.
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Go to an auto sound store a buy an adapter harness. About $20.00.
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The car most likely has a built in amp that does not get powered up when you install an aftermarket receiver. Try hooking the blue wire from the car to the blue wire on the receiver harness, usually marked power antena. This sometimes powers the amp. Otherwise if you purchased a wiring harness for …
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Probably the easiest way to approach this is to visit Crutchfield.com and type "mastersheet" (no spaces) in the search box. For five bucks you can order detailed, truly helpful instructions on how to take the dash apart and install speakers, too. You can also browse the site to figure out which ster…
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press the eject button and hold it until the CDs eject I had this problem with my 2001 Rodeo, it is the first sign of the CD changer taking a crap and breaking.  The first mentioned response worked for a while with me too. Eventually, I had to have the unit replaced. My CD changer was changed …
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I had the same problem with my 1997 LHS until about 10 minutes ago. If you go into your fuse box (To the left of the steering wheel, behind the removeable panel that is exposed when the door is open) the fuse for the radio/horn is #8. Check to see if the metal piece inside the fuse is broken, if it …
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His theme song is P.O.D Booyaka 619. It goes like this What u gonna do when we come for u [repeats it again] then it says BOOYAKA BOOYAKA [then rey mysterio jumps up] 619 hey BOOYAKA BOOYAKA like that that's the first bit!booyaka 619 by POD
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Gary, If you do this you are going to toast your CD player. I suppose you are thinking because the VA that it will be ok. It won't. Your CD is not desinged to handle the higher voltage . This is really no different that taking a 120 volt microwave and trying to plug it into 240 volt source; and I …
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%DETAILS% Answer Depends on WHERE they were going with the stuff. IF they were doing an inventory of PP so they could be returned to the debtor,yes. If they were gonna keep them for themselves, NO. Of course, they were going into PP inventory.
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If you do not own the copyright to the music/song and do not have the express permission of the legal copyright holder, then yes, it is illegal. Especially if you plan to share the file. Of course, this does not apply to material in the public domain. Or your own works (your work is somewhat pr…
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Uploading .Wma Songs First, you should check you host's policy to be sure sound files are allowed on the the sites they provide. Some web-hosting services (mainly ones that offer free or very inexpensive web space), don't allow users to put audio files on their pages. Make sure you won't be v…
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If you want to find information on a sports player then search the name of who you want to know about on the internet and see what comes up! Wikipedia can sometimes be good.
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you can find converters for that at newsvade.com
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THINGS YOU WILL NEED:* A Computer with sound* A 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo audio cable* Audacity Audio program (FREE)* Lame MP3 encoder (FREE)* Cassette player* Cassette TapeI found a very useful step-by-step guide on how and where to install audacity and lame. how to connect the cassette player to the com…
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Yes. Once the disc is burned, it behaves just like any other CD.
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You have to convert your presentation to a video. PowerPoint 2010 already has this ability: File-->Save&Send-->Create a Video older versions of PowerPoint require you to use a 3rd party application to convert your presentation into a video.
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The version of Nero that I have tells me if a disk is formatted or not, and if it does, asks me if that's what I want to do. V5.572 is the version. Perhaps if you have an older version, it won't do that. --- I would suggest you search the internet to understand how CDs and DVDs are used. There are …
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Answer I Hit My Dash On The Top Round Black Area Where It Meets The Grey Intererior Just Above The Stereo With A Closed Fist And I Brought My Fist Down On It With Three Swift But Firm Pounds And It Turned Back On And HAs Worked Ever Since.
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you might have a speaker blown out, that's whats happenend to me if u have a good car stereo the blown speaker will send a loop back signal once the stereo gets this signal it will shut down the other speakers to keep them from blowing out.
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Where to Download Away Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: Try the website www.etomipro.com Whatever you do, DO NOT use any Etomi programs. Etomi is a hacked version of an open-source and free P2P program. The creators then charge you "technical support" (AKA a monthly fee) to…
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CDs can't be formatted unless they are RW(rewritable)..If you have a RW CD and a Cd writer, then you can use any software (Nero...etc) to erase all data on it ... proud_t@yahoo.com
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Replacing a CD PlayerThe basic intallation procedure is to get a kit that will fit the hole in the dash when you take your factory unit out.Second is to get the appropriate wiring harness for your car. The basic wires for a standard 4 speaker system is a power wire, a ground wire, a remote wire (whi…
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First off make sure you have the amps ran properly. Next to run this set up you need to get some Y jacks from radio shack so both amps are hooked into the subwoofers (preout) on the back of the deck. Next hopefully both your amps are either 2-ch or mono. If it is 2-ch bridge one on each amp this wa…
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Football has become better because the football's used now are vastly superior than the much heavier model of 35-40 years ago.Also the game is faster...football is heavily reliant on sheer skill, but speed is now a factor in the game though theres no point being quick if you don't have the god given…
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I am in the process of figuring out how to replace my rear speakers in an Audi A4 2001.So far I have figured out that the cover is attached to the plate. I am going to remove the covers underneath to remove the wires. There is a little cup that cover wires for the speaker, you can remove that one pr…
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Answer You can change the batteries as much as you like and your music will not be lost. Your music is stored on the device much like a computer hard drive stores data. It is stored permanently unless you manually remove it or it crashes for some unforeseen reason.
