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Olympics Synchronized Swimming

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An Olympic team event only contested by women, synchronized swimming combines artistry and dance with water skills.
According to a article it says it is July 7 (http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/dining/content/free-slurpees-mrs-butterworth-and-national-swimming-pool-day) (this is the website. you have to look for it cause there are some other things) hope this helps
I'm not exactly sure, but I call it syncro swimming or just syncro. I am a synchronized swimmer but I'm not sure if that's an official term. hope this helps!
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The swimming strokes are:Frontcrawl,Butterfly ,Backstroke and breastroke
The first olympic games that synchronized swimming appeared in as an official sport was in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. However only the solo and duet events took place.
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Swimming pools have chlorine to rid of germs in the water such a ;wee and Bogey...eghhh
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Usually pools are 25 metres or 50 metres long (olympic sized). Swimming event distances have to be divisible by 50 metres so that a full lap can be completed. It is very unusual to have a 40 metre race.
That would depend on where you want to go swimming.
The most popular British synchronized swimmers are Jenna Randall and Olivia Federici. They represented Britian in duet at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and at the London 2012 Olympics they swam in both the duet and team events.
freestyle/australian crawlbutterflybreaststrokebackstroke
As it is a good way to relieve stress and allows the body to move more freely then in most other sports but still gives the body resistance to work against.
An infinity pool is a type of pool where one edge is designed to look like it doesn't exist. This creates the pool to look like it goes on for infinity or into the horizon because you can't see the edge of the pool.
That would depend on how much chemicals you have in your pool.
About 40 hours of pool time and it depends on how well you take care of it. Wash in cold water after every swim meet and do not use this as a practice suit it will wear out.
  a barracuda pike is a submerged pike position at 45 degrees or less. If you don't know synchro terminology it means that your legs are perpendicular to the surface of the water with legs straight and toes just under the surface. Your body should be bent up towards your legs as far as possible...
i personally don't think it is really a science at all. if it had to be one... physical. It is more just based of your athletic abilities. You have to train and there isn;t much science to it other than working hard and trying to get faster
In India she trained ant the S. P. Mukherjee Aquatics Complex in New Delhi.
A combo routine is basically a combination of routines all in one routine. Combos are typically 5 or more minutes long, whereas team routines and duet routines are about 4 or less. In a combo, some swimmers sometimes won't swim in the routine, they will egg beater (which is how swimmers keep their...
The difference of games from sports is its purpose, prowess, andskills involved. Games are for recreation while sports, on theother hand, are for competition.
Breathing is important because if you don't you well faint and will drowned.
No unfortunatly they do not. Sorry!
If you like to swim, but you like to swim with a group you should probably do synchronized swimming. Also, if you like things to be organized and in order, you should probably participate in synchronized swimming.
a short course pool is 25 metres.... and a olympic sized pool is 50 metres! :)
50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 15000
Australia's duet and team did not qualify for the Olympics. They performed in Sydney by default as the host nation, but could not swim at the Athens or Beijing Olympics because they needed higher scores at international competitions to do that.
Synchronized swimmers never drown. To be one, a girl must already be good at regular swimming and staying afloat. They practice for hours every week to become very good at keeping themselves above, on, and under the water's surface for a certain amount of time and have complete control of their...
Yes, it has been since 1984 but the Olympics never had every event in the sport.
In 2000, the Australian team and duet swam only because the Olympics were in Sydney and the host nation is automatically a participant. They have not gone to the Olympics since then because they did not qualify.
A woman called Annette kellerman
The equipment that the olympic site needs to provide include: -the pool-sound system to play the music-underwater speaker so that the athletes can hear the music when they are underwaterThe equipment that the athletes need include:-noseplug (optional but highly recommended)-bathing suit
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  To keep their muscles warm.
their isnt really any age but you do need to know how to swim of course. Most offten people start beetween the ages of 6-10 year old.
Well theres Mark Spitz (7 gold) and Michael Phelps (8 gold) The numbers are their records from a single Olympics Natalie Coughlin and Katie hoff are good too
Í think that 6-7 people can compete in swimming.
they both have the same difficulty.
Yes, in the duet and team events.
6 days a week, 6 hours a day.
Synchronized swimmers from different countries compete against each other. At the Olympics, eight countries swim for the same medals. Some colleges have synchro teams that compete against other college teams. Think of a synchro meet as being like a figure skating competition - everybody wants to be...
Russia (RUS)Natalia IshchenkoSvetlana Romashina
  That depends. The fastest people are generally placed in lanes 4 and 5, and as you progress outwards to lanes 1 and 8, the seed times become slower, so you could say that lanes 4 and 5 are the best. The best lane in terms of physics is any lane which is about 7-12 feet deep and not not right...
