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Giant Pandas

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Native to Central China, Pandas live in the mountainous regions, like Sichuan and Tibet there. Taxonomically a carnivore, the Panda actually lives almost entirely on bamboo, but, like most animals, pandas have been known to eat eggs, and consume insects with their diet of bamboo. If you're interested in pandas, whether it's to learn more by asking questions, or to share your knowledge by answering them, this is the category for you.
I would assume as a way of conserving energy. Kind of like a natural suspended animation.
because averyone has to make sacrifices
A mother Panda Bear will usually only give birth to one cub at atime. If more than one is born, she will pick the stronger of thetwo to feed. This is because the mother will not produce enoughmilk too raise more than one at a time. The cub will feel off themother for 18 months. It can eat small...
panda bears are related to grizzly bears and some people say they are related to the raccoon.
Around 2520 red pandas are left in the world but 40 of those are in captivity.
there are only 7. Five at the San Diego Zoo and three at the are at the Peterson's Zoo.
Pandas usually have heart shaped noses.
Lots. Many ecosystems would become so unbalanced,it would take many, many years to repair the damage done to nature
First of all, pandas help bamboo forests grow by spreading bambooseeds. Pandas are also China's national animal, and they have avery important cultural icon for China.
The first day of the Chinese Year of the Tiger in 2010, is February 14.
Giant pandas are good tree climbers, excellent swimmers, skilled hunters of fish, and their main food is bamboo. An interesting fact is that the giant panda can eat 83 pounds of bamboo a day. red The Red Panda has a long red structure and eats bamboo too.
Pandas are growing extinct. So the CMS parties are protecting them.They might be able to populate and become the largest species inpopulation.
It has been told in the new report which has been submittedrecently that, pandas are having high immune system and so it canbe easily adapt to this situation and habitat.
There is only one place where giant pandas live in the wild: high in the mountains of central China. There, they live in cold and rainy bamboo forests that are often misty and shrouded in heavy clouds. Once upon a time, giant pandas lived in lowland areas. However, as people built more and more...
Most of the time Pandas are very nice and docile creatures.However, there have been instances that Pandas have attackedhumans.
they eat little animals as it diet as well as bamboo
they poo on itType your answer here...
Panda bears are necessary for humans to exist.
A Giant Panda's sight is poor, but they see well enough to movearound at night.
Because there is a plague of humans at the moment. And the giant panda lives in the most populous country. Also huans hunt pandas for there fur which they use for clothing.
I would take the panda to the organisation which takes very good care of pandas until it grows up and goes on to living it's life free in the nature.
Actually yes it does. The black and white pattern on it's body helpit to camouflage with it's surroundings. Same with a panda bear'spredator the tiger. The tiger has orange and black stripes thathelp it to hide from unsuspecting prey.
Another animal that lives in the same habitat as a panda is a snow leopard!
They stopped hunting pandas due to threat of extinction.
The Giant Panda is already protected along with large segments of their habitat. The Giant Panda is listed as "endangered", with the population posted as "decreasing", according to the International Union of Conservation for Nature, or the IUCN Red List. The Giant Panda is protected from hunting,...
Yes Pandas do live on land but other places to like in the forest with bamboo in western China.
Although they may be cute, some people don't see them as that. They see them as another animal filling up the Earth. They just want their fur, in order to make money.. I disagree to the answer above because people don't kill pandas, they destroy their habitat to build stuff like shopping malls. It's...
Dixie Carter is the presidant of TNA, and she owns part of TNA! (She owns more than Jeff Jarrett) Panda Energy LTD is a company that owns a tiny bit of TNA!
The difference is that one has something that the other one does not have and one is a boy and the other is a girl.
Some times you might go some where or you just invite friends and family over.
2010 is the Year of the Tiger 2011 is the year of the Rabbit
Yes, it is. Giant Pandas are considered a conservation reliant endangered species. There are currently a few hundred in zoos around the world, and only a couple thousand at most in the wild. Their numbers may be rising currently, but they are still not enough to classify as vulnerable. yes yes it is...
