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Major League Baseball (MLB)

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Major league baseball is a league of 30 professional baseball teams in the United States and Canada. The MLB was founded in 1869. Teams compete from April to October, when the World Series is held.
Manny Ramirez played for the dodgers from 2008 to 2010 , so that is  2 years
Pitcher Shawn Chacon wore number 39 from 2005 to 2006.
Write to him at the following address:     c/o The San Francisco Giants   AT&T Park   24 Willie Mays Plaza   San Francisco, CA 94107
  As of August 28, 2007 Mark McGwire, physically, is very much alive although his chances of entering baseball's Hall of Fame are very much dead.
The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series against the Atlanta  Braves in 1993. The Jays won Game 6 by defeating the Braves 8 - 6  in the ninth inning.
According to a source, 18 players have worn the number 35 for the  Seattle Mariners. Backup catcher Humberto Quintero is the most  recent player to wear this number, donning it for the 2013 and 2014  seasons. Hall-of-Famer Rickey Henderson is undoubtedly the best  player ever to wear 35 with the...
Aaron was a high school graduate.
Major League Baseball has never had a girl play on any team.
$32,000,000. I think you have a good item in hand son.
They stay in nice hotels; Grand Hyatt, etc.
  Famous Players to Have Worn the Number 9 include:   Ted Williams, Reggie Jackson, Roger Maris, Enos Slaughter, and Bill Mazeroski.   In addition, in the famed baseball movie The Natural, the main character Roy Hobbs wear the number 9.   Famous Players to Have Worn the Number 9 include...
30 min (13.5 mi) via I-90 E
It is about 30 minutes from O'Hara to Wrigley Field.
  == Answer ==     10:34p.m. eastern time   == Answer ==     I had 10:41 pm.
In an aerial duel on November 2, 1969, Saints quarterback Billy Kilmer threw six touchdown passes in a 51-42 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. Cardinals quarterback Charley Johnson also threw six touchdown passes in a losing effort. It was the Saints' first win of the 1969...
Since this was only their 6th season in Atlanta they were rather  new and did not have to many big names, it all depends on  condition. Mint condition might get you 250-300 but worn condition  maybe 150 range
  1. New York/SF Giants followed by the Chicago Cubs and the Boston, Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves, Both the Giants and Cubs (Yes the Cubs!) have over 10,000 wins in their history, Atlanta is a couple hundred behind.
American League East
55 Mets players were born in the Dominican Republic. Junior Noboa, Yorkis Perez, Manny Aybar, Timo Perez, Ted Martinez, Felix Heredia, Alejandro Pena, Duaner Sanchez, Jesus Alou, Mel Rojas, Julio Franco, Pedro Astacio, Jose Parra, Rafael Santana, Manny Hernanadez, Frank Taveras, Pedro Martinez,...
The pinstripes are white on their light blue shirts, but on their  solid blue shirt they don't have pinstripes.
Overall, the New York Yankees, even though i am not a fan of either  team, the Yankees are way better overall. But since Jeter retired,  A-Rod might retire soon, then the teams might be fairly equal
deepest the coach and choiess haw much we want to play
Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that played forthe White Sox.
1963 Chicago White Sox Team Signed Baseball . A 1963 Chicago White Sox Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures: Fox, Lopez, Wilhelm, Peters, and DeBusschere is worth about $200.-$250.. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may vary based on condition, and the...
Yes, baseballs were commonly signed by Mickey Mantle and the entire Yankees team throughout Mantle's playing career.  However, facsimile team-signed baseballs (with the signatures "stamped" on the ball) were and still are commonly sold.  It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference...
== Answer ==   April 26, 2009. Yes Koufax is still alive. He was a fellow guest at a wedding I was at last night in Boston. He had a good looking date and he was dancing and seemed to have a good time.   As of July 8, 2007, Sandy Koufax was still very much alive. In recent years he has been a...
