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Cat Behavior

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Cat Behavior includes ways in which cats act and behave, from purring when they are content to playing to other types of behavior.
Just as parents "childproof" their home, so should pet owners"petproof" theirs. Four-legged members of the family, like infantsand small children, are naturally curious and love to explore theirenvironment with their paws, claws and mouths. But they can't knowwhat is dangerous and what is not... so...
First, take the cat to the vet. If there are no urinary tract orotherwise problems, place litter boxes in places where he/sheshould not be doing his wee-wee or poo-poo. If you can't do that(like if your cat is doing his/her business where you have towalk), make the place where he's going as...
no, the amount of microwaves is to small for anybody to realize
1-3 weeks it has to lose its hormones
depending on what cat you have
Cats can be very vicious, yes. When they find prey -- mice or small birds -- they won't just kill it. They play with it and torture it for hours. Like, they'll maim it until it can barely walk, and then let it walk away a little bit, and then catch it again, bat it around for awhile, let it escape...
Yes its very simple. Put the cat in the toilet and flush it. this provides a rinse. Then open the lid and add dish washing liquid. Flush 3 times. Hang the cat and the toilet on the washing line. The cat and the toilet will be sparkling in no time. This is not from Samantha Thompson.
you will know when u hurt ur cats feelings because when u walk 2wards ur cats it will run away and will bite and scrab u
Yes. Kittens as young as 4 months old can potentially get pregnant.
A cat spraying is an instinct that male cats have to mark their territory. Whatever they're spraying on, it means "this is mine". There are some deterrents available at your local pet store to prevent this.. Spraying is a part of communication among cats, helping to define boundaries and tell other...
Keep your cat (s) out of trouble, make sure they know how to use their litter box. keep their litter box out of sight, but where they can get to it. (also make sure you do their litter box!) don't let them scratch up the the furniture, make sure they have a scratching post. Make sure you keep your...
Kittens usually don't taste very good in salads, try slicing your kitten into long strips of meat and adding them to your favorite Asian dish! Very good!
Cats do get high if they ingest or play with catnip. I hope you're not giving your cat alcohol.
Cats don't pay attention to what you say, unless it is their name or some other very common sentence they associate with themselves. They will more likely notice the tone and body language you use with it, not the words, and actions such as petting will also make them happier.
Your cat or cats probably eat weird stuff because he/she is hungry or just is a greedy guts and your ok because 1 of mine eats tikka,yoghurt and other strange and wonderful things! Hope you found this helpful.=D
That's cat language for, "Please stop that!". She's letting you know politely to stop. When she "says" it more firmly, you'll know!
Hamsters generally do not need litter box. However u if want to keep ur cage cleaner, u can put a litter cage which usually being sold at ur local petstore. It usually comes with a type of sand which have smells such as blueberry, vanilla, strawberry etc. The sand must be poured into the litter box...
No! Depending on the antibiotic, it may be dangerous to the cat. And, certainly, the dosing would be different. Consult your veterinarian, please.
The cat may just trust that person, there's no real way of knowing why. My cat usually hates people, especially guys, and she absolutely loves my fiance.
As you like. You can try and take it in. Or you can just put some food and water outside for a day or a lifetime. Or you can try to capture it and take it to the pound, hopefully a no-kill one.
Some cats just hate being held. Just leave the kitty alone and she'll come to you for loving when she's ready.
Yes, that's what happened with our cat. Unless he has another food source, he will love you and stay with you and possibly start coming inside.
Well, if its a boy and girl they are trying to mate but if it girl and girl or boy and boy its because one is trying to get more attention and is tell the other cat that is like the alpaca cat
yes but be careful she might be sore
There are several different reasons why a cat fluffs up his tail. When a cat is in a confrontation situation, he will fluff up his tail - and the fur on his entire body also. What he is in fact doing is trying to make himself look "bigger" in front of his opponent. If a cat's tail is lowered...
