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The Italian Republic is a South European neighbor of Switzerland. This ancient peninsula is the location of a record 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Typical contributors seek answers to questions about Italy's reputation for excellence in antiques, architecture, art, education, fashion, food, literature, sports, and tourist activities and sites.
Italy in the early days was inhabited by different ethnic groups. There were at least 35 different groups. One geographic element which affected them was the features of the terrain. The people who lived on the mountains tended to have more of a pastoral life. The lives of the peoples who lived on...
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France, Switzerland and Austria don't have a common border, so  there is not one single mountain that runs through the three of  them.
The Alps run through France, Switzerland and Austria.
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The Tower of Pisa never truly had a lifetime. It was built after  the Pisans attacked Sicily in 1063. When they returned with all of  their riches, they decided to build a cathedral complex to show the  world how gret they were. The Tower of Pisa was intended to be the  cathedral's bell tower....
The ancient Romans who summered in magnificent villas overlookingthe gorgeous Bay of Naples accrued their riches by controllingtrade and taxes throughout the vast empire. Their wealth allowed them to indulge their appetites for the finestservants, chefs, and resident philosophers, food and wine,...
Their top resources are mainly natural gas, wheat, rice, grapes, tourism, machinery, and exports. Their top five are natural gas, tourism, exports, wheat, and rice.
You get one star for every ten league titles you win. Inter and Milan have both won 17, hence one star. Juventus have won 27 and so have two. Genoa come next after those three on 9, so next time Genoa win the Scudetto, they'll have a star awarded them.
nutella is an italian company and is from Turin city Piedmont region by Ferrero italian group. is a very classic creamy breakfast food very famous in italy
  Italy has a Mediterranean climate. South of Italy is dry while the North remains cool. Weather conditions in Italy are subject to dramatic changes
Car, bus, motor scooter, foot, bike, and city transit systems.
It differs from different areas
Italy's national anthem is Il Canto degli Italiani (The Song of the Italians) and is also known as Inno di Mameli (Mameli's Hymn) and Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy).
  It stands for Associazione Calcio.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa has 211 arches.
Rome conquered Hispania  (present day Spain and Portugal), Gaul (present day France,  Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland south of the river Rhine and Germany  west of the Rhine), Britannia (present day England and Wales),  Rhaetia (present day central and eastern Switzerland), Noricum  (present day...
Gaul, the tiber river,the Alps and the appennine mountains
Liguria i was also try to answer this question and my Italian tutor helped me
Italy has almost no natural resources apart from agriculture and some hydro power.     Italy is poor in natural resources. Much of the land is unsuitable for agriculture because of mountainous terrain or unfavorable climate. Italy, moreover, lacks substantial deposits of basic natural...
Sicily is famous for Mount Etna. It is Europe's biggest volcano andit's active!
Through Benito Mussolini's political campaign. This included the use of propaganda as well as many other political tactics.
the Forum is located in Rome...which is IN Italy.Rome is the capital of Italy
It's in Emilia Romagna, a region in the north of the country. http://maps.google.it/maps?hl=it&source=hp&q=italy&oq=italy&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl
Torre Pendente Di Pisa, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, was dangerous in some peoples view. In 1990, the Italian government closed the building down because they thought the structure was 'not safe for tourists'. After fixing the soil underneath the tower, it was re-opened in 2001 for tourists.
Asti is the name of an Italian city whose spelling beginswith the letter "A" and which contains just four letters. Specifically, the city is located in the Piedmont region ofnorthwest Italy. Its economy is structured around antiquities,tourism, and wine. The pronunciation will be "A-stee" in...
On a tour of Rome our guide told us that the building was the home of a wealthy Cardinal and his family. I can't remember their name right now. Soon after the fountain was built, the teenaged or twenty-something son, who was a partier (and perhaps disgrace to the family) was found dead at the foot...
Sicily and Sardinia
It is the famous red car Ferarri, they have a red flag with a black horse on it.
According to the CIA World Factbook, 90% of the Italian population  is Roman Catholic. This means the main religion of Italy is  Christianity.   Roman Catholicism.The main religion in Italy is Roman Catholic.
There are a few. Etna (in Sicily) is the most active. Vesuvus hasn't erupted for nearly a hundred years, but has a big history. And the dormant volcano, Vulcan was important to the Romans, becasue they believed that it was where the god Vulcan lived.
No, physically its in the City of Rome.
