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Cat Behavior

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Cat Behavior includes ways in which cats act and behave, from purring when they are content to playing to other types of behavior.
Just as parents "childproof" their home, so should pet owners  "petproof" theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infants  and small children, are naturally curious and love to explore their  environment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can't know  what is dangerous and what...
First, take the cat to the vet. If there are no urinary tract orotherwise problems, place litter boxes in places where he/sheshould not be doing his wee-wee or poo-poo. If you can't do that(like if your cat is doing his/her business where you have towalk), make the place where he's going as...
no, the amount of microwaves is to small for anybody to realize
depending on what cat you have
you will know when u hurt ur cats feelings because when u walk 2wards ur cats it will run away and will bite and scrab u
  A cat spraying is an instinct that male cats have to mark their territory. Whatever they're spraying on, it means "this is mine". There are some deterrents available at your local pet store to prevent this.   Spraying is a part of communication among cats, helping to define boundaries and...
Cats do get high if they ingest or play with catnip. I hope you're not giving your cat alcohol.
Your cat or cats probably eat weird stuff because he/she is hungry or just is a greedy guts and your ok because 1 of mine eats tikka,yoghurt and other strange and wonderful things! Hope you found this helpful.=D
Hamsters generally do not need litter box. However u if want to keep ur cage cleaner, u can put a litter cage which usually being sold at ur local petstore. It usually comes with a type of sand which have smells such as blueberry, vanilla, strawberry etc. The sand must be poured into the litter box...
The cat may just trust that person, there's no real way of knowing why. My cat usually hates people, especially guys, and she absolutely loves my fiance.
Well, if its a boy and girl they are trying to mate but if it girl and girl or boy and boy its because one is trying to get more attention and is tell the other cat that is like the alpaca cat
  Yes. Cats have more emotional sense then us.
  *The tail has nothing to do with knowing the gender of a cat. Look for the male and female genitalia. It's different from knowing the gender in beta fish, because in beta fish you can know by its tail but not in cats.
Domestic cats are the decedents of their wild ancestors so their  native habitat is where the ancestor lived.
The cat will want to be by her self. In some cases, she may get  extraordinarily aggressive, do to hormones of course.
Usually in the second week they begin to walk. It is more like a  waddle.
  usually twice a year, you will know when your cat is on heat.
Wiggling your fingers or any kind of movement will cause your catto go after it, it's their hunting instinct.
Tap his nose gently when he does something you don't want him to do. He will get the message better by this.
First put the cat in a different room with a potty pan and food.  Then move the dog in the house. Then put the dog in a cage and let  the cat out. Leave the dog in there till the cat seems used to the  dog
Undomesticated cats are wild and very unuse to nature
Your cat is probably used to using that area as a bathroom, so:   1. Make sure it knows where the litter box is.   2. Make sure it is not near food or enclosed so that the cat won't  feel trapped.   3. Clean the poo best you can.   4. If you see him pooing, clap your hands loudly and...
They might also be legitimately called tumors or growths, even if  they're not cancerous. These words simply describe enlargements  under or within the skin.
  == Answer ==   If you are short on money and can't afford a vet phone around and many of them will give you credit, or, if you offer to walk their pets in the clinic they may let you pay your vet bill off this way. A good vet NEVER turns away a sick animal. I am happy to say I have a...
you don't let it go outside and put her in a dog grate or thebathroom with food and water but when it is time to go to bed lether sleep on her own pillow
    Yes. The main sense to cats is smell.
It really depends on the age of the kitten. If the kitten is eight  weeks it should probably eat about three wet meals unless it is  fully weaned. At that point about four small meals of dryfood is  okay but wet food is much better for health anyway. If the kitten  is about six weeks it is at...
Yes. If she's in season and has a potential mate, she can get  pregers any time shes ready. Even if YOU are not.
My cat - not a full Manx - had the surgery when she was about 7 years old. She had suffered for many years with megacolon, and the surgery was the only option to save her life after the medications and everything else had failed. She lived a normal, healthy, active life until she died just recently...
I know my cat dose or I just lift up my blanket and he crawls under.
