The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational carmaker in Dearborn, Michigan. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, Ford is the fifth largest automaker in the world and the second largest in the U.S. based on annual vehicle sales.

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How do you change the starter of a 2.5 DOHC v6 1998 Ford Contour-Mercury Mystique?

That's impossible, don't do it.

Dodge Ram

Does dodge own cummins?

No, they just have a contract to use there engines.


What is the Wheelbase of a 1954 ford mainline?

115.5 inches


Where can you access and download an Owners Manual for a Ford - Mercury vehicle?

Ford makes all the Owners Manuals for their entire lineup, 1996 and newer, available online:

Another source is the Motorcraft website. See "Related Links" below has links to online Owners Manuals for other manufacturers.

See "Related Links" below

at the junkyard in another similar vehicle

NOTE:The Owners manuals have detailed illustrations and information regarding the two fuse blocks / panels, and the various vehicle systems each fuse connects to.

I found that you can download as a .pdf file the owners manual, the warranty booklet, and the service manual if you go to All you have to do is sign up (it's free) but you have to know your vehicles VIN number. There is also a lot of other info you can read there without having to enter your VIN number.


How can you get a lien release from Ford Motor Credit?

I called Ford Credit at (972)-281-0500 and in about 2 minutes was told they would mail a duplicate title in 24-48 hours.


How much does the Ford SVT Raptor truck cost?

The starting prices are at $38,035. But then you only get the lower performance 5.4L Triton V8 and no graphics package, no Sirius Satellite Radio, and no max trailer tow package available. A top of line SVT Raptor F-150 is at around $43,500. I've seen them for sale at dealers for about $45,000 loaded. These trucks have the high performance 6.2L V8, Sirius Satellite Radio, SYNC Voice Activated System, Graphics Package, Sliding Sunroof/Moonroof, Keyless Entry, and so on and so on. Very nice trucks.

Timing and Firing Orders
Ford Trucks and SUVs

What is a Ranchero?

A Mexican cowboy/rancher or a Ford Ranchero which is a car with a truck bed.

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How do you replace a headlamp on a 1993 Ford Club Wagon van?

The best way to change the head lamp is to open up the glove compartment, pull out the manual, open it up to page 67. and read "How to change the head lamp of your '93 Ford Club wagon van."

Intellectual Property
Patents and Patent Law

When was the Model T patent?



Does the air conditioning in a car run off gas?

The A/C compressor is driven by a belt attached to the engine which runs on gasoline. The A/C unit contains R134 refrigerant which is a gas.


Cylinder numbers on a ford 3.8 liter engine?

Cylinders 1-2-3 are on the passenger's side of the car numbered from the front of the engine to the back. Cylinders 4-5-6 are on the driver's side of the car numbered from the front to the back. Firing order is 1-4-2-5-3-6.

Ford Expedition XLT
Fuel Economy and Mileage
Math and Arithmetic

What is the formula for miles per gallon?

divide the miles on the odometer by the number of gallons you put in. Just make sure you reset it every time.

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What is the 0-60 time on a stock Ford Taurus 3.8L V6?

The answer is around 8 seconds.

closer to 9 - 9.5

The 3.8 had 160 HP until 1996. They made some changes that allowed it to get 200 HP in 1996. The 3.0 had about 145 throughout it's lifespan.

The 160 HP Taurus should do about 1 second faster to 60, The 3.0 did it about 10.5. The 3.8 should do it in about 9.5

My 3.0L V6 '96 Taurus GL tops out at around 9.2 Seconds I would say late 7's to early 8's. There was never a 3.0L SHO.

Not true. The first and second generation SHO's (87-95 I think) with manual transmission were 3.0's, only a totally different engine than the Vulcan's. Automatics were 3.2's.


My ford KA indicators keep going really slow or really fast. Can someone tell me why?

I would start with replacing the signal flasher relay.

