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Popular Japanese anime series that has also spawned lines of books, games and action figures
  Kagome is a high school girl who happens to fall into a well one day and goes back in time to the feudal era. She is also the reincarnation of Kikiyo. She goes with Inuyasha who she is in love with in search of the sacred Jewel shards.
ALOT!!! for one kikyo and kagura die for good, and well there are websites that let you read it for free like onemanga.com and adinuyasha.com!!! They have all the translations   And he lives happily ever after married to Kagome.   :D
That was actually a movie, InuYasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass, but that doesn't count towards cannon. It was a movie.
its is simply 'sit' but she adds 'sit boy' herself when angry
if u mean kikyo, its in episode 15: return of the tragic priestess, Kikyou
The Jeweled Sprig of Hourai    I ventured to see if what I had heard was true   With this jeweled branch with leaves so real   T'was nothing more than an empty promise     The Jewel From the Dragon's Neck    Oh arrow of mine   With power pure and immense to slay the dragon ...
dudes you can watch it here http://www.animefreak.tv/watch/inuyasha-final-act-episode-1-online
No, InuYasha didn't turn out to be gay in any of the episodes. (hint hint: He's in love with Kagome and Kikyo. InuYasha? Gay?Nope.) Confusion might have come from the episode in which Shuuga (Myogathe flea's wife to be) possesses Inuyasha and tries to violateShippo in episode 65. (How silly!)
The series Inuyasha finished airing in 2004, episode 167 was the  last episode. The sequel to the series aired in 2009 and episode 26  was the final episode for the entire series.
He kisses a prostitute becauses Cook brings him to a night club to  lose his virginity.
Its not really an episode it's toward the of end of the 2nd movie when Inuyasha turns full demon and kagome is like "i love you as a half demon inuyasha!" then shes looks at him then kisses him to reverse the transformation.
Many people pair him with Rin, though that is not true. In 'Inuyasha: Final Act,' he give her a kimono. He has feelings for her, but not romantic ones. He probably cares for her because she tried to heal him the first time she met him. She is the only one (besides Jaken, but he's crazy) who has ever...
the first time inuyasha turned human was in episode 13 and in episode 57 and 58
I havent the foggiest idea but it probably is less then normal china ;)
The game is called Slamdunk. It is actually a re-themed game. This mean the art and name were all replaced. The game was originally Space Invaders made by Bally Manufacturing in 1980. Slamdunk was made in 1988 and may have been a re-theme specifically for the movie, but there is no information on...
The movies are more of an individual story line on their own rather  than an actual part of the anime. They can be fit into the anime,  but are more independent than anything else.   The first movie fits 4-8 episodes after Inuyasha defeats Ryoukutsei  and learns the backlash wave, and the...
you can watch them at any time because nothing deals with the series. it might be a bit confusing if you watch them first but here is the order they came out. 1st movie: after episode 55 2nd movie: after episode 95 3rd movie: after episode 126 4th movie: after episode 167 hope this helped. ^U^
Search wiki for "list of inuyasha episodes (season 1)" other season are at the bottom. Just too many episodes to list hope that helps you find what you're looking for faster.
no, but kagome and inuyasha do
Yes, they are still showing Inuyasha on Adult Swim. It comes on Sunday/ Saturday at 5:00-6:00.
the song is called "passing me by" by the pharacyde
right now its the game by motorhead or are you talkin about his tag team entrance then that would be break it down by the chris warren band
I don't think so. You could, but it won't be an official Inuyasha movie.
  == Answer ==   "barracuda" by Heart
A lot. There is no way of knowing unless you count them yourself and that might take awhile.
Theres already 5-7 movies out.
letters or writing
Yes there is, I believe it's in the last episode of Inuyasha: The Final Act.
no he dosent but it has been implied in previous episodes. sorry idk the episodes.
i dont know but it some where
in chapter 78 to chapter 80
All that Viz Media announced so far was that they were going to dub the series.
well at the end of the final episode inuyasha and his friends were captured inside of a demons belly and it was filled with miasm so anyway inuyasha and naraku started fighting inuyasha started to become weak so he used the jewel shards on his sword to get strong and then he killed naraku
She does not. If you are referring to the picture of Kagome and Inuyasha with pups, that was fan made. She does not turn into a demon, half or other wise. In the TV show, at least, the episodes only went so far.... its up to YOU to decide if she did or not.
She did not drown in a pool of miasma, she fell into a river of miasma and this happened in episode 124.
once entei, raikou, suicunne are all roaming the johto region its all a matter of running into them
Some guy started a fire, while inuyasha's dad ( don't kno name) Fought a dude who was a demon. when he killed the demon dude, he couldn't escape from the fire, before he died, He died Takemaru of Setsuna (or whatever he calls himeself) went into the castle and killed InuYasha's Mother. Meanwhile...
