France in WW2

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The French participation in World War 2, in both the European and Pacific theaters of the war. Questions regarding the Vichy government are also welcome here.
Victory in Europe......................V-E 1945
Permet de célébrer l'Engagement de ...
they had to take care of the ugly little kids and there lazy husbands.
Tecumseh organized the shawnee and other native americans to _ and_.
In French all 12 months of the year in order are Janvier, Février, Mars, Avril, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Août, Septembre, Octobre, Novembre, Décembre.
60,424,213, rough guess work.
'le serpent' is the French word for 'the snake'.
I love you more than words can express.
just wanted to say 'I love you' and 'you're my everything'
No. Serbia assassinating Austria-Hungary's Archduke started WW1
Vous êtes dans quel pays ? -- What country are you in?
a racetrack is called 'un circuit' (masc.) in French In auto racing, the term "Circuit" is used to describe a racetrack (e.g. le circuit Bugatti at the "le Mans" site). When referring to the actual black top, the word "piste" can also be used.
If you feel threatened by negative forces seek the help of aminister, priest, or other religious leader. The prayers you usemay vary though the Our Father and the Rosary have been a comforting prayer for this author.
It means, "city of love". The word ville could mean town or city, but in this case "city" is more fitting.
une antilope (fem.)
The exact nature of a sabot's construction depends on its use. In modern eras rifle sabots are generally made out of plastic.Sabots for artillery pieces are generally metal of some sort. Inolder weapons such as those from the Napoleonic Era wooden sabotswere the most common. There have however...
"Les deux sont très beaux" translates to "Those two are very beautiful"
une equipe, first of all, means a team. since there is a vowel right after the word une, there is a liason between the two words, meaning you kind of like slur them together a bit. if i had to spell out how to pronounce it, it would be: ou ney keep hope this helps! ~jaimelefrancais
the answer is Germany bazically i am sorry i don't know much more.
I thought that you are a girl that I know
6 June 1944, allied invasion of Normandy, France and referred to a 'D Day'
They felt they were not strong enough to go to war and they would loose and the people of Britain didn't want to They wanted to stop Hitler from going to war with them by giving him what he wanted The people wanted peace (fear of another world war) They thought Hitler's complaints were...
Answer . provinces. In France, there are Régions and Départements.
You would say 'cinq bouches' for six mouths. But I'm not positive what happy is.
So the Nazis wouldn't know which beaches the beaches actually were.
Take me - I'm yours - 'mea culpa' is Latin for 'my fault'
j'aime la natation - I like swimming
yes, France was occupied by Germany and under German rule the French army was reorganized and fought under German control for a short time. Answer Hitlor wanted to rule all of Europe; they owed money to the French and hated them for the defeat in WW1. They built a supposide invincible wall; the...
Glen Miller. Miller had entered the service but continued to perform, touring bases to raise troop morale. His airplane went down over the English Channel on a foggy night, and no bodies were ever recovered.
Korea, I guess... It's what everybody uses... even Korians
i don't like this car i hate it.
I want to cry this evening
you are Love / the love ....
Je suis si content(e) de vous revoir
Shining in fench is Brillant.
Yes, he had three children Philipe (1921) Elizabeth ((1924) and Anne (1928-1948) who died of downs syndrome
je t'aime bien aussi, moi aussi je t'aime bien
The french noun for water is eau
I'll never like you the morning after.
Interesting question, but it's mon cœur , definitely. Gender agreement is a purely grammatical affair. The only nouns that can change gender are the ones that are specifically allowed to do so, such as most "people nouns", e.g. un enfant / une enfant, mon chéri / ma chérie, etc. But even...
chou-fleur is translated cauliflower in English.
ferme ton cahier -- close your notebook
its Red and Yellow (colours)
A male friend is un ami , and a female friend is une amie . You could also say un copain / une copine , but these words are sometimes used to imply a romantic relationship.
'Un' or 'une' depending on the gender of the word.
Are you an American ?
Generals Patton, Montgomery and Eisenhower and other lower Generals led the allies through France.
Many of the bills are valued in price close to $25 each. The exactamount will depend upon the wear and team of the exact bill.
Mexico. -and you shouldn't be asking for answers to your test/essay/whatever on the internet. look it up in a book!
what's the definition of the name rebekah in french?
You can certainly extract gold from rock with mercury, but the process is usually restricted to small-scale operations.
French for hot is chaud.
Most of the other countries in the world view France as a cowardly nation. After Napolean was removed from office it seems that the French people are always asking for help or just surrendering. During World War Two, France was one of the first countries to surrender. Yes, at the time it was a good...
still more when you speak French... or ...even more so when you speak french. it would have been helpful for you to include the whole sentence, assuming that this is in fact not the whole sentence...
Why yes we do just go to
'lave' may be a form of the verb 'laver' (to wash) or 'se laver' (to wash oneself) je me lave = I'm washing myself elle lave la vaisselle = she's doing the dishes If 'lave' is a noun, it means lava (the melted matter coming out of volcanoes)
Well the Germans took over Europe without any hassel apart from when they got to Dunkirk. Then came the Battle of Britain and against the Americans was D-Day. The Russians stopped them at Stalingrad. DUNKIRK: Wasn't an official battle, just some English and french troops escaping from the beach...
et un quart : 2:15 = Deux heures et un quart .
'une viennoiserie', may be a croissant or pastries usually not stuffed you can eat for breakfast and dip in your coffee cup. "les viennoiseries" is a group name for all these pastries (croissants, petits pains au chocolat, pain viennois) and the name derives from the name of the town of Vienna in...
The planning for Overlord, like most large military operations, required many different tasks to be coordinated. This required that precise timelines be ready for distribution to thousands of people. Unfortunately, the precise date for the launch was anything but precise; there were many 'fudge...
Hitler was already doing what he wanted with France. He built coastal defenses, took the Jews out of the country to place them in concentration camps or he had them killed. He took France's money and resources for his agendas. Many of the German Nazi leaders used France for vacations or homes. The...
France had to ally with England and the United States and other nations if they were to get their country back and to defeat the German Nazis. They were soundly defeated by the Nazis because their forces were not strong enough to defend themsleves. France and Germany were enemies. American's boat...
I want you to be my lover.
"on a" means " one has" in english. "a" is the conjugated form for il/elle/on of the infinitive "avoir" meaning to have. of course, on means one, like a person. so its like saying "a person has" like the 'general person has'. here's the conjugations for the verb avoir: avoir -to have je/j'....
(vous) nagez means you (plural or polite form) swim/are swimming
"Voyager" means "to travel" (voyagez is conjugated form)
Comment allez-vous aujourd-hui? in French means "How are youtoday?" in English.
C'est la vie such is life C'est la mort such is death
Dwight D Eisenhower was a general in the US army and also became president of the United states after WW2.
Prime Minister Churchill repeatedly sent requests for the US to help them in the war. It grieved him the American people failed to understand the severity of Hitler's oppression and warring. The French wanted help too. President Roosevelt created the Lend Lease Act to assist them until the Americans...