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Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the creation and management of systems that integrate people and materials and energy in productive ways. An industrial engineer studies industrial productivity and makes and implements recommended changes.
Different types of gland packing used in valve
service is based on providing services manufacturing is based on  using tools to make a product.
 Carbon (C) 0.95  Manganese (Mn) 1.2  Silicon (Si) 0.4  Chromium (Cr) 0.5  Tungsten (W) 0.5  Vanadium (V) 0.2  Phosphorus (P) 0.03  Max Sulfur (S) 0.03  
You just Calculate Size of Bus bar which has been mentioned  below:    Example: Calculate Size of Bus bar having Following  Details    Bus bar Current Details:  Rated  Voltage = 415V,50Hz ,   Desire Maximum Current Rating of Bus bar =630Amp.  Fault  Current (Isc)= 50KA ,Fault...
Because of medium melting point , medium linear coefficient of thermal expansion and medium thermal conductivity.
I do, if the question still stands. Only 2-5 kg of the stuff  though.
VA is a systematic, rational and structured process. Yet itsfoundation is based on the effective use of people in the form ofteams.
German Engineers developed the system for coding special alloy  steels during the first world war. EN means Emergency Number.
Pumping water from deep mines.
An electrical motor is such an electromechanical device whichconverts electrical energy into a mechanical energy. In case ofthree phase AC operation, most widely used motor is Three phase induction motor as this type of motor does notrequire any starting device or we can say they are self...
A blast furnace used in steelmaking is about 130 ft or 40 metres.
in conventional machines force is directly applied from tool to the  work piece in non-conventional machines we don't apply the force  directly from tool to the work piece. here we use different forms  of energy which we applied in order to get desired profile like  thermal energy, chemical...
It depends on the size. You can often find tables of weights ofstandard steel sections in engineering text-books andsteel-stockholders' catalogues.
Off-line Programming (OLP) is a Robot programming method where the  Robot Program is created independent from the actual robot cell.  The robot program is then uploaded to the real robot for execution.  In off line programming the robot cell is commonly represented as a  graphical 3D  model.
  For 120/208v systems the colors are black - red - blue with a white neutral. For 277/480v and higher systems the colors are brown - orange - yellow with a grey neutral. Countries outside of North America generally use different colors.
In a single action steam engine, high pressure steam is introduced into a chamber formed by the cylinder and the piston. The steam entering the cylinder has two jobs to do: Push the piston down in the cylinder, which turns the crankshaft, and so provides mechanical energy for powering a locomotive...
Proof machining means>> If part have too much dispensable  material to remove through out machining than machining is done on  the same to remove all material till it will have only 2~3 mm to  achieve its final dimensions , this process is called proof  machining or if part have 1~2 mm...
This is a number that indicates what range the transmitter will  work correctly. This will depend on how strong the transmitter is.
History has more details on what, where, how, and why than this site can give.
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The function is in the name, it's for cooling something, usually water.
Yes, metal can melt. However, only certain types of metals can be  melted. Alloy can also melt with high temperatures.
An electrode is used by the EDM (electro discharge machine) in actually fabricating the injection mold. An EDM uses either carbon (like pencil lead) or other material to burn the part shape into the mold. It's not part of the mold per se but used to make it.
K FactorAlso called an Overhung Load Factor. A constant used to modify the overhung load rating ofa gearbox based on the type of load applied on the shaft. Use the K factor either to increasethe calculated overhung load, or to reduce the gearbox overhung load rating.
In any feed back control system, the controlling device has some parameters to be set (by the operator or person) before it is put to use, so that the system works under stable conditions. Also if the behaviour of the media (which is to be controlled) changes drastically the system may not work...
Hydraulic system is used to swim
To distribute input pressure to the output(s). Automobile brakes use a proportioning valve to prevent sending too much or too little pressure to the wheels. Since your car dives forward and the weight of your engine is on top of your front wheels, the back wheels need less hydraulic pressure.
A water mill would be used for milling. For instance, the milling of wheat grains to make flour.
A binder is a book that has 3 rings; it is used to organize and  hold papers. In law, a binder is a short-form preliminary contract  in which the purchaser agrees to buy and the seller agrees to sell  certain real estate under stated terms and conditions.
That will depend on what form of steel your purchasing. All steel prices are vast and various.
The average annual salary for an engineer in the United States is  $70,000. Salaries can vary based on location and experience. The  low end of the scale is $47,700 and the high end of the scale is  $90,340.
how to calculate radiographic sensitivity
Micromotion StudyMicromotion study, which was originated by Frank B. Gilbreth, is one of the mostexacting forms of work analysis available for job improvement. It is an analysistechnique making use of motion pictures (or videotape) taken at a constant and knownspeed. The film becomes a permanent...
Blister Packing is typically a packaging type which is most commonly used in Pharmaceutical companies to package medicines/tablets. A blister comprises of two components one is cavity which carries the tablet and other is the lid that seals it off. This is usually done on automated production...
drop either.......... A lump of concrete on it A piano on it Another Pillar drill on itactually forget the piano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  The legal ability to enter into a contractual relationship.
a constraint that deals with the complexity of an object.a constraint that deals with numbers and shapes.a constraint that... oh I don't know.lol i just made this all up.A constraint that can be described by a number value etc... 5 feet long, three inches tall
Plastic injection molding covers the fields of aerospace,  auomotive, telecommunication, home appliance&industrial  components and others.For eg: the cup holder in cars, plastic  electronic enclosure, plastic furniture, door handles, ect. In a  word, they can be plastic products you can see...