  I know the Yankees gave out a silver platter to commemorate the 5 straight World Series wins from 1949-1953 to players/coaches/Front office people. This has all the engraved signatures of the players and coaches from 1953 (I know I have one) but it is rather rare and very expensive.
Detroit Tigers (4) vs Chicago Cubs (3) . The 1945 World Series featured the Detroit Tigers beating the Chicago Cubs four games to three. A 1943 Detroit Tigers World Series Full ticket played at Briggs Stadium is worth about $200. -$225.and a ticket stub about $125.-$150.. A 1945 Chicago Cubs...
In 1987 Don Mattingly hit 6 grand slams. He did not hit another grand slam in his career before or after.
Johnny Damon does not play for the Red Sox anymore. He doesn't doany professional baseball right now.
The 2011 Red Sox season began in Texas on Friday, April 1st andfinished in Baltimore on Wednesday, September 28th. They finished7.0 games back, third in the AL East.
Since Ryan Dempster joined the Cubs in 2004 he has worn #46.
Barry Bonds' final major-league season was in 2007 as a member of  the San Francisco Giants. In 2016, he returned to baseball as the  hitting coach for the Miami Marlins.
Well, first of all during his career he set many MLB records for  catchers. But he's probably most remembered for hitting the  walk-off HR in game 6 of the 1975 World Series vs. the Cincinnati  Reds at Fenway Park.
  Click on the '2007 Toronto Blue Jays Roster' link on this page to see who is playing for the Blue Jays as of August 28, 2007.
Hank Aaron and Barbara Lucas were married in 1953 and divorced in  1971. The reason for the divorce is not known.
2B Jimmy Williams (1901-07)Frank Laporte (1905-10)Baldy Louden (1907)Earle Gardner (1908-12)Harry Niles (1908)Jim Curry (1911)Johnny Priest (1911-12)Hack Simmons (1912)George Batten (1912)Lute Boone (1913-16)Ralph Young (1913)Frank Truesdale (1914)Paddy Baumann (1915-17)Joe Gedeon (1916-17)Chick...
P Marius Russo 1939P Hank Borowy 1942P Frank Hiller 1946P Mel Queen 1946P Karl Drews 1947P Art Schallock 1953-55P Steve Kline 1970-74P Cecil Upshaw 1974P Ken Brett 1976P Tom Underwood 1980-81P Curt Kaufman 1983P Dave LaRoche 1983P Jose Rijo 1984P Ed Whitson 1985-86P Pat Clements 1987-88P Scott...
Yes he did. He played 2nd base for Long Beach High School in New York and was varsity captain as a senior. He earned a baseball scholarship from Marshall University. He never got to play due to Marshall suspending its baseball program in his Freshman year.
Frank Crosetti Click on the link below to see all the players that wore #2 for the Yankees.
I have been following the Atlanta Braves for many years. They have  been called 'miracle' many times by the Atlanta  Journal-Constitution, which is the now is the only major newspaper  in the Atlanta metro area.
Mariano Rivera (230 at the original Yankee Stadium, which is not only the most at Yankee Stadium, but the most at ANY ballpark).
The answer is Binger High School in Binger, Oklahoma
He wore #42. His number was also retired by ALL the MLB teams.
Since 1901, the Yankees have had 93 tie games. If a game is suspended before five innings are complete, the game can be made up at a later date. If not, the players stats will still count but the game will remain a tie. The standings do not reflect this. For example, in 2003 the Yankees official...
Their team color was "a lovely shade of Cardinal".
    The Detriot Pistons. They scored 186 points in a triple-overtime game against the Denver Nuggets.
Of the teams mentioned only the Dodgers and Giants have played in three different cities. The Dodgers started in the American Association playing in Hartford but played some of their home games in Brooklynn eventually moving there and joining the National League, moving to LA in 1958. The Giants...
