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Fantasy is a literary genre that typically features magic or supernatural powers to create an otherworldly setting and plot.
Wrockstock (Harry Potter music inspired music festival featuring Wizard Rock) is in United States.
There are lots of good website, I suggest you look up on google "warrior cat rp websites"
Not that I know of. I do not believe they were ever called by thatname. However, while the four hobbits were traveling with Striderthrough the Midgewater marshes, biting insects, called midges,swarmed about the hobbits and bothered them/hurt them persistently.
His mother and Poseidon mated
The Current Dragon Riders Are: . Eragon and Saphira . Oromis (now dead) and Glaedr (now his eldunari) . Murtagh and Thorn . Galbatorix and Shruikan The last dragon egg will hatch in the last book. It is going to be Roran, Arya, or Orik.
Yes, she uses her right hand to wield her wand.
Dovepaw is the 3rd member to join the prophecy. If you haven't read the whole series then you'd think it's Hollyleaf
Actually, when I went to LegoLand there was a whole AISLE of Lego Harry Potter stuff. I have a Quiddich set and one of the items in the aisle was Diagon Ally.
Do you mean the Dollhouse, owned by Nurse Meredith, Merrin's mom? If so, it is the Dollhouse, and it's really creepy, full of dolls staring at you. Nicko steps on a bunch of them.
Here are all the actors: Percy Jackson = Logan Lerman Annabeth Chase = Alexandra Daddario Grover Underwood = Brandon T. Jackson Silena Baureguard = Chelean Simmons Chiron = Pierce Brosnan Poseidon = Kevin McKidd Zeus = Sean Bean Athena = Melina Kanakaredes Medusa = Uma Thurman ...
A report is a factual account about something. So to write a reporton Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I recommend reading thebook and watching the film. Highlight key points and back them upwith quotes of the book/film. Fill the report with a coupleexamples in each paragraph. Remember to do...
Harry Potter has used two unforgivable curses. In the Order of thePhoenix he used the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange, then inthe Deathly Hallows he used the Imperius curse to break intoGringotts.
These are a couple warrior names: Tawnypelt, Brambleclaw, Sorreltail, Squirrelflight, Olivenose, Poppyfrost, Graystripe, Crowfeather, Sunburst, Petalfur, Sedgewhisker, Toadfoot. There are many more! Like Robinfrost, Mistystorm, Leaftree, Firesong, Leopardnight, and some I can't think of right now!
He had been through too much during the journey to destroy the Ringand decided that he wanted to leave the mortal lands. He probablyhad a form of PTSD from everything that had happened to him, andthe Undying Lands would allow him to free himself from it.
Sasha who is a rouge.
I am assuming you refer to the Narnia book. I do not rememberspecifically, but I know that Narnia was created, and I believe theintroduction of Aslan.
Yes, well at least in the Last Olympian. It also hints that they might get married.
He looks slender, with dark hair, pale skin, and piercing blue eyes until "The Lost Colony" when he switches an eye with Holly and has one blue and one hazel eye. He also switches his his index finger with his middle finger in "The Lost Colony."
Maybe they have moved to a different site of you have the wronglink
If this is the book I think you're talking about than the Author is Antoine Gallad
The city of glass (Alicante) has tall, glass towers that ward off demons. It has dirt roads, and people of all different ethnicities, and reminded Clary of Venice, I believe.
The Erin Hunters are currently working on a new series of the warrior cat books, releasing them one at a time. I THINK either 2 or 3 of the new series is out. It's the 4th series, and its called "The Fourth Apprentice". The first one is Omen of the Stars, and the 2nd one is Fading Echoes.
You have to get special access to the scripts from the creators/company. They do not just put movie scripts out into the public for multiple reasons. Your best bet but highly unlikely way is to contact the company that made the film. You need to state WHY you would like the script and HOW you will...
He was a little upset over it, but understood and was much betterabout it then he was when Ginny dated anyone else, and said that hepreferred her with somebody he trusted, like Harry.
