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Ever since 1992 when MTV first broadcast The Real World, a show about young adults living together, reality TV programming has exploded in popularity. Ask questions about reality TV shows and stars here.
Well Brad connected with both Chantel and Emily.I think it is going to be Emily because Brad loved Emily's little girl Ricki. At first, Ricki was shy. But when Brad played games with her, they just fit together as a father and daughter.
well they only come out in the day and you know my house is offishanly haunted and im hearing a clatter now so they must be at my house p.s please be my friend thanx by the way im Emily bells see ya hope you like my answer to your clever question xxxxx sorry but u answered this wrong they...
Noel is a girl who was on fetch. Go to pbskids.com/fetch to find out more.
Bruce Jenner was an Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon in 1976.
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Howie Mandel; Piers Morgan; Sharon Osbourne. I found a great freesite called vunify.com that shows you where you can stream everyepisode.
Adam Savage was born in New York and raised in Westchester County.Jamie Hyneman was born in Marshall, Michigan and raised inColumbus, Indiana.
Adam Savage was born in New York City, New York and grew up inSleep Hollow, New York. Jamie Hyneman was born in Marshall,Michigan but grew up in Columbus, Indiana.
Jwow lives in Long Island
Reece Ritchie plays Ray Singh in The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.
Johanna Duggar is the 16th child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.This is not counting the family's early miscarriage.
No. There have been several Internet rumors that Larry Platt was beaten to death in Atlanta. These rumors are FALSE . Mr. Platt rose to fame after appearing on American Idol, and singing the song he created, 'Pants On The Ground'. An Atlanta television station went to Mr. Platt's house after...
The first episode aired May 29th, 2006
His last name is DelVecchio.
Her doctor was on vacation and she and Josh didn't trust strangers to help them.
Firstly, you audition in front of the judges and a live studio audience. The next stage is bootcamp where you perform again for the judges. Next is the "judges houses" stage. Each group (boys, girls etc) finds out who their mentor is and visits their home to perform again. Each judge is joined...
He has a girlfriend called brenda
Yes, they believe that kissing plays a large role in sex. Theybelieve that one physical interaction will lead to another, andthat is why they're not allowed to kiss until they're married.
I believe it was a soul connection, and Josh said Anna was just like his mother. I can't disagree, because she looks like a Duggar. josh prayed about who the Lord would have him marry and after much prayer and talks with his parents he felt the Lord had brought Anna to him. they did not kiss or...
The Duggars are good role models despite the fact that life is just"given" to them.
Totally he has cute blond hair but hes mine
Come on, celebrities keep their identity and information a secret. In the Jersey house, They give their number to people they know and have to sign a paper saying they are not allowed to give out the number to access them to the public. Otherwise , they are not to be allowed to be seen on the show...
The entire series generally runs on TV from August to December.
There is now four judges in the 2012 series. They are Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell.
He currently doesn't advertise any charities.
Seaside Heights, New Jersey
She was six years old in June 2007 for the initial series of theshow. She was born November 20, 2000.
snooki, jwoww, sammi, deena, pauly, mike, ronnie, and vinny.
you don't win anything like prizes its just the fact that you got on the show and had that experienced you do go back to civilization and go to a beach and you go to a helicopter
Because A 48 year old guy is pretty much middle-aged, you'll still have dreams and goals, but you wont complete ALL of them. If this is you, then you could try America's Got Talent. I will support you. Maybe. :).
There are currently 19 seasons of The Amazing Race.
You must be at least 18 years old to be on survivor.
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JIm bob and Michelle duggar Jim Bob is the father's nickname his real name is James Robert Duggar and the mother is Michelle Annette Duggar (nee Ruark)
Because it is private information, and it is not safe to share. I see you've noticed their Webkinz! Unfortunately unless you know the Gosselins you cannot get their usernames. The Webkinz user name and password is private information. Sharing account information is a personal decision. You...
Yes, Cara and Mady Gosselin are in the 4th grade during the 2010-2011 academic year. They will turn 9 in October. yes. they're in third grade now.
Yes, the Gosselin sextuplets were in Kindergarten during the2010-2011 academic year. So far, they all stayed together in thesame grade at the same school.
Kevin and Kyle will be freshman in High School. Kieran and Meghan will be in 7th grade. Tara, Rachel, Rebecca, Ryan, Connor and EJ will be in 1st grade in 2010-2011 school year.
