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Webkinz are small stuffed animals that come with codes to unlock a virtual world at webkinz.com where owners can take care of their pets.
It's sorta a reward for answering 50 questions.
Certain gems come from usually different mines. Earth Emerald is a green gem. Here's hints to find gems:Buried Bones Mine: White GemsFlea Floater Mine: Green GemsHowling Horse Mine: Blue GemsMuzzle Mouth Mine: Red GemsBarking Bad Mine: Yellow GemsPlus, if you go to the Muzzle Mouth Mine, you can see...
You need to click a trading table. then, you have to wait for another person to click the same table you clicked. then you can trade.
that's not hard. All you have to do is get 10 webkinz pets on your account. There are lots of varieties. You don't have to choose right away though. When you adopt your 10th, you will get an extra gift box. I have a question. Do you know any webkinz clothing machine cheats? Thanks!:)
Oh! that's not hard. All you have to do is get 10 webkinz pets on your account. There are lots of varieties. You don't have to choose right away though.I have a question. Do you know any webkinz clothing machine cheats? Thanks!:)
I'm not sure that recipe exists. If you mean on Webkinz (which you probably do) then look in on www.webkinzinsider.com.
They are called webkinz Jr
I have that same exact pet! Mine is a boy and his name is Quackers.Here are some ideas:CharlieFuzzyCutieMARSHMELLOW! HAHAHA- inside joke with my sisters and me!FlippersPerry-he looks like a platapusDuckyFiona- what a wierd namePenelope- another inside jokeCarlySnugalabugalaNoodlesSnowwy...
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  it was on webkinz2008.com but then they delted it so i think it problay wasnt going to be made
. You are a sad loser if u think someone is going to just give u a webkinz code. go on eBay and BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF IDIOT!!!!
You Are a sad loser if u think someone is j ust gonna give u a webkinz code for free. Here is some advice, BUY ONE YOURSELF!!!!!!!
If you are talking about the food recipe than it's: fruit punchpeanutspumpkin
You must sell it in the W-shop. It is worth 1,000! Go figure! You can only get them when you adopt a new webkinz.
To be honest, anything can give you a virus. To prevent viruses get something like Norton and if you have it, good. All you need to do is be careful what sites you go on and make sure you check anything you download for viruses before you use them.
The cow in Webkinz is never in the Kinzville Park because no one with a cow went to the Kinzville Park. Maybe a cow HAS been there and you missed it.
super glue
  Some new webkinz comming in may are the lil kinz and normal webkinz chicken, the lil kinz black poodle, the rhino, samoyed dog, the green geko, the lioness and the whimsy dragon.
Their Amazing Things But There Different So I Don't Know Because Theres NO Way
Yes Well you Should Cause it is the pet of the month and when i did it i got it. so ya!
Yes Its Very Safe You Can Play And Take Care Of Your Webkinz And There Is A Clubhouse Where They Can Chat But Its Protected You Can Earn Badges And KinzCash Play At The Arcade And Get High Scores You Can Garden.You Need To Buy The Plush Toy With The Secret Code In Order To Play . You Can Also Take...
Yes, there are several stores in Chatanooga that sell webkinz. There is a complete list of addresses and phone numbers of those stores. The information is given by Webkinz http://customerservice.webkinz.com/storelocator/html/TN_CHATTANOOGA.html
no,because I tried it and it would'nt do it!soory!sorry!
Well. It depends if you are talking about a code or a trading card. If you are talking about a code, then it is ok as long as you have another one. It is only needed when you forget your password. If you are talking about a trading card then it also doesnt matter. Unless you really want to collect...
Yes. That is how you unlock it. It is really fun taking pictures of the Zums. Hope this helps!
Get on to webkinz and put in your username and password. If your account has expired recently then you will have the chance to go and buy another webkinz and adopt it. If you wait long enough they will delete your account. hope that helped! =) if you have any questions just ask
You would make a new account. Wait for a year for your old account to be expired.
To be a pro (professional) you need to reach level 5 in every type (that means if you have all of them at level 5, you'll be able to enter every pro contest.)
Yes, there is. It is: http://www.clubpenguin.com. I will tell you how their alike:-They both have pets-You can make friends-You use a chatting thing-You have a phone-There's cheats-There's famous characters-There's books-There's games for coins-There's places to vist-There's clothes to wear-Both...
yes allot of dogs
  for 2000 kinzcash, just go to the tournament arena and go to whizkinz. answer six questions and the click the yellow circle with an x lots of times then see your kinzcask grow!!!!
Wait, what? Specify, please.