Timing and Firing Orders
Ford Vans

What is the firing order for a 1990 Ford 302?

clockwise 15426378

The rotor turns counterclockwise and the order depends on if you have an engine with a roller cam or a flat tappet cam. If it is a flat tappet cam, it is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. If you have a roller cam, it is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. You will either have an H.O. motor or not. H.O. is roller motor.

Auto Parts and Repairs

Where is the solenoid on ford truck?

Should be on the passenger inner fender. Start at the battery and follow the positive cable. First thing you come to is the solenoid.

Chevy 350

Can you tighten rocker arms on 302 5.0?

Rocker arms are non adjustable unless heads have been reworked with aftermarket parts.

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Combustion Engines

Why would a 2002 Ford Sportrac engine ping?

Engine temp getting too high, or poor quality gas. Try some f/i cleaner and some octane boost.

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How do you fix a 1992 Ford rack and pinion?

replace it.. most shops get a rebuilt unit and replace the whole unit. I would not try to rebuild one myself. good luck


What does Tsb mean for automobiles?

TSB means technical service bulletin. This generally is for automotive technicians to communicate a common problem with a certain vehicle.

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Does the ford 7.3 liter diesel engine give problems?

NO! i have a 1992 f-250 with the 7.3L and only this month i had to change my injectors other than that i have had no problems. i have over 400,000 KM on my truck and it runs great if you keep up good maintance the engine will be trouble free

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Steering and Suspension
Ford Taurus
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What do the sway bar links do?

A sway bar is a torsion bar mounted laterally on a suspension and is designed to reduce side sway. The sway bar attempts to accomplish this by transferring movement from one side of the suspension to the other. This is done through the connection of a torsion bar to each side of an axle by flexible links. (Sway bar links)

Timing and Firing Orders
Ford F-150

What is the firing order for a 1977 Ford 400?

counter clockwise 13726548

--------------------------------------------------- Ford Firing Order

GM and GMC

What kind of armored truck did they use in Fast five?

The truck was based off of a Ford super duty

Honda Civic SI
Dodge Colt
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How do you replace the rear engine seal on a 1990 Dodge colt 1.5 liter?

First of all, it is impossible to separate the engine and transmission inside the hood, as the compartment is too cramped, so to access the seal, you need to pull the engine and the transmission out of the car at the same time, separate them on the floor, then replace the seal.

95% of the work is getting the engine in and out.

Have a system for organizing stuff you remove so that you can put it back on again without too much searching

You'll need a standard set of tools (wrenches, sockets, extensions, universal joints, pliers, etc.) as well as a mid sized pry bar, ball joint seperator, jack stands, jack and engine hoist and a hammer

You should also note that I use both "transmission" and "transaxle". They're the same thing.

1 drain coolant, ATF, engine oil. Note that there are two drain plugs at the bottom of the transaxle

2 remove battery, as well as the plastic tray that supports the battery

3 remove air intake

4 remove radiator and coolant reservoir (note that a lot of coolant will still be in the engine, and will come out, even after the radiator has been drained. The ATF also flows through the bottom of the radiator, and some will spill out too.)

5 remove windshield washer fluid resivoir

6 underneath the washer fluid, there will be a carbon canister, a big (about 1.5L) black plastic cylinder. Remove it

7 The power steering pump will have to be disconnected from the engine. To do this, you need to align holes in the pulley with the bolt heads, such that you can fit a socket in there to disconnect it. To achieve this alignment, you need to turn engine a bit. Jack up the car, and as the suspension pushes the wheels down, you'll see a rubber plug in the splash shield above and in front of the drivers side front wheel. Remove the plug. You will see a 19 mm hex head. With a long extension, you can rotate this, (like you're tightening it, otherwise you run the engine backwards) and the enging will turn over, and you'll be able to line up the bolts with the holes in the pulley. Loosen the bolts, and you will be able to take tension off the belt, allowing you to remove the belt and then the bolts.

8 If you have AC, you need to unbolt the compressor, which you can get at from underneath the car. It's behind the engine, near the bottom, and uses a V-belt.

9 Get some wire and wire the AC compressor and the power steering pump out of the way, so that the engine can go straight up without hitting them.

