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Cryptids and Legendary Creatures

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Animals or other living beings whose existence has been suggested, often through reports of sightings or legends handed down from one generation to another, but actual existence has not been scientifically proven.
That depends. If your werewolf happens to look like a regular wolf,but is slightly larger than normal, then no. A lot of werewolflegends have them to be larger than normal wolves. However, ifthey're large, "burst" into werewolf form, are fighting for a girlnamed Bella, and hate men named Edward,...
well non of the vampires i no about do but it would be very interesting if they did. do you mind if i steal that idea?
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No they do not.
Whatever they want to do. They are just like humans you know, they have hobbies and stuff, only they're immortal and they drink blood.
It came out May 18th 2010.
Dwayne Johnson as DerekThompson / Tooth Fairy Stephen Merchant asTracy the Caseworker JulieAndrews as Lily Billy Crystal asJerry Ashley Judd as CarlyHarris Chase Ellison as RandyHarris Destiny Whitlock as TessHarris Ryan Sheckler as Mick"The Stick" Donnelly Brendan Meyer ...
Many religions believe that vampires are real, while others refuse such a revolting image. The many stories and movies saying that vampires living among us - especially the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, the Cirque Du Freak series, and the Twilight saga (all are amazing vampire books, highly...
Well, Santa's can make toys as well as wrapping them in paper.
There are no such things as "full blood vampires" - purely because vampires are not born, they are made, and they are only "made" by a human being bitten by one.
I'm not sure if this is right, but I think it could be obtained(rarely) from the daily gamble.
As usually portrayed by the master himself, George Romero, no, there would not be. Those "living dead" were attracted to sounds, seemed to have some sense of live humans (possibly their heat), and could use "tools" in a club like fashion, though not consistently well. Isolated, and possibly...
You probably have an inate yearning to be Loved by a girl forever and I believe you might also be a Wanderer Soul like myself because I have had dreams where I find a girl who says she will Love me forever but I have to find her, and she tells me that she won't know she told me this. As if it was...
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Some animals need to drink blood to survive.
Stabbing a vampire through the heart with a stake was one of the only ways to kill a vampire so they would naturally be afraid of them.
a wooden stake through the heart, is a good sugestion, but not the best; Hello my name is Dr. Tripe, and i spent 17 years studying the act of killing vampires. I lost everything, my job, my home, my wife and symies twins, but it was worth it, as i know hold the secret to truely killing vampires......
if you are bitten, YES or if it was past from generation to generation, YES
Yes, especially since werewolves are mostly in their human form anyway. But it would be slightly risky for them if they didn't want people to know about them being a werewolf, as they could be dating anyone. Also, if they really love the person who they're dating then they might be scared that...
keeping secrets
Because they look cool. . Sure, that's the importance of a dragon's fangs... NOT! Sure, to a human, that may seem like the importance, but it's not. In truth, the importance of our fangs is to catch and hold prey.
go to the lake and go to the bottom with out air and bring a net
They were large in the imagination, but they were smaller thaninfinitesimally small in reality. In the human form they were the size of a human, but in the wolfform they were the size of a large wolf.
They come in many shapes and forms and according to some myths theyare sea monsters that dwell in the pitch black of the ocean.
31...If you had a full adult set.
No they are not real and are legend.
Some werewolves go to church others do not There is no evidence of real werewolves. Most people believe that they are mythological creatures and, as such, do not exist.
they have a gland full of flammable gases that releases the gases up the dragons throat, which ignites when they reach the back of it's mouth-which happens to be very hot The ancestral dragons had 5 lungs. In the 'higher' members of the class the dorsal lung has become a specialized organ that...
The cryptic creature known as the Loch Ness Monster can be found inthe country of Scotland. The creature is thought to live in a lakecalled Loch Ness which is in the Scottish Highlands.
He ruddy isn't! Ok maybe he is but that's only because some idiot wrote a book about him! Good book though...
The season finale will be shown on May 13, 2010.
There will be no zombies in 2012. 2012 is just a prediction. Not a proven event.
Because a blanket is too expensive
Because if they stand in it they turn to ash
You got to find a vampire first then get him/ her to turn you.
Wear a scarf or smell like pumkin or garlic
somtime in February or march
They love the idea of something so awesome being real! I know I would love to be a vampire! wouldn't you?
There has not been known to be vampires in NY, and no one talks about there being vampires in NY on the web.
Yes, ever since ancient times it has been known that a male vampire can impregnate a human woman. The child is known as a Dhampir. These children have all the powers of a vampire (in ancient times that meant only the power to steal life-force, all this super-power nonsense is late 19th century and...
