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Fantasy is a literary genre that typically features magic or supernatural powers to create an otherworldly setting and plot.
Wrockstock (Harry Potter music inspired music festival featuring Wizard Rock) is in United States.
Not that I know of. I do not believe they were ever called by that  name. However, while the four hobbits were traveling with Strider  through the Midgewater marshes, biting insects, called midges,  swarmed about the hobbits and bothered them/hurt them persistently.
Yes, she uses her right hand to wield her wand.
Actually, when I went to LegoLand there was a whole AISLE of Lego Harry Potter stuff. I have a Quiddich set and one of the items in the aisle was Diagon Ally.
Do you mean the Dollhouse, owned by Nurse Meredith, Merrin's mom? If so, it is the Dollhouse, and it's really creepy, full of dolls staring at you. Nicko steps on a bunch of them.
A report is a factual account about something. So to write a reporton Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban I recommend reading thebook and watching the film. Highlight key points and back them upwith quotes of the book/film. Fill the report with a coupleexamples in each paragraph. Remember to do...
Harry Potter has used two unforgivable curses. In the Order of thePhoenix he used the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange, then inthe Deathly Hallows he used the Imperius curse to break intoGringotts.
I am assuming you refer to the Narnia book. I do not remember  specifically, but I know that Narnia was created, and I believe the  introduction of Aslan.
Yes, well at least in the Last Olympian. It also hints that they might get married.
If this is the book I think you're talking about than the Author is  Antoine Gallad
The city of glass (Alicante) has tall, glass towers that ward off demons. It has dirt roads, and people of all different ethnicities, and reminded Clary of Venice, I believe.
The Erin Hunters are currently working on a new series of the warrior cat books, releasing them one at a time. I THINK either 2 or 3 of the new series is out. It's the 4th series, and its called "The Fourth Apprentice". The first one is Omen of the Stars, and the 2nd one is Fading Echoes.
You have to get special access to the scripts from the creators/company. They do not just put movie scripts out into the public for multiple reasons. Your best bet but highly unlikely way is to contact the company that made the film. You need to state WHY you would like the script and HOW you will...
He was a little upset over it, but understood and was much betterabout it then he was when Ginny dated anyone else, and said that hepreferred her with somebody he trusted, like Harry.
When adventuring in an abandoned two-leg house, there is a flood. Sasha manages to save Moth and Hawk but is too late to save Tadpole and he drowns.
Yes. They were sisters, but as they were growing up grew apart andeventually acted like they weren't related and didn't speak.
She could have been inspired by many authors of her time, if her  style of writing is like any other author who lived before  September 2, 1973 and after January 3, 1892, then she could have  been influenced by him/her                           ...
April 6. 2010 Kingdom Keepers 3 - Disney In Shadow new website: www.thekingdomkeepers.com to launch ahead of that, maybe mid-March.
The Half Blood Prince is beautifully shot with one scene (I think)clearly demonstrating the superior cinematography methods used.When Harry and Draco are in the boys room fighting with their wandsand Harry manages to catch Draco with the Septum Sempra curse, Draco is seen lying on the water flooded...
In the Harry Potter books galleons are the the wizarding money. J.K. Rowling stated in an interview that one galleon is "about 5 pounds."
Nobody of the cast has been noted to be dating another cast member, however, rumours that Emma Watson (portraying the role of Hermonie Granger) had a short lasting relation ship with actor Rubert Grint (portraying the rold of Ronald Weasley).
No limits. It will end when someone catches the Snitch.
Opening . 2:54 . 2 . In Noctem . 2:01 . 3 . The Story Begins . 2:05 . 4 . Ginny . 1:31 . 5 . Snape & the Unbreakable Vow . 2:51 . 6 . Wizard Wheezes . 1:43 . 7 . Dumbledore's Speech . 1:32 . 8 . Living Death . 1:55 . 9 . Into the Pensieve . 1:46 . 10 . The Book . 1:44 . 11 . Ron's Victory . 1:45 ....
Harry and Fred get bitten by a mad basilisk and then they become the same person. After which, Mad Eye Moody and Professor Flitwick get married and honeymoon in an Albanian forest where they meet Lord Voldemort riding a unicorn. Hopefully this has shown you that an author needs to invent their own...
At the end of the harry potter series, it is stated in the epilogue that Ron ends up marrying Hermione, and has 2 kids.
A game of Quidditch will continue until the Snitch has been caught .
Beautiful landscapes . Uninhabited lands . Financial Discounts by NZ Govt. The above user got it pretty perfect, just one other major factor to consider why it was filmed there... They created a whole myth like story behind the way that the then aspiring director, Peter Jackson, had ...
There is a list in the book, Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them, based on the Harry Potter series. 1. Acromantula 2. Ashwinder 3. Augurey 4. Basilisk 5. Billywig 6. Bowtruckle 7. Bundimun 8. Centaur 9. Chimaera 10. Chizpurfle 11. Clabbert 12. Crup 13. Demiguise 14. Diricawl 15....
it's because of the story they were talking
a thick pants and a leather jacket
The Harry Potter series isn't just books. Each of the books in the series was turned into a film. There are also video games and various other popular things to do with the series such as Pottermore. The Harry Potter category of WikiAnswers has several sub-categories including one for the movies,...
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince came out on July 16, 2005
In all eight Harry Potter films Neville Longbottom is played by Mathew Lewis.*There are seven books but eight films as the final novel is being split in two movies.
The book begins when Harry flees the Dursleys' after losing his temper with Uncle Vernon's visiting sister, Aunt Marge, and inadvertently causing her to be magically inflated. He is rescued by the Knight Bus and arrives at The Leaky Cauldron, where he meets Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic....
Kenneth Branagh played the role of Gilderoy Lockhart.
