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Translating English words into Hebrew. How you say and spell English language words and phrases in the Hebrew language.
lafayr, or, לְפַאֵר
Barack = Baruch (ברוך) which means "blessed".
In Hebrew merciful means רַחוּם In Greek merciful means εύσπλαχνος
As far as I know the Hebrew term is hesed.
Translation: Akhbar (עכבר) Note that this word is used both for the mammal and the computer apparatus. 'mouse' in Hebrew is ACH'BAR (spelled by the Hebrew letters A'IN - CHAF - BET - REISH, עכבר). As in English, the word is used both for the animal and for the compute's...
The oldest complete copy of the Old Testament is the CodexLeningradensis, dated about 1010 CE. Another mostly complete copyis the Septuagint, which is a Greek translation from about 247 to117 BCE. Then The Masoretic Texts are dated circa 500-1000 CE.
Eternal Spring translates to אביב נצחי
whiskers = safám (ספם) or shfamón (שפמון)
"No regrets" in Hebrew is "Lelo Haratot" - ללא חרטות.....can anyone improve on this or verify it. Please and thanks
bli hithartuyot (BLEE heet-khar-too-YOT) means litterally - without regrets
It depends what are you trying to say. If you mean a play, as in a game = משחק (Mis'chak). If you mean a play as in a show in the theater = מחזה (Ma'cha'zeh). If you mean the verb "to play" (a game) = lesakhek (לשחק) If you mean the verb "to play" (an...
Stress in Hebrew is Lahatz - לחץ
because the Hebrew alphabet was designed for right-to-left writing, and the Latin alphabet (used in English) was designed for left-to-right writing.
to see = lir'ot (לראות)
If you open your character map, you will see that most unicode fonts already installed on your computer have Hebrew characters. To go to character map, go to your start menu and type "character map" in the search box.
שלך בברכה (Ein be'ad ma) or בבקשה (bevakasha)
It depends entirely on how you use the word "serve". Serve has a number of very distinct meanings in English. Some of those meanings in particular have different translations in Hebrew: If you mean "serve" in the sense of "serving in the army" or "serving in public office", the verb is lesharet (×...
'nitsnoots' / נצנוץ
Bait in Hebrew is פתיון. It is pronounced "Pita'yon".
100 in Hebrew is pronounced "Me-ah" - מאה
Shield in Hebrew is Magen - מגן "mah-GEHN".
The literal meaning of the word 'goy' is nation and even the Jewish Nation is called this in the Torah. In modern Hebrew, the word 'goy' has also come to mean 'non-Jew'. The plural of 'goy' is 'goyim'. When a Jewish person calls you goy he/she is calling you non Jewish. The word "goy" is not an...
Hebrews 11 is commonly referred to as the 'Faith' chapter.
Lahut - לחות
I'm not sure if you mean "angel's" or "angels" so I'll give you both: angel's (posssesive form of angel) = Shel mal'ach (של מלאך) angels (plural form of angel) = mal'achim (מלאכים)
neshimat hakhayyim (נשימת החיים).
lai has no meaning in Hebrew, although this is a common way to represent singing without words....compared to lalalala in English. In Hebrew it would be lai lai lai.
In Hebrew it is spelled like this: סידור
רכב הכומר is pronounced "Rechev Hakomer".
If it is said to a female it is written: רדי ממני - Re'di Mi'meni. If it is said to a male: רד ממני - Red Mi'meni.
There is no special name for someone who studies Hebrew.
Baruch Haba Le'olami - ברוך הבא לעולמי
Zachary means "God remembers" in Hebrew. In Hebrew it is זכריה (zkhar-yah)
Fred is not a Hebrew word, therefore there is no meaning to it in the Hebrew language. It is written in Hebrew as follows: פרד.
It is written in Hebrew as follows: טינה.
Jocelyn has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew. But you can spell it ג׳וסלין in Hebrew letters.
Since Jocelyn is not a Hebrew word, there is no meaning for it in the Hebrew language. However, the spelling of the name is as follows: ג'וסלין.
Chelsea is spelled צ'לסי in Hebrew.
Derekh - דרך
Since Keli is not a Hebrew word, there is no meaning for it in the Hebrew language. However, the spelling of the name is as follows: קלי.
The name Rhonda has no meaning in Hebrew. It only has meaning in Welsh.
Jordan refers to the Jordan river, and it means "flowing downward"
It is pronounced the same way as in English. It's written: הומוסקסואל.
celev shehole כלב שחור
No. I never heard of it being used, so it must not be used. Themain languages are English and Irish.
Hitler, Haman, and Vashti. Hitler killed many Jews during world war 2. Haman was going to kill Achashverosh (the king of Shushan at that time) and then kill the Jews. Vashti had gold stolen as the first beit hamikdash was destroyed and than showed it of at her party.
Eric in Hebrew is spelled: אריק
There is no Y in the Hebrew alphabet. There is a letter that has the same sound as Y (called Yod) but it looks completely different.
Erica is not a Hebrew word, there is no meaning for it in the Hebrew language. However, the spelling of the name is as follows: אריקה.
he was the father of the Israel nation he was also biblicalaggregating to theBible,God led Abraham to Canaan ,Jewish people became his descendants Answer 2 They founded the Jewish religion. The Kuzari (Rabbi Judah HaLevi, 1075-1141) states that Abraham wasgifted with high intelligence; and, as...