When adventuring in an abandoned two-leg house, there is a flood. Sasha manages to save Moth and Hawk but is too late to save Tadpole and he drowns.
Yes. They were sisters, but as they were growing up grew apart andeventually acted like they weren't related and didn't speak.
She could have been inspired by many authors of her time, if herstyle of writing is like any other author who lived beforeSeptember 2, 1973 and after January 3, 1892, then she could havebeen influenced by him/her .
When Bilbo returns to his home after the dragon was slain.
April 6. 2010 Kingdom Keepers 3 - Disney In Shadow new website: www.thekingdomkeepers.com to launch ahead of that, maybe mid-March.
Heathertail does not have a mate but she showed affection for Lionblaze and some people think she would be a good mate for Breezepelt. Breezpelt wants her as a mate but she wants Lionblaze. Lionblaze refuses so she is left without a mate.
It is now 2018 and all the Harry Potter stories have been publishedalready the last one was published in 2007.
The Half Blood Prince is beautifully shot with one scene (I think)clearly demonstrating the superior cinematography methods used.When Harry and Draco are in the boys room fighting with their wandsand Harry manages to catch Draco with the Septum Sempra curse, Draco is seen lying on the water flooded...
In the Harry Potter books galleons are the the wizarding money. J.K. Rowling stated in an interview that one galleon is "about 5 pounds."
Nobody of the cast has been noted to be dating another cast member, however, rumours that Emma Watson (portraying the role of Hermonie Granger) had a short lasting relation ship with actor Rubert Grint (portraying the rold of Ronald Weasley).
No limits. It will end when someone catches the Snitch.
Yes of course, but they don't show it because it isn't relevant to the book - or film..
Opening . 2:54 . 2 . In Noctem . 2:01 . 3 . The Story Begins . 2:05 . 4 . Ginny . 1:31 . 5 . Snape & the Unbreakable Vow . 2:51 . 6 . Wizard Wheezes . 1:43 . 7 . Dumbledore's Speech . 1:32 . 8 . Living Death . 1:55 . 9 . Into the Pensieve . 1:46 . 10 . The Book . 1:44 . 11 . Ron's Victory . 1:45 ....
Harry and Fred get bitten by a mad basilisk and then they become the same person. After which, Mad Eye Moody and Professor Flitwick get married and honeymoon in an Albanian forest where they meet Lord Voldemort riding a unicorn. Hopefully this has shown you that an author needs to invent their...
The first Percy Jackson movie is called the Lightning Thief. It was released into theaters February 12th, 2010, and was released onto DVD on June 22nd, 2010.
At the end of the harry potter series, it is stated in the epilogue that Ron ends up marrying Hermione, and has 2 kids.
I have an adopted grandma who's a witch. Her name is Sophie. But that doesn't answer your question, does it?
No. He doesn't like anyone since Lily died.
A game of Quidditch will continue until the Snitch has been caught .
She doesn't, but she has no reason to like him, either.
Beautiful landscapes . Uninhabited lands . Financial Discounts by NZ Govt. The above user got it pretty perfect, just one other major factor to consider why it was filmed there... They created a whole myth like story behind the way that the then aspiring director, Peter Jackson, had ...
Please see the information provided at the link below.
Books, newspapers... stuff like that...
they are looking for a 14th member for a quest to kill the awful smaug(the dragon)
There is a list in the book, Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them , based on the Harry Potter series. 1. Acromantula 2. Ashwinder 3. Augurey 4. Basilisk 5. Billywig 6. Bowtruckle 7. Bundimun 8. Centaur 9. Chimaera 10. Chizpurfle 11. Clabbert 12. Crup 13. Demiguise 14....
There are lots but the main ones are Belletrixe Lestrange, Dracos Mum and Dad.
