Idioms, Cliches, and Slang

Includes questions related to distinct vocabularies used by a group of people such as physicians use medical terminology; also includes words, terms and phrases that are deemed inappropriate for a formal setting.
Hood is the slang word of 'ghetto' where blacks stay because they don't have any money or grew up without parents.
TFJ means Thanks For Joining.
It's an expression which basically means: "Whatever you've done,it's going to end up in a mess" or that it's going to end up reallybad.
There is no way of knowing this, as it was probably one of the primitive humans who was first tricked into doing something by another primitive human.
The image is of your tongue as an engine- it's going so fast that it's heated up. This idiom means you're talking too much.
Very similar to: Make sure your words are short and sweet, because you never know when you are going to have to eat them!! Your name must taste good because it's always in someones mouth means; you are talked about a lot. Hopefully they are all saying nice things....
The Grapefruit Leagues is the food-related idiom for pre-seasonleagues.
"Your poise" means "the poise belonging to you." Perhaps you actually heard someone say "YOU'RE POISED," which means that you are calm and in control of yourself
This saying has some different meanings. The first meaning is applied to relationships. If you know someonevery well or experience something a lot, you stop respecting them. The second meaning could be: the better we know people, the morelikely we are to find fault with them. Or finally this saying...
It's "the end justifies the means" meaning if you're doing something wrong but for a good reason it's ok. Like Robin Hood stealing from the rich....stealing is wrong but he's giving to or helping the poor in the end. The good deed in the end makes the bad deed seem ok.
A person is making decisions based on their feelings rather than their intellect. You're doing things that you may know may not be in your best interest or the smartest choice because of a relationship with another person
"Fast" usually means that someone is not sexually particular, andwill leap into a sexual encounter with almost anyone.
It is around 17 feet and I broke the record, ( so far )
Tweeker is slang for a methamphetamine user. They are oftensleep-deprived and do lots of useless tasks such as takingelectronics items apart for no logical or useful reason.
That doesn't need translating - it's just an abbreviation for "come here." When you see an apostrophe then either something has been left out or the word is possessive.
they are wild animals so I would say never
Tehnoobshow is a runescape player who is very famous for his comedy.\n. \nTehnoobshow dances for money pl0x and pwns n00bs in his spare time\n. \n. \n. \nNo i don't think that's what he's talking about. The noob show refers to pure pwnage, which is a show online ( about a gamer in...
Snow that has been moved by wind and collected into snowdrifts. Snow that has just fallen from the sky is considered to be pure and untouched, as in the phrase 'pure as driven snow'; meaning totally pure, untouched, morally chaste.
The sentence contains one noun (chickens) and one pronoun (they).
The expression comes from the Bible. It occurs in Matthew 5:13 and is part of the Sermon on the Mount: " You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. " Accounts in...
This just means that the little effort it takes to preventsomething is more valuable (and easier) than fixing a mistake inthe future.
Buzzword IS a slang term. It means the latest jargoneverybody's using.
Calamari isn't slang. It's an Italian word for squid.
A person who is capable of doing things never brags himself.
No, the grim reaper is not real. The origin of the grim reaperdates back to Greece, and the Greek God Thanatos.
Slang term for a German ( fritz was/is a German name)
This is more often seen in the phrase "Don't give up the ship," as in don't give it up for lost and abandon it. Whether it's literally a ship in trouble or a metaphor for an endeavor that is becoming difficult, it essentially means to keep going or to keep trying to save the ship or effort in...
It's just a silly way to toast before you take a drink. This isthought to be a reference to Jesus putting mud on the blind man'seyes to make him see in the Bible.
What it basically means is that the more one knows about someone, the more one notices that person's negative traits and realizes that person may not be as nice as previously thought. When we get to know something very well, we cease noticing its good qualities and take those for granted, while...
"Keep Out, Great Danger" and "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here" was a sing Tesla put at the gates of the Colorado Springs laboratory where he did some of his work.
Pop pop cheerio is not an actual saying. It is often used to pickon Brittan's and folks from the UK. The phrase used as demeaning to a British person was "Pip PipCheerio or pip pip Cheeri by".
Gold is precious, and old things are often valuable. It also meansthat old things or customs have stood the test of time so theyshould be reliable.
It means to not reveal too much about your actions (so that your opponent/enemy can't figure out your strategy). The origin goes to cards. If you're holding your cards close to you, people can't peek (either to the side or over the shoulder) to see what you have and perhaps deduce your strength...
