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George W. Bush

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George W. Bush was the 43rd president of the United States, and he served two terms. He is the son of the 41st president, George H. W. Bush. Some events during George W. Bush's terms were the September 11th attacks, the beginning of the global War on Terrorism, and Hurricane Katrina.
His biggest mistake was either promising not to raising taxes (if you're a Democrat) or breaking the promise (if you're a Republican)
George W graduated from Yale University (BA) class of 1968 and later from and Harvard (MBA). 1975.For college, he got a BA degree at Yale University .
That answer is subject to opinion.
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He was in Sarasote County, Florida. He was reading The Pet Goat and  listening to it being recited by a special group at an Elementry  school. It was recited at Emma E. Booker Elementry.
did george h. w. bush have sisters or brothers and if he did what was his sister's or brother's names?
  Because of the No Child Left Behind Act, the largest unfunded Federal Mandate in the history of the United States, he could go down in history. Like most other presidents, some are remembered. However, he maybe could be one that is not remembered (such as William H. Harrison, Martin Van Buren,...
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Critics charged that bush had exaggerated evidence of WMD in Iraq and had misled americans in his effort to win support for the war
No. Bill Clinton was the 42nd President, since we are countingGrover Cleveland twice. George W. Bush was the 43rd US President, and the 42nd individualto be President.
Showing integrity would be the elected leaders responding to the voice of the people instead of turning a deaf ear to it.
  President Bush has a English Springer Spaniel.
  President and Mrs Bush use to have a English Springer Spaniel - however, that dog passed away about 8 years ago. They presently have a Scottish Terrier.
He took steps to increase homeland security and to attack terrorism in the world at large. Most people liked the Iraqi War at first, but it dragged on and on.
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This president is Ulysses S. Grant!!!
Clinton's surplus. The congress approved and funded the spending. Including the Democrats.
John Adams was the vice President under President George Washingtonfrom 1789-1797. Dan Quayle was the Vice President to George Herbert Walker Bush. Dick Cheney was the Vice President to George Walker Bush.
his hair color is gray and black but mostly gray
He's still alive as of October, 2013 and lives in Texas with his  wife.He is still alive in 2014.
No, he did not play an instrument.
he likes to play with puppies
The Iraqi War started on March 20, 2003.
he has 2 dogs and 1 snake yes I know weird right a president has a snake , did not see that coming!
Although it is too soon to make an accurate historical judgment about the Bush presidency, I doubt that very many historians will rank him as the very best ever.
George W. Bush IS still alive
Yes, he was in the Texas Air National Guard. He started in May 1968 and got honorably discharged on November 21, 1974
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George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas from January 17, 1995 to December 21, 2000, and he was the President of the United States from January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009.
The 1st President of the United States was George Washington from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797
* === Because he's a Christian, patriot, and conservative! ===
I say he was famous for being such a historically bad president!
George W. Bush has several hobbies including reading, baseball, and  painting. George W. Bush was the 43rd United States President.
No she doesn't have any child of her own.
If your definition of 'corruption' is: "number of members of the administration indicted", then the answer is - Ronald Reagan.
Yes, he had two named barney and miss beastly MORE. Barney just died. Both dogs were Scottie's . The first Scottie's since FDR's Scotty.
George Bush'es kids were born in brittan
And I'm the one who will not raise taxes. My opponent now says he'll raise them as a last resort, or a third resort. But when a politician talks like that, you know that's one resort he'll be checking into. My opponent, my opponent won't rule out raising taxes. But I will. And the Congress will push...
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41st President George H. W. Bush was 64 when he was elected US President in 1988 and when he took office in January, 1989. He was 56 when he was elected US Vice President in 1980. 43rd President George W. Bush was 54 years old when he was elected President (2000) and inaugurated (2001).
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For years the Bush family has done business with the Bin-Laden family. If you dig into this you'll find that during Desert Storm ( which took place during seniors term in office) America trained who is current day Al-Quida to aid in the war. At the time they weren't enemies. Later on Senior uses his...
