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Naked Brothers Band

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Nat Wolff is the lead singer of the teen group The Naked Brothers Band and Alex Wolff is the drummer
Nat Wolff has never lip synced. He is a truly amazing singer &; and extravagant boy.
  friends semintary i think
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Who...me? haha No Im not.
It is unknown who Nat's dating, rumour is he's single.But should be kept private if he wants it to
    You can get one if go to one of there concerts or maybe go to a new album release and get one.
no no no why would nat wolff be a hobo he is hot and awesome i live with him i am his aunt Lucy wolff and who would say my natty is a hobo i love him with all i have he loves christena not rosalina why would he like her after she kissed that wacky french dude i love u natty ,love your aunt Lucy...
  this is me nat wolff no lie i love kaniah not rosalina i mit have grown up with her but she is unglyer then when we pull luckys checks ROSALINA YOU ARE SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO UNGLEY LOVE YOU KANIAH SO MUCH
  == Answer ==   yeah.
  The band is called Bond and the song is called Victory.
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November 1, 1997
They known each other since they were little kids and they just start making a band and became famous.
  no. plus it would be illegal soon because she is going to be 18
  In october 2008 Nat was 13.
go on youtube and look up the world with lyrics then just stop it every few seconds and write the new words down. that's what i do:) hope this helps
Alex Shelnutt (drummer) is 26 years old (birthdate August 15,  1990).
  you would have to watch the new movie to find that answer
  NO. Nat is not dating anyone. He is a single boy.
  you have to be 14 and older and pay an amount of money
I think Yes. If you don't its hard for her to know if you like her back . You can take a risk or you can not but i hate loving someone if you dont know if they love you back
  I don't what you mean by that question but i think you mean what his real name is its Nathaniel Marvin Wolff
Wolff, not wolf, it has 2 f's
  Im Allie Dimeco Me and Nat Are Not dating
  No, just in the movie. Nat is only thrirteen and Alli (AKA) Rosalina is sixteen. Plus Rosalina already has a boyfreind. Nat wants to be single
Kristina is 16 and was born on April 27,1994
Kristina is the girl who won the band Bass player competition. She replaced Rosalina for a short time. Then when Rosalina came back in the end of last nights (april 11th) episode, they both played bass! Now her and rosalina are best friends and have a webshow called A&K (Allie & Kristina)!
yes. she is over 15 years old and Nat is about 14 right now.
You can look on yahoo or google just type in your question and your most likely going to find your answer,but careful some people may give the wrong number so you'll never be sure!
  In the movie he took a bunch of people including them. He kicked none of them out of the band either.
  yes of couse he does everybody does once in a while
this is me nat wolff no lie. yes i kissed kaniah but no one knows rosalina does not know i had none her all of my life but rosalina had not i love kaniah we had kissed about 1000 times she looks better then rosalina she even laid in my bed together and watched tv and then we kissed one day she got...
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  yes. I'm his girlfriend
  yes, 4-24-09 at the fair they play around 7:30.
Nat chose them both in the tv show, but in real life he didn't have to choose because Kristina isn't a real contestant for a new bass player, she's just an actress and musician.
  the neck and tummy
  you watch naked brother band? pervert!
  It is A tie between them. Some will say Alex Nieto, and the other half Will say Peter Velez!!!   (I LOVE both!!!)
not exactly. she is in the band in the show, but the show is scripted, so no, she isn't.
  If you are talking about Nat Wolff his dad (Michael Wolff) was born September 19,1954 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
no his tattoos isn't real because in the naked brothers band show his tattoos change.riahboo14
  It is spelled "Kristina" and that is her real name, in the show and outside of the show. Her name is Kristina Reyes and she is an actress and a musician. You can kind of notice how most of the people in the Naked Brothers Band show use their real names. Nat, Alex, Thomas, David, Kristina -...
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She is alive. But she isn't on NBB cuz she created the show and she is the director of it. Also her name is Polly Draper.
i love them and i would love to meet them some day even just see them   I love Alex but I like Nat
Don't worry about it. Don't you think enough people have already stolen pictures of them and created false myspace/facebooks. Honestly, move on with your own life/GET A LIFE and leave them alone...stalker. OR you could Google them-- they both deleted their facebooks because of crazy people.. but...
  her birthday is April 27,1994, so she is 15
a good friend she is the bestest girl eve!!!! ily girly!! no homo!!
No, she is way older than him and they're not going out.
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  Her name is actually Kristina in the show and in real life
at CD singings (there's one on November 16th at HP at 6:00)
yes she is
  it can only be his age or a year younger but more than that he doesn't like it
    yes. im pretty sure they are.
  Nat and Alex do it is:   http://www.facebook.com/editphoto.php?aid=55182&id=42973579795
  NO She can not remember so many names
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  probably allie because he has known her longer and she is like a sister to him. Miranda doesn't even know how to say his name. She called him Nat Woof in a interview
he chose to keep both but since kristina on-sreen character can only play 1 instrument he paced her with the same position and rosalina with a diffrent insrument to practice
  hey nat wolff this my 408 9771139
Nat Wolff's phone number A fan phone number is currently unavailable for Nat Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band. You can keep checking his official fan website or Saynow.com for updates. Note: this is a catch-all question. Neither it nor its alternatives should be deleted. It should remain...
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He did kiss her, but no they wont start dating.
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they sayu can but i really dont know
Nat Wolff is Currently crushing onsomeone named Trisy a singer From Montana!
Jezza was born 2 August 1945 in Salzburg, Austria
    something said he lives in ny city and he has sites and you can post comments and email he but who cares just because he's on tv. -