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The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational carmaker in Dearborn, Michigan. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford is the fifth largest automaker in the world and the second largest in the U.S. based on annual vehicle sales.
would be the 1st one closet to the radiator=======On a straight ( inline ) 6 cylinder , the Ford V6 with rear wheel drive / 4X4 is :firewall3 - 62 - 51 - 4front
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You may have an exhaust leak that is coming up through the bottom of the cab. Burning antifreeze smells different than anitfreeze in the bottle--burning antifreeze smells somewhat sweet, when i was a kid i thought it smelled like the doughnut shop. Burning anitfreeze will also make white smoke, and …
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Sounds like an ignition problem. Does it happen more when it's damp out? If so, replace the ignition wires, and distributor cap. yes ignition , next i would check distributor timing and next timing belt depending on year and how many miles on this car you may need to replace the timing belt ....…
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The best way to change the head lamp is to open up the glove compartment, pull out the manual, open it up to page 67. and read "How to change the head lamp of your '93 Ford Club wagon van."
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counter clockwise 13726548---------------------------------------------------  Ford Firing Orderhttp://www.aa1car.com/library/ford_firing_orders.htm
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Look in the library for its manual, or you can go to your local auto zone or advanced auto parts store and they will print out the firing order for any vehicle you need. Answer Determining firing order ('88 Ford F150 pickup truck): First you find the spark plugs and follow the wire to the coil pack-…
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I advise you to visit www.contour.org. If you go to the forums, you'll find your answer. I agree with the pointer to Contour.org and have added 2 "Related Links" to jump you straight to a couple of Starter specific threads. Here's a few of my thoughts This is NOT the traditional starter mounting -…
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It can be a vacuum problem. Check to see if there is vacuum going into the cab. Check for a pinched hose or one that is soft and collapsed.
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My father used this website when he removed the door panel for his 1999 Expedition. He doesn't have any factory shop manuals so this was helpful. kwmuth.com-JamesI know this is a lot of info, but it very detailed and makes no mistakes! The Weenie!Make sure the window is completely shut. Remove the '…
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Ford power steering pumps can be noisy. This doesn't mean that there is a problem with it. Just make sure that the pump is full of fluid.The only way to fix it is to replace it with another pump, which might be another noisy one, or it might be a quiet one.try using mopar atf4 it is really good stuf…
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It is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 with 1-2-3-4 on the pas side and 5-6-7-8 on the drivers. the dist turns counterclockwise.
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Hey Fred==Anything is possible. Just off hand I would say about $10,000 at least would be required to set everything up. I don't know who would do it though. Joe there is alot to consider 1. motor placement 2. ventilation. you should then put the gas supply in the front and it should be a fuel cell …
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It's possible, but it wouldn't hold up very long. a 400 is a high torque but low horsepower motor and most tranny's wont take high torgue levels A 400 is a high horse and torque motor, I have one in my 250. Yes its possibel, anything is possible if you have the time and money.Truthfully the fuel e…
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A 1970 ford has a external regulator It's probably possible to adjust one by ajusting the contact points inside the regulator and I'm assuming it has a older style regulator but I don't think it will do much good. Replace the regulator. Disconnect the battery hook up the regulator hook battery up an…
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On 1990, 302 V8 model, the sensors are located just aft of the exhaust headers and on a line where the gearbox joins to the rear of the engine and where the exhausts start to run down the body. You need to get under the car, they are just above the floor pan line. The two sensors have two white wire…
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They are self adjusting. Some sdjust when backing up and hitting the brakes and some by using the parking brake. You can also adjust them by removing the rear drums.
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It should be listed on the intake manifold in front of the carburetorSeriously? You don't think maybe the poster already looked there and couldn't see it? If you can't give a helpful answer, then why did you even log in?The 370-4v is a common "torque monster" engine in a lot of big trucks like F600/…
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At the "Y" of the cables under the car in front of the rearend.
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remove the screws holding the ring around the light then remove the light.
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The most common cause for a air-conditioner to only work for short distances is low Freon levels. Recharge the air conditioner.
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On the top of each headlight assembly, you will see two small semi-circular tabs. Pull these tabs upwards - you may have to use a wrench or screwdriver to put some force into it, as they tend to get stuck with road salt and grime. Once they move upwards, about 3/4 inch or so, the headlight assembly …
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-You can buy an AC compressor bypass pulley on eB*y, that will hold your belt in place. I found it for $40. You could go to the auto parts store and ask them for a belt on a car without a/c. It will be a shorter belt, and you will be able to operate your car indefinitely until you are able to repai…
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Got the owner's manual? It will have the tune-up intervals listed in the back. Some newer vehicles get their first tune-up at 100,000 miles. And then- You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library. A "tune-up" would inc…
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This is very difficult to do!I would not recommend it for a novice or diyer.Go to mondeosport.com if you really want to know.email@bigstoop.co.uk
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clockwise 15426378 The rotor turns counterclockwise and the order depends on if you have an engine with a roller cam or a flat tappet cam. If it is a flat tappet cam, it is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. If you have a roller cam, it is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. You will either have an H.O. motor or not. H.O. is roller mo…
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Transmission has got to come out, and the flexplate, or flywheel has got to come off to gain access.
