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Ever since 1992 when MTV first broadcast The Real World, a show about young adults living together, reality TV programming has exploded in popularity. Ask questions about reality TV shows and stars here.
Well Brad connected with both Chantel and Emily.I think it is going to be Emily because Brad loved Emily's little girl Ricki. At first, Ricki was shy. But when Brad played games with her, they just fit together as a father and daughter.
well they only come out in the day and you know my house is offishanly haunted and im hearing a clatter now so they must be at my house p.s please be my friend thanx by the way im Emily bells see ya hope you like my answer to your clever question xxxxx sorry but u answered this wrong they asked...
Noel is a girl who was on fetch. Go to pbskids.com/fetch to find out more.
Howie Mandel; Piers Morgan; Sharon Osbourne. I found a great free  site called vunify.com that shows you where you can stream every  episode.
Adam Savage was born in New York and raised in Westchester County.  Jamie Hyneman was born in Marshall, Michigan and raised in  Columbus, Indiana.
Adam Savage was born in New York City, New York and grew up in  Sleep Hollow, New York. Jamie Hyneman was born in Marshall,  Michigan but grew up in Columbus, Indiana.
Jwow lives in Long Island
The first episode aired May 29th, 2006
Seaside Heights, New Jersey
    Because A 48 year old guy is pretty much middle-aged, you'll still have dreams and goals, but you wont complete ALL of them. If this is you, then you could try America's Got Talent. I will support you. Maybe. :)  
JIm bob and Michelle duggar Jim Bob is the father's nickname his real name is James Robert Duggar and the mother is Michelle Annette Duggar (nee Ruark)
Yes, the Gosselin sextuplets were in Kindergarten during the  2010-2011 academic year. So far, they all stayed together in the  same grade at the same school.
Kevin and Kyle will be freshman in High School. Kieran and Meghan will be in 7th grade. Tara, Rachel, Rebecca, Ryan, Connor and EJ will be in 1st grade in 2010-2011 school year.
As of September 2011, Jeff Probst does not have any children.
Due to changes in game-play, this was the only Survivor season to last 42 days instead of 39. The final four was turned into a final three and the results were revealed live. This Survivor tradition has remained for the rest of the seasons so that nobody knows the results of the game until the...
  They live in Grass Valley, California, a wonderful historic gold mining town in the Sierra Mt's. of northern California. Matt's Parents Ron and Peggy Roloff are wonderful folks!Also, they have been on the Roloff's reality television show in many episodes.  Not only during special family...
Who led resistance to British oppression in India in the early 20thcentury
Micheal Jackson is the winner of Americas Best Dance Crew season 1 yo.
No, Snooki is half Chilean and half Italian.
No she is not Spanish she is Italian.
no he just did a cover from one of there songs
sorry but it is too late to send in video auditions for 2010. they had to be there a week before the first auditions and they were Jan 9 and 10. they are already on the second round of call backs and they re not accepting video auditions anymore.
Nicole scherzinger is kim kardashians look a like i think so anyway u should look at the pics and compare they are both really pretty but kim kardashian is so much nicer shes got a nicer smile i don't like Nicole smile its kinda wierd.still beaautiful though
no auditioning is free but you may have to travel to get to a city that has auditions which could cost money for gas or plane tickets
  The first time the show went "off" was because Boyd Coddington was   supposedly being "sued".   The show is no longer on since Boyd Coddington died several months ago.
she is a real nice girl with lots of freinds !
On May 23 2007, she won the sixth season of American idol
  She sang,   Rescue Me.   Whats love got to do with it.   If I ain't got you.   If I can't have you.   I'll never fall in Love again.   Thats about all I can remember I have all her appearences on DVD that I taped so if I find more I will let you know.   You can buy a CD...
No there is not a child above hi he is the oldest.
