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Latin and World Music

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World music is the global music that includes traditional music or folk music of a culture. Latin American music is said to be a world music. Its many varieties include Pre-Columbian traditions; the Argentine, Uruguayan and nuevo tangos; Soca, Calypso, Punta, cumbia, vallenato, Cueca, Boleros, Rockoleras, ranchera, Palo de Mayo, Marinera, Tondero, Candombe, Zouk and recent Reggaeton.
Flamenco is a Spanish folk dance and music that originated in the  Andlucia region. It is a mixture of singing, guitar, and hand  clapping.
3 Feet High and RisingDe La Soul Is DeadBuhloone MindstateStakes Is HighArt Official IntelligenceAOI: BionixThe Grind DateYou're Welcome
this is the link for the song;  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYp28y_bpgI
It really depends on the age group. Mainstream pop music is probably the thing people listen to the most, (sadly) with artists like One Direction and Selena Gomez.       Jazz and rock music aren't all that popular anymore, but new sub-categories like rock-punk and punk-rock-pop...
En el enlace debajo econtraras musica cubana, puedes descargar las canciones, ver videos y mas.
A song released in 1994 on the Latin Playboys' self-titled debut album is what Manifold de Amour is. It also occurs on the soundtrack album released in the following year for San Antonio, Texas-born director, producer, writer Robert Rodriguez's (born June 20, 1968) action film Desperado.
CD Universe sells the Plum Blossom by Shi Zhi You with all six  tracks for $13.79. iTunes sells the full album and each track in a  digital format.
there are many traditional Chinese music on the internet.you can get the music with mp3 format in baidu(百度 in Chinese)get to this link http://mp3.baidu.com/input the words like : 琵琶相 ; 林海; 笛子; 乱红;蝶舞; 长相守; 十面埋伏;二泉映月; 渔歌唱晚 separatelythen there...
Llandel Veguilla Malavé Salazar (Yandel) and Juan Luis Morera Luna (Wisin)
No she is from north America she lives in the united states but she does make a impact on the whole world she is a great role model but good question :)
The name of the song is Tu y yo not flor and la fabula. It is sung by emmanuel
  no but he has a child that is named alex
He is the most popular and incredible man of all times. He compose  many lyrics and melodies mainly funk music, pop and some MPB. He is  a creative artist who performed in USA a great show. He actually  lives in SP/ Brazil. His facebook Edison Ribeiro (Di Ribeiro)  artistic name.
Fume-Fume is a traditional song/dance of the Ga people of Ghana. Originally a religious dance, it and the accompanying song were used to call down the god Futrema, hence the very vigorous and ecstatic dancing usually displayed. However, it is now performed in secular, social settings as well. It...
Jay Perez sang all songs on the breakin the rules CD with latin breed
Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez was 23 when shedied on March 31, 1995 (born April 16, 1971) Her manager and fan club-president (Yolanda ) killed her. Trying toavoid the subject of her taking money from Selena's boutiques,Yolanda told Selena that she had been raped. After taking...
    I believe the model for that shoot was Virginia Anne Douglas, a heartbreakingly beautiful woman who retired from the business at an early age (despite an abundance of offers). The video was shot in Huntington Beach Park, California and it's theme was a wedding (with Ms. Douglas as the...
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It sounds like a whistle patch on a synthesizer. You could venture and say that it's supposed to imitate a celtic tin whistle, but it sounds a bit too "synthy". Most likely, it was a keyboard player using some sort of flute sound.
ya mam with her hairy bonnet
If we mean the same thing by 'latin rock', then Santana.
maleezweh means "My country"
Folk, or popular (such as country) - either traditional or current ("Latin world music"); however it has several "sub-styles", and it may be so different (diversified) according to the country or region of Latin America.
in Latin is "Salve." Just for extra info, "Goodbye" is "Vale."
  Edith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien
no samba is more like Spanish type Hope I Helped, Shego67
NO, they are actually a Black Funk Band, They just so happen to be heavily influenced by Latin Jazz (which has African influences).
  == Answer ==     i hear about that band milka its pretty well known and liked
== Answer rey roig ==   Rey Roig still alive , 73 years old, live in Hialeah, he is my brother inlow.if you want to know any thing abaut him contact the email , felixdelpino@aol.com       Answer: Yes. very much so. I am his biological daughter, born & raised in NY and then moved in...
The video version possibly comes from a film/tv documentary series made by Orson Welles. I have not found it recorded elsewhere.
  What rappers are latin kings
Voz de mando La hummer y el camaro
21 June of every year.
AnswerWithout music we wouldn't have the iPod, iTunes, Music Stores, Concerts, or CD's. All these things bring in money. Music is very important to the economy. Also, people use music everywhere. This shows it's importance. If you go to a hotel, there will be music playing, if you get in the...
  Hi, you can follow the link below to download the file. Just wait a while for the download link to appear below the Mp3 Info area.   http://www.4shared.com/file/47899244/ecd9c8e4/NewS_-_SUMMER_TIME.html   hope this helps =)
  == Answer ==   To the best of my knowledge, Woza Music has to do with South Africa's Black City Music and the people's fight against Apartheid.   Hope this helps!