In Yiddish, the adjective for 'non-kosher' is "TRAFE". It's the Hebrew word used in the Torah to denote meat prohibited for human consumption, as in Exodus 32:30. The literal meaning of the Hebrew word is "ripped", "torn", etc. In modern usage, it means any meat not slaughtered in accordance...
אִיּוֹב ('Iyyov) means persecuted or hated
The dots are vowels and other marks that indicate double letters, sound changes, and apiration changes.
In Hebrew it's: Toh-day she-loh heh-vah-ta oh-ti (תודה שלא הבכת אותי).
It is called the Holy Ark, or Aron hakodesh. It is the cabinet at the front of a synagogue where the Torah scrolls are kept.
The first is nursery school education, which enrolls children overone year. This is followed by elementary school, which has gradeone to five. Basic secondary is composed of grade 6 to 9, childrenenroll at 15 or 16 years. Mid secondary has grade 10 and 11.Undergraduate programs at university take 4...
The translation to the word Traveler in Hebrew is נוסע. It is pronounced "No'Se'ah".
Luke is not part of the Hebrew bible and was originaly written in Greek so any Hebrew versions of the texts would be translations of its original Greek.
Camille has no meaning in Hebrew. Your only option is to write it out phonetically as קמיל.
Brianna is written בריאנה
Riya has no meaning in Hebrew. If this is a name, you can spell in Hebrew letters as ריה
If you can tell me what ri ya means in English, I can then tell you its meaning in Hebrew.
There were hundreds of such laws, starting with the Nuremberg Laws of 1935.
Pressure in Hebrew is Lah-hatz (לחץ).
Andre has no meaning in Hebrew, but you can spell it out phonetically as אנדריי
It means sister. It can either be a sister within a family (e.g. brother, sister) or it could mean a medical nurse.
If you are asking about the word Yehuda, that means Judah in English. If not, please clarify.
Kenan is a biblical Hebrew name that possibly means "Possession". The biblical character was a son of Enosh and a great-grandson of Adam. It is spelled קינן Furthermore, Kenan in Arabic means "it covers and conceals".
deeply (as in very) = מְאוֹד (meh-OHD). deeply (as in physically deep) = באופן מעמיק (be-ofen me'amik).
There's no such concept in Hebrew.
Rose in Hebrew is Veh-Red (ורד).
"Rest in peace" in Hebrew is: Female: "Nuh-hi Al Mish-Kah-veh Beh-sha-lom" (נוחי על משכבך בשלום) Male: "Nuh-ah Al Mish-Kav-ha Beh-sha-lom" (נוח על משכבך בשלום)
Tattoo in Hebrew is "Kah-ah-koo-ah" (קעקוע). It depends on what the question is asking. If it is asking what the word "tattoo" is in Hebrew, the word is"ka'ako'a" (קעקוע). If it is asking about how to have a tattoo written in Hebrew, seethe information below. Note:...
"Me too" in Hebrew is "Gam Ani" (גם אני).
A: According to the Bible, the Hebrew nation split into two separate kingdoms after the death of King Solomon, with the Kingdom of Israel in the north and the Kingdom of Judah in the south. However, many scholars now believe there never was a united monarchy and that Israel and Judah were always...
The word 'canon' does not exist in Hebrew. Jewish canon is little more complex. What Christians call the Old Testament is called the Tanakh which consists of three parts. TORAH (The Law): . Bereishith (In the beginning...) (Genesis) . Shemoth (The names...) (Exodus) . Vayiqra (And He called...)...
Hermilo has no meaning in Hebrew.
To get in trouble - "להיכנס לצרות" (lehikaness letzarot). But notice that - "Tzarot" is actually plural (singular is "Tzara"), so basically in Hebrew we say "to get in troubles".
To a male friend: shalom, khaveri (שלום, חברי) To a female friend: shalom, khaverti (שלום, חברתי) (the kh is a gutteral sound)
Lajara is not a common Hebrew name, though it may be of Landino origins
"Nemera" (נמרה).
"Bo-root" (בורות).
Megan is a Welsh name. It has no meaning in any language except Welsh. But you can spell it in Hebrew letters as מייגן
"Chayim Chadashim" - חיים חדשים.
Israel is about 75% Jewish and 25% other religions, including Islamand Christianity. The two official languages are Hebrew and Arabic. The State of Israel has a population of approximately 8,146,800inhabitants as of 2014. 75.3% are Jewish (about 6,110,000individuals), 16% are Muslim (about 1,300,000...
male: tinok (?????) female: tinoket (??????)
The Hebrew equivalent of the letter "R" would be "Resh" (ר). Resh means "head" in Common Semitic (in Arabic it is "Ra'is"). InBiblical (reconstructed), Sephardi (Spanish/North African/Turkish),and Mizrahi (Middle Eastern) Hebrew dialects, this letter istrilled like in Arabic, a little less...
ha shem sheli Bryan or you can say sh'mi Bryan which is just a shorter version
Female to female: "Ani Soh-net Oh-tah" (אני שונאת אותך) Female to male: "Ani Soh-net Ot-ha" (אני שונאת אותך) Male to male: "Ani Soh-neh Ot-ha" (אני שונא אותך) Male to femail: "Ani Soh-new...
Wagner is of Germatic origins it has no meaning in Hebrew
Yayin in Hebrew means 'wine'
Just a few chapters in Ezra-Nehemiah and Daniel were written inAramaic, because Aramaic was the dominant language at that time.