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Major league baseball is a league of 30 professional baseball teams in the United States and Canada. The MLB was founded in 1869. Teams compete from April to October, when the World Series is held.
Hugo Bezdek coached a Rose Bowl winner, managed a major league baseball team, and coached an NFL team.
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No. If a player elects to retire he is placed on the "voluntary retired list" and is due no further recompense under his contract.Should he elect to unretire his rights are still retained by the club with whom he was signed when he went onto the retired list.It is for this reason most players file f…
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No. As of August 2015, that has never happened. Detroit won three championships in 1935. The Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL) and Tigers (MLB) all won their respective championships. Technically, Detroit had a perfect year because the NBA did not come into existence until 1946.
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The least successful NHL team are the Columbus Bluejackets, in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals, in the MLB the Tampa Bay Rays, and in the NBA the Charlotte Bobcats.
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It's happened several times: 1969 New York Mets and New York Jets. 1970 Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Colts. 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers. 2004 Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. New York, Pittsburgh and Baltimore are the only three *cities* to have both won the S…
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There are 30 Major League Baseball teams. Each has 25 players, so there are 750 players in the Major Leagues. From September 1 through the end of the regular season (usually the first Sunday in October) teams can expand their roster to 40 players, so during that period there can be 1,200 Major Leagu…
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The use of the last letter of Struck instead of the first to denote a strikeout dates back to when Henry Chadwick developed the box score in the late 1850's. Chadwick often used the last letter instead of the first, especially if he considered that letter to be the more prominent one in the word. Ch…
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Yes, but it has only happened once in 1960, when the New York Yankees lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 7 games. The Yankees were heavily favored to beat the Pirates in the WS in 1960, but lost when Bill Mazeroski of the Pirates hit a dramatic game-winning home run in the bottom of…
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One opinion believes that good pitching and good defense will make a winning Major League Baseball team. One opinion believes a Number 1 Starting Pitchers, a good selection of great Relievers in the Bullpen, solid Number 2 and 3 Starting Pitchers, strong infield defense, speedy Outfielders and a goo…
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In 1910 The Portland Beavers won their second Pacific Coast League title, achieving a remarkable record in the process; the Beavers pitchers threw a baseball record 88 consecutive shutout innings.
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%DETAILS% The first MLB night game was played on May 24th, 1935 at Crosley Field in Cincinnati between the Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies. The Reds won 2-1. "The first game played under lights by major league teams didnot take place in Cincinnati. It occured in (an exhibition game) February 21, …
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%DETAILS% Answer i believe that distiction goes to honus wagner.although not a shortstop his entire career he has a 329 lifetime avg.
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%REPLIES% Answer if you are talking about a complete game,the only way would be if it were the second game of the season and they were no hit the first game.you could pitch 5 perfect innings or so and have a teammate give up 10 runs the rest of the way,or the team fields 9 players with no at b…
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There are 2 leagues. American League and National League.
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you can hit'em all day long   If it's on a bunt attempt and you fouled on the third attempt you would be out. So if the batter attempted to bunt on all three strikes, and fouled all of them, (3) would be the limit.
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It is not "natural" for a lefty to play second base, third base, or short stop. This is because of the footwork needed to make a play to first and second bases and the need for a lefty to turn his body around to make a throw. This would put a double-play combination at a severe disadvantage. In the …
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In 2013, the Houston Astros moved from the National League to the American League, giving each league 15 teams for a total of 30 Major League Baseball clubs.
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There are 216 raised stitches according to Rawlings, the manufacturer of baseballs for MLB. Red cotton thread measuring 88 inches is used in the stitching.
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Fewest Baseball Pitches by a ML Team In 1944, Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw only FIFTY-EIGHT pitches during a nine inning complete game. Barrett's Braves shutout the Reds 2 - 0 and the game set major league records for least number of pitches known to have been thrown by a sing…
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Additional s The Braves were in Milwaukee at one time. Not counting the oldest incarnations (such as the Tribe used to be the Cleveland Spiders long LONG ago): There's 30 teams now. Add in the following: The Brooklyn Dodgers The Boston Braves The Washington Senators The NY Giants, I think. The Ph…
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Amazingly, one, the Cincinati Red Stockings, who became the Reds began play as the only National Association Ball club in 1869.
