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No. He has since been replaced by Henry Cavill for the role in thelatest movies as of 2018.
In the original Batman comic book series, Dick Grayson was a 10-year-old acrobat, the youngest of a family circus act called the "Flying Graysons". A gangster named Boss Zucco had been extorting money from the circus and killed Grayson's parents, John and Mary, by sabotaging their trapeze...
Strength comes from character not from power, and ultimately in human relationships it is the same willingness or reluctance to act that shapes every one of us no matter who we are or where we come from.
In the late1980's in the marvel comics and arcade cabinet games, creator Chris Clarbourne had Logan in a mustard color costume with brown pieces on hood, gloves, boots and torso of costume and a red regular buckle belt, and then when I grew up in the early 1990's in the FOX animated series and...
No.. I don't think so, why would he have a double
The song is " Moonlight Sonata " by Beethoven.
batman cant fly he glides using his cape so no he cant
In the original TV series he was played by Jack Larson.
His name is Hank Azaria. He voices a few characters in The Simpsons, and plays the other mummy in NATM2.
Two swords and lots of guns -Additionally he has an advanced regenerative power on record as being faster than Wolverines. Due to his advanced rate of regeneration combined with his dying brain cells at the time of the procedure, he is near completely immune to telepathy. He also has superhuman...
Scarecrow may be in Arkham Asylum 2 I dont see how he will be since killer croc attacked him or eat him or whatever in the first game!
Hi! The best way to hold a newt is to pick him/her up gently andplacing him/her on your hand, and then place your thumb over thenewts back, so he don't jump off you're finger! I hope this helps!
No i need to know!! he is on the right page on the right side opposite the scroll and woofs tail you can only see his face not his stick thing, in between the hat towers. now you know.
a thick pants and a leather jacket
98years old
Yes. I really enjoyed the game and wanted it to go on. No it dont! when u beat u can continue ur game and find all the hidden riddler challenges. Their's also no enemy's so u can find everything pretty fast.
I dont believe the name was ever mentioned.
\nCable's telepathy and telekinesis have been burnt out almost completely due to his techno-organic virus infection. His powers are keeping it from taking over his body.
If the book has a high CGC rating then it can fetch for some decent cash. A 9.0-9.8 will get value at $20k-$90k+. A 9.6 rated 1963 Amazing Spiderman #1 sold for $97,750 in an auction in 2005, (only 3 of that quality are known to exist, only 1 at 9.8). The price is EXTREMELY dependent on the quality...
If they do, I might start reading spidey comics agains
Laura Kinney's costumes up until she took the mantel of Wolverinein "All-New Wolverine" were as close to civilian attire as any ofthe X-Men have had. Her most well known costume has changed itemsslightly over the years and through different forms of media (videogames / comics), but generally...
Yes, she does. Her sisters name is Blackfire (a.k.a. Komand'r) who is evil. and she also has a brother named Ryand'r.
After you follow him to the sewers,He gets attacked and presumably killed by Killer Croc.
probably not much, the value of comic books plumeted, just like baseball cards did... :(
Captain America is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.
It depends on the condition. For instance, an amazing Spider-Man#25 without a cover, and with a folded and creased binding isalmost nothing. But a near mint, with no water damage, no creasing,no writing, etc can go for about 50-100 dollars.
Ledger hands down. Unless it was a full moon, then Nicholson. If it happened during a solar eclipse, then it would be a tie unless it was a Wednesday during the months of April, June, November and February -- in which case Nicholson has the edge. If however it is a leap year, then its Ledger all day...
All the b's are b flats so keep that in mind a (-) is a slur d f f-g g b-a b-a b-a f f-g g
Kryptonite! can harm Superman
Word combinations can be used in rhyme to accomodate larger words. Thus "blast the gate" and "masticate" are rhymes. Some examples of that which apply to "Superman" would be "you her fan?" or "blooper fan" or "Trooper Dan". Other times, one rhymes a long word with a short one that only matches the...
No, that series ended. You can watch them on YouTube Shows though. It's in the list and I think they have all the episodes.
If you're asking about the NBA All-Star weekend dunk contest, theplayer who dunked in a red cape was Dwight Howard, in 2008.
