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SMS and Texting

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Short message sending (SMS) and texting (also called text messaging) is a phone feature that allows the user to send alpha-numeric short messages to another phone user through a network.
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I don't think so. It depends on the texting problem that you are having. Try going to your local cricket store.
Teenagers now are connected with each other more than any othergeneration, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Inparticular, text messaging allows teenagers to interact sociallywith increased frequency. However, more communication also opensthe doors for a negative effects on your...
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You should be able to use the mobile view of your webmail, if youhave it. Otherwise, you would have to use a remote login tool toaccess your PC from your mobile phone.
First, make sure the charger is not attached or plugged into thephone, gently remove the back cover and the also gently, but firmlygrasp the battery and remove it, leaving the battery out for aboutone (1) minute. After one (1) minute, carefully replace the batterymaking sure it's in correctly with...
for most newer android phones, the volume button changes the sizeof the text messages, try pressing the lower volume button while inthe messaging app.
The person won't receive the message. You will also likely receivea text message stating that the text did not go through.
You can select flight mode or aeroplane mode in the profile optionof your phone . By doing so, your phone wil remain on but you won'treceive any phone calls.
yes. you go to settings and then to security and set a password/passkey and then select messaging.
You Use A Website Or App Like Textnow Or Other Apps/Websites
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You can't do that, you can only view the bill. You need her phoneto see her messages, plus that's sort of creepy.
You have to call your service provider and get the PUK unlock pin!
Unless you also have their unlimited data plan, it does. Unlimited txt only applies if you use *their* txt msg software. Even if you use the pre-loaded stuff, like aim or yahoo, it costs you. I found out the hard way when one of their incompetent boobs "accidently" took me off my grandfathered...
A problem with your phone's messaging database. . A problem with your phone's wireless. . Your cell phone provider is overwhelmed by text messages (example: on New Years Eve at 12AM) . You have a problem with your simcard.
yes we can send sms to India from Uae.
I have an Intensity myself. First, push the center circle button, and a menu should pop up. Then, move up one, and it should say messaging. After that, push the center button three times so you pushed the "New Message"-"Text Message." After that you should be on the page where it says some numbers...
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stereotypically people will say yes, but if you know he loves you then probobly not. He is either texting a very good friend who he would never dream of dating or if it is a women he doesnt know who is trying to hook up with him then he will just be trying to get rid of her attention in a polite way...
Reply path refers to the message centre number that is used when a recipient replies to a text message that they have received from you. If reply path is ticked, the recipient will only be able to send their reply back to you using the same message centre number that it was received through. If this...
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When you buy the $30 card, and you run out of you 100 text messages that you get, you just can't text no more, same thing for minute and web, when you run out of minutes no more, you just can't call or receive calls no more, and when you run out of memory for internet you just can't get on the web...
Yes. If the messages are still available they can be subpoenaed.Even if they are deleted hey can still be accessed.
Which of the following is not considered a part of cyberspace ?
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If it isn't in your sent box then they have been deleted and there is really no way to find this out. The only thing you could then find out is the number of texts sent and received. This can be found on your bill.
It will have to be texting, since you have to bring away your attention from the road; to the phone to text message. Still, talking and texting on your phone is dangerous and could result in fatal damage towards your life and your car.
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Go to the store or call the phone carrier (Verizon, At&t, etc.) and ask them for all messages, deleted and current, and they will give it to you.
probly 1,000 kids die a year because of texting and driving in the car with a friends
16,000 people from 2001 to 2007 7 people die every 3 hours so you do the math
Depends on the phone...
Easy, just go to a website that offers email such as google mail, aol or yahoo, register. After you register, open your email account, go to compose mail, enter the address you want to send the email to, enter the subject and type the main body of the mail, you can even add an attachment such as a...
local sms means
press the volume up button and the power button at the same time. hold them for 30 seconds.
the app is totally legit & free
NAND stands for 'Not And', which means the output will send a signal so long as both inputs aren't on. (If both inputs A and B are 1, then the output is 0. All other combinations give an output of 1)
You go to your messages, open the one you want to reply to and then type the message you want to send to them. Then you press 'ok' and it will have sent.
No, you don't. It's free! That's what's so great about the ipod touches. .
this question doesnt make a lot of sense but I'll try answer it. Well, sending instant message is one of the features of cell phones these day because, well, it's convenient and it's a good way for phone companies to earn money a lot of people, especially teenagers like to text because it is...
all numbers with three and four in it
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The actual messages are not printed, but the amount you have sent and received are on there as well as data charges. However, if required by law any messages can be seen.
No, but some phone companys have a system where the have all text messages of the phone numbers lifetime. If you are a minor, you have to have a legal gurdian get the courts approval before you get the records.
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There may be a problem with the phone you are on. This could also be a restriction on the phone not allowing you to send out texts.
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In order to format your Nokia 3600 you will need to do a hardreset. You may do a hard reset by typing: * + 3 + call + Power on.Once the device is on, enter the code '12345'.
There is no "master" reset button for door locks. If they are not working, there is a problem either at: . The individual door lock actuator inside the door . A problem with the switche(s) - the main switch on the driver's door handle, or the switch on the individual door.
For texting you can't. Which is really stupid. But you can have a signature for your mail.
Sorry,there is no way to download software for China mobiles.
If you are talking about texting abbreviations, Fah means: Funny As Hell If you are talking about a foreign language, please tell us what language this is so we can find a translator. thanks.
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Answer . That's The Most evil thing I've ever heard! There's a thing call privacy and even your kid should have it!. Answer . First off until a child is no longer a minor then a parent has the right to protect their children from time to time to be sure they are not getting over their heads on...
Press the voice command key (the middle key that has a microphone and a curved angle on it) and then press the settings in the right hand bottom corner and tap on call alert, and choose caller ID + ring or name and then repeat depending on if you want the ringtone as well.
You can't. You can do it for email though.
Possibly. If you can't make a call, it is still possible to send a text message.
There is or should be a small button on the top right corner of the samsung solstice, it says LOCK on it push it and it should unlock. Hope this helped!
This depends on many, many factors. Number one on the list is your location. Different companies have better coverage in certain areas. And of course, different countries have different companies that serve them. Number two is the reviews. Look at what other people are saying about the...
They can track them if they wish to. Enter "Tracking text messages on cell phones" into google and see just how many sites there are.
SMS Text Campaigns can be used a few different ways. Method #1 - You can use it to build an opt-in list of clients that you can market to over and over again. You get them to join your list by offering them a bribe... EXAMPLE: For auto mechanics Discover how your business is loosing money hand...
There are no good points to texting while driving, it's very, very dangerous.
Well, if you like the guy rather than his brother, you should consider texting the boy you like rather than his brother as if the boy you like also likes you he may feel that you like his brother when really you don't.
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