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Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

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Questions and answers on Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum. Here, you can find out how to defeat the Snowpoint City Gym or where to find Giratina. Questions about the Sinnoh region Pokemon can be found here as well.
you have to go in grass and use it but dont get on your bike
You push up on pad at beginning menu and select with b I think and you can dtart over
What the egg is a meembling?   Whatever it may be, try using a type advantage or a move with high  base power.
Write back note on excess function for non- ideal solutions. How  are excess functions determined experimentally?
at route 230 while you are surfing
Moving rocks is typically the field of HM Strength, or perhaps HM  Rock Smash.
If you are referring to secret bases, then a WiFi connection is  needed.
you go into the water where theres fog and there is for specific spots but at midnight the spots will change
it depennds check all the islands ;)
In pearl, you start going to the Pokemon league. Battle ALL OF THE TRAINERS on that route and one of them has it. hope this helps
If you think you can catch Lugia without cheating your are stupid.... You HAVE TO cheat or go to an event to get it in pearl, diamond, and or platinum. :)
You could either use a game manipulator (a.k.a Action Replay, GameShark, e.t.c.) NOT RECOMMENDED, or trade with another player who is willing to offer a Mudkip.
It depends on the game. The easiest thing is always to restore a  save from right before the fight.    In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you can run from the battle and it  should be there when you come back. If you make him faint, it looks  like he might be gone forever. You can either load...
you go into the cave to oreburg and a hiker will give you it but you have to beat the gym leader first to use it
yes i do its like at level 40 if you give me a lugia ill give it to you
Her name is Logan and Her partner is Jay. Logan's team is palkia dialga giritina mew arceus jirachi and her starters are the awesome pair of Riolu and Eevee. Jay has alakazam machamp floatzal noctowl torterra and rapidash. They sometimes are at the conover wal-mart in north carolina. They are...
Trapinch can be found on route 228 on both Diamond and Pearl using  the PokeRadar.
you have to battle Giratina in distortion world and then you can battle them
you can't find it because its only in the kanto region
I don't know the cheat, but any Pokemon you get through an AR will  be considered invalid. Just soft reset for your shiny Mewtwo.
You can't breed 2 Dittos together anymore... This was only possible in G/S/C on GameBoy Color...
To make a sweet Poffin, you need to use a Watmel, Grepa, Mago, or Bluk Berry. Watmels are found occasionally while walking around with a Pokemon in Amity Square, a Grepa plant is found on Route 211 or by talking to the Berry Master on Route 208 (he gives you a berry everyday), Magos are found on...
to find deoxys , you have to get an arora ticket and go to the island
in lake rage o something like that over by blackthorn city
Pikachu!   You can catch Pikachu in the trophy garden in Pokemon Mansion, that's below Hearthome City. Aipom, muchlax also come to the honey trees   Wurmple appears 30% of the time, Cascoon/Silcoon (depending on your version) appears 15% of the time, Combee appears 20%, Aipom, Burmy, and...
you have to get Pokemon Sapphire or ruby and go to Pal Park
I dont know that one you can look at the cheats
You have to turn off ur wifi then turn it back on and put ur device on airplane mode for 10 mins. After that restart or reboot it. That should do the trick!!!👍👌 boom👊💣 like a boss!!!!💪
Mystery Gift events for that item ended years ago.
Oreburgh Mine - Bulbapedia - Bulbagarden
you should know r4s are illegal i know how but you shouldn't be using illegal downloads so screw you
you have to have a kyogre from emerald and it will glow and it will take you to it automaticly
GameFreak's number is 813-3467-4387. The Pokémon Comany's US phone  number is (425) 274-4800.
Level up with max happiness
When you use honey on a honey tree, Pokemon will appear 6 to 24 hours later. Once 24 hours have passed, the Pokemon will not be there.
It only evolves Murkrow and Misdreavius. However, it works on  Lampent and Duoblade for gens V and VI.
Croagunk should evolve at level 44, so it could know Sludge Bomb sooner than its evolved form.
Rock Climb is a HM in Pokemon Pearl used to ascend cliffs and  caves. It is buried in the snow on Route 217 north of a house where  a hiker says he lost it.
To catch Celebi, you have to have gotten it at a Nintendo Event back in 2006 for the GBA games. Then you have to import it to Diamond in Pal Park. If you didn't get it in the event, don't sweat it. When HeartGold and SoulSilver come out in March, there will most likely be an event later that will...
You can find TM70 Flash in Oreburgh Gate, the cave west of Oreburgh City. Once you're inside, go left, then go up, then right. Go downstairs. You will need to use Rock Smash in here to find it. You can also buy it on the 3rd floor of Veilstone Department Store for 1000 Poke.
  you go 2 the spear pillar on the top of mt coronet
Croconaw is number 159 in the National Pokedex.
You must migrate a Kyogre from Sapphire or Emerald versions. Or, you can trade with friends.Hope I've helped!.:Funkeheap15>.<:.
Not a pond as much as a lake. Lake of Rage.
You gain it in Eterna City after saving the owner of the Bike Shop in the Galactic Building.
To transport on the warp panels, you simply step on them. Common sense.
You have to go to a Gamestop and bring your DS, DS Lite, or DSi and your copy of Diamond, Pearl, and/or Platinum. Turn it on, and from the start menu select "Mystery Gift". Select "Receive Gift", then press "Wireless Communication". You need to have two or less of the cards that store your mystery...
go to jubilife city go to tv station go to 3 or 2 floor what ever talk to man he will ask you some thing say everyonehappy then on other question say wifi connectin
Gible can be found in Wayward Cave on Diamond by simply walking  around inside the cave. Wayward cave is found on route 206, under  Cycling Road.
im not really sure but I have a leafeon lvl 50 and it has not learned so lvl 51 plus
there is a trainer on route 218 right next to canalave city and he has a kricketune and a magneton(its not a sailer).
