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MP3 Players Audio and Sound Systems

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MP3 Players, audio and sound systems are relatively new. They are more compact than the earlier CD players, and are not prone to skipping. These devices can also store more songs than previous gadgets.


They are almost exactly alike, although the IPad is much bigger.
Its not possible to restore without deleting data.. Restoring the iPhone will erase everything on it, so make sure everything on the iPhone is backed up prior to restoring.
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You can through wifi, but only if you have an available wireless internet connection.
Y would u want me to download a horse music
Sorry, but i believe that iPod nanos 4th gen, do not supportbackground customization, and other customization, like, installingapps, jailbreaking, background changes, most nanos don't come witha camera as well, i suggest you buy an Ipod 5th gen, they have beenthe best iPod so far, according to apple...
Motorola is better I,m using it know
It depends what operating system you are using... 1. For Windows you would simply search for it in your start menuand then that will show you if it has been installed. 2. If it does not show up it means you have not installed it yetand need to find your download directory usually called "Downloads"...
I do not think so, because it is only for itunes. But you can get (for example a walmart or target gift card) and buy an ipod from there.
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You have to connect your ipad into your computer (preferably a macbook) then you can go into further settings and change files toyour ipod through there
Most likely, the data on your iPod touch is usually wiped when resyncing, try doing a Google search for: How to Back-Up Apps On IPodTouch
This screen will not appear on subsequent start-up of the PK-5210UDprogram.
trash can at a pawn shop my friend did anyways
Go to the store. Tap games. Download any app. Paid apps earn you more. 100 credits equals 2 songs
It is so small. And it is attractive for others (they steal). its mosly our own falt, never let nobody see ur ipod.
How many bits (the the most basic unit of data) each second that'ssent to your ears (basically how good your song sounds).
It should automatically save in the downloads folder.
Put router at higher position up on a shelf and away from otherdevices. Disconnect the modem and router from power and wait atleast 30 seconds before restoring power to both.
12 by 8 by 12 is a common size for a medium sized bookshelf speaker. I was looking yesterday at Best Buy here in Tampa, they had about 8 different sized ones. Good performance can easily be achieved with small speakers, using a hidden sub woofer to reproduce bass frequencies. Most modern 7.1 home...
You can use iPhoto to do the jon. Here is how: 1. Connect iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable. At his time, ifiPhoto is installed in your computer, it should drive automaticallyand the images and video from iPhone will be listed on theinterface. 2. If you want to import all the pictures, just click...
you can not! it is not permited by apple
You will need to download a the software for Logitech Touch Mouse.It is not possible for me to upload the link on as answers.comwon't allow me to do so. You can download this software from theLogitech website and open the 'support' tab in the webstie. Thenclick on "Support+Download". Click the...
I believe you are talking about a a media player that has memorydrive. You can ask the same question from memorex website. Theymight have some kind of Firmware that you can upgrade or download.Also you need to find a software that plays Adobe Flash files(youtube clips) some kind of app. When you...
Connect the iPod to your computer, Open iTunes, then your deviceshould appear in the top right corner, click on it. The Informationof your device should appear there.
Connect it to the computer and go to the file that shows up and ten there will be folders click on them an there should be your photos the just click the ones you dot want and delete them. Hope this helps
Tune Up is a website to make your computer faster. Where ever you got the idea of album artwork is beyond me. It may be a scam,don't trust things like that.
if its for the ipod then use the itunes if its for a different brand then srry cant help u there
Yes, you can but an app for the samsung impression. And it is free. Just go to your Media Net and search for "free" and it should show up.
Throw it against a wall. That's what you should do with all apple products.
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The 1st gen ipod touch does not have a speaker. The 2nd gen ipod touch does have a speaker.
is music good or not that much. would you reccomed it . if not thenwhy. and so on .. yeah .
if ur iPid is blocked , just uninstall the current iOS system andinstall new one
well what is wrong with it?
about 3600 songs
Go to settings, General, Usage and it will show you the apps thatare taking up the most space on your device.
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you can use apple TV designed by apple company to connect with yourHDMI TV first then the video from ipod can be played to TV viaairplay of ipod, i think apple tv is actully TV adapter. it's notso complicated to use.
Use websites like tubidy
A DVD is a container with several files in it. Using HandBrake, itis possible to convert the files into an mp4. HandBrake can convertDVDs into other formats as well, such as m4v. Open the DVD with a file processor such as Apple's Finder, orWindows Explorer. Find the Video_TS folder . Open HandBrake...