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Remove battery connections. remove large wire at starter (13mm nut), remove small wire on starter (10mm nut), remove 3 13mm bolts from the starter to the engine (some had a bracket, depends on model) starter should drop out bottom. refitt in reverse. .
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My 85 ltd is doing the same thing, I checked the cylinder pressure and found it to be 40 lbs.The sprk plug was black from fuel and oil deposits, and still wet looking.I'm going to pull the valve cover and watch the roker action,maybe the intake isn't closing completely. I think that the answer is si…
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It depends on whether your engine is high performance version like a Mustang or not. But Ford only had two v8 firing orders in those years. 1,3,7,2,6,5,4,8 and 1,5,4,2,6,3,7,8. Try one, then the other, and see which one starts the car. Remember that Ford numbers the cylinders 1-4 up the passenger's…
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Make sure brake fluid is full check that emergency brake is released fully check equalizer valve (where brake light switch connects) remove wire loosen fitting and step on brake lightly to center piston in switch
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You take it off the wheel while the wheel remains on the car. Then you repair the tube and put it back together on the car. Then you pump it up with a hand pump. The tools to do all this came with the car. If you took a long trip you might choose to carry several extra tires and tubes. All this reme…
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these hoses are a little difficult because they have molded on clamps but you can use a hacksaw blade or similar tool to cut the metal ends off hoses and replace with new hoses and regular clamps. Before you start hacking away, buy the right tool and do it right. There are 2 types of tools for wor…
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I have a 2001 Venture. You need to remove the three bolts securing the bar that the fuse box is clipped to, then slide the tube out and move the fuse box out of the way. Then use an 8mm socket to remove the battery cables. You may need to loosen 2 more screws that hold a piece of plastic against the…
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replace it.. most shops get a rebuilt unit and replace the whole unit. I would not try to rebuild one myself. good luck
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Ford numbers its engines in the following manner: The first cylinder (#1) is located on the passenger side nearest the radiator. Count each cylinder numerically on the passenger side toward the back of the engine starting with #1 (2, 3, 4). The other 4 cylinders are the same on the other site. #5 is…
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A 1987 mustang 302 with roller cam is as follows 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8....non roller cam is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8
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The dash has to be removed to gain access to the heater box. The heater box then comes out and is split open to replace the core.
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You must turn the engine over until you get top dead center (TDC) on the #1 cylinder. Make sure its on the compression stroke. (take spark plug out and put your finger over the hole, make sure air is coming out. Then with #1 on TDC drop the distributor in with the rotor buton pointing to the spark…
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No! I WOULD NEVER HAVE ANOTHER >I OWNED a 1995 the transmission went twice and then my brakes were defective ,almost got killed on I 95 here in south Florida 1year later I got a recall notice about it being defective , the van was totaled no trace of it for a lawsuit. The reason so many peopl…
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The answer is around 8 seconds. closer to 9 - 9.5   The 3.8 had 160 HP until 1996. They made some changes that allowed it to get 200 HP in 1996. The 3.0 had about 145 throughout it's lifespan. The 160 HP Taurus should do about 1 second faster to 60, The 3.0 did it about 10.5. The 3.8 sh…
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The VIN # tells the coutry of origin AND plant of manufacture, among other things. A call to the local dealer will be helpfull with the VIN. The VIN can tell you which factory the vehicle came from. But each year, more than ever with crossover vehicles, automakers are constantly changing what they p…
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I am almost certain that having the VIN number and calling the dealer will get you the result you want in under 15 minutes.   there should be a sticker in the trunk maybe under the spaer tire should have the code there   My car had the code right under my hood on the fire wall.
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Which fan? Blower fan inside the car or cooling fan on the radiator?? Be more specific if you want help. If it's the blower motor, see the answer for how to do it on a 90 model. Up thru 1994 they're all the same procedure.the cooling fan
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Answer The Ford Model T (colloquially known as the Tin Lizzie and the Flivver) was an automobile produced by Henry Ford's Ford Motor Company from 1908 through 1927. It is generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car which "put America on wheels"; this was due to some of Ford's i…
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well, if you mean how many miles per gallon is it getting. That's kinda hard to answer. there is a lot of different variables, such as how many miles are on the motor, wether or not its had A tune up. things like that.the best way to figure that out is this. fill up the tank then write down the mila…
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If you have Live Lite / Launchpad edition etc. you need to go to preeerfnces and check you are sending midi from the launchpad as a controller. Then you just go into midi map and select your range for the Grid. You then do the same range for volume if you want a steady volume, but invert the range.T…
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First of all, it is impossible to separate the engine and transmission inside the hood, as the compartment is too cramped, so to access the seal, you need to pull the engine and the transmission out of the car at the same time, separate them on the floor, then replace the seal.95% of the work is get…
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Actually, the ford escape has a factory recall on the ABS. (anti lock brake system). Take it to your ford dealer and they will fix it for free. Answer Low brake fluid
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If the power steering box is leaking below the adjusting nut, it is like that the seal is faulty. Replace the seal on the power steering box.
