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The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational carmaker in Dearborn, Michigan. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford is the fifth largest automaker in the world and the second largest in the U.S. based on annual vehicle sales.
Relays are located in the engine compartment fuse panel
1/ remove the headlight switch knob by pulling out the knob rotate  until you find a slot , use a small blade screwdriver pry the knob  off .2 remove the trim on either side of the steering colum ( on my  truck this is kind off a chrome colour ) under this trim insert  there is one screw per...
 Answer The fuse for the cruise control is in  location #10 of your fuse panel - visible with driver's door open  on end of dash - it is a 7.5 amp fuse.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  In your power distribution box, in your engine...
Open the drain cock at the bottom of the rad.. catch all in  suitable container.. refill and bleed off air buy running the  engine in place with the heater on for 10-15 min filling as  necessary..
It depends if you have ecoboost on because ecoboost sometimes slips  your gears.
 From what I can tell, that code refers to a fault in one of the  crash sensors at the front of the vehicle. You may want to consult  the pro's on this one.    
I am not sure what you are asking about, but I am pretty sure all  heaters work from the heat of the engine. The water flows through  and cools the engine off, then is cooled off with the fans in the  front (by the grill). The air then flows through this water (the  fan doesn't cool it off...
It should be in the front under the hood near the intake
remove rear drive shaft. remove pinion yolk from front of  diff.remove oinion seal replace with new one. replace pinion yolk,  replace driveshaft,.. dhceck ujoints of drive shaft while out, its  a good time to replace them
Take off the inner door panel then remove them insulation plastic then reach inside and adjust it back on track feeling it with your hands
Ford offered two transmissions that year.   A 5-speed manual transmission was standard with the 2.3-liter,  four-cylinder engine as well as with the 2.9-liter, V-6 engine. A  4-speed automatic was optional.    A third engine, a 4.0-liter, V-6 offered the 4-speed automatic  transmission...
Both turn signals work when they want to. The hazzard lights work  just fine. All bulbs are great. The turn signal indicator will  flash inside the car for a few seconds and then stop. The outisde  turn signal lights stop too.
.054 inch for the 4.6 liter and 5.4 liter engines according to the 1997 Ford ExpeditionOwner Guide
Break downspeed until you reach the 5000 mile mark is 55 mph
The '97 Explorer has a four piece jack set. There is the jack, the tire iron/jack handle, and the spare tire tool/jack adapter. The scissor jack is located on the driver side in the compartment in the rear of the vehicle. The jack adapter and jack handle are located behind and under the rear seat...
The maximum towing for this SPECIFIC vehicle is 6,620lbs
replacing the timing belt is a very involved operation, purchase a manual for your vehicle and check out some videos on replacing it before you start.
The part of the air filter where the filter spreads apart is the intake side it goes towards the air hose leading to the carburater
on the right side of the engine
give me time an i will answer your question later
Remove inner driver's door panel number should be on "brain"
There should be a few screws holding the door in place usually  around and next to the door handle on the inside of vehicle and a  couple at the bottom left side of door, and then the remaining item  holding on are blind clips be sure not to break them. Then lift the  panel upwards and swing it...
  == Answer ==   Inside trunk, remove thumb screw to fold back paneling near tail lights. Then remove three thumbscrews and the whole tail light assembly can be moved out to change light bulbs.
E4OD(transmission) with C6 in overdrive
how to replace water pump on a 1999 chevy malibu 2.4
Fuel pump regulator is usually located on top of engine assembly  near fuel injector rail assembly looks like a chrome or black  dinner bell, usually has fuel lines connection on it. look for fuel  lines coming up fire wall and heading towards fuel injectors.
On The AC Case Inside The Dash
First, be sure it's the motor, not the switch. There's a quick  disconnect inside the door. Disconnect the motor there and attach  either an automotive test light or a voltmeter and try to  raise/lower the window. You should see 12 VDC with a meter or the  test light should come on. If it does,...
Like A Pulley That Moves, Look For A Threaded Adjuster Mounted To A  Pulley
The ect should be inbetween the injectors on the drivers side of the motor, just below the intake where it says 2.3 efi kinda hard to see but with a flashlight you will see it, there is a wire plug connector that connects to the top of the sensor. PITA!!! and that is all there is to that
Under the back bumber outside the car. It must be running in order to produce oxygen
You will need to set No. 1 cylinder to Top Dead Center on  compression stroke, usually vibration dampener will have slot in  pulley to align with markings on engine block, and then ensure that  camshaft sprocket time marks are also aligned appropriately.
The Escort has two belts to replace and also pullies and tensioners. These may be purchased together in a kit. 'Gates' belts are of very high quality. Depending on the mileage of the vehicle, it may also be advisable to replace the water pump. No job for the timid. If you have no experience in...
The min thickness should be stamped on the backside of the rotor,  pull and examine.
