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Decade - 1980s

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The 1980s was the decade that started on January 1, 1980, and ended on December 31, 1989. The most notable events in the 1980s include the election of US President Ronald Reagan (1980) and the space shuttle “Challenger” disaster (1986).
The social movements mostly focused in finding treatment for AIDS  which was discovered in the 1980's, people held rallies to pressure  the government into finding a cure for AIDS. The 80's also was a  time of indulsterial advancment and this caused events with  employment. Also with the fall of...
They  were:  Randy Eugene  Cline  Gary Lynn  Epps  John Patrick  Giguere  Philip  Sabastian Grenier  Kevin Joseph  Lannon  Keith Joseph  Lucas  Marlin Roy  Maynard  Mark Anthony  Rademacher  Dinesh Lal  Rajbhandary  Michael  Francis Ritz  Russell Lee  Robinson  Jeffrey ...
Peter Ritter von Rittinger developed the first heat pump in 1855.. They have been used and in production well before 1980. Hope this helps..
pink,neon colors,and black
what songs were good
  At current exchange rates, about $2
At current exchange rates, about $20.
In this order: Michael Jackson Madonna Daryl Hall and John Oates Prince George Michael
Darrell Waltrip in 1980, Ricky Rudd in 1981, Bobby Allison in 1982, Geoff Bodine in 1983, Rusty Wallace in 1984, Buddy Baker 1985-88, Greg Sacks and Jimmy Spencer in 1989.
o they did not do so, as there was no world cup.
There was no world cup in 1980.
1980-83:New York Islanders1984-85:Edmonton Oilers1986:Montreal Canadiens1987-88:Edmonton Oilers1989:Calgary Flames
chevies and your basic cars that we have now i mean i have a 82 Chevy scottsdale
Solidarity movement in Gdansk, Poland. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Middle East terrorism, ship, airline hijackings, bombing of US Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. Israel besieged by enemies on all sides, as usual. Soviets shooting down Korean Airliner full of civilians. American invasion of...
none. there were exactly no dolphin-safe tuna brands until 1990.
There was no world cup in 1980.
  You probably mean known and famous movies. Here are some you'd think would have done better (all numbers - US grosses):   The Princess Bride - $30 million   Married to the Mob - $21 million   The Terminator - $38 million   No Way Out - $35 million   Jumpin' Jack Flash - $29...
Pancho villa lived at the Rancho de la Coyotada on the Hacienda del Rio Grande, one of the largest Haciendas in the state of Durango.
"Jose Rizal: Life, Works and Writings" was written by Gregorio F.  Zaide. Chapter 13 is entitled, "In the Trap." It discusses the fact  that Rizal and his sister sailed to Manila. Every day Rizal would  visit the Governor General because he wanted immunity for his  father and wanted his brother...
September 1984 with Traci Lords.
it had a good impact on todays society silly gooses.
John Lewis is remembered for the Selma to Montgomery marches and March on Washington for Jobs and freedom of 1963.
around about the price of 4.50
your mom was she is so pretty say hi to her spiders
The Cellphone and computer were invented in the 80s
Drugs were more noticeable in the 1960's and 1970's than other timeframes. it was frowned upon, but the "War on Drugs" (which has beena failure) came much later.
the war was called the falklands war. it was a war between Britain and Argentina over some island off of the coast of Argentina called the Falkland islands. For years the Argentinians had been eyeing them up and when Britain took huge financial cuts in the navy during the 80s the last navy vessel...
he became a form of government
An average of $35166.66,or $94500.00 between $2500.00.
The farmers were experiencing chronic drought and as a result their crops were failing. Being unable to make money they were unable to pay their English landlords who did not care whether they had no way to make money and began taking away their land. Mothers and their starving children wandered the...
almost the same things we do now
The Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum and QL personal computers.
she gave a word speech and got every to listen
the price of a pint of lager in 1985 was around 90p! in east London area!! i know this because when the price went up to £1.01p in our local for a pint of castlemaine xxxx in 1986! there was an outcry of people that couldn't believe they were payin £1.00 for a int of lager!! its now £2.70 in the...
