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Also known as speedboats or motorboats, powerboats are built for speed and recreation. Ask questions about powerboating here.
Depends on the boat as well. Some boats have different hull designs. So you would need a little more information to answer that question.
try .030 unless it is an Intek OHV and then 0.020"
More surface area foils more wind. Actually, the wind PULLS a boat after foiling around the curve of the sail. It is the same aerodynamic theory of "lift".
you use a hollow bamboo tree and blow in the water and then the boat moves
They won Super Bowls V (January 17, 1971) for the 1970 season and XLI (February 4, 2007) for the 2006 season.
Depends on HP and year. Older ones you normally had to pull the power head (engine) and disconnect the gear shift before pulling the lower unit. Look for a service manual on eBay for your year and model to be sure.
The 1972 model, 125hp Johnson, requires a 50:1 fuel, to 2 cycle oil ratio. This is roughly one pint of oil, to six gallons of fuel.
spell out the word I N T R O D U C E S and numbers beneath it like so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so if your serial number is J34M CE T then your motor is an 89' MUST BE THE LETTERS WRITTEN IN BOLD
Rivers or lakes only except when it is on a trailer , then you can pull it on any road .
Thank you for your reply, the HP is 7.6 Mercury Thunderbolt. In order to determine the year model for a Mercury outboard, in addition to the serial number, the engine horsepower is needed as well.
Dateline Boats were manufactured at Dockray Hall , Kendal in the 70's. The range at the time consisted of the Suva, Samoa, Bikini, Bounty, Bounty GL, Fijian and Hawiian. They ranged from circa 13 feet to Circa 21ft inboards and outbords. Yhe most popular were the Bikini and Bounty with their classic...
Spongebob was created by Stephen Hillenburg. Stephen attended art college, and decided to create a TV program (Spongebob). But the name he first came up with was already an existing product, so he called it Spongebob Squarepants. Spongebob is based on Stephen, actually, as apparently he himself...
The flagellum is like a think "whip-like" structure that is attached t o the cell and helps it to propel and move. It could be like motor of a boat bc. that's how the boat moves??
if you are under 21 then you need to pass a boaters education test. Boats US do a free one on their website. Type in to Google Boats US online course and its the first one. Once you have done that send it tow FWC. Their address is on the Boats US website aswell. Then you'll get sent your boaters id...
Answer . It's NJ/PA slang. Not many people question it, I suppose. I don't know how or where it originated. It's not a matter of bad grammar; it's just a phrase, like, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
An Evinrude 25hp outboard, 1985 year model, requires a 50:1 fuel, to 2 cycle oil ratio. This is roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
because the name speed boat means its a fast boat why else would it be called a speed boat
There are three: mo/tor/boat.
The fuel to oil ratio for a 1988 model, 8hp Johnson outboard, would be 50:1, six gallons of fuel, to one pint of two cycle oil.
Just did compression test on mine and the normal seems to be 160 -180
The Johnson FD models were manufactured from 1956-1968, the FDL-20C being a 1966 year model.
The dry weight of a 1983 model, 40hp Mercury outboard, is 156lbs.
You could, but that would only keep the owner from selling it before satisfying your claim. It would be better to file for a junk, or abandoned title, and then sell it. The rules for this vary from state to state, so you would have to contact the agency that controls watercraft registration in your...
All boaters should take the Coast Guard Aux boater safety course
The fact that the engine picks up when choked indicates fuel starvation. Most likely, a good carb cleaning is in order. It is also a good practice to check the entire fuel delivery system at this time for any leaks, old hoses, deteriorated primer bulb, etc.
OK can you tell me what kind of identification tag is on it a disc with a screw in the middle or a rectangular shaped one with a hole on the side? The tag you got the serial number from i mean.
A 9.9hp Mercury outboard, serial number OB120743, is a 1987 year model.
40 ounces of gas to 1 ounce of oil
The 45 and 50hp model Mercury Classic Fifty requires a 50:1 fuel, to 2 cycle oil mix. This is roughly one pint of oil, to six gallons of fuel.
Mercury outboard 115 hp, serial number 2931955, is a 1970 year model.
The weight of a Yamaha 85aet or 85a build in 1989 - 1992 is 119 Kg
This question is a bit weird, as 4-stroke engines don't need oil in the fuel. Many 2-stroke engines however do need oil in their fuel, and it should preferably be a special 2-stroke oil. That oil dissolves better and burns cleaner. If you don't have 2-stroke oil the stock recommendation is to use...
No it is 4 cycle oil, 2 cycles is the only oil you mix with gas for 2 cycle engines. They may be referring to a syn/ conventional oil mix that they have preformed to improve their oil. It will work fine in your 4 cycle engine as long as it is the correct weight for your engine. As long as it is like...
the fuel reset switch is located in the truck of the car, drivers side (left side) behind the trunk side cover, you have to remove the carpeted cover to access the relay reset (theres a red button on top)
I would say yes. I just picked up a 87 phazer with a 540 in it. Left spark plug boot just rubs under the hood, but it fits and runs.