The songlist for Sonu Nigam's album 'Sapne Ki Baat' is as follows: 1. Gar Mera Bas Chale 2. Kiya Kyon Dhoka Kyon 3. Mein To Chala 4. Papa I am Sorry 5. Sapne Ki Baat 6. Udlay Udlay Chahe Jaha 7. Zindagi Ka Haat Chum Lu
Some traditional instruments are guitars, violins, horns, and bass. Mariachis are Mexican bands that play the traditional instruments. The Samba originated from a Afro- Brazillian couples dance and the Bossa nova evolved from the Samba but it has less precussion. Most of the instruments used in...
Tejano Music was coined (first said or established) in the early 1980's. It was a product of the combination of La Onda Chicana and Conjunto Music. To understand the roots of Tejano Music you must understand that at one time it was two distinctive music groups. La Onda Chicana's past goes back to...
Luciano Pavarotti is an opera singer. A very famous one at that. It is reported that the great tenor, Placido Domingo, holds the record number of curtain call bows, which occurred at the Vienna State Opera: a record number 87 curtain calls! Jose' Carreras was dying from cancer, when his doctors...
  It was written in 1978 by Bjarne Jes Hansen and is called: "Vi voksne kan også være bange" (Translation: Adults can also be afraid)
,'can u give the answer of tribal vocal music ??,'i need the answer !guy's pls! what is tribal vocal music w must need it!
Marco Antonio Etcheverry, Erwin Sanchez, and Xavier Azkargorta are  famous soccer players and trainers from Bolivia. Pedro Rivero  Mercado and the Caneles Family are famous journalists.
He lives in Spain now and will be 100 years old this week
On the US Charts it is Gloria Estefan
Bachata came to the United States through immigrants and Latino  communities. The movie Dirty Dancing made it popular among those  outside the Latino community.
Proposition 1: The Basic Property of All Music Is Sound Proposition 2: The Sounds (and Silences) That Comprisea Musical Work Are Organized in Some Way Proposition 3: Sounds Are Organized into Music by People;Thus, Music Is a Form of Humanly Organized Sound Proposition 4: Music Is a Product of Human...
The country of Nicaragua is famous for its Marimba music. The  Marimba is a barred instrument, that is struck with a mallet to  produce sound. Usually accompanied by a brass fiddle or guitar, the  Nicaraguan marimba is played in a sitting position.
the three cultures that used latin american music is africa, spanish, and portuguese infleunce the syncopated beat
when the world cup started . people were blowing into them and making noises. that's why its sooo popular
    Samba music is used for festivals and they bang big drums and hit little drums and scrap scrapers           I DNT UNDERSTAND SAMBA MUSIC  
Latin America and in the 1950's.
The young people listen to western music, like hip hop, rap, pop, techno and stuff like that. The old people listen to traditionsl Arabic music. Only some yound moroocans listen to Arabic music and acutlley enjoy it
  El General with the Wepa Man in the background. He's mentioned in the song.   El General with the Wepa Man in the background. He's mentioned in the song.
The only thing I can think of is Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On, that might be it? Hope this helps :)
Some ways that modern western composer have been influenced by world music is by including tribal and cultural sounds to their classical pieces of work.
  It's called "Sina" and there are a couple of clips of Djavan performing it out on youTube. 
music is important because.......... it can describe people,places,movies and animals that words can'tpeople listen to it everyday and without it people would be boredit brings excitement to the worldwithout it there would be NO instrumentsrunning out of timewant more answers email me - hchou5...
I had been dying to download this song and I finally found it.. It is called Micaela by La Sonora Carruseles. I have no doubt this is the one you are referring to because the beginning and style of this song is inimitable. One of my fave Salsa songs. Ooh Ahh! lol   Enjoy!   OMG I've been...
I haven't had a luck in my searches but there is a turned in Jonathan Adler's "chic" book sounds great additions for music during dinner parties!
Chino: Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez Nacho: Miguel Ignacio Mendoza <3.
  I dont know... Probably Rodregues Y Gabriela   I dont know... Probably Rodregues Y Gabriela
what became as important as vocal singing music
music is a humans emotions in tones and English is a lnguage
the meaning is idunno. =)
"ER+AR" means "Erick Rincon+Alan Rosales" which they produce "Musica Tribal" which mixes techno with tribal music.
The macarena originated from Spain.
The Israeli Pop 'Lovely Days' album by Gilli Neanel has not been  released on to DVD. eBayÕs marketplace shows the rare LP sells for  $75.00.
From the Andean region (Bolivia, Peru, northern Chile)
Yes Latin America's music has an influence on the American (UnitedStates)'s music. How could it not? Like Alica below me says "thinkof artists today like Shakira, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias," andSantana! These artists have been on the top 100 lists multipletimes. How can that not be direct proof for...
In this country, Floats- are platform trucks with various designs, band-stands, etc used in PARADES, not carnivals. it is conceivable they could be used to advertise a Carnival- as they have advertised movies- the prop car from the Cbitty chitty bang-Bang was in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in l969...
Espaniol De Fassa,Spanish Version: Elamos De framed jerilopEnglish Version: For the Lilly saucer
According to Aruba Tourism Authority's website, everyday music in Aruba features Latin rhythms of salsa and meringue along with American top forty and European house music. Specifically, Aruba is a cosmopolitan, happy island that welcomes current trends in music. International rock, jazz,...
Traditional Chinese music can be many different styles of music such as Chinese Opera, Chinese folk songs, or even just musical instruments such as a Chinese zither (qu zheng).
Unless it's Pun and the Terror Squad