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Zoology or Animal Biology

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Zoology is the branch of biology that is concerned with the study of animals. The life, growth and classification of fauna in all living forms.
Yes, colossal squids do squirt black ink when attacked.
It is approximately 150 days (5 months).
In the m-phase the cytoplasm is split by a cleavage furrow.
Not to the extent that we have, but yes.
A Squid's mouth is located between all of its tenticles.
The Euglena are unicellular organisms with  flagella. These flagella are long whip-like tails  used for movement
Dogs and bats are two animals that have a great sense of smell.Their sense of smell is strong because they rely on it to eat.
There is no escape from a hungry dragon. Your only hope is to  distract it with a virgin sacrifice or stand your ground and  attempt to slay the mighty beast.
I assume you mean "What are the benefits of Sponges to the  ecosystem." Sponges are important in nutrient cycles in coral reef  systems. Scientists believe they may be important factors to  changes in water quality, whether good or bad. Scientists analyze  how fast sponges breathe and the amount...
Some mammals that have four letters include seal, mink, and bear.
You would need to show the Sun with light emitted from it. The  light should fall on a spherical Earth and illuminate only the half  nearer the Sun.
In the human brain memories are constantly firing neurons. Very  basic explanation if you want a more detailed explanation be  prepared to read.
The 'Monera' Kingdom includes single-celled microscopic animals  that do not posses a true nucleus. These mostly include different  species of bacteria.
To increase their numbers and to prevent their species from going extinct.
Forever! .. But if u ask how long does it depends on her, for 1.5  months in dogs
There is no record of a plant called greenwing. There is, however,  a long-running British sitcom entitled Green Wing which takes place  in a fictional hospital.
it was too basic for the new generation of species that exist on the earth today
If it gets in your eyes of into your body it will sting. If it hits  your skin it will also sting but not as long.
ten major animal phyla
no they don't because they are sorta healthy for you in sort oftype of way yk bruh
Ethnologists have various professional responsibilities revolving  around studying and learning about animals' behavior. For example,  they may study stereotypy seen in some captive animals at zoos.
Organisms that eat water plants and duckweed called omnivores.
It takes about 18-21 days for cockatiel eggs to hatch.
Yes, cows can get constipated, especially when they are sick.  However, constipation is more common in calves than fully grown  cows.
A veterinary workplace always has an animal smell to. A veterinaryworkplace will also have constant barking. A veterinary workplaceis consistently busy but a fun environment.
All animals judge in a sense. In the sense that they will avoidother animals if they judge them to be a danger.
If a bee stings a rabbit, the rabbit will experience pain and swelling in the area of the sting but will usually survive.
I am not aware of any relation of amphibians to reptiles or birds except that they all are living animals. Birds and reptiles are another matter. There is plenty of evidence to back the theory that they share a common beginning. Birds have scales on their legs and feathers are an evolutionary...
The collective term for animals that eat just plants is'herbivores'. . some animals like rabbits, beavers,horse's and animals like that
They adapt together and need to know where they are going to go  first before adapting, and have to make sure that there new home is  cooler water than there old home because as they are older they  need cooler water to survive.
no but they do have mouth parts
to talk to ohter animal
Mourning Doves are scientifically known as:  Zenaida macroura
A gorilla is essentially at the top of the food chain, but it is important to note that some people hunt it for food. The gorilla is basically an herbivore, and it also eats some insects.Leaves, roots and shoots as well as fruit are on the menu of the gorilla, and it will eat from the flora in the...
Earthworms do not live very long, probably about a week, withoutfood.
Dolphins and seals are not related.
    It is the study of horses.     Today, Hippology is the title of an Equine Knowledge Contest that is usd in 4-H, FFA and many horse breed contests. Hippology consists of four phases: Horse Judging, Written Examination and Slide Identification, ID Stations and Team Problem Solving. ...
The coral reef is an important part of the economics of the ocean.  Coral reefs play roles in water filtration, fish reproduction and  even help with to protect from shore erosion.
Grasshoppers have many qualities that set them apart from other  insects. They jump or hope, they have ears on their bellies and  they can fly, to name a few.
Depending on when it happens, a few to a few dozen ladybug larvaecan hatch at one time.
A Bug is a decomposer, because it brakes down matter and gives nutrients tot he soil.
Some predators eat other predators.
Sometimes, they will take the water from human dwellings where it is left outside for domesticated pets. In the more wild areas, their keen sense of smell leads them to sources such as rivers, streams, and lakes.
Scientists had to use pigs blood because it contained what they  needed to make Photofrin. Photofrin is a drug to help cancer  patients.