This is a 35hp Johnson outboard, 1984 year model. Thanks for the info. Most helpful Cheers scorpio48 (Pete)
A 25hp Evinrude, 1972 year model, requires a 50:1 fuel, to 2 cycle oil, ratio. One pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel, is just a bit richer than 50:1, and a good mix.
In opposite direction, but they are designed to propel the boat forward even if they rotate in opposite directions.
Johnson outboard model number J175EXARG, would be a 1994 year model.
A 20 hp Mercury outboard, serial number OG156340, is a 1995 year model.
Several technical bulletins are generally issued for outboards each year, a recall however, is sent to each registered owner of the outboards involved, for customer awareness. I would contact a Mercury dealer to see if the motor in question was included in a recall campaign. If you are not the...
The 120 and 140 are the exact same engine except the carburetors are different on the 140.
The oil it calls for is Poulan which is 40:1. A good quality name brand (Stihl, Echo, etc.) will work fine when used as directed.
like to know year of of my tohatsu m9.9b2&if I can get a manual
The 1976 year model, (ser.#4420321), 4.5hp Mercury outboard, requires a 50:1 fuel, to 2 cycle oil ratio. Mixing one pint of oil, to six gallons of fuel, will be a good mix.
The oil injection system installed on the 2002 model, varies the amount of oil supplied to the engine, according to RPM range. Simply fill the oil tank, located on the engine, no mixing with fuel required. If the oil injection system has been disabled, mix the fuel at 50:1 ratio, one pint of 2 cycle...
145 Miles from Kendall (South West of Miami).. 3 hours driving aprox.. If you start from North Miami or Downtown or Miami Beach. you need to add an extra hour. Traffic is very heavy anytime.
That engine should have oil injection on it, but if it is not working, or you are starting a fresh rebuild use 50/1
The fuel to oil ratio for a 9hp Mercury outboard is 50:1, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
2 stroke engine ? Better to mix the oil and gasoline before pouring into the tank.
1970 40 HP Johnston outboard weighs 145 lbs.
Impossible to answer. The more power the more speed. Simple as that. But real speed performance is a combination of the boat, motor, set-up and prop. Many variables that don't come down to one particular brand over another. Cheap? Cheap happens when a motor is not desirable to most people....
You have to be 15 and 6 months to go for test and 16 to use it (boat,jetski). If you are going to operate a boat that is a commercial vessel and you are going to carry more than 6 paying customers then you must obtain a license from the US Coast Guard. The minimum age for all licenses is 19. There...
impeller use in a pump casing .
I have a 40hp Suzuki 2 stroke (almost new) on a 4.5 metre/14.5 foot aluminum runabout and depending on the conditions it does between 24-30 knots
Answer . This question is too big to answer. It's easy to read a map, but navigating safely by it requires skill and the knowledge of several tricks and trades, so I suggest taking a course. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nautical_chart
More than likely a damaged impeller if your rpms are high. If not, do a compression test on the engine, and check your plugs to see if the engine is running properly.
The late model 25 Evinrude suggests operating on a 100:1 ratio. I prefer the old time tested 50:1 ratio, one pint of two cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel. I have never seen an outboard powerhead failure, due to running a 50:1 mix.
between .28 - .31" for any kind of spark plug you decide to use in your Phazer.
The dry weight of a 1991 model, 130 hp Yamaha outboard is 357lbs.
Have you found out the age of this unit yet? I have the same model number with no visible serial number and am curious as to the exact age as well. thanks
Just picked up a 1949 5hp for $75, seems to run well. plan on usingit for fishing.
your motor is a 1975 200 20hp you can get more info here: http://www.autorepairmanuals.biz/site/573683/page/599300
A 50hp Mercury outboard, serial number 5951056 is a 1982 year model.
The 15 hp Johnson will run well on a 50:1 ratio, roughly one pint 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.
Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) or the boat registration numbers on the hull? The HIN is placed on the boat during manufacture. It is similar to a VIN number on a vehicle. The boat registration number on smaller boats is a state registered number similar to your vehicles licence plate. Where as on...
Inland or International? Pushing, pulling or pulling alongside? Inland Lights and Shapes Rule 24 (c) A power driven vessel when pushing ahead or towing alongside, except as required by paragraphs (b) and (i) Covers composite units) of this rule, shall exhibit: (iii) Two towing lights ...
Evinrude outboard, model number E48ESLER is a 1994 model, 48hp engine.
Super Bowl Founder I believe it was Lamar Hunt former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs but now deceased. Lamar hunt named the super bowl but it was pete rozelle and don weiss that came up with the actual concept. C the book Making of The Super Bowl. It is no particular person who invented the idea...