He was good at his Military job. And being a good president.
President George W. Bush (served 2001-2009) was in office during the September 11 attacks.
"why the hell do you need to know tht u dont " don't expect to get anything but nasty answers from some of these people. I believe it is yellow because of his daughter. Not sure. You could write and ask him. He loved the American people.There's a good chance you would hear from him. I also...
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well he didn't want to run for president because he wanted his brother JEB to butt Jeb had convinced George to
When first elected as president George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas.
Barack Obama 2008-(not ended)
Here are some answers from contributors:   * "Black Hawk Down" CNN.com reported on July 4, 2003.   * "Saving Private Ryan" as well according to SkyNews. See related link below.   * "Field of Dreams"   * "Armageddon"
  whenever he wants to!   whenever he wants to!
By answering the attack of 9/11. He made the decision to take the fight to the enemy around the world instead of allowing them to attack America. Our military had been reduced to a size that was not ready for 9/11 and what it meant. Immediate funding was needed for the military. At the same time he...
Yes he did. He was elected President in the year 2000, and re-elected in 2004.
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In the 2000 presidential election George W. Bush ran against AlGore. In 2004, President George W. Bush ran against John Kerry.
The Cold War ended during President George H. W. Bush's administration, largely as a result of actions taken by his predecesor, Ronald Reagan.
George Bush Jimmy Carter
he was known as one of the better presidents
In 1978, George W Bush lost a run for Texas Congressional seat 19to Kent Hance . 22 years later, Bush would win his first term as president againstAl Gore.
  George W. Bush's birthdate is 6 July 1946.
January 20, 2009 at 12:00 Noon was the end of Bush's term in office,
They were both United States presidents.George Bush was born on June 12,1924.As a young kid his mother made him eat broccoli.On September 2,1944 his plane was shot down off the Pacific Ocean.He was soon rescued.In 1945 Bush married Barbara Pierce.In 1948 he graduated from Yale University.In 1953 his...
Algore won Florida with a popular vote, but Bush won the Electoral votes during the December election.
He has a normal hand configuration - four fingers and one thumb on each hand.
George Caleb Bingham painted many paintings. I would think some of his most famous paintings would be French Traders Descending the Missouri, Daniel Boone Escorting through the Cumberland Gap, and Boatmen on the Missouri.
Because he captured Saddam Hussein one of the most biggest A-holes of are time people, get an fing clue dumd-dumdsmakes you wonder?or . . .or . . . . He is so amazing because of invading and occupying a country illegally, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, poisening them with...
Three presidents of the US have visited Ghana up till this year 2010 and they are;1.Bill Clinton 2.George Walker Bush and 3.Barack Hussan Obama.
No. George Delmetia Beauchamp (musical instrument inventor) was born in Texas on March 18, 1899 and died of a heart attack on March 30, 1941.
no, but he violated the international law of the Geneva convention,and the united nation chapter.
President George Bush's only connection with 9-11 was that it  happened during his presidency and he had the executive duty in the  days afterwards.
George Bush's middle name is Walker
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Perhaps cut taxes or a progressive conservative might enact tort reform. A true Conservative answer: A true conservative would understand the values and privileges we have been granted by our founding fathers. They would tend to try for as many rights being kept as possible and to allow the private...
1.) 9/11  attacks 2.) Hurricane Katrina 3.) Iraq War and fall  of Saddam Hussein
In response to the Invasion of Iraq, March 2003, The Dixie Chicks (Natalie) in the middle of a concert in England made some anti-Bush comments. Like "They were embarrased and ashamed that Bush was from Texas" and made some remarks about the U.S always wanting to go to war.........................But...
They never will, because Ronald Reagan was the first president to bankrupt the United States. In 1987, the United States treasury ran out of money in mid-September. Before October 1, 1987, government employees were always paid on the last day of the month. In 1987, they had to push the September 30...
  Yes, he have 100000 grand kids because he have so many boys in this house and in this office
He wen to Yale University, and Harvard Business receiving a BA in business..