Republic of Slovenia is a central European country that borders Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria.


It was first presented by Slovene patriots/nationalists in Austro-Hungarian empire in 1848, as the tricolor of white, blue and red. The colors are reportedly taken from the crest of the land of Craina, that was the most "Slovene" of all Austrian lands. Nowdays Slovenia also covers parts of othe...
No ....yeah, i hope so.
He probably doesn't know what Slovenia is.
Slovenia is an independent country in Europe.
The latest census (June, 2006) set the population at 2,008,516 people. As of 1 January 2010, the population of Slovenia was estimated to be 2,054,480 .
We are actually quite wealthy... GDP (PPP). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $59.413 billion [2] (82nd). -. Per capita. $29,520 [2] (30th). GDP (nominal). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $54.639 billion [2] (69th). -. Per capita. $27,148 [2] (31st). Gini (2007). 28.4 (low). HDI (2007). ▲ 0.929 ...
it was part of socialist Yugoslavia, so yes
Slovenia has a mountainous terrain and its extremes in elevation range between 2,864 meters at its highest point (Triglev) to sea level on the short Adriatic coastline. The country's only low lying areas apart from on the Adriatic coast are in the valleys of Rivers Sava and Drava.
Slovenia is bordered by Italy and the Adriatic Sea to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the east, and Croatia to the south.
Not united, but a part of a federation.
we have 4 holidays : autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays. the major ones are summer holidays which last for 2 months -from the end of june to august-
Hallo, there is no information concerning the existence of the Slovenian embassy in Nigeria.
Slovenia's medal tally at every Olympics in which they have so far participated: . 1992 - Albertville - no medals . 1994 - Lillehammer - 3 bronze . 1998 - Nagano - no medals . 2002 - Salt Lake City - 1 bronze . 2006 - Turin - no medals . 2010 - Vancovuer - no medals so far
Prior to the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, Slovenia had won 4 medals, all bronze. 3 of those medals were in alpine skiing and 1 was in ski jumping.
yes it does .the biggest ski jump in the whole world.
Slovenians or "Slovenci" in Slovenian language.
Snubitev is a Slovenian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Proposal'.
Ljubezen se zgodi is a Slovenian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Love Happens'.
Dedek, nono Stará papa is a Slovenian equivalent of 'Grandfather'.
V mojih nebesih is a Slovenian equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Lovely Bones'.
Kje sta Morganova? is a Slovenian equivalent of the title to the movie 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?'
Volkodlak is a Slovenian equivalent to the title to the movie 'The Wolfman'.
Boj za kri is a Slovenian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Daybreakers'.
Legija is a Slovenian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Legion'.
A lot of Slovenians know some English, especially the youngergeneration. I have cousins in Slovenia and they can all speak to mein English very well. If you're ever stuck with a translationthere's usually someone close by who can speak English, so noworries :) As English is taught in schools for...
the most loved sport in Slovenia is:football
Sarajevo is the capital and largestcity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ljubljana is the capital andlargest city of Slovenia.
Slovenia's imports include machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, chemicals, fuels and lubricants, and food.. Slovenia's exports include electrical machinery, road vehicles, chemicals, and chemical products, footwear, furniture, food, and cigarettes. Tourism is also a major source of...
A random search of flight options between Minneapolis, MN and Ljubljana, Slovenia revealed total travel times between 11 hrs 55 min and 27 hrs 35 min, depending on your flight choices. Prices for a round-trip ticket ranged from $2,351 to $5,605.
To take out the small stone in the shoe. It is a Slovenianexpression.
The Slovenian Ballet dance and various folk dances.
Slovenia has won the world cup once.
Yes he is. My grandparents are Slovenian and they know his family...who are also Slovenians :P
zdravo is pronounced as it's spelt. zd-ravo you should roll the "r" on your tongue zdrrravo
You say "adijo" or "nasvidenje" if it's more formal.
'Mother' in Slovenia is 'mati' (MAH-tee). Colloquially it is 'mama' (stress is on the first syllable).
The phrase 'V zraku' is a Slovenian equivalent to the title of the movie 'Up in the air'.
beacuse it is too reach! slovenia had to donate 1/4 of its GDP to kosovo, macedonia, serbia...
Slovenia is located just East of Italy. It is to the south of Austria and Northwest of Croatia. It lies on the Balkan Peninsula.
Yes. Predjama is a castle in Slovenia and it is located about 10 km from the Postojna city.
My citiy :) Postojna's Cave
They never did. Slovenia and Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia first, which the Yugoslavia army opposed, starting a 8-day war in Slovenia and a war in Croatia lasting 2-3 years. Serbia didn't exist at the time. It was just a republic in Yugoslavia. Serbia became a proper country when...