It depends. If the cat is an indoor cat and doesn't frequently getdirty, you should wash it about once every few weeks. If it's moreof an outdoor cat and is messier, wash it once or twice a week orwhenever it gets dirty enough.
Yes. Cats have more emotional sense then us.
Cats are not like dogs, so don't expect them to fetch or anything like that. Cats love to eat, even when they aren't hungry, so only feed them at least twice, maybe less, times a day. Same rule goes with food, but just in case they get dehydrated, you should always refill it. The number 1 thing you...
*The tail has nothing to do with knowing the gender of a cat. Look for the male and female genitalia. It's different from knowing the gender in beta fish, because in beta fish you can know by its tail but not in cats.
Domestic cats are the decedents of their wild ancestors so theirnative habitat is where the ancestor lived.
The cost is between 6to10dollars for the average litter box.
Do not use a long-haired cat. Short-haired cats are better since they can take care of their of their own fur.
20 :P hope this helpful
The cat will want to be by her self. In some cases, she may getextraordinarily aggressive, do to hormones of course.
Usually in the second week they begin to walk. It is more like awaddle.
unfortunately when a female cat goes into heat she will mate with any male cat she can find no matter what. this accidentally happened to me when my 2 cats who were brother and sister mated. the kittens were sort of deformed but generally okay.
usually twice a year, you will know when your cat is on heat.
Wiggling your fingers or any kind of movement will cause your catto go after it, it's their hunting instinct.
The majority of cats are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night. They hunt, play, and do all the things cats do. That said, cats can be trained to sleep at night. I've had many cats over the years that sleep at night when the house is quiet and play during the day.
If a cat is well socialized, he/she will allow you to stroke their tail. We have six cats in total, and all will allow us to stroke their tails as a continuation of stroking their backs. As they walk past us we are also able to stroke their tails.
Tap his nose gently when he does something you don't want him to do. He will get the message better by this.
First put the cat in a different room with a potty pan and food.Then move the dog in the house. Then put the dog in a cage and letthe cat out. Leave the dog in there till the cat seems used to thedog
Per Cats.com.... A cat's gestation period typically runs from 57 to 69 days,
Cats can get pregnant with their first heat, which is typically at about 6 months of age. However, some cats (they're still kittens themselves, actually) can go into heat before 6 months old.
i think it is a Japanese bobtail cat
That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Whoever told you that has no idea what they're talking about.
They can have kittens all year long, however, winter is not typically "kitten season." Kitten season generally starts late March/early April and runs through about September/October.
I don't know if it's "normal" but it's not unusual.
Undomesticated cats are wild and very unuse to nature
Feed as much canned cat food as possible, with a named protein source (turkey, chicken, beef) as the first ingredient and with as few carbohydrates (wheat, rice, corn) as possible. Feed as little dry cat food as possible. Most are high in carbohydrates and they all have very little moisture, not...
You need one good relationship with them. Usually you can leave them and they will come down the way they went up. You can just go on your roof and call them over. It takes a lot of patience and you need to be just as calm as they are. When they come to you comfortably, pick them up and slowly...
When a female cat is in heat, she can be impregnated by more than one male cat. While she won't have "more than one litter," her litter will have different fathers.
Your cat is probably used to using that area as a bathroom, so: 1. Make sure it knows where the litter box is. 2. Make sure it is not near food or enclosed so that the cat won'tfeel trapped. 3. Clean the poo best you can. 4. If you see him pooing, clap your hands loudly and show yourdisapproval. 5....
Cats are called obligate carnivores which means they must eat meat to survive, as meat and other aspects of prey (such as organs and bone) supply all the nutrients and moisture a cat needs. Cats cannot synthesise several ammino acids, one being Taurine, so get these from fresh raw meat and organs....
When your cat was young, did you play with him/her with your hands? Did you let him/her bite you hands playfully? If so, that may be the reason. Here is an article that gives some info on it. Hope this helps. http://www.pets.ca/articles/article-cataggression.htm
You just shout at them and tell them to stop fighting , tell them to get into their bed and soon enough they will be snuggling.
