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The Kingdom of Swaziland is a Southern African country bordered by Mozambique to the east and South Africa to the west, north and south. It covers 6,704 sq mi and has an estimated population of 1.18 million as of 2009.
In 2010 just under 47 years
One Lilangeni is worth about 9p (UK)
They are landlocked by South Africa that is why they are influenced  by South Africa
  The highest point in Swaziland is Emlembe - 1862 meters
75% live in the country as subsistance farmers
there is one and his name if king Mswati.
6th September 1968
It is an LEDC for many reasons. You cannot name just one reason. But its life expectancy is very low!
Yes, Swaziland is a country within South Africa.
from 250 meters in the lowlands to 1200 meters on the western borders
The Purple-crested Turaco is the national bird of Swaziland.
The majority are Swazi mixed with a small number of Zulu and White Africans of British descent. There are some Portuguese settlers.
BD on arrival again is BD. BD means Bangladesh. At arrival, it canbe Dhaka or Chittagong. Only these cities have InternationalAirports.
Two languages are recognised, English and Swati.
Because it is surrounded by South Africa,
Swaziland is in Africa
== Answer ==   Swiss Francs.   Every county has currency.   Swaziland has its own currency called LiLangeni (singular) / Emalangeni (plural) abbreviated, SZL.   It is units and cents. Swaziland is a member of the Rand Monetary Area whose members are linked to the South African currency,...
yess the capital is Mbabane
It depends on which Swaziland language you are talking about. The following 5 languages are spoken in Swaziland: . Afrikaans . English . Swati . Tsonga . Zulu
u can c poo on the street
Yes I need to know how to opbtain a permit to cross into swaziland with a 8 ton truck form RSA
The country is ruled by an absolute monarchy. The King selects
Lobamba is the Royal/Legislative capital and Mbabane is the administrative capital
Swaziland is a real country. It is a land locked country in Southern Africa. Capital Lobamba. Gained independence from the UK 6th September 1968. Population 1,185,000, area 7604 square miles
  Swaziland is a constitutional monarchy headed by King Mswati III,
King Mswati the third is the king of swaziland
Entry requirements for UK nationals: A visa is required by British citizens, but can be obtained free of charge on arrival. A valid passport is required. All visitors must hold onward or return tickets and all documents required for their next destination and sufficient funds to cover their stay.
As the Kingdon is a absolute monarchy, you would need to be of very familiar terms with the monarchy before you got any where near that room
There are 4 official languages in Switzerland. In order of the percentage of the population which speak them they are: German (63.7%), French (20.4%), Italian (6.5%) and Romansh (0.5%). Different languages are spoken in different parts of the country.
i want to know in south america hw many countries that swaziland passport enter free visa
Sugar exports are a big part of Swaziland making many jobs for people. Mine for coal also is a big part of the country.
South Africa, north, south and west, Mozambique to the east
  The CIA World Factbook lists the following religions and the percentage of adherents in Swaziland:   * Zionist 40% (a blend of Christianity and indigenous ancestral worship)  * Roman Catholic 20%  * Muslim 10%  * other (includes Anglican, Bahai, Methodist, Mormon, Jewish) 30%
Swaziland was a British Protectorate from 1903 until 1967
Swaziland is a Monarchy.
My god no. Swaziland is a landlocked country in southern Africa and  Switzerland is an another landlocked country but located in Western  and Central Europe
75% of the population are engaged in subsistence farming
75% live in the country and are employed in subsistance farming
The currency is known as Lilangeni. The South African Rand is also accepted.
Independence from the United Kingdom 6th September 1968
No president, but a King, Mswati lll
Education is free at primary level. The primary school enrollment rate was just over 90%
90% of the countries imports come from South Africa. That is just about everything any country can need. Food and live animals, beverages and tobacco, fuels, oils, fats and waxes, chemicals, manufactured goods and machinery
Chemicals, clothing, foodstuffs, machinery, petrochemical products, motor vehicles
In Siswati the words are 'Sala Kahle'
I need to know Srilankan passport holders need visa for going to Swaziland or can take on arrival visa for going to Swaziland?
Lobamba (royal / legislative) Mbabane (administrative)
English and Swati are both recognised languages
The word is pronounced almost as it is spelt....Ngee ya bonga
School is neither compulsory or free for most students, however from 2010 two grades of primary school became free but only half the children attend formal education. Working on the land is a priority. Primary education starts at the age of seven and should last for seven years
Sishwala, porridge with meat and vegetablesSitfubi, sour porridge with fermented cornmealSiphuphe Setindlubu, thick porridge of mashed ground nutsEmasi emabele, Ground Sorghum mixed with sour milkTinkhobe, boiled whole maizeTjwala, traditional beer
Maize has been the staple food for many years
Life expectancy in Swaziland is 47.9 years, not the lowest in Africa
Ngiyabonga... pronounced as ngee ya bonga
Yes. Indians require visa for entering Swaziland. The Consulate of Mozambique will help you with this. You can contact High Commission of India, Av. Kenneth Kaunda, No. 167, PO Box 4751, Maputo, Mozambique Tel: (00 258 21) 490 945 / 490 717 / 492 437 Fax: (00 258 21) 492 364 Email:hicomind...
Head of State, King Mswati lll Head of government Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini
The adult literacy rate, that is aged 15 and above. at 2010 was 87.44%
  Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Uk, Belize
Lesotho and Swaziland are both small, landlocked countries entirely surrounded by South Africa. They are both monarchies and are very traditional and indigeous.
No. In fact, male homosexual activity is illegal in Swaziland.