I lived there for 3 years and would recommend: The Duomo Is the main church in center it is spectacular and you can go up to the roof for an unbelievable view.The Galleria: shopping mall next to Duomo. Watch out for the roving gypsies. They'll rob you blind without you feeling a thing.The original...
Milan is the second largest city in Italy behind Rome.
Local, Regions, Provinces and Communes are the 4 general government levels for italy by the Italian Constitution of 1948.
Italy is very mountonious with plains. The alps are in Italy and so are other mountain ranges.
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In the 1930s and 1940s, the term 'Rome-Berlin axis' referred to the  partnership and eventual alliance between Germany and Italy. With  both countries ruled by fascist parties and also occupying central  positions in Europe, the 'Axis' was conceived of as the  pivot-point, or key line, of world...
509 b.C. was the date of the founding of the republic and the possible beginning of a further Roman expansion. By the year 222 BC Rome had united all of Italy from the Alps to Sicily.
Florence is the central development of the Renaissance because it began and was a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th to the 17th century there. In Assassin's Creed 2, the probablity of the coordinators to create it as the center of attention was because it all simply began there.
Type your answer here... Italian States? what do you mean? Italy is a Country, like France and Germany, and the capital is Rome.
the leaning tower of Pisa tilt to the right side because the soil that it was built on is not strong enough.
The Alps is the mountain range that separates France from Italy. They stretch from the point where the French-Italian border meets the Mediterranean Sea, north, then east passing through Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria to Slovenia.
Enrico de Nicola was the first president of Italy. Luigi Enaudi succeeded him. Leonardo Morlino was the first president in Italy.
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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Cathedral Square in the  city of Pisa in Italy. The tower is the free standing bell tower  for the cathedral.
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About four million tourists visit Italy per year. I'm not sure on the exact figure. But this is definitely wrong. it's more like 30 to 60 million! (monkstom)
rome, fountain, collusuem Venice, boats naples, pizza was invented there! florence, the capital of tuscany stuff to see: mount vesivuis, naples, the alps, Verona the river arno, florence the pope food and wine.
Naples is both Rich and Poor..... It is rich in the sense that  Naples holds things that you cannot find anywhere else in the  world...the culture itself makes the city rich.....the  castles...the beautiful panoramas......the nature reserves....the  archeological side to it makes the city rich.....
I know there are some Romans who contributed a great deal to the medical field. We still use the Hippocratic oath when a med student graduates. It is an oath that a doctor will practice ethical medicine. Galen also contributed his vast knowledge about the human anatomy. He wrote around 300 medical...
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the metropolitan area of Milan is the biggest, with a population of 7.4 million. I would like to say thank you, this helped me with my English Essay, 4000 words long, it is accurate also.
Como Lake (also known as Lario, where George Clooney has a house) or Maggiore Lake.
No. He had many victories throughout the Italian peninsula, but  failed to capture Rome itself. The second Punic War (in which the  Carthaginian general was Hannibal) ended with the defeat of  Carthage at Zama, in 202BC.
The city of Pisa in Italy is known for its leaning tower. Pisa is  located in Tuscany in central Italy near the River Arno.
Italy is surrounded by two seas. It is the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic Sea.
It is covered with beautiful lakes and mountins . :P
Italy is a country in Southern Europe that lies on a peninsula.  Five major cities in Italy are Milan, Florence, Rome, Turin, and  Venice.
I heard you don't have to be any age to drink in Italy.   you have to be 10
The Rhodope Mountains are located on the southern tip of the Balkan  Peninsula. This range is mostly within the borders of Bulgaria,  with a small part stretching into Greece.
venice is sinking 1 to 2 in a half in. per year by this rate in 2030 this city will have to be abandend. -sam
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Leonardo da virci, he made the famous painting mona Lisa. that should help.
There are 52 world heritage sites in Italy.
the leaning tower of pisa
  Rome is the Capital City of Italy.
Yes, you can get to Italy in a train. Sorry this is the only info I could get but I'm 10. :]
It was built by Niccolò Salvi in 1732 and was completed in 1762.
There are many large cities and towns in Italy. These include Rome,  Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Catania,  and Bari.
There are wild goats called mufloni, rare frogs called Discoglossus Sardo ,the Pellegrino hawk, the Imperial crow, the Royal seagull, the Corsican seagull, wolves, the Marsican brown bear, chamois , red deer, roe deer, and 130 different kinds of birds including the rare Peregrine falcon, Golden...
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Romulus and Remus are Rome's twin founders in its traditional foundation myth, although the former is sometimes said to be the sole founder.