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%REPLIES% Answer Near as I can recall, none. Obviously all the central teams have been in two. -Detroit, and Cleveland have been in the east too. -White Sox, and Minnesota, (and KC?) have been in the west too. I think all the west teams have always been in the west, and all the curr…
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Currently, there are only a handful of Cuban born players in MLB. Danys Baez, Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Contreas, Adrian Hernandez, Livan Hernandez, Orlando Hernandez, Eli Marrero, Kendry Morales, Vladimir Nunez, Rey Ordonez, Eddie Oropesa, Brayan Pena, Alex Sanchez, Alay Soler, and Michael Tejera…
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The New York Yankees have won the most World Series Championships with 27. The second is St. Louis Cardinals with 11.
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According to Mike Attiyeh, 15. Pitcher: Bob Feller. Batter: Luke Appling (White Sox). Year: 1940. "Foul ball records are not kept, but baseball author Bill James once wrote that Roy Thomas, who played in the National League from 1899 to 1911, fouled off 22 pitches in one at-bat. Hall of Famer Lu…
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Using an average life span of a baseball in a typical game as 6 pitches and the average number of pitches being 275 per game. The number of balls used is 46. Factoring this number out to each team in the league playing 165 games and dividing by 2 since two teams play each other each game, the number…
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The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and San Francisco Giants do not display their players' names on their home uniforms. While the Red Sox and Giants have their players' names on their away jerseys, the Yankees do not display them on their road jerseys.
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%DETAILS% Answer Hitting for the cycle means hitting a single, double, triple, and home run in one game; a "natural" cycle is hitting them in order--that is, first a single, then a double, then a triple, and then a home run. Answer 13 major league players have hit for the natural cycle.…
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So "interleague play" isn't daily and every team can play a game. Otherwise, there would either be one team from each league that doesn't play or an odd number of interleague games would occur. There are 30 teams. If the two leagues were equal, they would each have an odd number of teams. Then y…
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The Cincinati Red Srockings were the first openly professional team in the 1860's. Prior to that it was considered "unsportsmanlike" to pay players to play what had been, at one time, a completely amateur game. The first professional League was the National Association which began play in 1871 with …
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There are 16 teams in the National League, but in 2013, the Houston Astros will move to the American League West.
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1916 New York Giants -- their famous 26-0-1 streak (considered to be a win streak, since baseball ignores tie games) was entirely at home. http://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/NYG/1916-schedule-scores.shtml?redir The 1988 Boston Red Sox won 24 straight at Fenway, which I recall is the AL record…
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14 in American league
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Denny McLain in 1968. Before that the last one was Dizzy Dean in 1934. Lefty Grove did it before that in 1931 and twice in the twenties, as did Grover Cleveland Alexander. Apart from that you have to go back to the dead-ball era. The most wins any pitcher had even coming close to that since then was…
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I believe that it's just a straight nautical tie between Skipper's -- the chief of boats -- and the fact the manager is chief of the team.The Team itself can be considered his boat.... I don't know if there was a specific incident that led to the popularizeing of Skipepr being used to term a manager…
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In 2013 there are 18 teams offering 38 dog friendly games.
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larry walker   Walker only won three batting titles. The answer, I believe, is Bill Madlock.Madlock won in 1975, 1976, 1981, & 1983.
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Randy Johnson's perfect game on May 18th against the Atlanta Braves was the only no-hitter.
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major league baseball began its first draft in 1965 therefor giving the team the option of sending the player down for further instruction. The first player was mike adamson of usc in 1967 going to Baltimore orioles. the team with the most players going straight to the majors is the san Diego padres…
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One. The 2004 Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees after trailing 3 nil in the American League Championship series. As of the beginning of the 2005 season they are the only MLB team to do so, and the first team of all major sports to do so outside of hockey.   The Boston Red Sox are the o…
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GO to "BaseballLibrary.com" You should be able to find what you are looking for.
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i think right now he's on the las Vegas 51'si think right now he's on the las Vegas 51's
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National League in 1950: 1) Philadelphia Phillies 2) Brooklyn Dodgers (moved to Los Angeles in 1958) 3) New York Giants (moved to San Francisco in 1958) 4) Boston Braves (moved to Milwuakee in 1954) 5) St. Louis Cardinals 6) Cincinnati Reds 7) Chicago Cubs 8) Pittsburgh Pirates American Leag…
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Most Popular NFL TeamThe cowboys, obviously, but I think the packers are a close second, followed by the steelers (crazy obsessed fans), and then the Jets, (most loyal fans EVER, and we have a lot of them) I read before that a nation poll showed that the top 3 teams going by fans all around the US i…
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16 GAMES AND 1 BYE WEEK As of the 2007 season, an NFL team plays four preseason games and 16 regular season games.