Smeagol (Gollum) stole The Ring from his best friend, Deagol, who found it in the bottom of a river. Smeagol strangled Deagol, stole The Ring, and left him.
He's a skin-shifter, once there were many of his kind, now (in the  film) he is the only one left after the orcs have killed all but  him.
Book One: Magyk Book Two: FlyteBook Three: PhysikBook Four: QuesteBook Five: SyrenBook Six: Darke (Not out yet.)
Haha good question! You wonder around getting sheilds for no apparent reason... That game was pretty horrible. No challange.
In 2017 they will be making the Silver Chair. You can go to Narnia  Web to keep up on the details.
Chiron was actually Percy Jackson's Latin teacher when Percy was at Yancy Academy, a boarding school in New York. Chiron was in disguise as Percy's favorite teacher, Mr. Brunner. The Greek centaur god, trainer of heroes and son of Cronus.
You should read it to really see what happens, as how you experience the book is just as important as what actually happens in it. However, here is the summary for chapter nine: Bilbo and the dwarves have just defeated the spiders, and they struggle to escape the wood. They pick a random...
Because it's fantasy, the time period isn't certain, but judging by  the clothing, it's probably before the 18th century. The setting in  The Fellowship of the Ring changes several times, but it starts in  the Shire and ends in Rivendell.
The following are some mistakes in Harry Potter and the Goblet ofFire . Harry writes in his letter to Sirius that Dudley threw hisPlaystation out the window. This scene was set in July 1994, butthe PlayStation was not released in Europe until September1995. . One of the most notable mistakes...
The philosopher's stone has the power to turn any metal into pure gold. The stone also produces the Elixir of Life which allows the drinker to be immortal.
Harry Potter was written by J. K. Rowling and he was born on 31st  July
That Tom Riddle was the heir of Slytherin and he was possessing Ginny Weasley. He was also a 15 year old voldemort, preserved in a diary for 50 years
Lake Town is a community of man by Long Lake and was once called, Esgaroth. It was once a truly rich and prosperous, wealthy and powerful. When Thrain ruled Under the Mountain, gold was abundant and the land was prosperous. But it was all destroyed by Smaug and took all of Thrain's treasures. So the...
If you are referring to the crossword puzzle clue, try one of the following: GretelRoseredNeeEyreElfGnomeOgre
Clarisse is how you actually spell it...Yes, she is in the books. She is a daughter of Ares, and she stays in cabin 5 at Camp Half-Blood. Percy is her mortal enemy because in the first book:The Lightning Thief, Percy gets mad at Clarisse and soaks her with toilet water.
Well, because His brother made an oath never to have kids, but then he did, so then when he confessed, the bolt was stolen, so it made it seem like his son stole it, who was indeed, percy.
problem: voldemort wants to kill harry resolution: harry kills voldemort
The "thing" was actually a creature called a "house elf", and the elf's name was Dobby.
the lion,which and wardrobe"is a part of a set of stories  collection called what?
December 27th 1988
2nd December 2011 so basically tomorrow :DIt is already out.
Bastet is a cat! Shekmet is a lioness who used to be ra's warrior but she was too violent and ra had bastet replace her
I have. I think it was a really good book and it is full of adventure. I love it!
its a potion ingredient.
Just to be clear, you are asking for a meaning? Well, it is quite obvious that a book is not required to have a meaning. Like, "why did they write Watership Down? All it is is a book about bunnies!" well, you see, the point of a book is to bring joy to you and to inspire you. I think we can all...
  Harry Potter is an English name. 'Harry' is the Middle English form of Henry   'Potter' a potter is a person who makes earthen vessels
No, he goes on to live with Harry and family and receives better treatment and feels loyal to Harry in return.
it is about magical herbs and plants and there uses
Camp Half-Blood is a summer (and sometimes year-round) camp for 'half-bloods', children who are half god, half mortal. I forget all the details of the camp but here are a few: A climbing wall that releases lava and rocks and crushes you if you don't climb fast enough. There are 12 cabins where the...
I believe the script is still in progress. The auditions will be in LA, New York City, and Chicago (I think). Nobody really seems sure when they are.
The dwarves show that they are loyal to Bilbo by looking to him for  advice, respecting his opinion, and protecting him.
that would be at weta workshop in miramar, wellington, nz. not open to the public.
The wolves are gathering to meet up with the goblins. They had been working together for some time. This night they were getting ready for a big raid down into the valley against the settlers there to kill and wipe them out.
No. He is a wizard like many others and doesn't possess powers such as Batman or Spiderman.
a kindly one is a furie AKA Eurinyes
YES!!!!! For SURE! But it may be the last book in the series:(((((((((((((((((((((((( hey check out the Pinocchio smiley- :----------------------------------------)
as the name implies its sheeps fleece and gold
Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti and Oppo Rancisis are among the most famous ones.
That good, no matter how tiny, prevails over evil and what goes around, comes around.
It depends on what the person likes, their vocabulary, that stuff.  But I read these books when I was 7-10:    The Mysterious Benidecit Society   Wildwood   Where the Mountian Meets the Moon   Divergent (don't use this one, actually, it's kind of freaky)   Eggs   THe Giver
I believe he is on Team Lupin.
Utter violent hatred. What else do you expect of creatures of good  (e.g. eagles) and creatures of evil (e.g. goblins) in Middle Earth?
Of course, there's demigods. Other than that, there are centaurs, naiads (water nymphs), tree nymphs, satyrs, occasionally cyclopes, evil greek creatures (Kronos's side), hellhounds and centaurs (not counting Chiron) and lastly, Pegusi.
there are not going to be released, because of Stephanie Meyers friends leaking it on to the website, but you can read 1st 12 orso on the internet