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Part of the reptile family there are about 2,400 species of snakes in the world. Snakes live almost everywhere, in deserts, forests, oceans, streams, and lakes. Some species are ground dwellers, others live in trees, and other snakes spend most of their lives in water. This is the place to ask your questions about these cold blooded reptiles.
For one, you probably mean, Garter Snake. Some may have a checkered  blotched design on the length of it's back, and olive drab colored,  while some will have some stripes (ribbons) the length of it's  body. Ribbon snakes are related to Garters.   Two, they generally eat frogs, snails, slugs,...
Over 100 pounds & it can get up to 16 feet long.
A long time ago, snakes amd lizards were all one similar group ofcreatures, eventually some of their legs got really tired, as timecontinued, some of theizards evolved, so their children would haveno legs, hence,snakes became snakes
Woodlands plains and around North America
You can run it under hot water till it thaws completely. Just with  de-thawing a solidly frozen mouse under hot water, you have to make  sure its thawed completely. what I like to do, is keep the mouse in  its bag and then just hold it tightly for a few seconds, the  surface of the skin may feel...
Practicaly no, ofcourse they can kill a child and a very old person but theyre venom isnt that strong to kill Adult Human being. But in rare cases, when human has allergic reaction to venom they can die fairly quick. Over centuries Vipera Berus (common adder) has kill only a few people (they have...
The North American rattle snakes were already here and the turkey is native to the Americas. When the English colonists came to North America they brought with them the descendants (that were also new varieties) of the Wild Turkeys that the Spanish explorers brought to Europe centuries before.
The simplest type is a coiled spring steel cable with one end slightly bigger. Feed the big end into the drain twisting it as you put it in. At some point, you will come up against the clog. Screw the cable into the clog and pull it back out of the drain. The majority of clogs are hair related. You...
Not normally. Their natural prey is small rodents. However - if two snakes are fed together at the same time, it is possible for two snakes to strike at the same food item from opposite ends - possibly resulting in one snake devouring the other !
if red touches black your a lucky jack if red touches yellow your a  lucky fellow look and the stripes and remember that riddle
there is no reason to eat that it dose the body no good
Feed ,water, and play but be carful
It has a red ruby in its mouth, It symbolizes Elizabeth's heart.
They see heat levels.
1) Adishesha:      In Hindu (Vedic) tradition, Shesha (शेष) is the king of all nagas,  one of the primal beings of creation, and according to the  Bhagavata Purana, an avatar of the Supreme God known as Sankarshan.      In the Puranas, Shesha is said to hold all the planets...
Your face looks different, It will be difficult for you to close your mouth, but if you manage it you will hear/feel a click. This will then make your lips pull in and you will look like a goldfish, your voice will also go different, This happened to me recently, For info on fixing the dislocated...
Females will grow up to 8-10 feet in proper captivity sometimes reaching up to 12 while males are most likely to stay 6-8 ft with occasional reports of growth of up to 9-10 ft with proper care.
In the 1900s the boa had gotten really rare. Close to the 20th  century there was said to be signs things are getting better. But  for the most part the Puerto Rican boas are endangered. And yes  they are protected from poachers and such.
No. Snakes have no "breastbone".For the large part, snakes comprise a vertebral skeleton, from which a long rib cage 'springs', but it not culminated by any sternum or similar.
Yes they see with their tongue to scents heat waves!
  "Asp" is the modern  Anglicisation of the word "aspis," which in antiquity referred to  any one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region.  It is believed that the aspis referred to in Egyptian mythology is  the modern Egyptian cobra.   
No that is incorrect the anaconda is also a bearer
It is the same thing as a snake.
Contols the rodent population
If a snake gets any section of it's body cut off it will die. The  exception to this is if the tail gets cut off, but this has to be  behind the cloaca, and with males, even further back; as their  hemipenes are stored in the tail, just behind the cloaca. If a  snake loses it's tail it will heal...
Rattlesnakes live around Texas in very dry areas. It is where they  are suited to.
Mainly, altered land use and destruction of habitat.
I would say around 100 dollars a month for everything.
  Their are several types of snake venom..some attack the nervous system..some attack the muscles..some attack the respiratory....some attack blood cells.......venom comes from venom sacs that are located above the fangs which acts as a siringe.....because fangs arent solid they are actually...
The brown tree snake is native to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon  Islands, and the north coast of Australia. The snakes are generally  4-5 feet long, though they may reach lengths of 8 feet, and weigh  up to 5 lbs.
between 3-5 feet, occasionally they make 6ft.
fins and critters on eubank and lomas
It depends on how they are fed. If you power feed (2 or more  feedings per week) they won't get their longest possible length but  they will have a bigger gurth. If you slow feed (1 feeding every  1-2 weeks) they will achieve their maximum length of approximately  6 feet or more.