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Jennifer -You're asking for a list of approximately 10,500 names. If I could list them, you would still be reading them during the 2008 Olympics!  how many competitors did Ireland have in the 2004 olympic games
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Baseball Stamps This is too vague a question to answer. The value will depend on if we are talking about old US postage stamps with a baseball theme, or a type of sticker stamp found in gum and/or other premiums, or rubber stamps, etc.
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The original Washington Senators left the city after the 1960 season for Minneapolis. Baseball expanded in 1961 and created a new Senators team for Washington. In 1972 the new Senators left Washington for Arlington, Texas.
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Answer These commemorative bats are referred to as "Black Bats" and have been produced by batmaker Hillerich & Bradsy (makers of the "Louisville Slugger") to honor each season's American and National League champions since 1934. They were made in relatively large quantities (especially for Ya…
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I recently purchased one of these in an antique shop. I thought it was quite unique and in all my years is collecting sports memorabilia I had never seen one. The one I purchased was really clean with no cracks or chips and the original plastic stopper was in the bottom. It also came with the origin…
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LeBron James scored 1654 points during the 2003-2004 NBA season.
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There are a total of 30 teams in Major League Baseball. 15 play in the American League (AL) and 15 in the National League (NL). AL East: Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays Toronto Blue Jays AL Central: Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Minnesota Twi…
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The value of a Collegian Pepper Martin Model baseball bat averages between $50 and $90. If the bat is in excellent condition (unused), it may be worth somewhat more.
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Yes. Robinson was not the first African American to be signed to a major league contract contrary to what many believe. The other player (I'm sorry I can't remember the name) was signed a few years before Jackie was, but he failed to make it out of the minor leagues. Robinson, therefore, became the…
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Yes, Major League Baseball teams can trade draft picks but only competitive balance draft picks, their regular draft picks as well as compensation picks cannot be traded.
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Larry "Chipper" Jones debuted with the Braves in 1993. Yankees' Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera are 2nd on the list. They joined the Yanks in '95.
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Yogi Berra won 10 World Series with the New York Yankees, out of 14 appearances.
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Answer patience and work as a team. that worked for us this year in little league and i know it would work higher up. Additional Answer As a head coach I agree that patience and team work are important. To put the answer in order, I would stress physical conditioning first, then teamwork, the…
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The Braves and the Cubs were charter members of the National League when it was founded in 1876. The Cubs played in Chicago and were known as the White Stockings. The Braves played in Boston and were known as the Red Caps. The Pittsburgh Pirates were the oldest team to keep the same name since estab…
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The first professional baseball team was the Cinncinatti Red Stockings, now known as the Reds.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Cincinnati Red Stockings moved to Boston and became the Boston Red Stockings. They we…
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It could cost as much as $230.
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There are 15 teams in the American League and 15 teams in the National League for a total of 30.
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Ty Cobb For the Major Leagues, it was Ty Cobb. His lifetime average is officially .367, but actually .366. Long after Cobb's record totals of 4,191 hits and .367 average were immortalized on his Hall of Fame plaque and in baseball fans' memories, it was discovered that a 1910 game in which Cobb w…
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a player has three option, four if he makes it to the major leagues within 3 years
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Answer In the National League, on August 25th, 1922, Chicago beat Philadelphia 26 - 23, for a total of 49 runs. (courtesy of baseball-almanac.com) 33-0
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Reggie Smith never had a 200-hit season. There are five players who've recorded 200 hits in a season in both leagues: George Sisler, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Steve Sax, and Vladimir Guerrero. reggie smith, bill buckner, Steve saxmight be more now.
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Mark Grace for Cubs and Diamondbacks.Denny McLain, who was the last pitcher in the major leagues to win 30 games in a season (1968) wore #17 with the Detroit Tigers. So did Dock Ellis (who claims to have pitched a no-hitter while high on LSD) wore that number with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
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There were actually 16 original MLB Teams- Boston Beaneaters (now Atlanta Braves)New York Giants (now San Francisco Giants)Brooklyn Superbas (now Los Angeles Dodgers)Philadelphia PhilliesPittsburgh PiratesChicago White Stockings (now Chicago Cubs)St. Louis Browns (now St. Louis Cardinals)Cincinnati…
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The longest MLB game by innings was on May 1, 1920 between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves and lasted 26 innings. The game ended in a 1-1 tie. If you're including triple-A, the longest game was 33 innings, and it was played by The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings, two teams from th…
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The Cincinnati Red Stockings 1869Click on the 'First Professional Baseball Team' link on this page to read about the Cincinnati Red Stockings.