He is a Prince from Telmar, at least that's where his family come from (as do all the non-Earth humans in Narnia) but he is Prince of Narnia. In the story of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader as he journeys away it probably makes sense to say he is from Narnia.
The notable Death Eaters that are mentioned throughout the Harry Potter series are listed below: -Bellatrix Lestrange -Lucius Malfoy -Draco Malfoy -Narcissa Malfoy -Fenrir Greyback -Igor Karkaroff -Roldophus Lestrange -Peter Pettigrew -Severus Snape (but is also a spy for...
There should be midnight screenings in the U.S., but the first screening will take place in Greece.
it's because of the story they were talking
The Prancing Pony in Bree where the proprietor is BarlimanButterbur. Instead, they meet 'Strider' whom they had never seenbefore.
a thick pants and a leather jacket
Rick Riordan has confirmed that there will be a camp half-blood series that will make its appearance in late 2010!
Lord Sunday came out in early 2010.
Lord of the Rings has sold over 150 million copies as of 2014.
His full name is Ronald Bilius Weasley.
There is going to be Ravenpaw's path, and the others have not yet been confirmed
The Ring caused more evil for poor, dear Frodo than I care to describe. In short, it was the cause of a stab he received in his shoulder from a Black Rider's poisoned knife (he will never be quite the same again), the reason he abandoned his friends, the Company, to go off alone on the rest of his...
It's a school, not a university. It's in Scotland, but isfictional.
No, Ori never died. Unforunately, however, Fili and Kili, as well as Thorin Oakenshield, the King under the Mountain, died because of the Battle of Five Armies.
3. His full name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Molly is the bomb and one of the series best moms!
Beowolf is the oldest fantasy story I'm aware of that isn'tnecessarily part of a countries mythology.
No, Harry and Hermione did not have that sort of relationship. Only Riddle-Harry & Riddle-Hermione kissed. See related questions for more information on this.
Expecto Patronum (against dementors), Waddiwasi (againstPeeves), Riddikulus (against Boggarts), Dissendium(to reveal secretpassageways)............ . Basically, what do you want?
The Harry Potter series isn't just books. Each of the books in the series was turned into a film. There are also video games and various other popular things to do with the series such as Pottermore. The Harry Potter category of WikiAnswers has several sub-categories including one for the movies,...
I don't know about reading for free, but you can download it fromplenty of websites. I know for a fact that there's google docs. Youcan just type the name of the book suppose " Harry Potter and thePrisoner of Azkaban free download" and you get plenty of websitesto download it from. However, google...
It is unknown. But it could be Toadfoot, because she was seen sitting close to him.
In august 2009, christopher paolini mentioned that the 4th book would have a green dragon on the front cover and that the title of the book would be something that Eragon inherits. The date of release of the book is still unknown. there's more info at shurtugal.com.
Ollivander's is where you buy a wand.
It's 15 inches long with an unknown wood and core.
Luna Lovegood has owned two wands: . Her first wand was confiscated by Death Eaters in 1997; . Her second wand was constructed for her by Ollivander in 1998. Both were of unknown length, wood, and core material.
Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum, Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and Peter Pettigrew all have Dragon Heartstring Cores in the wands.
In the series, the only person (as far as we know) with a yew wand is Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle), whose wand is yew with a phoenix tail feather core, 13 1/2 inches long.
It is elm and dragon heartstring. He tells Voldemort in DH when he gives it to him.
Elrond was definitely a good character in The Hobbit as well as Lord of the Rings.
First years were required to bring the following: a wand, subject books, a standard size 2 pewter cauldron, a set of brass scales, a set of glass or crystal phials, a kit of basic potion ingredients (for Potions), and a telescope (for Astronomy). First-year students will require: . Three sets of...
Potions from his first year until fifth where he also tried to teach him Occlumency. In his sixth year he taught him Defence Against The Dark Arts.
Through a painting inside the room of requirement that leads to a bar owned by Dumbledor's brother I think.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out on July 16, 2005