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Ask questions here about how to take pregnancy tests properly, when to take them, how to determine unclear results and more.


  Very common. Brown blood is old blood and should not be too concerning. If you begin spotting red blood or experience cramping you should contact your OB.
It cost just right under SGD $500
Irregular periods, recently stopping or stopped taking birth control, recently took the morning after pill, illness, stress, underlying medical conditions, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy.
Yes, but chances are you are not pregnant if you are having a period.     yes..but it will come back as a negative so i wouldn't even bother ANSWER: I just took a HPT with my period, and it came back as positive, so I'm gonna wait for a few days for it to finish and retest.
Unfortunately, yes, Pre-Cum /can/, and will make you Pregnant if not taken seriously enough to wear a Condom. If teh male wears a Condom, there should, and will be no problem whatsoever, unless of course, the Condom breaks some how.
Control didn't work, test is not accurate.
  == Answer ==   If the HPTs were positive then you are definitely pregnant. See a different doctor and get a blood test.
 == Answer ==   No, because they would have to test for pregnancy to detect it. They can use the same blood to test it though if you request it. 
A pregnancy test gives the best results one week after you miss your period, in pregnancy terms that would make a woman 5 weeks along.
2 weeks. a pregnancy test can't tell you anything for at least 2 weeks.
Blood test are good for women who do not have enough hcg in their urine to detect on a home urine pregnancy test. A blood test can detect pregnancy before a hpt can. Hopes this help
Due to the possibility of lower levels of hormone with ectopic pregnancy it is possible to have a home test show that you are not pregnant while you have an EP.
This is a slightly complicated question. If you know your ovulation cycle and it is a constant 28 days then you do not need to take the MAP but not all women are on a 28 day cycle and infact their ovualtion is random so they really never know when they ovulate and in this case yes you do need to...
You can buy a pregnancy test kit at a drug store. It tests for hormones in the urine.
Trichomoniasis does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.
The period can take 2 months and even a little bit more before it comes back. If you've had unprotected sex you can test 2 weeks after sex.
Home pregnancy tests are considered reliable 14 to 16 days after having unprotected sex.
No. Paternity testing in utero is very expensive and poses a risk of miscarriage, infection, and premature labor on the mother and child. It's very rare for a court to order it. He however can easily get a court order for testing shortly after birth.
Could be. Buy a home pregnancy test and have another try; if you are it will show up clearly now. Pregnancy tests don't give false positives, so even if the line is faint it means it's detected the changes.
The most common causes for false negative home pregnancy tests are testing too soon (you should test 14 to 16 days after having unprotected sex) and testing with diluted urine. You should use first mornings urine to test or test with urine that you've held for at least 5 hours. If you still feel...
Normally, I'd say pregnancy would be number one but many other factors are included in normal menstruation such as diet, exercise, weight gain/loss, hormonal imbalances, stress, and/or various medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Remember that nothing on any web site should...
When you have a hcg blood test and the levels drops 48 hours later, this usually indicates a miscarriage. I'm very sorry for your loss.
It's possible if you may of tested too early, as hcg needs time to rise to a sufficent enough level to give you a clear and accurate result on a urine pregnancy test. If you still suspect pregnancy, see your Doctor for a blood pregnancy test, known as the beta hcg quantitative pregnancy test.
Fasting, or any change in eating habits can cause you to miss a period. It's probably worth waiting a little longer, but a test will stop you wondering. Even if your bf didn't come, there are still millions of sperm released in the tiniest drop of seminal fluid.
Answer . It should tell you on the box or there may be a little slip of paper that came with it and it may be on there. I don't know what brand you have, but I purchased one last year and it said that the results were 99% accurate. I took it and got a positive result and it was accurate. Although...
Some tests can show positive before your period is even late. It depends on how sensitive the test is. If using an early detection test with negative results, retest when your period is a week late. The test looks for hCG, a hormone that can vary greatly from woman to woman and pregnancy to...
No, a negative pregnancy test means the nausea is caused by something besides pregnancy.
No, you need a further medical work up to determine what is causing you to lactate.
  A home pregnancy test can detect the pregnancy hormone starting around 10 days after conception.
For up to 5 days/120 hours after sex you can take the morning after pill. The longer you wait the lesser effect it has so hurry. And don't forget the pregnancy test 2 weeks after to see if it worked.
no. it means your late is all. it doesnt mean your preggo necessarily.
Majority of the time but a ultrasound is very accurately
yes because during a miscarriage you loose your child (fetus) due to a complication to you or the child.
You need to specify what "pregnancy pills" is. There are no magic pills that makes you pregnant.
pregnancy test, flu like symptoms (w/o fever) and missed period
None. Being normal weight helps as usual with diabetes but just because you got it last pregnancy does not mean you will get it now.
HCG goes up by 500 every week that you are pregnant (or at least this is what a nurse told me) so if your HCG level reads "1000" it means that you are approximatley 2 weeks pregnant.. Meaning if your HCG level reads 1500, you are 3 weeks along.
  No. You need to leave it until you've missed a period
  == Answer ==     No Preg test are only looking for a hormone called HCG which is only present if you are preg or recently miscarried.
It depends on the person but even at three weeks you can have all of the very common pregnancy symptoms:Missed period, Breast Tenderness, Fullness Feeling in your Stomach, and Breast Swelling.I hope I helped!
 == Answer ==   It would probably be too early. I believe the fertilized egg doesn't implant until about two weeks after ovulation. And you don't produce the hormone until after the egg implants. 
Yes, at times if the reagents are not good it can show negative.
