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Webkinz are small stuffed animals that come with codes to unlock a virtual world at webkinz.com where owners can take care of their pets.
Well there could be possibilities if you win it in a contest online or buy a club penguin plush toy (in real life) and you could also maybe get it buy buying card-jitsu packs in real life also
If you are going to ask a question, at least use proper English and spelling. THEIR, NOT THERE
No one is going to give you a free code! sorry They are only $15 (Webkinz) or even just $7 (lilkinz) Here are some tips for earning money: *babysit *extra chores *taking care of plants *lemonade stand *walking dogs *Yard Sale *Also buy a pack of trading cards sometimes people win free...
You can find Webkinz Codes on Webkinz in many toy stores and gift stores.
I have heard many rumors that they are going to make one, and I have seen a video on youtube.com with a picture of one and saying that there is going to be one! I'd say that you should keep a close eye for one, just in case that they do make one, because I really think a corgi Webkinz would sell out...
Please do not trust the codes Online because they are either... fakestolenusedglitcheshacksor bans They are usually fake, or used. So do not trust the codes given Online. Also, WikiAnswers does not give out copyright information to people, and even if WikiAnswers had codes, they would not be given...
Well she was born 1973. I am not sure how old she is try  calculating it, I am not the best in math:)
In the simply delicious cook book there is 1..............Fruit Salad....... 1apple, 1orange, 1pineapple, 1pear & 1bowl of strawberries.
i don't know. My friend knows almost every single recipe on webkinz and she does not know that one.
a snow related name like:Snowball, Blizzard, Flurry, Avalanche ect.
i think that webkinz came first. i am not sure because i am only in fifth grade. if you want a definite answer, go to www.ask.com
Check Webkinz Insider two of the new recipes have been solved raspberries marshmallows and tomato soup I believe is the answer but check Webkinz Insider to make sure don't want you wasting money you don't have to :) This is a stove recipe also ramen noodles blueberries and raspberries and it is also...
There are people working on different combinations and they list the combinations of food they tried on Webkinz Insider so far it hasn't been solved but they solved the Halloween recipes in a couple of days and on of the people on there even solved the recipe that had been unsolved for 2 years...
well u become a deluxe meber and in your deluxe box u will get a dress like a silver suit top but not u take it to the kinz style shop go in the clothing machine and drag the top in there then add 2 more clothing items when its done the top should be a silver suit top xoxo
Well I am guessing many people. But from my understanding i would  not. '   Don't judge me if im wrong:)
i don't know but it might be soon
It's a rare item on PJ's sale table that will show up on occasion today it was on Webkinz Insider posts the time that there are clothes rares above the curio rares on forum section So far the Clown wig, shoes ,suit and the superhero suit have been available I think they will probably have the fairy...
Ganz makes webkinz. They also make other stuffed animals and other things!
well, im actually the only one who probally knows it but i have been keeping the secret for a long time now. don't tell anyone but the recipe is:cummerbundacadamy sweatersparkly pink bowremember, don't tell anyone or else the SECRET will spread!
There are a couple of ways to add friends on Webkinz:Click on your phone below your dock and in between a mailbox and HELP.Then, click on ADD and type the person's username that you want to add. It will send them a note the next time they log in.If the person agrees, he or she will be added to your...
You can buy them on ebay although they are not cheap. I am sorry  although i do not know where in an actual store...
You can usaully get them at markets or toy ''r'' us
I see you've noticed their Webkinz! Unfortunately unless you know the Gosselins you cannot get their usernames.
heres a trick if you run out of gp's and adult food:    go into the door icon   select pc   after you get the login code,   hit the a button once to bring up item password.    this is going to sound tedious, but start going through the numbers  one by one.    start with...
Invincibility Enter Kevin, Big Chill, Swampfire, Kevin as a code. Infinite Aliens Enter Ben, Swampfire, Gwen, Big Chill as a code. All combos Enter Swampfire, Gwen, Kevin, Ben as a code to unlock all combos. Level Lord Enter Gwen, Kevin, Big Chill, Gwen as a code.
For the safety of the Gosselins, WikiAnswers will not provide detailed information for the anyone featured in TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8. This includes sharing personal, private Webkinz account information. You should talk to your parents about why sharing your Webkinz information...
I am not positively sure but from my reasearch i believe it is  von.k@artixkriegers.com that is the one for twitter;)
  Well the time to get it cheepest is when it's Valentines Day since it's seasonal. It will probably cost around $20.
So you see a board with numbers for example: +1, 4, -2 and they're changing. They're also changing color. You get 5 darts. There is a power metre and if you shoot your dart when the arrow's pointing right, you shoot high. If you shoot when the arrow's pointing low, you shoot left. And when you shoot...
Of course not! It's a CHILDREN'S game!
1. Buy cookbooks2. Buy televison and watch the cooking chanel3. Buy stove, sandwitch maker or blender. Click on it and click on how to cook4. Try figuring out some5. Here are some STOVE recipes for you if you like:Webkinz CrackersBlueberriesRasberriesWebkinz CrackersBlueberriesStrawberriesFruit...
this is a very common question and i find myself asking the same thing. i have come up with a list of games or things in webkinz world that will help you earn lots of kinzcash from my own personal experience:1. do the daily games like wishing well, wheel of wow, employment office, gem hunt, star...
Go to the W Shop and purchase a stove under the  "Kitchen and Bathroom" area on the categories. Buy cookbooks on Webkinz or watch "The  secret Chef". Memorize the ingredients in  order, or else it will be gunk! Go to the stove. Put the ingredients in order on the stove.  Click Cook.    
You adopt a new Webkinz or Lil' Kinz pet. :)
It is not a 'monthly fee' site. You buy a webkinz jr. ($30) and then its free
I've only figured out the pants. You need tan suit pants, sparkly pink bow, and tuxedo shoes.