Shippo's dad was a fox demon murdered by the thunder brothers and then shippos dad was avenged by inuyasha when he destroyed them with his tetsiaga
never because its not that popular of a show
There are 167 episodes.
no one kills kagome not that i think,but so far no ?
7 including The Final Act. There are also 4 movies.
it is an automatic reaction to emmbarresment
That one is an easy one. In the movie where Sesshomaru and Inuyasha have to team up to defeat their father's enemy who has come back from the dead, as well as rescue Rin and Kagome, they have the scene where Inuyasha is born and when he gets the Cloak of the Fire Rat from his father. His father also...
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yes you do when she is a baby with the sacred jewl in her, but after the whole love story of inuyasha and kikyo they show how kagome is reincarnated wth kikyo
No they don't. I want to see Miroku as a pervert there and Sango with her herikos or however you spell it.
No he doesn't. Dissapointing right? If Inuyashas funny in kagomes world then how will koga react? LoLz
vodpod.com is where you can watch all the episodes in English and japanesse with or no subtitles
no, what the hell kikyo doesen't shoot an arrow at sesshomaru in any of the episodes at all, the only person that got shot by her arrow was his younger brother inuyasha in episode 1.
yes in the last season check it on hulu
it is episode 13 and is called "The Mystery of the New Moon and the Black-haired InuYasha"In my personal opinion, it is an awesome episode!! It's sort of a romantic episode, one of the first episodes when InuYasha and Kagome start to become better friends!! Hope it helped!! :)
It's doubtful. Though Sesshomaru's opinion of Rin gradually changed throughout the course of the Inuyasha anime and manga series, his opinion of most other humans didn't seem to improve much, and he still has a very low opinion of half-demons that result from full youkai such as himself mating with...
Inuyasha is about a half Demon Inuyasha who was betrayed by Kikyo, a priestess that he loved, and she was betrayed by him, so they thought when in fact their betrayal was in fact a demon named Nuroku. Any way Inuyasha after believing Kikyo betrayed him Inuyasha decides to steal the sacred jewel and...
They are all memorable and play a big role in the story.
Yes, twice. One in the Inuyasha movie: The Castle beyond the looking glass and the second kiss was in the Inuyasha the final act: Toward Tomorrow.
there is no "Final confrontation". if u mean the final act, then yes, and he survives
he doesn't have brown hair he has black hair but he has black hair first in episode 13.
Yes they do but they won't admit it.
He is going to die in episode 135
there us no really big difference between them inuyasha final act is basicley the closing of the whole anime
Yes, once, in the first episode of the original anime.
Probably a little past 2011 hers my theory They may show new episodes or cancel it forever please e mail me and i will discuss why and my reasons are actually quite realistic so e mail as fast as possible @ marandaalbarran@yahoo.com
He meets her in Episodes 83 and 84.
episode 25 of the final act.
No, but they do get married at the end of the series.
"The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle"
= Answer =   Hiragana: いぬやしゃ   Katakana: イヌヤシャ Did you maybe mean kanji? The kanji for inuyasha are: 犬夜叉     犬夜叉 yup yup =) im going to awnser every question so just look me up i know every answer so look me up k   = =
Here are the lyrics to the song: English Lyrics: Japanese Lyrics: Father once said to me, Chichi WA iwareta, many moons ago, arakasi no te WA, "A demon's hand will defend." "Mamori no te." Mother said one day, Haha WA iwareta, "There is more that you must know, "Hito no te aru WA, a mortal hand...
Many. The best ones are "Battle Against the Dried Up Demons at the Cultural Festival!" Parts one and Two.
Lots of times in the anime but I don't know how many episodes
A freshman in high school named Nanami happens be in the same class as popular Motoharu Yano. Still unsure of her feelings, a relationship starts to bloom but problems grow as the sad story of his past girlfriend looms over them, and her uncertainty of his past ties in. Will their sweet love story...
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its episode 58. theres a demon and inuyasha is in his human form but he wants to protect kagome so he tackles the big dude jumps off the cliff with him in his human form.   wrong... it was episode after the fateful night in togenyko! kagome was wearing inuyasha's red kimino and the sage was about...
No. Kikyo is not evil. She wants revenge for believing Inuyasha betrayed her. She finds out it was Naraku and is trying to find her own way to kill him, which usually blows back in her face.
    in his own way yes he does though he does not show her to much affection when she is kidnapped sesshomaru rushes off to save her all the time even though its a trap.   when he first found rin she tried to help him after his battle with inuyasha by giving him fish though he doesn't...
the only time i saw was in inuyasha movie 3... i think there is like one or two episodes whare kagome gets saved by him
In general, demons are mythical creatures and are not real.
well its your opinion u can watch it on animefreaktv.com or some episodes on youtube