It is supposed to, but it must not like how your treating it.Here's a saying: Do we own cats, or do cats own us?
A mama cat will often hunker down in some safe place before she  gives birth. At the apex of pregnancy, the cat is heavy with  kittens, like any other pregnant mammal.
they can live together just fine. as the owner its your job to teach acceptable behavior to your animal even the cat. establish dominance and everything will be fine.
They pee on your bed because they don't like you or you were mean to them.
You need to take your cat to a veterinarian. If you don't know how to do the procedure properly, the cat could get a severe infection and end up losing its paw.
Just rub it's tummy a whole lot. Drag a shoelace on the floor. While the cat is busy pouncing, bring the shoelace up into the air a few inches over the cat's shoulder blades. The paws will follow. sprinkle catnip all over it!!! ->pour catnip all over the floor. It'll roll around for hours in that...
    When they are playing, or when the owner does something that makes them angry. This is a main way of communicating with humans.
White with various coloured backs and faces ( Red, Blue and Chocolate)
A cat's homeostasis is the ability to maintain internal equilibrium  by adjusting physiological processes. A cat must maintain  homeostasis in order to stay healthy. Some of the factors  controlled in homeostasis are temperature, internal pH balance, and  nutrient balance.
well your dog will like you if u train himher a good way,treat himher a good way, all ways give them food,dont skuease them hard , don't kiss them or else u will get hair in your lungs,dont pamper him or her treat them like a normal dog but don't treat them bad,take them for walks give them fresh...
In the city of Phoenix, Arizona, it is not illegal to feed stray  cats. However, if you do feed them, the city considers them to  belong to you and you will become responsible for them.
I think they get a bit dizzy and confused as to where they are and where they're going. ( They probably think:"No! The vet!" ) :)
is your cat very thirsty? we had a can with similalar symptoms we brought it to our vet it had hyper thyriod
Humans can use catnip to help them sleep, for arthritis, for general joint aches and pains, and for a tooth ache. It is usually made into a tea. However pregnant woman should avoid handling or consuming catnip.
The pets you have may not have a bond, so they don't like each other. If they do like each other you have to be one of your Sims, then click on the dog/cat. You would then click on "Try for puppy/kitten with..." and the the names of your pets that can have puppies with him/her.Hope that helped!
Does it keep running round the house? My cat does that, it could be stuff inside the walls that it hears or catnip somewhere. x
They will get bored if they don't have anything to do, yes, butthey may also miss your company and become sad.
Take it to the vet to check it for fleas and if it has fleas treat it with medication.
no not really but they probably do if needed
In Warriors it does for sure! It might actually in real life.
A cat's tail expresses emotion and conveys body language messages to the cats and humans around them. It also helps them balance when they need it.
Why would you want to?! MEANIE, hmmph! -ilovecatz1234    -+ilovecatz some people mmay have stray cats everywhere, (Go to  youtube search for annoying noise and click different  videos.
Very sorry to hear about your cat. Unfortunately without an autopsy it is impossible to know. Cats are very good at hiding illness until it's serious (part of a defence mechanism for avoiding predators in the wild). Poisoning would take several hours to take effect and there are many plants that are...
  The cat might be tired. It also might be a sign of affection like they want a pet or something like that.
Maybe get a litterbox or a box and put it in the crate?
keep cats off your porch with coffee grounds and/or orange rinds and/or something shiny   == ==   ----
Yes it depends on the type of flower though. Flowers can be toxic  to cats especially Lilies. It will take a couple days for your cat  to actually get sick. (if they do get sick from eating the flower,  not all cats get sick from them but most do.) If your cat is sick  take him/her to the vet as...
a pure breed Siamese is pretty rare to find and they die pretty fast.
It varies from specific cat to specific cat but they are generally nice and friendly, and often lap cats.
  ==Answer==   If it is an unspayed female cat, she is in heat.  If you do not want kittens and male cats are circling the house, bring her inside and keep her there. This will pass in a few days.  Cats can go into heat as early as 4 months.
No, the symptoms of Cat Scratch Fever are swollen lymph nodes and slight fever. Also, only 2.5 out of 100,000 are know to have it, so it's pretty rare. But you probably just ate something funny...
