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Previously known as British Guiana, the Co-operative Republic of Guyana is a sovereign state on the northeast coast of South America. It is the third-smallest independent state on the mainland of South America at 215,000 sq km.
they are 22 persons in the cabinet.
Guyana has enormous deposits of gold - the Canadian Multinational Cambior has built a highly successful mine.The fact that Guyana is a third world country and has some poverty has nothing to do with the answer to this question!
Guyana, as a member of the Commonwealth of Nations has allied throughout the world. The Caricom countries and neighboring countries in South America are also among Guyana's allies.
  The land area of Guyana is approximately 83,000 square miles, or about 215,000 square kilometres.   For comparison, it is just slightly smaller than the US state of Idaho, and is slightly bigger than Great Britain (ie. England, Scotland and Wales, but not including Northern Ireland).
One people, one nation, one destiny.
Colin croft, shiv chanderpaul, ramnaresh sarwan, and Leona Lewis Deborah cox
The British Empire colonized the nation we now call Guyana. It was called British Guiana until the nation gained its independence in 1966.
Guyana gained it's independence from Britain
James Street is the name of a street in Georgetown, Guyana.
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No, Guyana is part of the South American Continent.
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Co-operative Republic of Guyana
The Guyanese are a part of the Caucasian race.
  You'll have to be a lot more specific than that, there's a lot of trees exhibiting cauliflory in South America. The most commonly known one in the US is probably the papaya, but there's many, many more. Take a look at a book called ,The Healing Forest, it's a field guide to plants in the...
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Of coures it depends upon what you call fun. Guyanese love playing sports - specilly cricket and football; there are several nightclubs and discos with much outdoor partying. There are also organized trips to the most beautioful waterfall in the world - Kiaeteur Falls. Guyana also has savannas where...
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The country became Guyana in 1966 when it became independent of the British. They still speak English.
yes it is it is in northeastern South America surrounded the Atlantic Ocean, Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela; between 1 degree and 9 degrees North Latitude and 57 degrees and 61 degrees West Longitude
1 us dollar = 200 Guyana dollars
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You can visit the kaieteur falls, which is the biggest waterfall in Guyana and one of the biggest waterfalls in the world. If you have ever seen the niagara falls, just imagine that but about 7 times bigger. Yeah, its that big. You can also visit the Skeldon Market. It's not much but it is a pretty...
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I don't know about exotic plants, but Guyana does have some of the world's most beautiful waterfalls. It would be a great vacation spot for the whole family. Some people say it's "Black Brazil".
Barrat Jagdeo was the President of Guyana in 2010. Jagdeo succeeded Janet Jagan as 8th President of Guyana on 1999 August 11, following her resignation due to health problems. Jagdeo was re-elected in 2001 and 2006, with his presidency ending on 2011 December 3. Jagdeo's Prime Minister while in...
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Guyana is an independent, democratic country, its Head of State is President who is currently Bharrat Jagdeo. Guyana does not have a Governor!
The distance from Georgetown, Guyana, to Willemstad, Curacao, is 820 air miles. That equals 1,320 kilometers or 713 nautical miles.
The majority of Guyanese people are east Indian. East Indian 50%,black 36%, Amerindian 7%, white, Chinese, and mixed 7%.
Guyana is currently governed by the PPP/civic political party, the president is H.E Bharrat Jagdeo.
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The word fun is not even mentioned because there is fun in everything people do or say so the Guyanese people do not have to think of ways to have fun.Guyanese gets fun from eating a mango when the juice runs down their mouth and they just cant control it. They would prefer that sweet juice to be...
the significance of guyana's national anthem is that
it is a small colony but it it has lots of people living there
there are only 2 schools in Guyana and school is ruff
slightly smaller than the us state of Idaho
In 1972 Guyana's economy started to deteriorate before that is was 2:1 comparing Guyana to the US but now, its 198:1 its came from being the richest Latin country to the second poorest and now is the 3rd Latin American country (Haiti, Nicaragua the poorest) but Guyanese govenment believes they will...
17.56 (births per 1000 persons in 2009)...
winter, summer and spring.
C. C. H. Pounder from NCIS New Orleans is from Guyana. So isR.B. Greaves who sang " Always Something There to Remind Me" and"Take a letter Maria" is from Guyana.
The first President was Sir Lionel Luckhoo. He served for one month and then Arthur Chung became the first elected President.
The main sport of Guyana is cricket.
countries from where migratory birds travel are siberia. This is that country from where Siberian cranes travel to India.
The Africans originally came to British Guiana as slaves during theinfamous slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. After slaveryended they remained, the were allowed to be educated and now forman integral part of the Guyana society.
The Guianas is a term that is used for the countries of Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana. Specifically, Suriname is the former Dutch Guiana, from its colonial years under the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. Guyana is the former British Guiana, from its colonial years under the British....
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Guyana became an independent nation on 26 May 1966.
BARTICA is a mining town in Guyana. It is at the point where the Essequibo, Cuyuni and Mazaruni Rivers converge. It is about an hour in a river taxi from the town or Parika, a main town approaching the mouth of the Essequibo River, and about 18 miles from the capital of Guyana, Georgetown.
Technically Yes they are but Guyana are a diverse people.
Guyana WA sruled by the british they had a queen called queen Victoria . Guyana has a President - his name is President Jagdeo Guyana has a Prime Minister - his name is Prime Minister Hinds i know this cuz ima guyanese !
Yes, Guyana is a presidential republic with a Prime Minister and a President.
  the national anthem is:     Dear land of Guyana, of rivers and plains, Made rich by the sunshine, and lush by the rains. Set gem-like and fair, between mountains and sea, Your children salute you, dear land of the free. Green land of Guyana, our heroes of yore, Both bondsmen and...
Guyana is a country in South America and its capitol is Georgetown.
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the europeans contributed to guyana food ,dance and music,etc
Guyana is part of mainland South America. It is bordered to the east by Suriname, Brazil to the south/southwest, west by Venezuela and north of Guyana is the Atlantic Ocean.
Cricket is the popular Sports
Guyana is a country in the NE of S America. [In recent history, there were three divisions of Guyana, British, French, and Dutch, but whether these divisions survive today I doubt.]
Guyana is a Country were you should just exercise COMMON SENSE. There is petty street crimes in some cities, but other than that you will be safe, and if you still feel worried, try and travel with a native escort. Like stated above, Guyana is notorious for little street crimes, be careful and like...
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It uses the Guyana dollar (GYD)
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Guyana's current leader is President Donald Ramotar, who is from the People's Progressive Party.
5° 0′ 0″ N, 58° 45′ 0″ W5, -58.75
Guyana's manufactured goods mostly come from its agricultural products because Guyana is known for most of its agricultural products. Some products are cocoa, citrus fruits, fish, shrimp, prawns, and rice.
MANY, and i do mean MANY drink all day! haha there are many open to the elements style pool halls and open bars as well. I have visited there a couple of times and i know a very Guyanese family here in the states so when i do go down, im livin' with the locals!
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