I posted a link with the sounds in the related links box below.
August 23 in the UK but no US release date has been announced
No, it is a myth :)
She makes uses them for toilet paper and the leftovers are used to make llammas.
Episode 16- 'There goes the Neighbor Hood'
no shes just a cool nanny
its not what does a lepaerchaun live in... its where! . a leperchaun lives at the end of a rainbow of course! . goodness, you silly chap!
One's the Disney version (fairy), and the other is more mythological (faerie also called faery).
I wish, I wish with all my heart; to fly with dragons in a land of art
The sphinx, located in Egypt. Was a well preserved monument until the British started using it for target practice. 2nd Answer: Some say that it was the Turks who shot the Sphinx's nose off, others say it was Napoleon's French army. But, the Sphinx's nose was clearly missing before Napoleon was...
Well, according to the Wizards of Waverly Place, first, if you kiss a werewolf you become a werewolf, like happened to Justin. But then Alex dates a werewolf and kisses him and nothing happens. I am not sure if this is ever explained. ^^^^ alex is not turned into a werewolf because mason...
The tooth fairy is real and she does exist. She comes when you aresleeping, she takes your tooth, gives you money. Parents do NOTtrick you and put money under there just for fun. Tooth fairyactually comes, lifts up your pillow, and gives you money, takesyour tooth, and goes back to Fairyland.But it...
mermaids can be under water for as long as they want but they get weaker out of water i know because i was borned one
it is not real people just made it up.
Chase Ellison plays Randy in the movie Tooth Fairy
Barny O'Gill and the little people.
touch a salty water Say you want to be a fairy 10 times then get a lily pad put it on your head spin ten times then you become a fairy in 10days 10min 10sec beware;you may be cursed don't worry it happens very rare times PLEASE BELIEVE ME ITS TRUE
Were you looking for types of vampires, if so here are a few fromthe Asia. Hanh Saburo, Yama, the wrathful deities, Thailand Vampire,Mandurugo, Pacu Pati, Obayifo, Masan and Masani, Thaye and Tasie,and Bas.
No one is for sure but Yeti sightings date back to 326 BC
In flashbacks, Stefan and Damon recall the long-ago actions taken by townspeople including their father, Giuseppe Salvatore, and Pearl, leading to the devastating events that caused the rift in their relationship. In the present, Bonnie's date with Ben takes a frightening turn. Elena helps Stefan as...
Ariel is 16years old. Her father was having a celebration for the 16th birthday!
A chicken vampire is: A. A vampire that is too scared to do stuff. B. A chicken (bird) that has been turned into a vampire.
Fairies eat strawberries and lots of other things like that
There are no spells to become a mermaid because mermaids and spells are not real. People cannot change into mermaids or other creatures. It is physically impossible. It is all make believe.
Cerberus the three-headed dog (Devil Dog) that guards the gates of Hades is totally mythical.
What you can do for a fairy is protect it and keep it safe. Don't take it with you, leave it in its natural habitat. Never harm a fairy! The other creatures would be angry.
no one knows if vampires even exist or not... even though every Twihard wishes they had their very own sparklepire. The traditional vampire looks somewhat normal, albeit pale and with fangs... you know, except when they turn into bats. There are many different versions of 'vampires' from different...
You can but the simptoms or the transformation will not happen until puberti
Hopefully yes if not then i will cry and cry and cry :(
vampires are undead so they cannot be said to live anywhere.
They like to pretend primitive people were too stupid to measure the sun's shadow and pile up rocks all by themselves. That makes the UFO nuts believe they are much more intelligent than those primitives.
Lie is a strong word. It's more accurate to refer to them as fictional, or a part of human fantasy.
No because you've said 'you can enter' in that phase! sozzy babes!
They were alive before they were Vampires!
Pretty much not that different. Hybrids handle blood lust better than vampires do, they get that from the lycan part. Lycans are warriors while vampires are brutal and beautiful. Hybrids get the best of both worlds. Plus the strength and multiple talents of the 2 combined in 1.
Where ever it lives in human form.
There are no such thing as vampires, so telling the difference is easy. If they exist, then they are not a vampire. If they exist, then they are human. Vampires are fictional, like elves, fairies, Santa Claus and trickle-down economics. [Alternate: Hold a mirror up in front of them. If you see...
Vampire Bats live in South and Central America.
The CW in the US and ITV2 in the UK
It hates sun , garlic ,and pumpkins