  ==Answer==   It does not take a lot of food for a small kitten to survive. Try a dab of meat baby food and let her lick it off your finger. Do not force feed her or give her water with a dropper, since she may get the food or water into her lungs. Let her sleep in a quiet place and check on...
Give it 1 heaping teaspoon 3 times a day. Take up any dry food when feeding them wet. They absolutely need the canned. I use dry food for my cats as a snack. Cats cannot assimilate carbohydates well, so minimize (if you can afford to) the dry food. Look at cats in the wild. They never eat grains,...
  == Parinaud ==    H. Parinaud, Xavier Galezowski (1832-1907):   Conjunctivite infectieuse transmise par les animaux.   Annales d’oculistique, Bruxelles, 1889, 101: 252-253.
The first description in the literature of Cat Scratch Diseases credited to Henri Parinaud in 1889. Writing in the French literature, he described a case of conjunctival glaucomatous inflammation with ipsilateral preauricular adenopathy, a syndrome which now bears his name.
It can range anywhere from 1 to 6, generally.
They can if they are agitated, threatened, or in pain.
Well HELLO! why wouldn't they?Mammals have nipples.
Cats can sleep well or poorly just like people can. However cats will nap frequently whether it is day or night.
they live 'till they die
some times if they climb it
Cat urine during the time of heat is the regular color. The only  thing that is different is the smell.
For younger kittens: Put your kitten in the litter box after every meal. They intend to poo or pee after meals. When the kitten is peeing or pooing on the ground while witness quickly bring it to the litter box instead. Also make sure there is no smell of poo or pee on the ground or they will find...
  == ANSWER: Find out what material is in the spinning mechanical action. If its plastic on plastic, use vasoline. If its metal on plastic, use vasoline. If its metal on metal, use a heavy weight oil like car engine oil. Clean the area of any crud or dirt before you relubricate it with clean...
In order to groom a cat you must need a specialized comb that will be able to catch small insects. you then take the comb and go with the fur down the cat to the tail. This will get arid of any insects that may be hiding in the fur and will also get arid of the extra fur laying on or in the new coat...
Some cats do need haircuts as their fur grows too long and then bunches up. This is usually only the case with fluffy cats. Cats in general normally do not need haircuts because they shed off unneeded fur when the weather gets warmer.
they hiss, attaack, spray, anything to tell the other cat that that's their territory.
Learned behavior is anything that isn't done by instinct. A cat will instictively know how to eat, and how to walk, and will know what it's whiskers are for. However, a cat may have to learn to put up with dogs, and thus a cat that curls up with a dog has a 'learned' behavior.
cats don't normally puke unless they have eaten something very dirty or germ infested (like licking the bottom of the tub after you take a shower) but when they puke it comes out almost exactly the same aswhen they first ate it ( from what i know)
If it's a stray, he/she is just hungry and you should probably get it some food. Just don't place the food at your doorstep.
No. I assume that you're worried about the risks of toxoplasmosis, which is only a risk if you're letting your cat eat raw meat and your wife handles the cat feces directly. More people in the western world get the parasite from handling/consuming uncooked meat, so you should be more concerned...
It is said that cats are highly sensitive to beings of a supernatural state. They have the ability to see things, and even communicate with things that people cannot. So it is entirely possible that cats can and will be influenced by departed spirits. I have a cat that will sit in the hallway and...
Yes, it is not impossible for a cat to become pregnant at five months old. Most kittens reach sexual maturity around six months old. Due to this, it is best to spay a kitten around this time, especially if she has her first season at such a young age, as she is just a kitten herself. It would be...
Hi this is Nikki and I know a lot about cats so you will not be disapointed. If a cat waves his/her tail it probably means that it is either angry,annoyed or desperate. Cats have a lot of different emotions and some of them,are just hard to tell.
A group of adult cats is called a clowder or a glaring.
no there is not stary dog game but try this game play as an wolf just copy and past it its calld wolfquest.com hope that helps
Well in Egyptian times cats were considered to be gods. And Humans served the cats as servants. Hope that helps