Answer . For the FSS Reset here it is (i copy pasted this from rudeney from another thread) With the engine stopped, turn the ignition switch to position 2 and within 5 seconds, press the odometer reset button twice. Turn the ignition switch to position 1, then press and hold the odometer reset...
Sunday best is just fancy clothes you wear to church.. It can apply to any clothes that are your best and most dressy. It originated because Sunday was the only day that many working people wore such clothes, and they always were their best. These days, the dress standard is often more casual in...
Student at a private school or A group of wealthy American kiddies with way too much cash and free time on their hands who possess the uncanny ability to wax lyrical about themselves.
In Costa Rica, the word polo is used to describe a person, object or situation that would be considered lame in terms of acceptable popular social standards. Other terms that are similar synonyms of polo but not quite the exact translation could be: uncool, lame, dorky, etc...
it means getting out or jankin
It means that we should work on self-improvement rather thanavoidance. We are going to face difficult things in life, and we are going tohave to get through them... instead of wishing we could run away ortrying to avoid problems by doing them halfway, we should work onimproving ourselves so that we...
To give something a "burl" means to try it out, usually for the first time. Practical example: "We are having roast wombat for dinner. It tastes a bit like koala. Go on, give it a burl."
yes you can ,but it is advised not to !! I get nose bleeds like twice a year (so not very often) except they go very long .Your surposed to hold your nose up the top near your boney thing and hold a tissue near your nose so that any blood coming out doesn't go every wear hope this helped !!
It just means, a little bit, or a little amount.
I think you must mean "piss into the wind" and it means to do something without thinking ahead to its consequences.
A fling is a brief love-affair.. if your doing stuff with the guy/girl then its cheating/love-affair.. My friend has a boyfriend and flirts with other girls and says "i love you or i love you baby/babe" And shows OLDER/YONGER girls, his STUFF (private). even if he dont know them o.o?. and it does...
The origins of the phrase 'grinning like a Cheshire cat' are unknown, but there are several theories. According to Martin Gardner, in his Annotated Alice, the two leading theories are that a sign painter in Cheshire painted grinning lions on the sign boards of local inns and that Cheshire cheeses...
Fresh can have several different definitions. One may be that you look awesome. Your clothes are "hip" or your clothes look very clean. Fresh can also mean that you are becoming too frisky with a person. Trying to do something inappropriate. EX: He was trying to get fresh with that woman.
SNAFU - "Situation Normal, All 'Fouled' Up" (that's the nice, sanitized version you could tell mom). FUBAR - " 'Fouled' Up Beyond All Repair". (Likewise). SOS - "sh*t on a shingle", chipped beef in gravy on toast. "Ruptured duck" - anything taking off fast took off like one. When they got...
It could mean one of two things: Usually, if you're said to have beefed , that usually means you fell off some ride and took a hard fall (basically, it's the land version of "wiping out"). The term started with skateboarding (where falling off usually meant coming down onto unforgiving asphalt,...
There is no way this subject is going to be talked about or there is no way I'm doing that
It's rude slang for female oral sex.
It is an idiom, because one cannot literally be drunk with pleasure, only with alcohol. The key feature of an idiom is that it's not interpreted literally.
To "pull the plug" on something usually means to stop or end it: frequently abruptly, like how an appliance will stop all of a sudden when you pull out its power cord.
The tale of Perseus and Medusa.
Be yourself. Be there or be square. Be careful. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Whatever will be will be. Let it be. Let me be. Be forewarned. to be or not to be Be prepared. I'll be back. You'll be sorry. Don't be late. Don't be...
If someone says the phrase "I think I'll snatch a few winks, it means that the person is going to have a quick nap or snooze.
Here are the steps to making your bed properly: . If you have a fitted sheet, stretch it out so that it fits smoothly over the mattress. If you don't have one, follow the instructions for the next steps but do all four corners instead of just the foot of the bed for your bottom sheet. . Spread the...
A once-common Australian term for women or girlfriends is "sheila", although it is not used very often these days.
This slang has multiple meanings. Some people use it to describe drunkards, others use it for thieves and burglars, and I've heard it used to describe shady people.
It in short is a story,which has an unexpected ending. A really good shaggy dog story will last 20-30 minutes, at which time the punch line makes you want to kill the storyteller! Here is the plot of the "original" shaggy dog story, as told to an unsuspecting kid (me): A young boy says he wants a...
\n. \n Answer \n. \nAmerican Quarter Horse Association\n. \n. \n. \n Additional information \n. \n. \nA quarter horse is a breed of horse known for its speed over short distances. The American Quarter Horse breed evolved during the early 1600s, as Arab, Turk, and Barb breeds were brought to...
