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NDS is a handheld gaming device with a touchscreen. The smaller DS Lite was released in 2006.


Sadly, probably not as much as you originally payed for it.Gamestop's trade in value for the console is $18.00 (in perfectcondition). You might as well keep the system.
You can find some on YouTube ,but there arn`t really any. Hope I  helped! :D
/**1 844 247  1987**// HP PRINTER support number and HP PRINTER support phone  number USA,CANADA 
1: Go to level world 1-3 2: Get a Yoshi 3: Once the ceiling of the level starts appearing, flutter kick on top of it with your Yoshi 4: Keep moving on top of the level until you complete it
Actually you can't delete a game off a DSi but you can if you take it to a game repair shop
The microsd adapter cannot store any data unless there is a microsd card inserted in the adapter.
You have to get to the end of it and win
No you can not. There is no wire made for that yet.
Slide/Push it down for about 30 minutes.
Maybe??? Well It is not complete answer but a dsi can take pic's, record, and go on the internet Witch means you could take a pic of the bad guy record what they say but it can only be 10 sec's and you can look them up on the internet.
is music good or not that much. would you reccomed it . if not then  why. and so on .. yeah .
There will be lights on the houses on Bright Nights. Bright Nights happens in winter December January OR February very early in the month
theres are no types of codes for the game you will have to unlock  it normally
No there is not. That is only on the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS  Lite.
The price is exactly $25.95 on ebay for 2 sets of cheats! Or they  sell single packs at target, toys r us, and wall mart for $20. Hope  this helped!
At your local retail store or through the internet, you need to  purchase the Action Replay device for your handheld. Once bought,  insert the device into the Nintendo DS Game Slot and power your  device on. You are greeted by the Action Replay menu. Then insert  your game into the Action...
Ok,first,go to nook's and buy a "bug zapper" it's blue and sort of curvy.It should costlike 1,200 bells. Then, put it in your house. To test it, take out all of your furniture andempty your mailbox.* (*you'll have a lot of mail when you forward the time)Then,save your game,and instead of your...
just draw what you see around you or you could improve on lip syncing for awesome amv's and this is how, 1. you get the song you want to lyp-sync with 2. then you go through the song by pressing start/stop and right down when phrases start/stop 3.you go through the song and put in layer two what...
It normally depends on your R4 as they come in different memory sizes but the more memory your R4 can take ,, the more expensive it will be. You can see the website too.Hope this answers
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go to the maiger star and shoot it with stars
yahoo, lets a go or here we go
Shea's Heart Events. 1. Hunter. Requirements: 1.Walk to the jungle. 2. 6:00am to 11:00am 3. Any weather 4. Shea's heart color is invisible, so in or around two hearts in the assets file. Answer with; I thoroughly understand.= 3000+FP 2.Tower Requirements: 1. Walk to jungle 2. 8:00am- 8...
You start with a circle, you dot the eyes, add a great big smile, and presto! It's Kirby!
1. You go to Scott's office and speak to him, he will tell you that  Mr. Nelson has it on his computer.   2. To get the passcode, you talk to marty and once you're in  control of him, go to the common room and look under a bush for his  tag (then give it to Clara).   3. With it you can go...
Yes, But not until you are married. If you marry Flora she will not even talk to Carter anymore, but if you are married you cannot stop them, unlike in real life.
If your phone is capable of connecting to your router, then the answer is yes. You can use it to get free internet on your phone. You just need make sure that your phone gets internet through wireless internet not from phone service provider (Verizon and so on).
yes they do bcoz a defauly game called tumbling dice work in it
Well, Wilfre is at it again and you have to draw another hero. But when Wilfre takes the color (and some villagers) from the Raposa village, when you try to draw a hero, the drawing screen starts to collapse! The notepad swings for a bit, then drops, and other things happen too. So the survivors get...
a dropping fossil is in a dark fossil rock you can find it anywhere
you just wait and people will come in , if they don't you still have another pet to take care of that's all the help i can give you.
"Developer's System" and the "i" is unknown by me. . . I think it might be internet or something to do with everything always having i in it. You know, iphone idog irobot.... the Dsi is just trying to fit in :P.
Style boutique is used in the U.K., and style savvy is used in the  U.S.
Yes, there are DSi games that are slightly enhanced, gernallyhaving better fps and may have features that allow the usage of theDSi camera.
aw, did u break ur screen? unfortunatly, u cant take a broken ds to gamestop to repair it. depending on what state u live in, u have to buy a new ds :( im soooo sorry that's happened to me b4. I've had 4 DS's and now i have a DSi lol XD
Try using different outlets or a different charger. If this  doesn't work, you may need to have your DS repaired of  replaced. 
the r4i gold card cost about 15 USD. you can buy it in some online store, such as the r4town.com. R4i Gold card can run DS games in Nintendo 3DS/3DSXL/3DSLL, DSi/DSiLL/DSiXL/DSiLL, DS lite, it is a most excellent flashcard at the moment.