They might also be legitimately called tumors or growths, even ifthey're not cancerous. These words simply describe enlargementsunder or within the skin.
WTF, ok wait ur cat sucks its tail wholey F ROFL, or does it lick
Answer . If you are short on money and can't afford a vet phone around and many of them will give you credit, or, if you offer to walk their pets in the clinic they may let you pay your vet bill off this way. A good vet NEVER turns away a sick animal. I am happy to say I have a terrific female...
\nYes. The main sense to cats is smell.
There is NO way. Cats get exceptionally excited when they play, so they playfully bite. It is nothing personal, trust me. I have 4 cats, and They bite me all the time. Biting is sometimes a form of affection.
Typically, there are two accepted paths of reason for why a cat (male or female, neutered or not) would exhibit this kind of behaviour if it had not been doing so previously. Psychological: Your cat may be trying to tell you something. Could you cat be distressed about something? (like something...
It really depends on the age of the kitten. If the kitten is eightweeks it should probably eat about three wet meals unless it isfully weaned. At that point about four small meals of dryfood isokay but wet food is much better for health anyway. If the kittenis about six weeks it is at the weaning...
Yes, in fact vets will recommend pedialyte be given to cats that are in danger of dehydration, or that are having trouble eating. Be sure to use the unflavoured variety, they won't likely drink it if it is fruit flavoured.
Cats (and dogs) provide companionship. Of course, a cat or a dog can never take the place of human companionship, but they can be a better substitute than you might think. A couple of years ago, I was going on a week-long trip, so I had to bring my cats to my parents' house. Since I had to leave...
It might be. Your cat might be feeling a little bit threatened by your puppy. So, your cat wants to mark it's territory by peeing around the house and marking off all of it's areas. It's kind of like your cat is putting up fences around the areas that it doesn't want the dog to enter.
Yes. If she's in season and has a potential mate, she can getpregers any time shes ready. Even if YOU are not.
No Way! Is that what happened to your cat?
It depends on how many kittens they are having. My two cats who are sisters got pregnant at about the same time. One got really big, she had seven kittens. The other didn't get very big at all and she had four.
No........ they cant be related at all
My cat - not a full Manx - had the surgery when she was about 7 years old. She had suffered for many years with megacolon, and the surgery was the only option to save her life after the medications and everything else had failed. She lived a normal, healthy, active life until she died just recently...
I know my cat dose or I just lift up my blanket and he crawls under.
I have a Siamese Lynx Point cat that does the same thing. I don't think it is unique, because when cats see movement they naturally investigate what it is.
you have to bottle feed it every 2-4 hours and best to keep away from it's mum for a month.
Depending on if you are taking them in or leaveing them as an outdoor cat. Outdoor cats~ make sure they always have fresh food and water or milk outside for them. Preferably in a covered area like under a table. Also make sure you keep the dishes clean. You may want to make an area for them with...
You may fix the cat, fix the skirt of the mobile home, or best option, both!
It is supposed to, but it must not like how your treating it.Here's a saying: Do we own cats, or do cats own us?
Jimmy Carter's daughter, Amy, had a Siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang.
A mama cat will often hunker down in some safe place before shegives birth. At the apex of pregnancy, the cat is heavy withkittens, like any other pregnant mammal.
Cats keep themselves clean by licking their fur.
they can live together just fine. as the owner its your job to teach acceptable behavior to your animal even the cat. establish dominance and everything will be fine.
No. They come out through the mom's birth canal.
Well i have had a lot of cats, and one time i had the sweetest calico. One day she came home and i could tell she was in a cat fight, and she was never the same after that, i hope this is not the case for your cat, good luck!
They pee on your bed because they don't like you or you were mean to them.
To protect them. Much like when she feels very threatened she will run off with them.
Feral cats are merely strays, no more.
You need to take your cat to a veterinarian. If you don't know how to do the procedure properly, the cat could get a severe infection and end up losing its paw.