That should have a 4.6L and the egr is easily accessible by the throttle body although more often than not the egr valve is fine but the ports are plugged so take the throttle body horn off the plenum, should have 4 bolts, and u will see what looks like a horse shoe under the gaset... that is the...
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  == Answer ==   Look under the vehicle at the junction of the   3 cables
  Under the steering column to the left  (near the brake) there is a panel. Take the panel off and with a  flashlight you will see a white sticker on the fuse box. The white  sticker will have a 5 digit code. That is your factory keyless  entry code.     Can you believe they were...
its easy the tensioner is on the left side middle facing the vehicle, If i remember correct it is a 5/8ths and all that you need is a regular ratchet. If you look at the digram on the vehicle it displays the belt route. The whole process is really easy! it auto ajusts the tension if you need and new...
That is a statement, - what is the question .
By the dimmer knob: Take out coin tray and there's a bolt behind  it. Directly across on the right side of the  steering wheel there's either blank plates or your cruise  control switch--pop that out that there's a bolt. Go to the bottom:  there's a little tray plate thing held on by two screws...
Assuming we're talking about Coild over springs. you need a  compression device that allows the spring to stay compressed and  remove of the suspension shock easily.
I recently replaced both sides of the front struts, and just want to share my experience in hopes it helps others who are considering doing the same.
Under intake plenum... has a dry coolant temp. Sensor in the head on the left bank... calculates ambient, exhaust and head temp in order to determine coolant temp
Gotta clear the code ,than restart engine, if code is persistent again,then there is a blockage in your intake or plenums
It can be found next to the exhaust tube by the engine.
Look on the distributor cap there is a plug in for your tach.    AnswerThat is not correct.... you will need to hook up four wires, actually three to make it work, but four will get the lights working too. Start by locating a good chassis ground and connect the black tach wire to it. The red...
If you mean for checking if you need new brakes, just feel it, if there's a lip around the outside that is getting pretty define your probably going to need brakes pretty soon
There are two screws on the outside of the tail light assembly.    Remove these two screws (keep them) and the assembly should be able  to be removed from the truck.    Carefully twist the socket out of the tail light assembly.    Pull the old light bulb out of the socket and replace...
Removing a door panel from a 1995 Ford Contour is very easy to do.  You will need to take the speaker casing off by taking out the two  screws. Then you will need to take the clips off that are holding  the door panel in place. There will also be two retaining screws to  be taken off the door...
Now I don't understand why would anyone want to remove his head light if its in perfect condition and if it is not then who cares about damage. Why not give it to a mechanic he will do it much easily then anyone can and will just take some dollars
Horn is left front of vehicle below bat- remove wheel well apron or  get to it from underneath the chassis. Horn relay is in the  fuse box on the wheel well. Horns are a common  failure item.
I recommend you to go into your nearest Ford Dealer or repair shop.  They can help you on anything you want.
on the inside of the door, opposite of the mirror there is a plastic cover, remove the cover and the bolts holding the mirror on will be exposed.
Not a whole lot to be honest do you have Mods on the car hoe much weight it carries anything, is te engine cleaned out, is the tranny still good these are all questions you have to ask yourself if your local mechanic can also figure it out for you
According to the 1996 Ford Escort Owner Guide :    With engine oil filter change :    Both the 1.9 and 1.8 L four cylinder engines take :    ( 4.0 U.S. quarts / 3.8 liters , the PREFERRED oil is 5W-30 )
As the jeep is very old so it might cost INR 40000 - 50000 and for  ford it must be 10000 INR less
Trouble code P2104 means: Throttle actuator control (TAC) system-forced idle mode
Under the hood drivers side in a plastic box
Middle corner near to fuel pipe....
 == Answer ==   I believe it is 153624 but you can call an auto parts store or go to one and look it up in a book most auto parts have that information in their computer and can tell you over the phone     The answer according to O'Reillys Auto stores is 165342 and it runs clockwise.
  Check with your local radio installing business such as Best Buy or someplace that offers free installation. If you ask them nicely most will allow you to view their charts, or are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions you can throw at them. Other than that, I'd say a local Ford...
Check on or right below the dashboard near where the gas cap relase lever would be
If the whine happens when starting to move forwards, and then stops  once the vehicle is moving, it could be caused by a loose fan belt.  If so, tighten the fan belt, or replace the worn belt.
Could be the pads are worn down replace your rotors and pads could also be runout on the rotors
no you do not have to do this, you can simply stop before you put  it in nutral and then cange into 4th gear depending on which truck  this is
Take out the radio set before cleaning out the connectors before reinstalling it.
thermostat will be located where upper radiator hose goes to  engine.there will be 2 or 3 bolts holding that housing to  engine.remove those bolts and housing and thats where thermostat  should be.PS; thermostat has probably been removed previoulsy to  fix engine heating problem,but that woud...