This is a pretty old saying. A stitch in time saves nine. The idea behind it is if you do the job immediately it won't take as long. Imagine a hole in your pants. They need stitched up. If you wait the hole gets bigger and will require extra stitches. If you stitch them up immediately, it'll save...
Nothing. You have left out part of the idiom. Perhaps you mean "your hands are tied," which means that you have no power to do anything in a given situation.
It means to wait until things get better -- think of dark clouds making everything look dull and gray.
It just means that it's a fight that will be sustained and without any mercy. Cats and dogs traditionally do not get along.
If you use every part of a pig except the squeal, you use everything.
It is a hyperbole that means you are very poor and don't have even 'two cents' to rub together or any money to spare.
Salley . This word means "willow" and comes from the Irish word "saileach" for willow.. The Latin for willow is "salix", which is the name of the genus used today.. W. B. Yeats wrote a poem called "Down by the Salley Gardens" (published 1889) after visiting a village where a row of thatched...
This proverb emphasizes the importance of little things, and the danger of neglecting the insignificance of the beginnings of evils. It means that if we promptly mend a small tear in our clothes when we first notice it,we shall prevent the tear from becoming a large hole, which it will take a lot of...
"Peering through a glass of no rewards" Internet chat or message boards often have censor programs and the result is that a user will apply a strange combination of words that are playful but still slightly insulting.
Gosh, I HOPE so. It was always a poor choice of words from people of questionable taste .
The expression, "take a hairbrush to you" means to administer corporal punishment. Up until the 1980's, it was common for mothers in the US to paddle their children with wooden hairbrushes or other similar objects, because they were within easy reach when a child misbehaved and the mother decided...
Always. People started inventing slang as soon as they inventedlanguage.
Damocles and his Sword are figures from Greek legend. Damocles was a courtier who was complimenting a tyrant. The tyrant offered to switch places with him for a day, to which Damocles agrees. The day seems to be going all well for Damocles...until dinner, when he looks up to see a very heavy and...
It means to punish someone, by getting rid of them eg kicking them out or no longer talkin to them, for doing something wrong. It comes from the action of grabbing a dog by the ear and throwing it out of the house when it had done something wrong.
An idiom relies on a once well-known action to express something astrue but in a shorthand way. People do not walk around constantlynow by using a compass, or stars, or the moss on the sides oftrees. Yet, people used those methods in the past to "get / findtheir bearings". Now, "bearings" does not...
Winston churchill Winston churchill
These numbers have meaning. 911 can be associated with calling an emergency service. 1919 can be associated with WWI. However I do not believe that they have any association with relationships?
That a person, service, or product has taken a sharp decline and no longer meets expectations.
Cap, Lead, Fast Metal, cop killer
Nothing is as easy as it looks.\nEverything takes longer than you think.\nAnything that can go wrong will go wrong.\nIf there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong. Corollary: If there is a worse time for something to go...
Smokes, chew, death sticks, snuff, dip.
It's a drug of its own. Very similar to ectasy but different.
She probably deserved it. Usually in a playful manner, but sometimes as revenge for a previous incident.
a slang playa is someone who constantly gets women to do bad stuff and then breaks up with them and moves on and does the same thing to another woman and keeps repeating the process.glad to answer the question=]=]=]=]
I've read in classic literature of an individual being called a "cod piece" A "cod piece" from what I've been able to find, was what a male would wear to "enhance" a certain part of his anatomy. So should you hear a sentence like "Thou art a cod piece, sir", whomever it's being said to is basically...
Urbaning is when someone looks up their name on Urban Dictionary to see what the definition is or to use it on Myspace or Facebook.
"Get a grip" means to control yourself, as if you were huggingyourself tightly to prevent loss of control. A double grip wouldjust be an interesting way to tell you to be extra controlled.
I think you mis-heard this. I've never heard of any such idiom. There is something called "fits and starts ," that means moving in a jerky fashion, however. Perhaps that's what you heard.
The person in the household that earns the money that feeds the family is said to be the breadwinner.
It means that someone wants two mutually exclusive things. Like wanting to go to two parties at the same time in different cities.
The exact origin of the phrase is unclear, but the meaning is very clear indeed: A pot of water is going to boil in exactly the same length of time whether or not you watch it, but if you are so impatient that you need to keep watching in the hope it will boil more quickly it will seem to take...
aul fella / aul lad / aul boy / da