They live under rocks and live inside caves. Their habitats of where they live in is on tropical forest and deserts located in Africa , South Asia and India
Seahorses and pipefish are the only two animals that the males are  'pregnant'. The female deposits the eggs in the males pouch where  he fertilizes them and carries them till they are ready to leave  the pouch.
its an important worm\\
Hi people I have a roar account and I whach the show all the time so get a paper and a pen and lets get roaring (do u get it Roaring ) LOL . Water: Sun: 7 - Salt Lick 9 - Siberian Tiger 17 - Enclosure 62 - Mud 94 - Swinging Branches 200 - Honey Badger 374- Coconuts 963 - Water Sprayed On...
  A Herpetologist (I think I spelled it correctly)
Animals with no brains, like oysters, coral, anemones, etc., are not concious, and therefore do not have emotions at all. Repitles have basic emotions, and they will feel fear, satisfaction, stressed, lonely, etc. Mammals like dogs and pigs have complex emotions such as happy, sad, angry, hurt, love...
They are called that because they have a four part stomach.
Cows are mature female bovines that are capable of having calves. By "having" I mean that they are able to conceive, grow and give birth to live young. Gestation is just a fancy term for pregnancy, which also means that a cow is capable of being pregnant with a calf (being the fetus) inside her. ...
  == ANSWER: ==   A carpenter bee, thus the name. See the related link for more information.
The groundhog comes out on Groundhog's Day, and if it sees it's  shadow, it goes back in and we have 3 more weeks of winter. If it  doesn't see it's shadow, winter is over.
Yes. Rabies is a virus and could be called a parasite.
As with any scientific procedure, genetic engineering poses a number of significant risks.The most common concerns are potentially adverse reactions to the consumption of genetically modified animals and products, the possibility of drug-resistant gene markers used in vectors being transferred and...
Snakes are Cold-Blooded meaning they need heat and sunlight to  survive so on cold days there body isnt getting the sunlight and  heat they need to they dont move alot because they dont have that  much energy
Snakes are cold blooded, and when weather gets chilly, their metabolism slows down. Warm blooded birds must eat to maintain their body core temperature.
  == Answer ==   Twins can be born with different health and different size but if one baby is term then they both are term. good luck joymaker rn
The Shaheen Falcon ( Falco peregrinus peregrinator ), is the National bird of Tajikistan.
No it is not possible to breed a lion and a cheeta
1. Elephant2. Zebra3. dik-dik4. gazelle5. Pronghorn6. sheep7. llama8. goats9. alpaca10. camel11. cow12. horse13. pony14. Donkey15. Pig16. Boar17. ram18. Wildebeast19. moose20. buffalo
  The fish is a natural born enemy to the turtle. The turtles used to bite and kill the fish, but over time through evolution and natural selection, the fish have developed scales to help protect them from the turtles.
  The Candiru http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candir%C3%BA -Dane
A calf a full grown calf is a cow!
Humans have tail bones are are vestigial. When humans stopped using tails, over several generations, they began to shrink, and now we are left with tail bones. However, there have been cases of people who were born with vestigial tails several centimeters long. An example of a vestigial organ is...
Many species of birds and whales. Hawaii has 8,800 animal species, many of which are endemic to Hawaii. Reptiles: About 28 reptiles make their home in the Hawaiian Islands. However, only six are natives: the yellow-bellied sea snake ( Pelamis Platurus ) and 5 species of turtles: Olive...
The only time that bees carry honey is when they are swarming.
they breathe through there skin
There are many words that can be used to write about entomology.  School papers can discuss what entomologists can study and also  describe the areas that they may work in.
Well of course, to keep the species alive for further generations
yes it is a subsection of animals
If they are strong they can swim faster after prey, get where the food is faster, and get faster to where the shark the can mate with is.
They live in large seagrass beds, saltmarsh and margrove areas in the australian coastal waters. They camaflouge in seaweed, to hide from there predators. They swim with 3 types of algea Macrocystis, Ecklonia and Lessonia.
Well I don't know I think it's only sexually
Plate tectonics.As the continents broke apart, the organisms on the continents drifted with them. That's why Gondwanian and Laurasian fauna are still decidedly different.
She was the only one in her family.
Snakes do not have ears. This makes the old "snake charmer" trick look a little silly, because the snake is supposed to be dancing to the flute music. Snakes hunt by smelling and tasting chemicals in the air, then seeing the animal they are hunting. They are very sensitive to vibration, which is how...
Camouflage is the process of blending into the background. It only works if the predator hunts by looking - animals who hunt by sound or smell are not fooled by camouflage! Many animals have color patterns which match the environment in which they live. If they freeze against this background, they...