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Giant Pandas

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Native to Central China, Pandas live in the mountainous regions, like Sichuan and Tibet there. Taxonomically a carnivore, the Panda actually lives almost entirely on bamboo, but, like most animals, pandas have been known to eat eggs, and consume insects with their diet of bamboo. If you're interested in pandas, whether it's to learn more by asking questions, or to share your knowledge by answering them, this is the category for you.
A mother Panda Bear will usually only give birth to one cub at a  time. If more than one is born, she will pick the stronger of the  two to feed. This is because the mother will not produce enough  milk too raise more than one at a time. The cub will feel off the  mother for 18 months. It can...
panda bears are related to grizzly bears and some people say they are related to the raccoon.
Pandas usually have heart shaped noses.
First of all, pandas help bamboo forests grow by spreading bamboo  seeds. Pandas are also China's national animal, and they have a  very important cultural icon for China.
Pandas are growing extinct. So the CMS parties are protecting them.  They might be able to populate and become the largest species in  population.
It has been told in the new report which has been submitted  recently that, pandas are having high immune system and so it can  be easily adapt to this situation and habitat.
There is only one place where giant pandas live in the wild: high in the mountains of central China. There, they live in cold and rainy bamboo forests that are often misty and shrouded in heavy clouds. Once upon a time, giant pandas lived in lowland areas. However, as people built more and more...
Panda bears are necessary for humans to exist.
A Giant Panda's sight is poor, but they see well enough to move  around at night.
Because there is a plague of humans at the moment. And the giant panda lives in the most populous country. Also huans hunt pandas for there fur which they use for clothing.
I would take the panda to the organisation which takes very good care of pandas until it grows up and goes on to living it's life free in the nature.
Actually yes it does. The black and white pattern on it's body help  it to camouflage with it's surroundings. Same with a panda bear's  predator the tiger. The tiger has orange and black stripes that  help it to hide from unsuspecting prey.
They stopped hunting pandas due to threat of extinction.
Yes Pandas do live on land but other places to like in the forest with bamboo in western China.
The difference is that one has something that the other one does not have and one is a boy and the other is a girl.
Yes, it is. Giant Pandas are considered a conservation reliant endangered species. There are currently a few hundred in zoos around the world, and only a couple thousand at most in the wild. Their numbers may be rising currently, but they are still not enough to classify as vulnerable. yes yes it is...
15 to 17 centimeters  They weigh 100 to 200 gms 
we have to be nice and help them no more panda meat
Yes, they do live in there own but when they are a baby thereparents take care of them,but when they are 8 months old they canlive on there own
The giant panda has been on the endangered list since 1984. Efforts  are being made to preserve them. There are currently 980 pandas  living on reserves where they are protected.
some where over the rainbow
Because they eat almost only plants and vegetation.
In a book I read about 16 hours a day
NOOO! Besides research shows that most pandas die within a year in captivity
Panda Bears do not live in snow climate. Unlike other bears from temperate climates, giant pandas do not hibernate. The giant panda bear only exists today in six small areas located in inland China. The habitat, suitable for the bamboo on which it survives, is a cold, damp coniferous forest. The...
no there is also such thing as a red panda. Heres a link or two! >http://beacononline.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/red-panda.jpg >http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~tptsai/red-panda.jpg
Yes, they live in broad-leafed forests with undergrowth of bamboo.
Bamboo maybe, bugs. (ew) Well, if you consider bamboo prey...
there were about 1000 in the 1900's
giraffes and pandas can jump but they cannot hold hands because the giraffe has hooves while pandas have paws.
Pandas are becoming extinct for a few reasons, but they all come down to one factor- humans. Because of industrialization, much of the panda's only food, bamboo, is being destroyed. As people move in, pandas are forced to move out, and into tighter and tighter areas. Because the Giant Panda is only...
they are treasured because they are an endangered species
because people are idiots
Black and white coloring (Ears, back legs, front legs/shoulders, tails, eyes are black). . Fuzzy and thick coat. . Tiny and round ears. . Stubby tails. . Massive paws (I'm talking almost dinner plate sized). If you want eating habits, they usually eat bamboo and other plant life. Babies (Live...
Well, the Panda needs some items, here is the normal Panda Bear's shopping list:BamabooHuman ArmsGiant bird feathersGorilla Glue The panda takes the human arms and with some glue, glues the giant bird feathers to the arms. Then the Panda staps it on to it's back and then... FLAP!!! To help the wing...