Soft iron is easier to magnetize as compared to steel and much easier to demagnetize too. However steel retains its magnetism better and thus makes a better magnet as compared to iron. This is why iron is used mostly as a temporary magnet, rather than a permanent one.
  beacouse of its fibers that make it extramly soft
a slip line field theory is a theory as the name suggets that can be used to analyse among others metal forming processes during plastic deformation. it is assumed that plastic deformation in metals happen through shearing. in a nutshell the slip line theory divides the plastic zone of the metal...
epsilon1 + epsilon2 + epsilon 3 = 0 (for plastic deformation)
A broaching tool - or a reciprocating machining process such as a shaper, see the link in the resources below.
Pneumatic system is operated by compressed air while hydraulic system is operated with pressurised hydraulic oil or any type viscous oil. Hydraulic systems can usually produce higher control forces and work under extreme operating conditions. This is the system that is primarily used on aircraft...
How do you start and stop a motor only using one push button?
4.35 to 4.77 kg per meter
disadvantages were that people had to be forced to move from homes and the fertile meant that when digging up the ground to build the aswan dam it meant that it would kill the fertiles causing the less food for land
weldng s d procecess joning f 2 simillar metals usually. 1st u study about metals nd ther heating r melting temp. nd knowing abt which type metals we use. nd study about electrodes ie most important nd welly study about diffrnt types f electrodes nd diffrnt types f welding. they r so many type s...
  for temperature sensing i will suggest a RTD or A THermocouple.   for temperature sensing i will suggest a RTD or A THermocouple.
The voltage is measured by high and low range. Measurements are  referred to as r.m.s. , switching impulses reflected by line to  line, earth to line contact.
  air pressure
Buildings, Ships, car bodies and machinery
screws nuts and bolts and car bodies
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  Yes, the space shuttles have robotic arms that help load and unload the space shuttles.The International Space Station also has a robotic arm that helps in other tasks in space.
Please mention the particular application of MS plate.....(sea water,DM water ,)
The angle of the electrode, the speed of the electrode used to weld and the size of the electrode.
A bourdon tube is a type of curved tube where the inside radius is smaller than the outside radius. As Force = Pressure x Area this means that when a pressure is applied internally to the tube the greater surface area on the outside causes the tube to straighten out. This is connected via a...
The consequences of living in a postmodern era filter down even to field instrumentation... "Smart" is a marketing term, not a technical definition. Hence, smart means whatever the speaker attempts to define it as, but you as the listener, are not obliged to accept the speaker's definition. Over...
There are many tests like Checking of Hardness with different scales. there can be cupping test for check strength of welding
Bright mild steel is an alloy. It is usually used to make hammer  heads and shears, and it has a smooth, but tough surface.
Iron is a single pure element. Steel is an alloy. It's largest component is iron, other possible components are nickel, cobalt, chromium, and almost always carbon. These all affect the properties of the steel in different ways. Summary: It depends what kind of steel.
In general, friction acts to prevent objects in contact with each other from moving with respect to each other. Friction keeps your furniture where you place it. The friction between your feet [or shoes] and the ground enables you to walk. When you apply the brakes in a car, friction causes the...
The head end of a tube can be the closed end. This depends on whatthe tube's purpose in the car is.
Rubber would have come first as an eraser is made out of rubber. People used pieces of bread to erase mistakes long before they figured out that a piece of rubber would do the trick. Ancient Greeks and Romans had been using flat pieces of lead to draw on papyrus. By the 1400s, graphite had been...
Coils have the strange property that when electricity is released from them, they reverse polarity and spike the remaining current back towards the source. The diode is there to "block" this from hitting the power supply and potentially causing damage.
Type your answer here... 40e-6 m/m/k
Plastic deformation of metals above the recrystallization temperature.
Dams are built broader at the base for two reasons. The first is because it needs to be stable enough to support the dam, and two, the bottom of the dam needs to be able to deal with the increased pressure of the water, as you get further down. So basically, they're thicker at the bottom mostly for...
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After strip mining people can restore land by a method called land reclamation, or the process of restoring an area of land to a more natural, productive state.but it is more difficult and expensive to restore damaged land and soil than it is to protect the land.
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Linear DS: 1. every item is related to its previous and next time. 2. data is arranged in linear sequence. 3. data items can be traversed in a single run. 4. eg. array, stcks, linked list, queue. 5. implementation is easy non-linear DS: 1. every item is attached with many other items. 2....
PRO: they can be built over waterways, and can be built high, letting taller ships to pass under PRO: Temporary supports in the middle to keep the bridge from falling aren't needed to keep the bridge from collapsing CON: They are very flexible and can bend under heavy loads if they are in one...
Static Websites   Static means "constant--never changing". A static website contains  Web pages with fixed content. Each page is coded in HTML and  displays the same information to every visitor.     Dynamic Websites   dynamic is "changing". You can make dynamic changes to a database ...
alloy is a homogeneous mixture of two or more elements, in which the mixture re arrange while forming cryseals.. composites are mixture in macroscopic level ,it is easier to manufacture than alloys...
A step-up transformer increases the voltage, a step-down transformer reduces the voltage.
Hi there are a few options. The one I chose was to use a VFD (variable frequency drive). First though if you want to run off true lower voltage you will need to check that the motors can be reconfigured to run as delta instead of star. If you look at the motor plate this should give you some idea....
A pillar drill is another name for a drill press. The biggest hazards are objects getting wrapped around the chuck, and debris or projectiles being thrown. So long hair, ties, and loose clothing should be avoided, eye protection should be worn, and your work should be securely clamped to the work...
who invented the clothes dryer that used heat from the stove
Tungsten filament is used in the creation of the light bulb. It canbe made in different shapes like coiling, and horizontal orvertical helix.
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