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New York Times Crossword Puzzle

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The “New York Times” crossword puzzle is a game created by different freelance constructors and edited by Will Shortz. The daily crossword puzzle measures 15x15 squares, while the Sunday crossword measures 21x21 squares or 23x23 squares.
A small brook is a rill
Sometimes look at the bottom of the page if it has a website go to a computer and type the website name. Then look for the name of the crossword and there you have it the answers!
The answer to 60 down in the New York Times crossword puzzle for Feb 22, 2010 is the three letter word USE .
Asci . Asea . Ashy . Asks . Asps . Eses . Esne . Espy . Isba . Isle . Isms . Osar . Oses . Ossa . Psis . Psst . Tsar . Tsks . Used . User . Uses
Etal. latin for and others For 3 letters: etc
Salinity is the accumulation of salt that impacts on the environment.
Albania, , Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine
They are usually called Amphora. They can also be called Olpe.
perpendicular. this means the intersection forms 4 right angles (90 degrees)
in vision the ability to see fine details
Some gem stones with five letters include: - Beryl - Topaz - Agate - Lapis (semi-precious stone, not a gem)
Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary and dictionary.com say that one definition of the word "beck" is a "creek" or "a brook, esp. a swiftly running stream with steep banks." See the Related Links below.
The Bema Seat and the White Throne of God and the judgment seat and the throne of God are all the same seat. There is one judgment. All mankind will stand before God at the same time: believers and nonbelievers together and all will receive their just reward. Believers will (as they have from the...
Some words that end with the letter C are: . acidic . Catholic . caustic . Celtic . cherubic . cleric . cubic . elastic . fantastic . frantic . futuristic . garlic . gigantic . gymnastic . Jurassic . maniac . metric . moronic . music . pelvic . pessimistic . plastic . public . symbolic . talc ...
All will be forgiven. No exceptions Unless your name is not found in the Lamb's Book of Life, in which case you're judged for your sins. (The particulars depend on which "judgement seat" the question refers to. One will involve determining the rewards of believers, and the other will make the final...
If you search "WEB's New York Times Crossword Solution" you will find solutions on that site going back 3 years.
The scientific name for a Black Cuckoo is Cuculus clamosus . The crossword puzzle answer for for the clue 'black cuckoos' would be Anis . The ani is a black, tropical cuckoo.
You don't mention how many letters in the answer or whether you have any letter clues already filled in - that makes it very difficult to answer your question. To gather ones thoughts or efforts is to become calm or organised or mentally composed .
Another word would be fill or save up
Wales, Italy, Malta, Spain, Qatar, Syria, Yemen, Nepal, India, China, Japan, Tonga, Nauru, Palau, Haiti, Chile, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Benin, Niger, Congo, Gabon, Zaire, Samoa, Burma, Yemen.
Answer . any exhaust place can make a new mid section of exhaust. u do not need factory parts for exhaust
Some places call them a 'Cut'. The inlet to Miami, FL is called, Government Cut. A Ria is a narrow coastal inlet
Obelus is a mark used in ancient manuscripts. The plural is obeli.
Amelia Sedley is the heroine of Vanity Fair, if that's what you mean.
R E B E C C A . ace, are, arc . be, bar, bear, bare, beer, bee . crab, cab, care, car . era, ear . race
Elongate depression of the Earth's or moon's or any planets surface. Valleys are commonly drained by rivers and may be in a relatively flat plain or between ranges of hills or mountains. Valleys formed by rivers and slope denudation are typically V-shaped; those formerly occupied by glaciers are...
A bier is a frame (or stand) on which a coffin or corpse is laid before burial. Another name is a Bier, which can also refer to the actual coffin or the stand
A group of buffalo is most commonly known as a herd , but the terms obstinacy and gang can also be used.
From what I now no there is not a term for puzzle addiction
Cauliflower is eleven letters.
Bangladesh . Ivory Coast . Kazakhstan . Luxembourg . Madagascar . Mauretania . Montenegro . Mozambique . New Zealand . North Korea . South Korea . Tajikistan . Uzbekistan
Yens, urges, thirsts, wants, lusts, gale, anox, forte, lye, epoxy
i think it is convocation of orangutan
An army subdivision could also be considered a UNIT. it's a BRIGADE
Peircing Look . glaring
The another name for the Tommy gun is the Chicago typewriter or sometimes called the Thompson submachine-gun.
4 letters: Cori 9 letters: Schroteri
An Amah is a nursemaid or maid in East Asia or India.
agree . apron . barge . berry . birch . birth . bored . burst . carry . carve . curse . cured . curry . curve . dirty . ferry . first . force . forth . furry . germs . girth . hardy . heron . horse . hurry . jerky . lurch . march . marry . mercy . merge . merry . mirth . murky . nerve . party ....
Composed, fearless, intrepid
abettor, accessory, accomplice, adherent, adjunct, aide, ally, appointee, apprentice, assistant, attendant, backer, backup*, bodyguard, coadjutant, coadjutor, cohort, collaborator, colleague, companion, deputy, fellow worker, flunky, friend, gal Friday, girl Friday, gofer, hanger-on, hatchet man...
Will Shortz will tell you that he thinks as many as 50 million people in the U.S. alone do the NY Times crossword, but I have no idea if he means daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.