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Actually when you replace the CD player, your sub is probably not going to work and that specific sub is hard to replace with a thin one that exists currently and so you might have to replace it with a powered sub in the trunk.
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if the slot to the CD's is open, look inside it and see if you can see the CD. if so, take something and poke it back into a slot, then eject it. this happened to me and that worked for me twice. its like the CD is in between ejected and going in and is just stuck. poke at it. it should work!
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Yes, but ONLY if you have ripped this CD with a special program (e.g. http://www.mp3-converter.com/cd2mp3pm.htm). Which converts the CD to MP3 files which you can copy to your MP3 player.
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Answer to the CD player for the 85calaisi had the same problem....it took about 15 minutes to finally take it apart......first take off the silver covering on the front....obviously...then pull the little tray out from underneath of the CD player that already exists...and take the tray off from the …
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Yes. You can purchase music dvd's with the data encoded in Dolby digital format - but it never really caught on, so the availability might be short lived. --EDIT-- The original writer of the question stated that "You can purchase music dvd's with the data encoded in the Dolby digital format." I'm …
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Audio Tape Yes. The quality will decrease because the recording equipment cannot get all the detail in the short period of time.Video tape no. It will take just as long to copy them as it will to view them. This is my experience with Adobe Premier Pro.
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I've had two Pioneer CD players and they both were set the same way. Turn it off then press and hold the Function button if it has one. Then keep pressing it until it gets to the clock. I think on mine the hour starts flashing. When your done just turn it back on. Answer I had this problem too. I…
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Answer ipods have a hard drive!!! and ive heard nothing too good about the net walkman. i have a sandisk 512 flashplayer and an iriver 1gb flash. the iriver rocks. tons of features and the battery goes forever. i use rechargable energizers in both. abour 30 to 40 hours on one AA in the iriver and…
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The three wires that connect to the needle holder or cartridge are the left and right channels, and ground. Colors vary, but red is usually right side, white is left side, and black is common (ground). Some cartridges have additional grounds or a neutral. The needle picks up vibrations from the ana…
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A FARAD IS HUGE TO BEGIN WITH connect to amp? what an amplifier, output input?: people answer this question with no idea of what is the question . Answer 1 You first have to determine which side of the cap is positive and which side is negative. You run a wire from the negative side to the chassis a…
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Usually the remote wire is the blue wire. Although not all CD players have a remote wire. The easy way to find out if you're player has a remote wire is to go onto the manufacturer's website and check the spec's.
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if it's a factory radio it will not have a remote wire,instead it will have a power antenna wire but the pwr ant wire will shut off when a CD is played,so i would recommend you find a power source that comes on w/the key in acc. position. if it is after market it will be blue or blue&white &nbs…
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Your player may not support MP3.Your mp3s may be encoded in a way which is not compatible with your CD player. Many CD players cannot play variable-bitrate mp3s for example.Sometimes my car stereo (which supports mp3) has difficulty with some of the cheaper CD media. Cds which are odd colors are oft…
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the CD player has to be capable of recognizing mp3 format. most of them that do will say on the front of the radio. if its a factory CD player then it probably wont and only a few aftermarket ones will. your DVD player at home will probably do it.  A standard CD is recorded using .wav files wh…
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There may be any one of several different reasons why your mp3 player does not allow you to add more music. Don't always assume it is because of write-protection, only if your computer tells you that it is. 1. Write Protection.Your mp3 player's hold/lock/padlock switch may be on. Even if you think i…
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Connect your MP3 player to your ctr. Click on my computer to see what drive your MP3 player is using. In my case it comes up as Removable Disc (E:) Insert the CD you wish to copy into your ctr disc drive. Open Windows Media Player (Start/Programs/Widows Media Player.) Right click on Rip at the cent…
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if u can use headphones on it there is a adapter that u can buy with the same male tip i think its called stereo mini and the other end will just be typical audio cables, i got mine at superstore in Canada but any electronics store ie best buy should have them......take your minidisk in with you to …
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Where to Get an Atrac3 Atrac3 is another name for Sony's protected file type called ".oma". This file is heavily protected and can only be played on a limited number of computers, using Sony's SonicStage software as a default player. To convert this file to an .mp3 file
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Right click on file click properties then uncheck read only. This is opposed to copyright protection which is beyond the scope of this site to explain and requires software. WikiAnswers will not educate anyone on how to defeat copy protection or DRM schemes.