  The August pet of the month is the webkinz Clydesdale horse.To find out the webkinz pet of the onth you go to google and type in,webkinz pet of the month for [Wat ever month you want it to be]And look through all the websites.I hope this helped
well webkinz are stuffed animals you can buy in the real world they come with a code and you enter it online to find a new world it is not one of those cheezy lame internet games it is quite fun
  you can buy them at Hallmark or American Greetings. Also, at Hip Chicks if you know what that is...
Yes!!! i am So excited! i want one so much! Also they are not sure what the Pet item is yet!
Actually, it's always different. There is never the same rock in the same place. Of coarse you can find that stone in that mine, but it will never be in the exact same spot. You just have to look. HINT: Look closely at the covered stones. Sometimes you can see the sides of gems sticking out. Hope...
A super bed is a bed you get with your 10,15,20 and every 5th pet after that.The Super Beds: (as of 2/2010)* apple pie bed*Artist's Pallet* Bed of Roses*Big Top Circus Bed*Bookworm bed*Butterfly dream bed*Daredevil Bed*Explorers Adventures Bed*Fantasy Couch Bed*Flower Power Bed*King of the Castle...
Because you have to ADOPT the pet that month, but you can still get bonus games if you have the pet
1 of them is rice ice cream cone and peppr mints
  no, you cant because this doesnt invole anything about webkinz
Would somebody give you a membership code they payed?Are you kidding me of course not they payed for self not to give to some one so I'm afraid the answer is no so no sorry. and next time think what u put because who would ever give out membership codes they pay!
There already is a Webkinz world online.   Questions TO Webkinz should be asked on the Webkinz website, not on WikiAnswers.
You have to go to the Clubhouse then you click on the trading room tab then you in!
You cannot become friends with her. She is not like any other webkinz. Hope this helped
1. Small Worlds 2. Wee World 3. Woozworld 4. Tootsville 5. Poptropica 6. Planetcazmo 7. Moshi monsters 8. Bin weevils 9. Panfu 10.Movie star planet
As if you were in your knz house (click the square you want your webkinz to go to).
No, but they come out with 12 (average) webkinz each month, they probably will in the near future
yes you can if the one you are going to adopt is spayed or neutered.
nothing you just keep getting more money
the alley cat's code changes for each plush toy, just like all the other webkinz (plush or virtual). there is no one answer. in fact, there's several thousand.
  well sometimes webkinz pets dont get their pet special item
Yes, if you buy a toilet and then make your webkinz sit on it they will go potty.
all you have to do is go to the clothing machine and mix the tan suit jacket, sparkly pink bow and the tuxedo shirt! enjoy
Click on a place to walk there.
It's one of the recycling bins at the park.
you have to buy this run way that cost 1000 dollars
Idk about that but there are some pretty similar to those.....they are the "European Flare Shades" located in the "Glasses" section in the KinzStyle Outlet.....Hope this helps ^that is what the previous person said but that was no help so here is what you do: buy a specially marked webkinz product...
It depends what level you are on the first 1 is 5, the second one is 10, the third one is 15 and so on. . . . . .
To make a Tie Dye Shirt on Webkinz, use the Blue and Yellow Fleece Sweater, Flower Power Swimsuit top and Purple Pajama Top. Put it in the Clothing Machine in the Kinzstyle Outlet.
ha!nothing but patchwork clothinghere's a list:-patchwork hat-patchwork shirt-patchwork pantsyeah, that should be it, but if there's any more, it should be patchwork :)
You can't make it, you have to go on a certain time (hour) and see if PJ is giving it away as a special.Please comment my answer by pressing my username on the bottom of this answer.Thanks : )
  They are a series of Quizzy's questions that are easiest for kids.
Noah Lindsey Cyrus
By taking care of your zum buddy
OK first bowser will trow out two Mecca koopas jump on them  and pick them up and kick them up so that they hit him on his head  timing is every thing
if its a rabbit id go with fluffy and if its a brown dog id name it chocolate and a monkey bannans you should so na me a love puppy lovvveeeyyy
    Well i have 31 but i do not want to give any up
Answer to cheat to complete a mission or a level!
No, It Exspires A Year From The Date Of The Last Adoption On The Account
You buy the Smoked Sundress, Cowboy Hat and Cow Poke Top. Put them in the clothing machine to make the Cowgirl Outfit.
Well Its A Crane That Will Give You A Capsule with a goodie inside
You can only get a webkinz mutt with a demo of webkinz. (Look it up)PLEASE COMMENT MY ANSWER ON MY PAGE!!! m =(^.^)= m
you go around to different rooms in kinzville park and if u see trash laying on the ground click onto it then when you done you go click on the trash cans or recycling cans around the park (there are two each) then it would add to your collocation to help kinzville park
Yes and no. You have to wipe it very good after you put it in water... or it might start even growing mold. So take good care after you put you Webkinz in water.
  the person who made webkinz was Ganz.
The Webkinz toys are originally made by Ganz Corporation, a  Canadian toy company. The company was founded by Samuel Ganz in  1950.
yes try these websites webkinz.com myepets.com howrse.com neopets.com littlestpetshop.com mcworld.com ty.com millsberry.com whyville.com barbiegirls.com dizzywood.com fantage.com www.allgirlarcade.com Enjoy!Yes. Clubpenguin is a fun filled website with lots of things to do. Here are some websites...
Can webkinz have what? If you mean babies, no. I asked this question on webkinz and they replied. Your webkinz is only a kid. KIDS SHOULDN'T BE HAVING KIDS! Where are peoples senses????!!!! COME ON!!! You should enjoy being a kid for as long as you can!!!
The learn and play stickers are for just a reward.You can not do anything with them.SORRY!!!!!!