15 to 17 centimeters . They weigh 100 to 200 gms
A good name for a panda is kung fu panda
we have to be nice and help them no more panda meat
1970, was the Chinese Year of the Dog.
Yes, they do live in there own but when they are a baby thereparents take care of them,but when they are 8 months old they canlive on there own
Wbye can protect them by keeping the hunters away from them and not cutting more trees. Without the trees the giant pandas can not survive, as this is their main food source.
Humans are their worst enemy. Pandas love people, but we kill them off more than any other cause. :( We destroy their land and cut down the plants that they eat.
I dont think there is one
The giant panda has been on the endangered list since 1984. Effortsare being made to preserve them. There are currently 980 pandasliving on reserves where they are protected.
Of cause they can't They just come in black and white
1997 and then last year 2009 as well
1964 was the year of the Dragon.
some where over the rainbow
Because they eat almost only plants and vegetation.
There are many types of Pandas. For the giant panda gestation ranges from 97 - 181 days, with an average of about 135 days. The reason for the range is that the fertilized ova does not immediately attach to the uterus wall and begin gestating. It actually floats around for a while, therefore...
well....yes they could if we were that advanced. not yet but maybe in the future.
In a book I read about 16 hours a day
NOOO! Besides research shows that most pandas die within a year in captivity
Most of the Giant Panda's adaptations involve the bamboo that it relies on (99% of its diet is bamboo). It has developed a very large head due to its larger jaw muscles, required to bite and chew the thick bamboo. In addition, its molars (teeth) have been adapted to be very smooth and large, which...
A panda smells through it's ears and hears through it's nose!
Panda Bears do not live in snow climate. Unlike other bears from temperate climates, giant pandas do not hibernate. The giant panda bear only exists today in six small areas located in inland China. The habitat, suitable for the bamboo on which it survives, is a cold, damp coniferous forest. The...
no there is also such thing as a red panda. Heres a link or two! >http://beacononline.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/red-panda.jpg >http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~tptsai/red-panda.jpg
Randall Duk Kim as Master Oogway .
according to the lunar calendar 农历
Yes, they live in broad-leafed forests with undergrowth of bamboo.
There are only about 1,000 pandas left in the wild according toNational Geographic. It is very rare to spot them in the wildbecause they are so elusive. There are about 100 of them in zoosaround the world which are studied for their behavior.
It is true. There are many Giant Pandas endangered. my project in school is about them so i decided to ask on answer.com what it is
Pandas are very specialized bears that evolved in central China.
An organisms scientific name consists of the genus and species thatthey belong to. The scientific name for a Giant Panda is Ailuropodamelanoleuca.
Earthworms have segmented bodies which allow them to move around intheir environments. Another adaptation is that they can secrete alubricant if the ground is too dry.
Caulk. (the other spelling is not appropriate)
1951 was the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.
All animals are important to the enviroment. If one is no longer there then it will disrupt the ecosystem.
Bamboo maybe, bugs. (ew) Well, if you consider bamboo prey...
there were about 1000 in the 1900's
they like the colour red you freak that is why they had them stuip red dragons flying throught the air... basically mate the like the colour red
1. So animals don't go endangered/extinct. 2. Habitats can also be used for tourism, hiking, camping, and other recreational uses. 3. (Christian answer) God put humans in charge of animals for us to protect 4. http://www.amazon.com/How-Survive-Robot-Uprising-Defending/dp/1582345929
No. Pandas are herbivores, which means that they only eat plants. (Mainly, their diet consists of bamboo)
giraffes and pandas can jump but they cannot hold hands because the giraffe has hooves while pandas have paws.
Sunday, February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's day.
The first step taken was in 1958 when China established the Wolong National Nature Reserve to protect Giant Pandas. In the 1990's, several laws were enacted to help their survival in reserves, including gun control and removal of human residents. But their status is primarily due to habitat loss,...
Pandas are becoming extinct for a few reasons, but they all come down to one factor- humans. Because of industrialization, much of the panda's only food, bamboo, is being destroyed. As people move in, pandas are forced to move out, and into tighter and tighter areas. Because the Giant Panda is only...
they are treasured because they are an endangered species
no. they are endangered.