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you hook it up by buying a standard CD adaptor for a cassete player then you just hook it up to the headphone port.hope this helps***There are also other options, you could buy the adapter that hooks up into your cigarette lighter then you pick the station you want it to play over. But either way,…
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Sharing License Keys It is rarely ever legal to share license keys even with your own immediate family members for any software or online service. The only keys that are "legal" to share are those for trial versions etc that are licensed for free distribution anyway. Sharing keys for software/online…
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u need to buy ford prongs. you can usually get them at any place that sells aftermarket CD players. its two horseshoe like things with two prongs to put into the holes on the side of the CD player. u push them in and pull to the sides while pulling straight out. then the CD player will follow Don'…
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no sure on what you are doing wrong but i installed a JVC CD changer in my 98SL2 and the car runs and starts fine
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The cables really don't make much difference. If you're a fanatic, you can spend hundreds of dollars on fragile gold cables and you probably won't be able to tell the difference. About the only way that cables could make a noticable difference is if your mixer has an optical out and the speakers hav…
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you cant fix it , u have to bring it somewhere that can fix it, or buy a new one  Its NEVER advisable to open your CD player because of the laser disc reader which can cause you severe injury so the advice already given is correct...either get a qualified engineer to look at it or simply buy a…
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Unfortunately, this is not possible since MIDI files are not music files at all. They are instructions to the midi synth in your computer to play certain tones. Because music files (.WAV, .MP3) were created manually, they may have tones (like vocals) that can't be synthesized. Also, even if the tone…
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The Remote wire is for the installation of an amplifier. When you install the amp, you have a power (+12V) and ground wire to power the amp, but if you did not have a remote wire, it would drain all of your battery power while you were away from the car (because it would continually suck energy from…
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The cost of a POD moving service depends on several factors; each move is different and will result in a customized price for your individual situation. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of your move: -Location you're moving from -Location you're moving to -Size of the home…
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When using The company POD when moving the price can range. The size of the POD you need, the distance you will be traveling, where you will return the POD, how much fuel is used to drop off and pick up the POD from you. These are some of the factors used to determine how much it will cost. If using…
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Spanish Lyrics Rey Mysterio's Theme Lyrics What you gonna do when we come for you? Correle. Correle. Andale. What you gonna do when we come for you? Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. That's my pueblo. Booyaka. Booyaka. 619 (Hey) Booyaka. Booyaka. Rey Mysterio. Ya llego el Rey Mys…
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Meizu M6 2.4 Inch MP3 Player With FM 4GB you can buy it from online and save your money.
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youtube mp3 and mp4 converter
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Answer Many services are available. For starters there are p2p sites such as bittorrent, bitcoment, or bitlord. Another option would be a service such as Ares, Kazaa, or Limewire. Legal services that actually sell songs are also available like iTunes, Rhapsody, or Amazon's new music service.
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If you use an iPod and want to download mp3 music from your personal computer, you should install iTunes software on your computer. iPod download music from computer via iTues which supplied by Apple company. iPod is a name of an MP3 player manufactured by Apple Inc., while other players are just ca…
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....Who ever wrote that must have been drunk, anyway, If you know the song's name you can probably download it from Limewire(google it).If you don't know the song's name but remember some of the lyrics type then up on google and see what you get. Goodluck -
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take off the dash then you need to unscrew the CD player. once you have done that, you will need to unhook the wire harness from the back of the CD player, the adapter should have 1 piece the you need to push down to pull it out. -Shocker
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make it out of wood....i like 5/8 MDF cause of resonance ,or 7/8 if u can find it .ok... lxwxh=_________________________divided by1,728. say a box 12 inches x12x 12.. will be one cubic foot of airspace....so then on the angles youll have to do the math like a full box but then u gotta divide the a…
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A home Karaoke system to get would be Home Karaoke by Hasbro for the little ones or Sing, Sing, Sing by Sing like the Stars; it makes you go for your passion The best home karaoke systems are manufactured by VocoPro and Best Media (U-Best). Never purchase a toy karaoke machine for a child, as doing…
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Answer Apparently www.rhapsody.com is a free service and supposedly legal. I've seen TV commercials for this site. Itunes and musicmatch are good too, but you pay $1 a song. Yahoo.com offers unlimited song downloads for $5 a month. Amazon.com recently created a music store as well with variable s…
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almost every headset that is compatible with a CD player etc is compatible with an mp3 player. please specify more on what impedence you are talking about. -chrisA s far as I know the best impedance of headsets for MP3 players is 32 ohm. Indeed they will be easy to drive. Higher impedance will work …