As of September 2011, Jeff Probst does not have any children.
Due to changes in game-play, this was the only Survivor season to last 42 days instead of 39. The final four was turned into a final three and the results were revealed live. This Survivor tradition has remained for the rest of the seasons so that nobody knows the results of the game until the...
That's what they said on tonights episode massive stroke. RIP Captain Phil Harris
It was Jon Gosselin's call to stop the show because I believe that he believed that both parents had to AGREE on going ahead with the show. Since both parents did not agree if they should continue the show, the show stops.
\n . They live in Grass Valley, California, a wonderful historic gold mining town in the Sierra Mt's. of northern California. Matt's Parents Ron and Peggy Roloff are wonderful folks! . Also, they have been on the Roloff's reality television show in many episodes. Not only during special family...
Yes her sister's name is debbie.
Who led resistance to British oppression in India in the early 20thcentury
Micheal Jackson is the winner of Americas Best Dance Crew season 1 yo.
Joshua "Josh" James Jana Marie John-David Jill Michelle Jessa Lauren Jinger Nicole Joseph Garrett Josiah Matthew Joy-Anna Jedidiah Robert Jeremiah Robert Jason Michael James Andrew Justin Samuel Jackson Levi Johannah Faith Jennifer Danielle Jordyn-Grace Makiya ...
No, Snooki is half Chilean and half Italian.
No she is not Spanish she is Italian.
no he just did a cover from one of there songs
Yes she did work at Fresenius Medical Care.
They use to make most of them but now they buy them from a store like everyone else
I see you've noticed their Webkinz! Unfortunately unless you know the Gosselins you cannot get their usernames.
Reality show takes the cake with personality-packed bakery Cake Boss chronicles the escapades of Valastro and his colorful Italian family with their New Jersey accents and attitude - including his four sisters, three brothers-in-law, his mother, an aunt, his wife and a few cousins - while they go...
sorry but it is too late to send in video auditions for 2010. they had to be there a week before the first auditions and they were Jan 9 and 10. they are already on the second round of call backs and they re not accepting video auditions anymore.
It really depends on how many people is on the boat, how much crab they catch, crab price, and the boat quota. but average they make about $20,000 - about $50,000 a season. Alot of people want this job for the money but they not just going to hire you for the money unless your really good at it. And...
Nicole scherzinger is kim kardashians look a like i think so anyway u should look at the pics and compare they are both really pretty but kim kardashian is so much nicer shes got a nicer smile i don't like Nicole smile its kinda wierd.still beaautiful though
Because Jon and Kate were getting a divorce, and Jon wanted to stop the show so the kids could have a normal life.
no auditioning is free but you may have to travel to get to a city that has auditions which could cost money for gas or plane tickets
None, he is an only child.
That's just a comment it means that your dancing awsomely like a winner.
The first time the show went "off" was because Boyd Coddington was. supposedly being "sued".. The show is no longer on since Boyd Coddington died several months ago.
Kherington payne is so rich and famous that her phone number is quite secret but I'll tall you. 01234 345802
umm josie broklyn duggar was born on decmber 10
There are no support acts.
For the safety of the Gosselins, WikiAnswers will not provide detailed information for the anyone featured in TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8. This includes sharing personal, private Webkinz account information. You should talk to your parents about why sharing your Webkinz...
I'm sure their parents let them choose but most of them want to wait till they get married.
Artists and repertoire (A&R) executive Television producer Television personality Owner of Syco Music/TV
Well it depends who your talking about if you are talking about me then its none of your business so ha btw if your talking about robyn burns then i don't know
Matt and Amy roloff live in HelVetia,Oregon
she is a real nice girl with lots of freinds !
You could try having some singing lessons/training beforehand to make sure your voice is at it's best. Other than that, you should go for it as you never know what might happen!
Every Sunday he runs 60miles for charity. He raises £20.00 for every mile.
Every Sunday he runs 60miles for charity. He raises £20.00 for every mile.
Nobody - the show didn't start until 2007.
She sang "I Want To Know What Love Is"
When the contestants bring out the charity single, all of the proceeds to go the chosen charity. When you phone to vote for your favourite, a percentage of the proceeds go to charity and the rest stays with the show as profit.