Go to the Kinzville map and the Wish Factory is in the upper right corner.
what you do is you take a sockis you cut off the little white toe thing and um towards the top you cut two holes on each sides (for arm holes) and then you put it on your webkinz! You can decorate it too! what you need: sissorssocksmarkers
Everyone has there own fave one(=
Currently, it isn't scheduled to be the Pet of the Month any time soon
it's in today's activity's.
you can't unless you find a code of the web
Good usernames all describe the person YOU are so if your girl here are some awesome usernamesYellowbellBabyCakeFlowerFairyDramaQueen Backstabber BluffingwithmymuffinLadyGoogoo Pok8rface Muffing Crystal Stalker StrawberryGlossCrazyBaby Kandy Dynamite You can also use you're fav song
I've been told not to do any cheats on webkinz. if ganz finds out they will take away your account.
Here it its! here is the one and only way you can get it! THERE IS NO RECIPE! You can only get it from PJ's store "it may apper on the front dest for one hour the next hour it'll change... for more info about when she has these on the front desk "counter" visit- http://www.webkinzinsider.com...
you can buy it in the kinzstyle outlet
not usually either some people lie or someone already used it
Alvin  Simon  Chip Theadore nuts peanut butter
COWGIRL DRESS Cowboy Hat Cow Poke Top Smocked Sundress DETECTIVE CAP red ball cap blue ball cap tan suit top GLASS SLIPPERS Funky Girl Glasses Ruby Slippers Princess Hat PATCHED DENIM JACKET Green Layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans SEASIDE SARONG Unknown Unknown Unknown SPARKLY...
  Tuxedo Shoes, Sparkly Pink Bow, and Tan Suit Pants. Hope I helped and have fun in Webkinz World!
That is an unsolved clothing machine recipe. TRY TO FIND IT!! No one has yet. If you do find out the recipe you get a trophy.
You can buy almost any webkinz pets on eBay.com . I bought a webkinz on eBay and i also saw plenty of white terriers.
There actually IS a way. IF you have the secret code or a secret code from your webkinz account then you can go to webkinz.com and click on log in then Forgot Password? and type in your username and secret code. But if you forgot your USERNAME and your password, you're proaboly out of luck. If you...
if you register more than one kinz clip you'll have more chances of finding all of the zums sooner. So if you register every single kinz clip that exists you'll probably find them all right away.
Not every celebrity plays Webkinz
Pet of the month changes every month. The pet of the month in January was a Koala. The pet of the month in February is the White Terrier. The pet of the month in March is in Himalayan Cat.
if you mean prize one is apple juice,blueberry cheesecake, and sushi on stove
I'm not sure but there is a website called webkinz insider (www.webkinzinsider.com) that tells you the pet of the month for this month and the next two. It's not a cheat website.
what are you trying to ask. i don't understand.
Because a lot of little kids go to bed by then i know i don't but there isn't a lot of people my age on there
www.everythingwebkinz.com then click on chat or chatroom or something.
if you mean the food recipe than it is: carrot cakecoconutpink lemonade
the prize claw is an hourly event on the today's activities page.
you have to log-in on valentine's day and go to the kinzpost. then send your friend a letter with 3 hearts on it and you are good to go!!!!
The webkinz pet of the month for march is the Himalayan cat. I suggest checking out this website. It's not a cheat website it just has the pet of the months and clothing machine recipes and other really helpful stuff. www.webkinzinsider.com.But to participate in all the discussions and stuff you...
it's slow because it's so popular and millions of people are on it everyday.
I'm sorry you cant actually.....see it is a special item...i think the date was feb.8 or 9 2010 when it was a special item! i did not get it though sadly because i wasnt on and dint find out till later.....look out for it though! i now see TONS of webkinz wearing it in the clubhouse but the never...
This maybe a Q'n'A site but we can't give you pet codes on webkinz. That would be cheating.
you really cant,but if you buy the animal at a store the tag with the SECRET CODE attached to it will be on the leg of the animal.That doenst include birds or fish
Walmart does not sell Webkinzthey might some day
You can't but can fit in different words like for but use butt of numbers, won to tree for hive sticks oven straight fine win
you can get it from the mall
The fairy princess dress is now available in the kinzstyle outlet on very rare occasions in the special spot on the counter. Come check it out now to see if it is there!
you get to watch them
Well, I guess you could say that. When they say 'google' they are really saying 'platypus.' So you could say either one. As long as people know what you are talking about. Webkinz 'google' or webkinz 'platypus.' Same thing.
you should be able to buy signatures where you buy your other webkinz if notHallmark
  its not good or bad its just fun
it has bot been released as soon as i find it i will put on
the code you have to buy because everyones code is different
depende kung ilan yung aadopt na pet
i don't know. that was actually my question. rofl. sorry if you don't like my answer. and nobody better report my abuse!!!!!!!!! .............. cuz i didn't abuse it dumb heads!!!!!!!!!!! .......... ok bye. sincerly, mollsters!!!!!!! rofl PS. I'm crazy and yes I'll idmit that sorry if and...
You cant, once you have a facebook your stuck with it.
Don't try to hack into anyone's account. Instead, just purchase a Webkinz pet of your own.
The W shop then press the food button.