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Answer Newspaper, search on line. I searched through Google and found a few. Answer My brother bought a 65 289 4speed and drove it home. it was in great shape. He said he was ganna build it from the ground up and stripped everthing off of it.(I told him he was crazy) the body is in excellent …
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the fact that it is an E40D, means that it is electronically controlled. The shift internal to the transmission needs computer input to function, and change the gears, so there is no way. Sorry man. The above answer is in fact somewhat wrong. In essence the statement is correct, but.......... There…
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I had this same exact problem and could not believe the solution to it worked!! Spray WD-40 into the hazard light button on top of the steering column. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, then click it several times to make the oil really penetrate. You might have to give it a good whack, but it wi…
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Mustang Timing BeltTo the best of my knowledge, Mustangs don't have timing belts: They use timing chains which ought to bring you to 300,000 miles. More likely than not you'd need a valve job or new piston rings before the timing chain gave out.can a 3.8 mustang 1999-2004 make it to 300,000 mile
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no o2 sensors are never located on the exaust maniflod itself you can have 1 to 3 o2 sensors on a ford usually locate on the exaust piping of either bank before the cat converter or directly in front of the cat
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some times you have to heat up the rotor to get it off but dont beat it to hard or u may end up buying a new wheel bearing I did this with a hammer.. it was fused on. It took 3 grown men 1 1/2 hours to smash the thing until the rotor came off in pieces.. This also resulted in the bearing coming of…
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Answer If you are checking # on a Chevy head they are under the valve covers in the rocker vally close to the center of the head . the # there can tell you when they were made and for what size engine and also the size of the ignition chamber also a good idea of of the size of the valves installed a…
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i cant tell you the exact specs however i just saw then ina "haynes" manuel aswell as complete alternator rebuild procedures.its 330am here to late to scan them if i remember I'll do it tomorrow
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This is a very involved repair. It requires the removal of the intake and exhaust manifold. The head and valve train must be removed. This is a job for a professional. Extensive knowledge and tools are required to complete this job. This is not a DIY job. Replacing the head gasket on any vehicle i…
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TRY A LARGE MAGNET! Put it near the needle and see if it loops around back to the normal area. I fixed my Fuel Gauge ! I had the problem. The fuel gauge was stuck at full, but from the other side, as if it rotated the wrong direction. The only way I found to fix it, and disconnecting the battery doe…
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There is a white box underneath the passenger side glove box/dashboard, Some one kicked the crap out of that box in my car and then some metal fell on the circuit board and shorted that box out, I replaced it and my CC works flawlessly now.
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Hello, I can offer what I have for free as others don't want to open their greedy mouths to let anyone know a thing. I have been a mechanic for years and do not mind helping anyone but there are those that will censor advice even if it saves others money and assistance. Here is the spec for 1977 thr…
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Answer If it runs properly and is not terribly loaded, one should get between 20 to 21 miles/gal on highway (little slope). It varries in the city between 15 to 19 miles/gal. i get about 18 mpg
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can you put a 5 speed in a 1981 ford escort
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Remove the belt carefully. Disconnect the battery to ensure you do not shock yourself. Remove the bolt on the top wire of the alternator and unplug the other corresponding set of wires. Reomve all mounting bolts.Mount new alternator. Reconnect all the wires you previously disconnected. Redo the fan …
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The linkage apparently has come disconnected. The first thing of course is to remove the door panel - See "Related Questions" below for more detail on getting it off. Once inside, an inspection of the linkage should reveal where the problem is.
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its in the troudle fuel injection body if its factory there should be a white plug in it. The computer controls it. It has a little valvue in it that moves in and out for more air or less air. That's gives curb idle speed.
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timing for 302 small blockthere is two small marks on the two timing weels line them up and your good to go
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Do you mean right after you start it ? When the engines cold ?