Well, they slither and they can coil around tree branches.They like  to hide underground sometimes. Their actions depend on what TYPE of  snake it is.
It depends on your personal prospective. You may think they arecreepy, I think they are cute.
DO NOT FEED HAMSTERS!!!!!! Feed rats. if the rat is as big as the biggest part of their body then do it!
i am actually not sure if they like to but they will swim to get  food and escape harassment
A bit but no. They are reptiles. Reptiles are not vertebrate   ***************************   Snakes are cold-blooded, vertebrate (has a spine), reptilian  animal. The above answer is wrong.
Well, it depends on what kind of snake you are talking about.  Usually, snakes swallow their prey whole.
well yes there strong be cause if a boa constrictor kills there  prays by squeezing them then other snakes are strong as well
By hearing it.
its teeth contain venom so when they bite predators they will die
Yup, they do. It's the same for all other rodents. They really don't care whether it's a rat or gerbil.
Adult eyelash vipers prey on small mammals,birds (including  hovering hummingbirds) and nestlings,lizards, and frogs . Juveniles  prey primarily on small frogs .
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Generally speaking...no. They are not a poisonous snake. If the bite is not treated/cleansed properly, you might get an infection
Ball Python bites can not kill you because they are not venomous. The way that they classify snakes is constrictors which are Pythons, Boas, and Colubrids which are corn snakes and other cylinder like snakes. Then there are the venomous snakes which are Elapids, and Viperids. Elapids are the Cobras,...
Black Mambas can grow up to 11 feet in length.
Frozen mice is the answer
It depends on where you live; it is illegal in some states.
A number of snake species are red. A more detailed description is  required.
Young koalas may fall prey to pythons, but adult koalas are usually quite safe.
The technical term is Ovoviviparity
Not likely - since they're on different continents !
It depends - the average length of a fully-grown Boa constrictor is 12 feet or 3.6 metres.
Yes because it is 2015 and they are still ding it.
The black mamba and the king cobra are actually quiet different,  but they are both part of the reptile coven. The black mamba is  quiet deadly and so is the king cobra. The black mamba with its  venom two drops of it can kill a person. The king cobra can inject  its venom into its prey and...
Because it was aimed at slowly squeezing the life out of the Confederacy.The press and the public ridiculed it, but in the end Lincoln was forced to adopt a plan that was very similar.
All Snakes can be aggressive. Aggression in cobras depends on the species. However, like most snakes, they are usually only aggressive when cornered or handled.
At most Petcos, snakes are sold.
depends if they can eat it
Yes , Snake venoms are used in manufacturing chemotherapatic drugs , hence patients would have side effects like nausea ,vomitting, severe hair fall .. Because of this venom..
Some Anacondas will have a method that we have called aFight-Or-Flight system. If the Anaconda feels threatend it willresult into attacking whatever it feels threatend by.
No, not all snakes are dangerous.   Actually, the majority of them are quiet safe. Most snakes pose no  threat at all to humans. In fact, snakes tend to help people. They  keep down populations of insects and rodents, which helps to reduce  disease in populated areas.   There are some that...
Their diet consists of almost any creature they are capable ofoverpowering: slugs , earthworms, leeches, lizards, amphibians (including frog eggs ) minnows, and rodents . When living near water, they will eat other aquaticanimals.
A water moccasin can stay under water to as long as 2 minute's. Unlike sea snakes can stay under water for up to an hour but every snake has to come up for air
Yes they will eat their skin once it sheds.
The green anaconda has two predators. The jaguar and the black  caiman eats the green anaconda. However, the green anaconda is  known to prey on both of them.
in tropical waters of shore of the land
  I live in NJ and Snakes cost $80.00. I think that's very expensive. If you are lucky enough to go to a reptile show, you may be able to get ball pythons for $15. I want to go to a reptile show soo bad for ball pythons.
uh...they're not? probably because spiders are harder to see and so it would be easier to be bitten by one. also, youre more likely to be struck by lightening than bitten by a poisonous spider.
Snakes are deaf, they have no ears. They are very sensitve to vibration and will pick up your footsteps from quite a distance away. The tongue is very specialised,the taste buds detect the molecules of gas in smells,when you see a snakes tongue going back and forth into its mouth it's taking samples...
It starts as an egg, then an adult, you may think its egg baby young and then adult but its not!
Snakes can not survive at high altitudes because they have never experienced that before. they will be harmless and one can play with them.
No. All snakes are carnivores.
Whenever they feel like it
Not just the Australians but the Aborigines too. And other people who are trying to survive in the wild when lost. I heard they are very tasty and nutritious And plus not all Australians only certain ones.
if goes on a BBQ then it is BBQ meat so yes