Fantastic Four 3 has been cancelled in favour of a reboot of the series. The first movie will be released under the title "The Fantastic Four" in 2015.
Asterix is set in Gaul which is modern day France.
X-Men , Captain America , Batman ,
No. They were created by different companies and never met.
A collector or someone how wants to read the complete series and hasn't read the earlier ones.
His powers allow him to protect Earth, his adopted planet. He feelsstrongly about defending it.
In the tv show she is just a child- he takes on the father role - don't no about the movie though - X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine. Officially her parents are Sarah Kinney, the scientist working on the project who also served as the surrogate mother and Wolverine based off his genetic...
The number of Superman's powers and abilities has increased over the years, but his main ones are strength, speed, flight and x-ray vision. See Sources and related links for more information.
Xmen cards, are not worth much these days, however if it is from anold year it does increase in value.
He's her mentor, and almost a father figure. He's been through exactly what she has - so although they may act a bit moody to each other (its just their personalities) they're very dependant on each other. just to add IT IS IN NO WAY ROMANTIC.
Dialog from X2 Storm : [ about Nightcrawler's markings ] So... What are they? Nightcrawler : They're angelic symbols, passed on to mankind by the archangel Gabriel. Storm : They're beautiful. How many do you have? Nightcrawler : One for every sin. So quite a few.
Nightcrawler, aka Kurt Wagner, self-inflicts these symbols onhimself as a form of penance for each sin he's committed. Thesymbols are ancient Enochian symbols, which are considered to be anangelic alphabet.
It is widely believed that he is in his early twenties. No one (aside from Jhonen, himself) knows how long the time span from book one to book seven is so no one knows how much he ages, though it's popular assumption that he is mainly 23 years of age through most of the book.
Comics provide relief , amusement and enjoyment in contrast to the serious news found in the world and financial circles .
Not really. Though he was said to be from a higher gravity planet, he grew up on Earth, so his muscles would be used to just our gravity. And certainly that wouldn't let him fly, any more than we could fly on the moon. I suppose we could imagine a life form having the ability to see x-rays. I don't...
\nThe X-Men are mutants, humans born with an "X gene" which activates at puberty giving them special powers.
I think it was so the artists could show off the muscles of the hero.
Radioactive chemicals would kill a real spider. Real life is notthe same as the comics.
Nevermore . Birthmark . The Prophecy . The End Part 1 . The End Part 2 . The End Part 3
No, i am so sorry. She's really dead. :'(
The comic worth the most is the first introduction of superman.
The entire sequence was just a dream.Batman was tripping from Scarecrow's poison and this is what his worst nightmare was.
i did not understand very well your answer cause i am from another country but if you said who is batman afraid of, the answer is that he is afraid of the scarecrow's fear gas and poison ivy is scared of batman because she looks at batman sometimes like if he was going to kill her but no, he didnt.
Detective Comics. Avengers#1 SEPT,1963
no!!! but i can't figure out how she lived..... so this was a waste of time.
Wolverine - he is indestructable, due to Adamantium metal
Falcon, Hulk, Reptil, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, thor, and wolverine.
Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May every year.
The Archie gang (main characters) . Archibald "Archie" Andrews , [6] main character, a typical red-headed teenage boy with a great interest in dating. He tends to be clumsy and accident prone. . Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper , [6] the blonde girl next door, who is a good student, athlete, cook, and...
Robin's real name is Dick Greyson, of "The Flying Greysons" circusact. In the Batman Forever movie, Chris O'Donnell is the actor thatportrays Robin.
He created the beloved "Peanuts" comic strip which has set the high standard which most comic strip artists aspire to even today .
One volume sells for about $10 each (1000 yen)
This topic has many speculations about Wolverine's history, but in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, written by David Benioff and Skip Woods (Screenplay), and directed by Gavin Hood, it shows you most of how Wolverine (James Creed/ Logan Creed) became the mutant superhero later in the Marvel...
No, he is not. Kate Bishop is the Hawkeye of the Young Avengers, but Bucky is the Winter Soldier and Clint Barton is Ronan.
You could either be referring to a flat character (characters in astory who do not go through substantial change or growth throughoutthe story) or a static character (a character who goes through nochange)