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Actually, many of them don't. In alphabetical order: Alabama Alaska Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Hawaii Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas * Kentucky Louisiana Maine Mississippi Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Oregon Rhode Island South Carol…
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It's 60 feet 6 inches away from home plate. The original baseball field designers wanted it to be 60 feet but when the "landscapers" were reading the diagram drawn up it read 60 ' 0" and they read the 0 to be a 6 by mistake.
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Probably it's between the Yankees and the Cubs with an honorable mention to the Boston Red Sox
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Back when there were two competing leagues Chicago had a team in each league. When the American and National leagues merged to create Major League Baseball, Chicago kept both teams. Now they have one team in each division. Just like New York has the Mets and the Yankees, Chicago has the White Soxs …
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Ok. A couple of years of resarching this and voila! I think I have it! Snubba is actually William 'Snubber' Trask. He was my great Uncle and my father was named after him, William Trask. They were from Lowell, MA. and Snubber played for the Lowell Twi's (baseball) and then went on to Canada to play…
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Answer There are 162 regular season games. If a player is on a team that qualifies for the postseason, then he will have played in those additional games as well. If a player played in every single regular-season game, and played in every postseason game, assuming all the series went the maximum …
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Answer According to the Rawlings Sporting Goods website (FanZone link) their are 108 stitches. The site states that for about a quarter of a century Rawlings has been the exclusive supplier of official game balls for MLB.
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Answer The Astros, Rangers, Rockies, Expos/Nationals, Brewers, Mariners, Padres, and Devil Rays have never won a World Series.
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Longest MLB Winning StreakThe 1916 Giants won 14 tied 1 won 12. In baseball, apparently, that's a 26 game winning streak as tied games are replayed but as one individual said, if the stats count, the games count.The longest true winning streak was 21 games by the 1935 Chicago Cubs
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1951 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball A 1951 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball with the key signature: Stengel, Rizzuto, DiMaggio, Berra, Mize, Martin, Mantle, Brown, and McDougald is worth about $3,000.-$5,000. Value is based on average prices of recently closed auctions. Prices may v…
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2nd baseman for the Boston Redsox #15 Dustin Pedroia
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16 teams total make the NBA playoffs, 8 teams from the Western Conference and 8 teams from the Eastern Conference. The teams with the eight best records in each conference will play in the playoffs. Division leaders are placed within the top four, and the next best record is also in the top four.
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Cooperstown New York National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum 25 Main Street · Cooperstown, NY · 13326 The National Baseball Hall of Fame is located at - 25 Main Street · Cooperstown, NY · 13326 For more information visit the Hall of Fame website located below (Related Links)
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The 1906 Chicago Cubs (who hold the National League record) and the 2001 Seattle Mariners (who hold the American League record) both won a Major League record 116 games. The Mariners played a 162 game season, and went 116-46. The Cubs had ten fewer losses, as they were playing a 154 game season, and…
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Please go to the following web site:
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Answer Jeff Bagwell spent his entire MLB career, 1991-2005, with the Houston Astros. Check out the 'Jeff Bagwell's Career' link on this page to see more about his MLB and minor league career.
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Answer The Red Sox were a charter team of the American League when it was founded in 1901.
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Non-US Based MLB Teams Two. The Montreal Expos and the Toronto Blue Jays. The Montreal Expos relocated to Washington, DC for the 2005 season. As of the start of the 2007 season, Toronto is the only MLB team based outside the US.
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The book 'Who's Who in Major League Baseball' by Harold Johnson was actually published in 1935. An original copy of this book could be worth as much as $600-$700.
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Two wild card teams from each league makes the MLB playoff each year. As of 2012 there is a one game wild card playoff between the two best records in each league who didn't win their division.
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Mark Bellhorn of the Chicago Cubs in the fourth inning of a game on August 29, 2002 and Carlos Baerga of the Cleveland Indians in the seventh inning of a game on April 8, 1993 are the only two players that have hit home runs from both sides of the plate in the same inning.
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The Cincinnati Red Stockings won 130 consecutive games, spanning 1869 through 1870. What helped was that they were the first baseball team to pay their players. The 1880 white stockings won 21 straight games. the 1935 cubs then tied them with 21 straight. the most recent streak was the 2002 Oaklan…
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