Well say you wanna make the stick man fly and if you draw the man again it wont look good because it wont be the same, so, hold down left button (right button for left handed people) and drag the man and then keep doing that so it will look like he is flying. (It doesn't have to be a flying stick...
Yes where it say their name click, then use the backspace arrow and type in their new name
I can find no knife in the weapons shown in the related link
nope. the only difference is the color
You can either find them in the winter section as a sparkle or go to Rosetta and paint lady bugs 5-10 times in the normal mode and she will give you one.
The closest game is Call of Duty Modern Warfare Mobilized for the Nintendo DS. It came out for the Nintendo DS when MW2 came out for the PS3 and Modern Warfare Reflex came out for the Nintendo Wii in November 2009 and should be available everywhere
ok then u must have non-wireless internet. so u take the internet cord from ur computer and plug it into ur ds
This isn't a Place to share Friend Codes. Try going to Game Faqs and using their forum.
No you just have to bet Bowser 4 the 3rd time and there you goi know that because i finished it with only 81 stars
It looks like a spinax head fossil.
Annissa can give you the flower seeds to grow, but you can't grow them, they are Winter Flowers.
Yes, but that moves your character to your friend's game card. You also lose all of your items, your house and all the money that isn't in the bank.
In 1991 for Super NES. Then in 2003 which then was called Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World for Gameboy Advance.
the villa is the very big house the farthest left in Forget-Me-not valley.
You have to beat Big Bossdown in under 9 minutes with either character (Starfy OR Starly).
you have to chop a piece of lumber then put it on 1 of the platforms then go to Vesta's to buy the seeds and continue as if any other crop.
If it's an original DS system it may just be because it's been battered (used a lot) or maybe just a a system failure.
You press 1 or 2 player in the box on the bottom left corner
No, halo 3 is exclusively on the xbox 360.
You should find tricera in rivet ravine in moles secret tunnel in tunnel 4. first after u beat the game,go to the guild area and talk to the information guy in the shop. if he says strange holes appearing in rivet ravines tunnels, that means the entrance to moles secret tunnel is open
you can buy at target for 21 dollars
a Nintendo ds browser is a internet browser witch you can go on the internet with but using a Nintendo ds. but you need:a wifi conector or a wireless internet witch is compadible with a Nintendo dsThey don't make it anymore but soon a new version will come out for the DSi
Yeah, and it is only 1000 ntd
There is only 1 in Mario bros. It is found on world 1-2 when you go above the ceiling on the things that go UP and you keep walking past the exit you will get to warp zone where you can go to world 2, 3, or 4Type your answer here...
you play multiplayer with friends or online. Then you start getting kills right. well the more kills you get the more guns you get that simple posted by Britt B.
No there is not the worlds there are are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 but no 10 very sorry!
Just put an orange in a cooking pot, and boom, you get Marmalade!
You Have To Be in Summer Have An Orange Tree Seeds Till the land so it's like in the rectangle kind of shape plant water after a year or 2 you'll have oranges!!! I have many trees >.>
download the browser in the Nintendo DSi shop. you'll need wireless internet for this.
Avoid the spaceship's attacks until it fires a missile, then jump  to the ceiling and guide the missile into the ship. After 5 or so  hits the ship will be destroyed.
when you go in your house in the lower left corner there is a furniture icon, tap on that then select the put down, move ,or pick up icon.
If Professor Layton and the Specter's Flute is Released in America and the UK, ( lets hope it is), The next game will be Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle. Luckily, whatever happens with the specters flute, it has already been confirmed that the Mask of Miracle will be released in the US and...
First, you have to unlock it. (It will tell you) Then, while choosing your character, press up on the control pad when you put him/her in the hoop.
You must get all the attack pieces in Dimble Wood to get the Snack Basket attack. Go to IGN.com and type in "Bowser's Inside Story" and go to the guide and then go to walkthrough then go to page 21 for a complete walkthrough of the 3rd star cure.
Skye lives out of the valley. At 10:00-11:00 wait near the entrance to Mineral Town (the place where the sprite stops you) and he will arrive.HOWEVER: TO SEE HIM YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THE BLACK HEART EVENT TO GET HIM TO COME.
Anytime if the fungi, ferns or moss wanted to reproduce. Spore, the game, is out now! It's out for Wii, DS, and for computer.
they started when there tv got a portal