10 There are a lot of hoses and wires connecting the engine and transmission to the car. I'm not going to list them all, but you need to disconnect all of them.

11 There are four mount points for the engine/transmission. Two are on the sides, up high, and two are on the bottom, at the front and back. The bottom ones are easy to detatch, in principle. A bolt will run through the center of the mount. You need to detatch it from it's nut, and slide it out. As it is likely rusted like crazy, unbolting it is a pain, and since the engine is resting on it, removing it is no picnic either, but it is possible. As for the ones on the side, if you just remove the center axle, the mount still blocks the engine from coming up. What you need to do is unbolt the bracket that holds the mount on the passger side, via four bolts that are accesed from the wheel well. These bolts have rubber covers over them, that can be seen over top of the tire, when the car is jacked up. As for the drivers side, it is a real pain in the ass. You need to unbolt everything in the surrounding area so that you can push aside all this junk that is attached with rigid tubing, just enough to get wrenches and rachets in there. Be carefull, though, as you don't want a break in your tubing. In order to lift out cleanly, you want the mounting bracket removed from the engine, which for some reason is attached with one bolt and two studs. The studs force you to lift the thing straight up, which is difficult, because there are hoses and tubes in the way, but it is possible after enough fighting.

12 now all the attatches the engine/transaxle to the car is the half-shafts, which turn the wheels. Disconnecting these is a bit of a struggle, but not too bad. First you take off the front wheels, (have someone step on the brake while you do this) and at the bottom of wheel mount, there will be the ball joint. to disconnect it, back off the nut the that holds the ball joint in as far as you can (it will hit something before coming off the stud), and then insert the ball joint seperator between the rubber mount covering the ball joint, and the bottom the piece above it. Hammer in the ball joint seperator until the ball joint pops loose. (This is disturbing if you haven't done it before, but don't worry, just hammer) After it has popped off, you can remove the nut (the stud is lower now) and slide the stud out.

13 next, there is a rubber and metal contraption that connects the stabilizer bar to the wheel mount. If you can unbolt and remove this, that's great, and if not, just saw it off, because it's bent, and you need a new one anyway. They're not much money anyways.

14 Next, put the pry bar between the transaxle and the halfshaft (which has a big black bell shaped thing on the end of it, ideal for getting a bry bar behind) and give the bar a good kick. ( don't be afraid) The half shaft will pop loose. ATF may come out here.

15 pull the brake rotor out (the wheel mount is now quite loose, and this should be easy) and withdraw the halfshaft. cover the half shaft ends in foil to keep them free of grit, and stuff clean rags in the holes left behind, to keep grit out of the transaxle.

16 Lift out the engine and transmission, being carefull not to bump the condensor (looks like a second radiator) if you have AC. Always be on the lookout for things you forgot to disconnect, and lift slowly.

17 To disconnect the engine from the transmission, you will need to remove the bell housing cover, which is a little plate at the bottom of the transmission, on the same plane as the joint between the engine and transmission. Remove the bell housing cover

18 there will be a cable connecting the engine to the transmission. It can be disconnected by removing a couple tiny pins at the engine.

19 unbolt the transmission and engine. Pull them straight apart from each other. A lot of ATF will probably come out here. Foil over everything that could contaminate the transmission.

20 take off the oil pan.

21 there will be an aluminum mount for the rear main seal. Unbolt it, and slide it off the crankshaft.

22 pound out the old rear main seal with a hammer and punch, on alternating sides, to make it come out as straight as possible.

23 hammer in the new rear main seal using a big socket, or something else that large if you don't have any big enough sockets. The important thing is to apply a uniform force over the entire outside of the seal.

24 replace the gasket on the oil pan and on the mount for the old rear main seal. If the oil pan has not been removed before, it might not have a gasket, just RTV. This is a bad idea, and you should put on a real gasket, which they do make.

25 reassemble everything in the reverse order as you took it off. The ball joints will re-engage as you tighten the nut. The half shafts will go back into the transmission with a good kick to the wheel.


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