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The other guy that gave that answer is a fud, don't listen ,theres an even easier way to do it! Open Limewire! then go into library then click on saved files and then drag on to your desktop then put it on your MP3 ! $as easy as that$  Answer if you have musicmatchGo to Itunes and click on f…
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Amazon is usually a good place to find cheap ipods. They are pretty competitive in the US and the UK. Other sites in the UK include Play, John Lewis, Argos and eBay. There are various different comparison sites that show you the prices from different companies. Microsoft now offer Live Search Cashb…
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go to my computer click on your mp3 player icon it could possibly under drive f: open it up click on the song you want to delete go to the left hand side of the screen and there will be a button saying delete from device click it will delete it. you could also go to the windows media player and cli…
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Answer You should be able to. but if the music is protected by DRM , you cannot download it your mp3 player directly, You may need to convert the DRM music to plain one. -use iTunes to burn audio CD and then rip audio back
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go on beemp3.com
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You want to watch out with Limewire. If there is a major investigation and then things go back to normal, the chances are, someone's watching how much you download. when you are downloading an audio file, check to see what format it is (most likely mp3 or wma.) if your portable device is an mp3 pla…
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Answer Go to the Microsoft web site, (www.microsoft.com) and search popular downloads and click on media player.
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Answer Downloading any copyrighted material from Limewire is legal no matter if you already own it or not.
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When you begin to write files to the CD, format options should come up automatically for you to select the format you'd prefer.
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It depends on the bitrate of the song, normally 128kbps and also the lenght. On average you are looking at around 90 - 100 mp3's James VH ---- Microsoft IT Pro UMMM NOT RELAY IT CAN HOLD 154 SONGS ..
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The Bose sounds better, when everything is working. If you have a problem, they cost more to repair than any other audio system on the market. They have a closed operating system and parts will not interchange with other brands and mostly won't interchange with other years or different models of the…
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A device used to record sound was invented in 1877 by Thomas Alva Edison - the first generally known machine to record and play back sounds. The first recording medium was a foil-covered cylinder which recorded vibrations of sound that were focused by a horn-like device onto a diaphragm; the diap…
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Made 1993-95. @ 4,000 made. A good shotgun.
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Playing a CD requires a CD player. Then just insert the disc and press play!
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Hard to believe the voicecoil broke loose from the cone, don't you mean the supension ring (the flexible"waffle" near the magnet) ? That you can glue, with white wood-construction-glue. Watch out for glues with aggressive solvants, the polistyrine cone will desintegrate !!
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Yes, it does. It will not respond in the same way it was designed to if it isn't. This will result in a change in the way it sounds. If it's one of a pair, there will almost certainly be a noticeable difference between the two.
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Answer iPods allow you to take as much as 10,000 songs with you anywhere in your pocket. If you store music on your computer, then just plug your MP3 player into the computer and all of your music will be loaded onto your iPod within minutes. CDs take a while to burn, but CD players are good for …
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Answer with an appropriate cable. The MP3 should come with a cable. This cable has one end which fits into the device and the other end is a USB thing which plugs into a USB port in the computer. one you have connected it all up it should be easy from there. :)
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You need to copy them to the music file in the "my documents" folder, and connect the ipod. open "my computer" look for the ipod as a mass storage device or it might be labeled as Ipod. In my documents highlight the songs that you want, right click, copy go back to your ipod and right click on your …
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see if its on hold b4 adding music or etc .otherwise it'll be write protected...i think cause that's what happen on my mp3 =)
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Removing Write Protection from a Flashcard Look on the card, somewhere there sound be a little "lock" slide, much like on a floppy disk, make sure this "lock" is on the side where the card can be written on. This is hard to explain with no pictures. If this does not work, here you go: This slid…
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Answer If it is under warranty send it in, but make sure you havent voided the warranty with improper use or power, but if its not under warranty you can purchase a reconing kit to repair the problem. Nopt easily exceptIf the paper is just split you can glue it back but it will not be as origina…
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This is a difficult question to answer as it is so subjective and opinion-based. A player who is at the height of his career now may not be rated so highly after the inevitable decline later in a career, just as the temptation to fall into nostalgia over past players can lead some observers to overs…
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5 1/4, but not just any 5 1/4. THey have to be similar in design to the originals. I found that Bose put a speaker in the fron doors of Caddillacs in the early 90's, that if you can find one (not blown) it will provide you with superior sound quality!! Good Luck!!! Took me over 2 years to find all 4…
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