Hi 1-Telephone Line Internet: Your computer needs a specific hardware, which is called Modem" to connect to the internet. This modem is fixed on a slot in the motherboard of the CPU. Just install the modem driver from the manufacturer's CD. You need a telephone line. Insert the telephone wire in...
If your talking about on a mac all you have to do is go to theplaylist and drag the song up/down with the mouse. If your on aniPod or iPhone, iPad etc go to the playlist, press edit (up the thetop) and on the right side of each song it will show 3 lines on topof each other. Use that to drag the...
Playlists can have more than one type of media in them, but it isbest to put the same type of media in a playlist. Open iTunes. Find the media you want to have in the playlist.Command click the names to select more than one. Right click orFile New will show the command to create a new playlist or...
it means that there is something blocking your way to go to the logo and get into the ipod/iphone.
For most of the good ones you do. You can get some of them for free though.
You can get music from iTunes.
Hold down on the app that you want to uninstall and press the redcross in the corner.
Open iTunes. Mac: Go to File > Add to Library. Windows: File> Add Folder to Library. Learn how to turn on iTunes menus inWindows 8 and 7. Navigate to and select the file or folder you wantto add. Click Open.
if it is a 3rd generation you use the blacra1n program again. if not restore it in itunes.
Yes just buy the square and put in in the headphone jack
a. Open Windows Media Player. b. Click the arrow below the Sync tab, point to the device, and then click AdvancedOptions . c. The properties dialog box for your device is displayed. In the Sync tab, clear the Startsync when device connects check box.
No, iTunes does not take Amazon.com Gift Cards.
you can't, you listen on 3g/edge or wifi and it streams the song...
In Zenonia for the iPhone and Android systems, there is a darkmerchant that appears in various Inns in the game at set times.Here is a list of the Inns he'll be in, and what time you can findhim there. Somehow he manages to appear in two cities at once. But I guesshe's dark and can do that right? I...
All you need to do is either go to the settings on the mp4player(if there is a screen) and hit reset. Or you could plug itinto the computer with a USB cord and right click on the name ofthe mp4 player when the computer accepts it as a device and thenyou click on format.
No there is not. The stated requirements for an iPod are: Mac system requirements . Mac computer with USB 2.0 port . Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later . iTunes 9 or later Windows system requirements . PC with USB 2.0 port . Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack...
That's because your IPod has overheated from certain hotconditions, like a car. . I recommend not leaving it in the car or sitting it next to anAC vent in the car.
You have to hold down the menu and on /off button for ten seconds, then a apple will appear and after ten seconds or so it will work.
The USB cable allows you to charge it while connecting it to a PC.Try that
Apple's free iTunes software can be downloaded and used on both Mac and Windows computers. (See links below) If you want to buy music from the iTunes Store linked from the iTunes software then you will need to pay for that.
I would never recommend using installous. It's an old tweak fromCydia, and it can crash your iPod. There's no other penalty, you can't get charged for using it.
Hit the button on the right edge of the circle. it should look like>>l
Movies in an appropriate format (.mov, .m4v. .Mp4 etc.) can be added to your iTunes library by dragging them over the iTunes icon in the Dock, or directly into the iTunes window if it is running. Selecting Add to Library... From the iTunes File menu (shortcut: Command O) will present you with a...
Hello, I see you want free music but.. remember that copyright laws areagainst downloading music,software,and any kind of other files thatare paid for free.
You can only put songs that you have purchased onto your iPod. It is illegal to take songs that you have not purchased.
I recommend getting Malwarebytes, It is a lot better thenKaspersky, and has a free trail which will help get almost all ofthe viruses off your PC. Also Kaspersky has a scam going on that ifyou purchase it for a year, then it will auto purchase it everyyear, even if you tell them to stop.
Try to restore your firmware, then put the latest version withoutany back up but if you want to be sure you can also make back up
There is really no 6 ohm stereo amplifier on the market, because the outpt impedance of the amplifier is always less than 0.1 ohm. Scroll down to related links and read the short article "Amplifier, loudspeaker, and Ohm". A: .1 OHMS so if i have 10 volts out i get 100 amps RIDICULOUS . the...
1. Google youtube convertor, click on the first link. 2. Find tohoshinki forgotten season on youtube and copy the url inthe bar at the top. Paste this into the bar at the top of theyoutube convertor page. 3. Click convert. 4. Click download 5. Go to your downloads folder and it will be there.
No. You need an iphone.
sync it to the pod cast you want