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Andhra Pradesh

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Andhra Pradesh is the fourth largest state in India with a total area of 275,045 square kilometers (106,195 square miles). Its capital is Hyderabad where several pharmaceutical companies can be found.


Official language is Hindi.
In Karnataka There are Many Festivals Are Celebrate Below is the List of Main Festivals in Karnataka .. Yugadi . Ganesha Chathurthi . Dussera . Depavali
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Total Population (est. 2009) 83,178,000 Rural Population 55,224,000 Urban Population 20,503,000 Density (per Sq. Km) 277
one of the Kshatriya in Kadapa
Soil & Vegetation in Andhra Pradesh are the main natural resources and the most important too, as it is an agriculturally oriented state. More than 60 % of the total working population is linked with agriculture, which forms the mainstay of their livelihood. The state boasts of almost all type of...
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JAISWALS ARE NOT SCHEDULED CASTE! Jaiswal or Jayasvāla or Jayaswal (Hindi: जैस्वाल, जयस्वाल or {{{2}}}) is a designation shared by several communities in India including" . Jaiswal Brahmins . Jaiswal Jains . Jaiswal...
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In andhra pradesh 23 districts are there.
The offical state language of Hyderabad is Telugu. Here is a list of all 7 languages spoken in the Indian state of Hyderabad: . Telugu . Urdu (Turkish and Persian-influenced dialect) . English . Hindi . Marathi . Kannada . Tamil
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ZIP+4 codes are postal codes for specific addresses in the UnitedStates. India has its own separate system of postal codes, called PIN Codes(or Pincodes), each identifying a town or a part of a city inIndia.
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PHARMULA ACADEMY- HYDERABAD Pharmula academy is a pharmacy coaching centre which was completely organized by TEAM of NIPER- M.S Pharm graduates which offer excellent result oriented coaching for NIPER- 2011 & GPAT- 2011 aspirants. Pharmula academy has started with an aim to bring the brilliant...
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Owing to additions in the number of IIT institutes, there are more seats available for the applicants. An estimates currently pegs the number around 2200 for the 2 year programes which take admission on the basis of the performance in the CAT exam. The institutions in consideration are as follows:...
Pasi community is a non-aryan community or one of the aborigins of India who converted to Hinduism with the invasion of their land through north western side of India by aryan. It was an aborigin tribe surviving independently in the north India of present uttar pradesh. With the aryanisation of...
Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad : Primary Education
Dokka Manikya Vara Prasad : Primary Education
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Patna - Area 107.08 sq. km Lucknow - Area 3,244 sq.km.
Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi (born 11 July 1947) is the current chief election commissioner (C.E.C.) of India. He succeeded Navin Chawla as C.E.C on 30 July 2010. He was appointed as an Election Commissioner on July 30, 2010. He also served as a Secretary in the Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry. ...
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You can do it many ways. . Walk into your nearest Indian bank branch with your account number and ask for it . Walk into the nearest Indian bank ATM and use your ATM card and check your balance . Call up customer care and mention your details and ask for it . Logon to internet banking and check it
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We can't really find out the caste from the surname until and other wise they are added after the name,like for expample if the name is Akella Suresh Shastri ,with the we can say that shastri belongs to some X-caste,but with Akella it is difficult to say the caste.. In the above example the...
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bhadane surname is in hindu-kunbi, hindu-wani, hindu-nhavi, in SC also
There are many technical names for symposium of cse department. Afew names for the department are icetech, oraclex, techx, andenthorax.
Monday - Friday . 9.30 AM - 3.30 PM . Saturday . 9.30 AM - 12.30 PM
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