There was no winner on American Idol in 2001 because the first season started in 2001 but finished in 2002 so the 2002 winner is Kelly Clarkson.
no he does not sing without being mixed
Adam Lambert was runner-upKris Allen won
Jake picks Vienna over Tenly! :(
  it is a show where people compete and whoever is the best singer gets to be a recording artist. i is an awsome show
If you make the top 24 on American Idol you are not allowed to try  out again. But, if you get cut before the top 24 are selected, you  can try out during another season.
Yes, after her and Snookie got into a huge fight.
Sophia's father is Farrah's ex boyfriend who was killed in a car wreck. His name is Derek Underwood. In the latest season (as of November of 2011), Farrah makes contact with his father and step mom. She also talks to his sister about a DNA test for Sophia. Farrah and Sophia also go to visit his...
American Idol is aired on FOX 5 at 8PM on Tuesdays (the day the contestants sing) and 9PM on Wednesdays (the results show). Hope this helped! Enjoy the show!
No they aren't. I believe they are Christians.
umm.... I hate to break it to you, but.... DAVID COOK WONSeason 7, American Idol, 2008
Either Clay Aiken, David Archuletta, or Adam Lambert. I gotta go with Archuletta, but that's just my opinion :)
Jack Shepherd is played by Matthew Fox.
John Grimes and Edward Grimes are twin brothers, born October 16,1991. John is 10 minutes older than Edward.
Rupert has been on Survivor three times. His first appearance was on Survivor: Pearl Islands, the second was Survivor: All-Stars, and the third was on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.
Yes, the next season will premiere on October 4, 2012.
  bobby banhart on a shot at love with tila tequila and kristy on a shot at love with tila tequila 2 but kristy didnt accept the key
ya cool hi this is Hannah Montana who are youya cool hi this is Hannah Montana who are you
A popular cooking competition on TV in 3 words is America's Test  Kitchen. America's Test Kitchen is a mid size kitchen show based in  Boston, that creates recipes with America's favorite food.
Inferno, the Red team, won.
Dec 3 through Jan 21, 2010
Cake Boss is like a family type, crazy, New Jersey style. Ace of Cakes is more just friends, no shops, no pastries, big big cakes.
Why would the greatest thing in the world crossover with... ugh... Jersey Shore **Throws up in Mouth**
To find out where and when the American Idol tryouts are just go to www.americanidol.com and click on auditions. It will tell you when and where the auditions are for the current year. (:
no and the song name is live like we're dying not live like you were dying, it was written by an Irish band called the Script
She has an 2009 apple macbook pro (unibody) in, i think a pink spek case. She also has a sony viao, although im not sure she has that. Kris Jenner (Kim's mom) has the old style black macbook and kourtney has a macbook pro (so does kendall Jenner) and Khloe has a 27" iMac.
The song played for the females' elimination was Ryan Cabrera's "IWill Remember You". The song played for the males' elimination wasAudio Adrenaline's "Goodbye".
Ellen Degeneres is still a judge on American idol.She replaced Paula.
I dont know what primary school although he did get expelled for french kissing the headmasters daighter but he went to Eton college for senior
The cast from "Jersey Shore" were not famous before they aired on television, but now, the cast are widely known and famous.
  come bak a year ago and maybe someone will know!
    Lawrence High School
It is on at 8/7 Central on Mondays.
monday's at 8 on abc
it comes on Tuesday and Wednesday everyweek
i dont think it will ever go live
He was 53 when he passed away on February 9, 2010.
I really hope Gia... Vienna just seems fake and stpid
yes, kim kardashian and ray j did date. until ray j leaked their sex tape, and she got with reggie bush
Depends on which Davenport. There are three. Davenport, IA: 549 miles Davenport, FL: 1,132 miles Davenport, OK: 164 miles
Justin Bihag crashed his car in the early hours of the morning in 2007, his injuries were very severe. Doctor's did their best to save his leg and initially attempted to reconstruct it but it didn't work so it was amputated. He now where's a prosthetic leg.He still occasionally joins in on bounty...
no... you muct be 16 or older to enter
He passed away.