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Mauritius is an island nation located in the southwest Indian Ocean, approximately 900 kilometers east of Madagascar. It has a total land area of 2,040 square kilometers (787 square miles) and a population of about 1.2 million (as of 2010).
That depends - on how fast the transaction is processed by the bankin Mauritius. One the transaction is approved - electronic movementof the funds is almost instantaneous.
It was founded on March 12, 1968.
Some of advantages of tourism industry for Mauritius are that itbrings in more revenue and there are more job opportunitiescreated. As for the disadvantages, the culture may be diluted andresidents stand the risk of being discriminated in favor offoreigners.
Ravi Ramdenee, GCSK Lise Coindreau Navin Ramgoolam Sir Aneerood Jugnauth Sir Harry Tirvengadum
Tourism provides jobs for the people that live in Mauritius.
Yes Mauritius is part of Africa.
Dholl puris is a very popular dish on Mauritius. It is a wrap madeof yellow chickpeas, tumeric, and cumin.
No, it is an island off the coast of Madagascar. However some people may say that it is a part of South Africa, it is surrounded by islands such as Seychelles, Rodrigues and Reunion.
Mauritius became a republic in 1992.
Of course, in Mauritius, at Reduit. Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean.
Reunion Island is the closest.
The Code Noir was a decree passed by Louis XIV of France in 1685,that made slaves property and eliminated all rights.
Mauritius imports equipment, manufactured goods, foodstuffs,petroleum products, and chemicals, according to the CIA WorldFactbook .
Yes there are. Locals call them "mozzies".
To name one, Stephen Buckland, 200m runner and Olympic Semi-finalist.
Neighboring islands are Madagascar, and Reunion.
The best place to live in Mauritius would be Grand Bay, if you likeenjoying the beach. It is not too far from the beach and also has agood night life.
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The Dutch brought the first slaves to Mauritius. The slaves weretreated harshly and punishments included amputation of body parts.
It takes about 13 hours and 30 minutes.
Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo was the first president of the Republic ofMauritius.
Flights to Mauritius are operated every Wednesday and Saturday.Both flights take off at 1105 and land in Mauritius at 1530.Forreturning to Singapore both flights again land at 0945.
The mother tongue is Mauritian Creole. Official language isEnglish, however, in almost every official task, Mauritians speakFrench. Other ancestry language is the Bhojpuri. Due to thepresence of different religions community/ multicultural languageis not a barrier. But, Mauritians have a vast...
It's best to travel in December and January because its summer and hot. there can be cyclones in march but the tickets are cheapest in April. In April, the weather is normal.
It is 5030 kilometers between Port Louis, Mauritius and Dubai. Aflight between the two locations takes about 6 hours and 45minutes.
Mauritius is not poor like Chad is. Lets say Canada is a 3 (3 is highest) Mauritius is a 2 and countries like Chad are a 1.
Tourism is a blessing to Mauritius. It is one of the most visitedplaces in Africa.
The flight time is 12 hours, 5 minutes.
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Mauritius has fielded a Summer Olympic team since 1984 and isscheduled to field a team for the 2008 Games.
I'd say Port Louis, in the Caudan Waterfront mall - this is fortourists. But places such as Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes is alsogood. Quatre Bornes has a nice shopping mall also.
Yes there is a climate change in Mauritius, due to deforestation inregions like Mare-aux-Vacoas and Grand Bassin. Rains are not comingand thus we are facing a severe drought.
Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam international airport in Plaisance,southern Mauritius is a new modern airport in Mauritius. This iswhere the tourists first see Mauritius.
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Ambitious and superstitious rhyme with Mauritius.
The CDC and WHO recommend vaccinations of Rabies, Hepatitis A,Hepatitis B, Cholera, Typhoid, and Influenza.
In 2003, there were 11 mills in operation. Then the price of sugardropped dramatically. Consult the Mauritius Sugar Syndicatefor more current information.
Mauritius is about 10,300 kilometres or 6,400 miles from Northern  Ireland.
It broke the social barriers which existed before free educationexisted in Mauritius. Today, vegetable sellers can speak in Englishto tourists as if they always talked in English.
If you're married legally in Mauritius, even though you got the divorce abroad, you have to get an execroiture done for the divorce to be legal in Mauritius and you have to provide all the proof that the papers have been served to your spouse. Its almost like doing it over again.
Mauritius' area is 788 square miles (2,040 square kilometers).
The dodo bird was made extinct in Mauritius.
The coat of arms of Mauritius has a Dodo Bird and Sambur Deerholding a shield.
It has been named after King Louis XV.
Yes, it became independent in 1968
  it gives people tools to understand the world and participate in the society   it is vital or economic developmen, giving individuals the chance to earn more and be more productive
According to Wikipedia: First (1735) Governor of the Isle de France (now Mauritius), he defended it against the British, but while he was away at one point someone else was appointed Governor. He himself was accused of speculation and maladministration, and imprisoned secretly for two years. A...
The flight time from Australia to Mauritius is about 9 hours, 28 minutes.
Rupees Mauritian rupees
Yes. Hospitals Brown Sequard Hospital Pope Hennessy Street, Beau Bassin Tel: 230/ 4542071 Doctor Jeetoo Hospital Volcy Pougnet, Port Louis Tel: 230/ 2123201 Ears Nose and Throat Hospital S.M.F., Vacoas Tel: 230/ 6862061 Flacq Hospital Royal Road, Flacq Tel: 230/ 4132532 J. Nehru...
Mauritius is an island in the Indian ocean to the east ofMadagascar which is an island to the east of Africa. Reunion Islandis another nearby country.
southern hemisphere
There was a tsunami in 2004. Some large waves completely submergedone village in north of the island. Although there was no deathpublished, a significant economic loss in millions of dollars wasreported. The tsunami was caused by a 9.0 earthquake.
The flight time is approximately 12 hours.
Gaborone is the capital and largestcity of Botswana, a country located in southern Africa.
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Mauritius is In the Indian Ocean on the east side of Africa.
There are no laws against adultery, only against sexual harassmentor rape.
Mauritius has competed in track & field, cycling, wrestling,swimming, badminton, table tennis, and Triathlon. They have won a gold medal in boxing, two silvermedals in boxing and a bronze medal in judo. .
Veerasamy Ringadoosir veerasamy ringadoo
Because of our beautiful beaches , our calm lagoon and our sunlight
if you travel by bus, that will take 45 min considering the traffic
It was seized by the British from The French in 1810
The British ceded Mauritius by the Treaty of Paris in1814
Descendants of the indentured labourers from India after 1833 when slavery was abolished in Mauritius
only one airport SSR national airport
Mauritius is 4 hours ahead of Ireland.
So far, Mauritius has qualified three athletes to the 2008 Olympics.   1) Archery - Veronique D'Unienville 2) Boxing - Bamtamweight Bruno Jolie and Light Welterweight Richard Colin
The Capital of Mauritius is Port Louis
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius.
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Yes, it is. See the link to United Nations Member States.
As long ago Many slaves from different country with different religion and culture came to Mauritius to work...Among Them many settle in Mauritius...
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Mauritius uses a 240 Volt 50 Hz AC mains supply. The plugs are Type C and Type G
The island was known to Phonecian, Arabs, and Malay Sailors as early as the 10th century
Yes from 1715 to 1810
There are way too many hotels in Mauritius to be able to give you a precise answer.
approximately 2,000 miles
The total flight time is approximately 12.5 hours from Birmingham UK, depending on layovers, flight conditions, etc.