A snow leopard is an enemy of the Giant Panda. Humans are also anenemy of the Giant Panda. Humans are also the most dangerousenemy..
The giant panda is a majestic creature, If we lose it, generations to come will never have the opportunity to watch the pandas
There are 4 zoos in the U.S. San Diego, Atlanta, Memphis, and Smithsonian Zoo in Washington D.C. Or you can travel to China!
No, it is endangered but not the rare-est.
Maybe in captivity, but certainly not in the wild... They only live in China.
Grown pandas have no predators. Baby pandas do. They include wolves, and poachers,and other wild big predators
Giant pandas eat bamboo.
I believe that they are currently bears. For a while, they were thought to be related to the raccoon family. Their cousins, the red pandas, are related to raccoons. Scientists have now declared them as bears.
pandas share food and environments
they are cute and adorable to look at
Grown pandas eat roughly 80 pounds of bamboo per day, or 2500bamboo leaves. Baby pandas can eat around 40 pounds per day.
Oftentimes, the predator holds the population of a particular prey in check. Without predators, the population of the prey will flourish. If the change of predators you refer to means 'type of predator', the prey will adapt -or vanish.
== The llama of northern South America is closer to the equator. == I think you mean llama. A lama is a tibetian monk.. The range of the llama straddles the equator.. The range of the Panda is entirely north of the equator.
Because at age 2 pandas learn all they can from thier moms and live on thier own. PS.Good question.
We save the Pandas by giving them a other home which has Bamboo and it is a safe place where no one hunts
The main enemy is man. The snow leopard is a other enemy, dogs are enemies too because of man. Panda bears rarely have a enemy after them.
are pandas considered friendly
Give them more bamboo can yo be more specific. this question doesn't really make sense. do you mean a panda. or a creature named panda, such as a dog or bird with the name panda.
i need help on the giant pandas ecosystem
Giant Pandas are endangered primarily from habitat loss and from the fact that they have a very low birthrate. China has put increasing pressure on their habitat in the last century from population growth and land use changes. Also, they have traditionally been poached, primarily for their fur and...
First of all a panda lived in a bamboo forest
Giant Pandas are an endangered species and as per the recent population surveys, we may have around 2000 individuals in the wild. Apart from this there are around 250 of them in captivity in Zoos around the world.
There are 42 different bamboo species that pandas eat. Some of the  more common species are Chimonobambusa Quadrangularis, Bambusa  Sinospinosa, Plyllostachys Bissetii and Fargesia Robusta.
Some species do this because their offspring typically do not have a very long life expectancy, so to counter this, they produce large amounts so that the ones that do survive can continue to reproduce.
It is the mouth so they can chew bamboo all day! :]
central-western and south western China
they are both living things
they get it by being born with black and white soft fur and always if you see a panda never give it food or touch it.
All normal rules apply here, Pandas that are accustomed to human contact would interact probably fairly well, but typically the panda is quite a lazy mammal. Being an ominvore that exclusively feeds on bamboo, this gives an advantage to human interation over other family members such as the polar...
Some dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex tears the prey using its large teeth. Others that are a bit smaller sometimes use their sharp claws like Deinochysus.
it looks like a huge hug-gable teddy bear !
There is no evidence of adult pandas calling their offspringanything.
Accustomed to a solitary life, Pandas are known to act aggressively toward others in their near vicinity.
This is a legitimate question. In some cultures the panda bears is a delicacy. In ancient time only the emperor had the privilege on consuming panda meat. Today panda meet is available to any one who can afford it-but it is costly. Panda meet is the Asia equivalent of caviar.Yes, in the 20th century...
1600 in the wild and around 200 in captivity
People in China live in houses or homes just like we do. Just because they are a developing country doesn't mean they live in different kind of houses. But where you live in China affects what kind of housing you have greatly. If you live in the country than you will have a small house, but your...
The main known reason to why the giant panda is becoming extinct is due to the clearing of its main food source, Bamboo. They are classified as endangered because their are not many left, and those that are left are disappearing fast. But then according to Charles Darwin, it is the survival of the...
The zoo opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. It remains open for 12 hours daily.
definitely! but we do not appreciate it, in fact we don't even know what they are doing to save the enviroment.I think we are being extremely unjust with them and we should stop this right now. The pandas are doing so much for us by saving our environment, then why can't we repay that favour by...
if by "would" you mean "wild" or "world" then there are about 1000 giant pandas left in the "would." we need to save these precious animals, and i urge you and your friends and family to help save the environment. please do help by recycling, not littering, reusing, not hunting, ect.