  The short answer is YES! The best situation, of course, is for a woman of childbearing age not to smoke at all. An acceptable alternative, however, is to stop smoking as soon as you learn of your pregnancy. The risk of smoking during pregnancy is not so much about mutating effects on the fetus...
If the negative line is faint it could mean that ur pregnant and its just too early to tell or it could mean that it was just that test. Either way i would retest in at least a day or two.
hallo got period on July 18 until now i haven't period yet i was wondering if I'm pregnant not sure that I'm pregnant but i have some bad feeling everyday got headache and dizziness also sickness like throw up..Did u think i am pregnant? I tried take pregnancy test twice on august 4 but the result...
You can miscarry at any time, even if your far along in the pregnancy. I had to be induced at 29 weeks because my daughters heart had stopped beating and there was nothing more they could do
I think it means it's void, could be due to not enough urine on the test or a problem with the test.
== yes, you could be... ==   Let me first say that I have no medical training. But here's what I understand:   To answer your question, yes. But things could go either way. You may be pregnant, and it may just not show up yet on a home pregnancy test. Or, you may not be pregnant. Be patient,...
I'm going to assume you're talking about a drug test and not a pregnancy test, because I'm not too familiar on the latter. Lol. Anyways yes, one line CAN show up on a drug test, but some factors play into it. Coke as well as some other 'party drugs' coke/X/Mollie, can be out of your system in 2-4...
I just tested positive for benzo and am taking trim/sulf (bactrim ds) so I am guessing it does.
NO It jut means it could be to early to detect the hormone levels..I know for sure I'm pregnant I have all the signs of pregnancy went in friday afternoon for a beta quant and it came back negative..My hormone levels are to low for the test to detect anything and I'm very intuned to my body..My...
There has to be a line in the control window to let you know its working. After the wait time there should be a + or - in the test window. + being positive and - being negative. Hope this helps!
Sometimes. So if you really think ur pregnant then wait until the UTI is out of your sysytem and take a test.
2weeks before your missed period
  A negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnancy. A phantom pregnancy is where you basically fool your mind and body into thinking it is pregnant. You will still experience pregnancy symptoms but you are not actually pregnant; it is al psychological Some women have even been...
You buy a home pregnancy test at the store.
  == Answer ==   I'm experiencing the same thing. I don't know if the sick stomach, lower back ache, and tiredness are because I am still nursing my first and my hormones are wack, but I've failed the pregnancy test. I guess it is possible for the tests just to be wrong. Either still nursing...
If your test comes out positive you probably are, some women have not realised they are pregnant for the full term and have gone to the hospital with severe stomach cramps and given birth. Take another test if you are not fully sure, I don't mean to be patronizing but did you do the test as advised?...
  == Answer ==   Hiya!     If the period is normal then it is unlikely you are pregnant hun. However, you can do a pregnancy test as soon as the bleeding stops.
Yes I believe anything is possible when it comes to pregnancy!    AnswerIt seems unlikely but not impossible, if you have concerns then see your doctor
  I can find no evidence that Danazol can provide a false negative to a prognancy test, although the question has been asked by others (with no answer offered). Atempts to reach the manufacturer find that they're in the process of being bought out, and no phone numbers or emails are offered, so...
I would say to go to the doctors as soon as possible, no need to wait! The worst answer would be that you are not and if so you can move on with your life. But yes set up an appointment today!!
  == Answer ==   Yes you could be. It's possible to have a period during pregnancy. It's also possible that you've miscarried. See a doctor.
Yes it can. It happened to me atoday at the doctors when they gave me a routine pregnancy test before anesthesia. I've Been talking the shots for 1 week.
  == Answer ==   Sometimes home pregnancy tests don't work. Take another one. You should see a doctor whether it is positive or not. If it is, you're pregnant and need prenatal care, if it's not, then you may have a condition that requires a doctor's care. Either way, see the doctor.
It is more accurate to wait 14 or 15 days after conception. Everything needs to get in place and ready and if you don't give it time you won't get the right answer.
  == Answer ==     I don't think you can tell when you conceived from a single HCG test as the normal variation is so wide so the test cannot say definitively you are 5 and one half weeks pregnant. It is much more accurate to have an ultrasound scan and measure the size of the baby. Even...
I was at doctors yesterday, and I was told my hcg levels were 230, they cannot tell me how many weeks pregnant I am because they have to be over 1000 for me to be able to get a scan, many people have told me that levels of 230 mean I am between 1-2 weeks pregnant.
  Stress is normally the most common reason, other than pregnancy.
The standard in our office is no sooner than ten days after the accident.
Answer . This sounds like a tough bind. What if the girl is the same age as the boy? She's carrying the baby. Can she pass off the responsibility?. Yes, a 15 year old can be held responsible for getting a girl pregnant.
Because there is a slight risk of miscarriage from amniocentesis or Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) most doctors will not perform these tests for paternity, so you will need to wait until the baby is born to have DNA testing done. This can be done before leaving the hospital soon after birth.
  The missing period could be a result of pregnancy, but it could also be a result of stress, change in diet, birth control pills etc.A negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnancy. A phantom pregnancy is where you basically fool your mind and body into thinking it is pregnant....
Yes, you can take one whenever you want. Each test is different and so are their levels of accuracy. Read the directions, some say to take them after a missed menstruation cycle or some amount of days after. What the test is going to look for is the elevated levels of (hCG) Human chorionic...
Chances are that you may have miscalculated your cycle dates and / or the hCG level may be too low to detect. If you still receive a negative result after the second test and still have no period, consult your doctor. Some women find that they do not get a positive result as soon as others and some...
Some laboratories can use hair or nail samples but blood is the most common specimen type.