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It's in the engine compartment, mounted on the passenger side inner fender-and it's the highest relay of the 2 to several similar-looking relays in that area, (if the original component layout has not been altered). I don't know if it was there from the beginning of the model run, but I do know tha…
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Depending on the condition, if it's all original,and the number of miles on it, it go up to about $95,000. That's one that has is original and has all the papers and documents.  Try usedcorvettesforsale.com for even more examples.  Compare other listings on 'EBAY'
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i have a 94 explorer 4x4, with the same trans, you need to drop the pan and pull the valve body and filter out from the bottom of the trans. you will see a silver cylinder about the size of a silver dollar, this is the "shift siloniod) which regulates the hydrolic pressure for shifting from 2nd to 3…
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take it to a ford dealer.
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I have a 2000 Contour and there was a 19mm stud between the armrest and seat. It is hard to see and get the wrench on.
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It is the car running too rich. or the car is using more gas than air.
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Take it to the dealer. The seatbelts and all related componets are a special warranty for the life of the car no matter how old or how many miles.
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If you're asking why the gearshift won't release once you start the engine, it's probably a problem in the keyswitch mechanism that releases the gearshift.If you're asking why the transmission won't shift into gear after you start the engine and put it in gear, it could just be low on transmission f…
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Answer Kbb.com,AutoTrader.com, Edmund's.com Answer Go to kbb.com and if it's been restored to roadworthiness and looks and drives ok, take 40% off the car depending on its condition (good, fair, poor, not excellent). If it's still salvage/damaged that's highly subjective but typically 25%…
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No, all they can do is provide the technology. They can't be responsible for everything that happens. Having air bags just increases your potential for surviving a collision. If it turns out that the basic technology is flawed and there is a consistent pattern of failure, you might have a case. Othe…
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I tow with mine and I have over 150,000 trouble free miles.
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Hi..I had a 61' 390, just take off the oil pan and it's right in front of you.Just take out the shaft to the distributor first or it'll get hug up or just hit you in the head when you pull the pump down..
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It probably doesn't have one. If you don't see it stuck on the driver's side of the throttle body, that one came EGR valve-less.
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You will not fix a transmission issue this way. If you want to erase the PCM KAM data, disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. What that will do is erase all learned stradegies, revert the PCM back to original stradegies, and force the PCM to relearn everything, which it will have everything relearned…
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I have no idea what is meant by a governor chip. The PCM is prorammed a certain way at the factory to operate both the engine and transmission. It doesn't need any help from another "chip." The PCM has all the operating stradegies programmed in. If you are trying to override anythin that the PCM is …
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It doesn't have a fuse, it has a fuse link, which looks just like a reular wire, but it is made to burn internally. It is one of the fuse links in a bundle of fuse links on the left fender skirt area near the starter relay. You test a fuse link by tugging on it. If it puls apart fairly easily, it is…
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Answer Do you mean engineering blueprints? That would all be computerized, and would take an act of industrial estpionage to aquire. I have worked for Ford for years, and I can't get my hands on that kind of information. If you mean something other than what the question implies, like electrical …
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Ford and dodge both build a great truck. I recomend a manual transmission in either make it is better exersize and more reliable than an automatic, especialy when towing or with prefomance upgrades. A dodge is my pick because of the engine, the cummins is incredible. It is the most efficient (18-21m…
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I bought one at Napa yesterday well the ignition actuator is hard to find new unless you go to the dealer but i would cheak your auto part first if they dont have it i would got try a junk yark for the part you need
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Answer I used to stick the "sniffer" of a smog machine into the radiator (after draining out some coolant) while in the manual gas reading mode. any HC's and you know you got a problem. Only way to tell if it's a cracked head or just a gasket is to pull it and magnaflux/dye test the head
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1995 was the last 5.0 before the coming of the 4.6 introduced in 1996.More Information:1993 was the last year of the original FOX Body 1994 and 1995 were the only two years that the SN95 Platform housed a 5.0 engine. 1993 Was the first year of the Cobra in quite a while. The cobra has been made a…
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Answer It sounds to me like you need not alter anything that you are already doing, including brand or weight of oil. If you got 275k miles out of your engine so far, you are already doing the right thing, including using the right oil. Excuse me, but that is not an answer. Maybe the question is…
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WOW! That is very difficult question to answer over the net. The reason is because the answer depends on several factors. What condition is the car in? What would it cost you to replace the car? How much do you like the car? What type of repair does the car need?I can give you some information about…
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In most cars the duct selection controller is vacuum pressure actuated. There is an apparent problem with the selector diaphragm. When you accelerate you create more vacuum pressure that overwhelms the diaphragm and hence the duct change. It may be as simple as a leaky hose in the dash. Most systems…
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It should be under the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle.  It should be under the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle.It is in fact under the dash on the driver's side. To be more specific, it is behind a removable panel just below the steering wheel. The panel is about 1…
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These models have a fuel selector switch that is vacuum operated, near one of the tanks. First, check to make sure the vacuum lines are intact and connected. If so, a new selector switch must be purchased and is available from most part stores.It depends on the year of truck you have on 1985 and new…
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Answer check this link ------->
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