Just normal stuff you do today like biking and sports. Also boardgames and stuff. Just not video games. Those weren't invented then.
the cold war technically ended sometime in the 1980's.
the song may be called change or it as word You can Change
who is jeffrey in ghostfrom the nursery
yes they totally did. They shoped at the begging of time. I bet Jesus even shopped. Like trade --------------- Retail has progressed substantially in the past 20 years. Chip and pin, and card readers were a future possibility - writing Checks (or UK Cheques) were the main cash alternative, on line...
November 9, 1989 is considered to be the date that the Berlin Wall fell.
somepeople died and some 216,000 people were born. impressive huh
Answer . one school of thought says african monkey's transferred the virus to humans and a homosexual flight attendant spread it through the world. Another school of thought says it was a government conspiracy by the cia.
  Mnster pops, microwave popcorn, and PASTA
no the computer was invented in the year of 1940 , you should know you are using the computer right now.
The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most seismically active areas in the North America. There are earthquakes, most small enough to be barely noticeable, on a daily basis. In the 1980's, (October 17, 1989 actually, during the World Series baseball game), a magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck along...
Generations occur about every 10 years in today's society. Prior to the 1900s they would occur from 20 to 100 years as society did not evolve much during those time periods. The contributing factors for a generational shift include the following: 1. Global influence by world leaders/events 2....
Costs of movie tickets between 1980 and 1989 went from $2.69 to almost $4.00 a ticket.
The Savings and Loans industry made many risky loans in the early 1980s. Losses on bad loans forced many banks out of business.
it was the international year of peace
  == Answer ==   Glowworms
Just like today, it would vary immensely. The terms soft drink, soda, pop, soda pop, cola, and sometimes even co'cola (used almost exclusively in Southern States, and regardless of brand name!) were all interchangeable in the 1980s.
Madonna sang 38 songs 1980's, and had four albums, those being:Madonna (1983)~"Lucky Star"~"Borderline"~"Burning Up"~"I Know It"~"Holiday"~"Think of Me"~"Physical Attraction"~"Everybody"Like a Virgin (1984)~"Material Girl"~"Angel"~"Like A Virgin"~"Over and Over"~"Love Don't Live Here Anymore"~"Into...
Entertainment in the 80s was about rebelling and expressing ideas whereas most entertainment today is about partying. Although they share a lot of common themes with sex drugs and rock and roll.
In the 80s a VHS tape could cost under $1 / £1 for cheap, unbranded types up to $5 / £5 or more for high quality tape with a well known brand name.
demi Moore,DeNae Mathis,and more
Answer . Freedom from British occupation, now, in the 1980s, and since 1169.
There was a limited supply of gas until they found a new source.
No chart hit with that title in the 80's. 1976-Boz Scaggs.
The Wizard of Oz was published in 1900. No year is given for the setting, but it is around that time. The movie came out in 1939.
The remix was most of the cadences put together in a track, so it's not one cadence, but a mixture of many. The remix itself was released in 1987 and made it to#2 in the UK pop charts. The original music was by Abilgail Mead and Nigel Goulding. Here's the link for it on YouTube. Hope this helps :-...
It may have been the 1974 movie "Dark Star" . The related link  below will provide additional information regarding the film .
Yes, there was. Aired around 2am on Saturday nights. Was an hour-long sort of yoof magazine show covering things happening in Europe.
Los Angeles Dodgers in 1981 and 1988.
Sounds like Metabots, controled by a watch with a coin like processor/chip in it. Came out in 90's/2000's. The art style is lil old looking but still good.
1980-81Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1981-82Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1982-83Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1983-84Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1984-85Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1985-86Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1986-87Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers1987-88Mario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins1988-89Wayne...
no, Stephenie Meyer just started writing the book. why would she write a book that's has the same name as a tv program in the 1980's...
noNo - they're hundreds, perhaps thousands of times more powerful ! Take the Sinclair ZX Spectrum from 1982 - it had a maximum on-board memory of 48 KB - even the smallest modern USB memory sticks (at 64MB) have at least 1000 times the memory of that early pioneer !
Glenda Jackson, Jane Alexander, Ali MacGraw, Sarah Miles, Carrie Snodgress
When President Carlos Salinas de Gortari was elected in 1988, he  began a process of privatization of most government industries and  businesses. This is known as the Rise of Neoliberalism in Mexico,  which reached its highest point with the signature and later  adoption of the North American...