According to my guidebook. You just re-enter the Hall of Fame, and it'll regenerate until you catch it.
a cool Pokemon game
Growlithe and Arcanine come to mind first, also try Houndour/Houndoom, Poochyenna/Mightyenna and the legendary dogs all have/can learn it. There's a lot more, but those are the ones that come to mind first.Here's a fun site I usually use for questions like this, I know it'll help you, and anyone...
no because you have already confronted them its just like any other special Pokemon you only get it once
North American Pokemon Platinum Game IDCPUE-D074D1B3
you cant 1ce u beat the elete 4 and c all pokes in sinoh dex u can go 2 pal park and transfer pokes from past games butt u can olny do so if u have a ds lite like me! olny than u can have all pokes
I believe you are talking about Rotom.If you go in the Old Chateau and head upstairs to a room with a TV then you need to walk up to it and you will be in a battle with Rotom and you will have a chance to catch Rotom.It's pretty easy and you can do it in pearl,diamond or platinum
make abiom know double hit Lv: 32
This is what you need to do:   # Enable the mystery gift.  # Put the code in.  # Go outside a pokeshop  # Press L+R  # Go to any shop and talk to the man in green near the counter.   The Code: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 200002B4 00000001 0000AA3C EDB88320 ...
Under Veilstone City is a small cave where a man is digging. In there you can find that pokémon. But I don't think it's very common, so you must be patient when you look for it.
With a Poke Ball. Assuming foxbat exists, of course.
Finneon can be found by fishing with a good rod, on route 218, 219,  220 and 221. Finneon can also be found in places like Canalave Cave  and Iron Island, also by using a good rod.
If you mean in the Wi-Fi Plaza then enter the Wi-Fi Plaza. The Wi-Fi Plaza is at the bottom of ay Pokemon Center. If the Plaza is water themed then stay. If not, leave and come back until you gey water. On the board in the middle of the plaza it says how much time you have left. Wait till you have a...
You need to beat Cynthia in the Pokemon league. Then get: Regirock, Regiice, and Registeel. Then go to snow point temple. Regigigas is deep inside. There's ice which is tricky to get past. If you have an action replay, use the run through anything cheat so you don't have to go through the trouble of...
Empoleon is quite hard to use against an electric type. Your bestopyion is to raise a Ground Type to usw against the gym, becauseElectric moves can't hit a ground type
One move Groundon should know is thunder. Since Groudon is weak to water, thunder is the perfect move. And before anyone says Groudon can't learn thunder, try it, cause it works Fire blast because he is weak to grass, earth quake, thunder cause he is weak to water and eruption.
well you have to visit mount coronet first,beat the Pokemon league,and you have to get a certain flute from a wi-fi event then go to the top of mount coronet and click on the flute,say yes then it will play and arceus should appear
Generally, it depends on the Pokemon you are facing. If you are facing a Swampert, it's best to use Grass because it's secondary type is ground. For most Wild Pokemon, the ones you find Fishing or Surfing are weakest again Electric than Grass but there are more Pokemon that are weak against Grass.
I dont think so but if you have an Arceus you can use plates to change the ring around its body and its type.
You cannot find Wild Lopunny anywhere in the Pokemon world. You can, however, find Buneary in the Eterna Forest.
Member's Pass    94000130 FCFF0000    62101D40 00000000    B2101D40 00000000    0000B5D4 00000008    0000B5D8 00000000    D2000000 00000000
No, you must have the National Pokedex to see Eevee in the Trophy  Garden. Once you receive it, you can talk to Backlot and he will  tell you which special pokemon showed up in the garden that  morning. At some point, he will tell you that he saw an Eevee in  the garden, then you can go into the...
use a shiny stone. they can be found at the end of the cave on iron island or route 228
Just south of getalifebro.
after using the action replay code for oaks letter or the azure flute of the members card enter a pokemart of your choice. And you should se him standing next to the desk click on him using the A button and he will say ... good evening you must be (your players name) Iv'e received a gift for you....
Alternate Colour Pokémon (more commonly refered to as "shiny" Pokémon) are randomly generated. Theoretically, you have a 1 in 8'192 chance of encountering an Alternate Colour Pokémon in the wild. Likewise, these odds also apply to breeding. There are, however, methods with which players increase...
No, but it can increase your chances of finding a shiny.
You should probably look up the pokemon's number on:http://www.pokemon.com/us/
You can find each plate somewhere in every game since Arceus'  release. If you sold it, then just use normal Arceus. 1 weakness  isn't too bad.
Moves by level: (Note - Geodude evolves into Graveler at 25) 1 - Defense Curl 1 - Tackle 4 - Mud Sport 8 - Rock Polish 11- Rock Throw 15 - Magnitude 18 - Selfdestruct 22 - Rollout 25 - Rock Blast 29 - Earthquake 32 - Explosion 36 - Double-edge 39 - Stone Edge Moves by TM: 01 - Focus...
Connect 2 the computer and it will upload them onto the AR then go on the AR and insert the game like in diamond or pearl
Action Replay u mean? It should already be on it. If it isn't if u connect it with the computer it will update it 4 u
If you have a link cable and a ds lite then it is possible to trade  ( without the Griseous Orb) Otherwise it's not