They named it The Lou Gehrig Disease cause he was the first one to get it.That isn't true. Lou Gehrig wasn't the first one to get this disease. The disease real name is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. And it was first written about in the mid-1800s. Its a rare disorder and because Lou Gehrig was the...
Currently (April 3, 2012)       Pitchers (Active)   41 Mitchell Boggs  54 Jaime García  40 Scott Linebrink  26 Kyle Lohse  31 Lance Lynn  46 Kyle McClellan  30 Jason Motte  16 J. C. Romero  34 Marc Rzepczynski  59 Fernando Salas  50 Adam Wainwright  35 Jake Westbrook   ...
The White Sox wound up with an 87-67 record in 1972 and finished in second place in the American League's Western Division, 5 1/2 games behind the Oakland Athletics.
  == Answer ==   22 baseball team in the American league
  == Answer: # of American League teams ==   There are 14 teams in the American League of Major League Baseball.   1414 teams
  == Answer ==   Josh Beckett, righthander for the Boston Red Sox, did not attend college.
Every team has a 25 men active roster. There's also an expanded 40 man roster which contains players that are eligible to be moved onto the active roster if one of the players on the active roster goes to the disabled list, is released, etc..
The Atlanta Braves play at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia.
Cal Ripken Jr played in 2,632 straight games spanning  sixteen seasons, from May 30, 1982 to September 20, 1998.   Ripken's 2,131st consecutive game broke the previous record [2130]  which was set by Lou Gehrig.
In 2009, Brian Duensing wore #52 for the Minnesota Twins.
Unless you have a certificate of authenticity, it may not be worth  very much because 1974 Braves had Hank Aaron on the roster and his  autograph is widely copied. Get the authentication and at that  time, the authenticator can give you the value. They would take  into account the condition of...
1944 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed Sheet of Paper I do not knowwhat you mean by "one sheet" If you mean one sheet of paper (blank)then the value might be based in value somewhere between a signedIndex card to a 8 x 10 Photo. The size of the "sheet" will alsofactor into the price. Signatures will...
In 2007, Alex Rodriguez hit 54 home runs, whichled Major League Baseball.
MLB players who have played for the New York Yankees for 15 years or more. Mickey MantleLou GehrigYogi BerraBabe RuthBernie WilliamsRoy WhiteBill DickeyFrank CrosettiWhitey FordRed RuffingAny more, let us know. Some players lost time due to WW2, like Phil Rizzuto. He only has 13 years playing as a...
== Answer ==   I doubt it, because they can't pitch worth a crap, and probably never will.
  == Answer ==   the question is somewhat vague (teams are eliminated during the contest, it would seem, and what year are you talking about?), but it would seem that eight teams begin the series.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCAA_Softball_Championship    altgrave 
Pitcher- Bob Moorhead (1962), Jack Fisher (1964-67), Jack Aker (1974), Doc Medich (1977), Dale Murray (1978-79), Al Leiter (1998-04), Royce Ring (2005), JJ Putz (2009), Raul Valdes (2010) Outfield- Joe Hicks (1963), Bob Gallagher (1975), Kevin McReynolds (1987-91, 94), Brett Butler (1995), Alex...
== Baseball Question ==   Bob Doern at least, had to be a player. I own a Louiseville Slugger bat with his name on it as the endorser. It was handed down from my grandfather, and almost certainly predates your 1967 baseball.   -------------------------------------------------------------------...
A 1967 Boston Red Sox Team Signed Baseball with the key signatures:Yastrzemski, Lonborg, Howard, and Lyle is worth about $600-$900.Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions.Prices may vary based on condition and the type of authenticitythat accompanies the baseball. Prices may...
I'm sorry to say but Ron Santo sadly passed away in 2010 so there  isn't a way to contact him. :(
As far as we know, no St. Louis Cardinal player ever wore a "?".
According to Baseball Reference, as of the start of the 2014 season  the Pirates all time record is 10,055-9,925.