There are quite a few ways to get penalties but the most common are: -touching the bottom or sides of the pool-not completing or incorrectly doing an element-not having the right number of swimmers-bathing suits or makeup that looks too much like a costume-standing on the edge of the pool for too...
Synchronized diving began in the 1930's at aquacades and diving shows. In 2000, synchronized diving was adopted as an Olympic sport. Two divers perform identical dives simultaneously.
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Doping has become such a big problem worldwide that no Olympic athlete can avoid the urine test, regardless of his or her sport. Only the Olympics requires this; college students can join synchro teams without being tested.
Michael Phelps began swimming at age 7 at the North Baltimore Swimming Club.
It's in the Olympics, with many countries competing, so I guess that would qualify it as being international :)
Synchronized Swimming originated in Montreal, Canada
It depends on the event and the level of the competitors. Figure competition can take hours to complete due to the rotational nature, though each individual figure, for the average swimmer, takes about a minute to finish. (They do four different figures.) For a novice swimmer in the United States ...
a combo routine is a where the routine starts with the whole team  in sync, but then, say, two girls will break away from the group  and start a duet, while the rest of the team continues with their  sequence. After a while the duet girls will go back with the team  for while, before a few more...
== Answer ==   The first collegiate football game in the United States was played in 1869 between Rutgers University and Princeton University. Rutgers won 6-4.
== Answer ==   freestyle; breaststroke; butterfly; and backstroke   == Answer ==   Click on the 'Synchronized Swimming Positions' link on this page to see the positions used in synchronized swimming and read a history of the sport.   == Answer ==   There are many different terms....
While looking up at the ceiling and lying on your back, bend your knees as far as you can without lifting your legs above the water's surface. Turn all the way around in that position by moving your arms underwater, hands near your hips. Then extend your legs to return to the back layout position.
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I'm not sure who set it, but in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records, it said that someone held their breath for about 24 minutes
  Well swimming has been around since the prehistoric times! The cavemen drew pics of swimming in the stone ages.
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== Answer ==   Well without breathing, we wouldn't be alive. We need oxygen for our cells to carry out cellular respiration, and we need to get rid of the carbon dioxide it produces. Some organisms can get on living without "breathing", but as organism with lungs, breathing is vital.
give them courage and say even if we lose today we are still a team that can overcome this
there are 4 main swimming strokes; freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. in my opinion, butterfly is the hardest.
When you are laying on the water with your knees close to your face.   - Signed don't make fun of my sport   Specifically, lying on your back and looking up with your legs together, toes pointed, and shins on the water's surface while in a tuck position.
Although not called synchronized skating, the pairs competition is just that - two skaters doing the same thing at the same time, judged by their ability to perform at the same pace and display an artistic interpretation of the music.
very hard. i have played every sport imaginable and synchro has been the hardest. it requires flexablility and strength.
== Answer ==   They are allowed to do it anywhere execpt for the olympics.   == ==   == ==
  == Swimming is.... ==     To swim is to move through water. People swim using their arms and/or legs. Swimming can be divided into several "strokes:" breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly, and backstroke being among them. The freestyle, in competition, is a swim race where you can swim...
  Drawings from the Stone Age were found in "the cave of swimmers" near Sura, dating back to 2000 B.C. There is evidence that swimming was also a very popular sport in Greece and Italy in the original Olympic Games. In 1538, Nicolas Wynman, German professor of languages, wrote the first...
Go onto the British Swimming website and search for a Long Course to Short Course converter. There, you can convert any times for any event.
  Swimming has been around since the caveman days concluded by evidence of pictures drawn on cave walls. Competitive swimming appeared at the first modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens but started in the earlier 1800's.
No in the olympics, synchronised swimming is an all female sport
  Generally speaking, yes. Swimming and a balanced diet can keep a person very fit.
  Yes, b/c a life jacket in an inflatable sleeveless jacket which is worn to keep a person afloat when they're in danger of drowning. Therefore, the answer is yes, b/c it will make you float on the surface... no matter what you do
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When you do a dive with one leg.
Answer #1When we Breathe, the epiglottis moves to allow air into the lungs.Answer #2keeps food from going into your lungs
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He started swimming at age 7.
The number one of swimming would be Micheal Phelpes
synchronized swimming is anOlympic sport. it combines dance acrobatics gymnastics and swimming. there are routines preformed and figures. the categories for routines are team trio duet solo all of which are preformed to music. figures are preformed individually. team is scored on artistic impression...
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