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Having knowledge of the common medical terms is important to avoid confusion. There are cases when some medical terms are considered synonymous with another, when in fact there is a difference between them. An example of this is tumor and cancer.
A recent acute cause like severe bleeding and hypovolaemia or acute urinary tract obstruction usually point to an acute type of renal failure. Chronic diabetes or hypertension, poly-cystic kidney disease etc on the other hand makes the chronic renal failure more likely. An ultrasound can be helpful...
Primary Koch's infection is also known as tuberculosis. You cancatch tuberculosis by coming into contact with the droplets, suchas from a sneeze of cough, of an infected person.
Little Old Lady. Just used to refer to a patient not an official medical term.
This kind of sentence is called a declarative sentence.
This is some other peoples answers: smart thinking on probation. It all depends on the subject you are referring to. I have founda list of several. Some are as reads: Strategy targeting organizedpiracy; stop transmission of polio; statement of opposition; safetables our priority. But my father says...
it's not dnc. it's d and c meaning dilation and curettage.
When I had an infection, I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.
Dextrose is used to describe glucose when manmade for IV use. D5W is an abbreviation for 5% dextrose in water, a common IV solution.
this means you're lacking blood flow in this area.
The right iliac fossa was tender to light palpation with rebound guarding present, suggesting the differential diagnosis of a peritonitis secondary to a ruptured appendix.
someone that is over their weight on the scale. the scale is for your age and height, then they read a graph then tell you if you are obese or skinny or just right. p.s. everyone is "obese" according to the chart. Obese is a word referring to being over the average weight of other people the same...
It's spelt without the a. I had assumed that it was one of those words where US English and British English would have different versions, but it's spelt leukopenia on the NHS website too. I also learnt that if you are really struggling to spell it you can use Yellow Fever instead.
Donald A Smith, helped to build the Canada Pacific Railway.WilliamC van Horne started his career as superindent and at 28 he becamethe General Superindent of the railway. George Stephen also helpedto build the CPR. He signed a contract with CPR in 1880 and he wasthe first ever President of CPR till...
Water that is totally flavourless.
Wash your hands regurly with soap if you have touched the animal is the best way to stop infections. Avoid going near dead animals and dont touch road kill.
The term is " hemispherectomy " (plural hemispherectomies), meaning the removal or disconnection of a portion of the brain, usually to treat seizures.
The adjective enterococcal applies to enterococci -- normal bacteria in the intestines.
A placebo is used in an experiment as a control. For example, when testing a new medication, experimenters will split the group in two- a control group and an experimental group. The experimental group receives the actual medication, while the control group receives a placebo (in this case, a sugar...
Carbon dioxide is a waste product of cellular respiration; it is exhaled through the lungs into the outside environment.
Fellow American College of Chest Physicians. Some may say, Fellow American College of Clinical Pharmacology, butI have no idea for this one.
According to Stedman's Medical Dictionary (Copyright © 2006 Lippincott Williams and Wilkins), azidothymidine (AZT) is a thymidine analog that is an inhibitor of in vitro replication of HIV virus, the causative agent of AIDS and ARC, and is used in the management of these diseases. (Synonym:...
Bleeding from the lungs is called pneumorrhagia.
Its mean HEALTH there's a 3 aspects of well-being. 1.Physical Health refer to how well your body function. A healthy diet, regular execise, adequate sleep, and proper medical and dental care are all important for physical health. 2.Mental Health refer too how good you feel about yourself and how...
A person who had a stroke may be unable to urinate due to neurogenic bladder, in which the bladder doesn't contract properly. In addition, there may be difficulties due to problems with balance or movement.
This is a little tricky to explain, but in medical, nursing, anddental care, there is implied consent, informed consent, and "atort" which is technically assault. "Implied consent" refers to the implied permission a patient gives.For example, a patient visits a doctor; a physical examination is...
root words,prefixes and suffixes
The P wave indicates the depolarization (contraction) of the atria. Source: Chon, Elizabeth Gross, and Gilroy-Doohan, Mary, Flip and See ECG , W.B. Saunders Company
Ostectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of a bone.
Its difficult. Lat amiotrph. Scl (or LAS). Some says it ALS. If itis to the gene or DNA of someone, no ways how to bypass it. Onlythe option is it doesn't appear asdominant gene factor. Khuda jaane..God knows..when the trigger orto whom it will be triggered. If some have Lou Gehrigs ...
Attention Deficit Disorder would cause a person not to pay attention to your command and not even realize there was a command. Medications or vitamin deficiencies or illnesses can cause a reaction like that too. Damage to brain cells could be the culprit or the person simply refuses to listen to you...
Post-marketing surveillance is collection of data after a drug goes on the market to look for complications or interactions not previously noted in clinical trials. Sometimes this surveillance and analysis yields new information about the use and contraindications of a new medication.
The big toe is at the distal foot. It is the most medial toe.
Using x-ray for guidance, the tube was widened to 13 mm diameter.
I don't know-if I knew what caused them to form I would not do it
Infection in the maxillary sinuses present in the skull is calledmaxillary sinuses. These sinuses are air filled cavities in thesubstance of bone.
A90. Metallothionein as a useful marker in Hodgkin lymphomasubclassification. Following the latest CPR guidelines, the programof CPR teaches basic life support and addresses breathing andcardiac emergencies in caring for adults, children and infants.
Answer . Polydactyly is about extra numerary digits, say 6 fingers instead of the usual 5 . Syndactyly means fused fingers, say the index and middle fingers fail to separate. Syndactyly is a term that comes from two Greek words together andfinger. It refers to a condition whereby two or more...
Deadlift, squat, benchpress.
An example of an occult hernia would be when a person has persistent inguinal (groin) pain with no obvious physical sign of the hernia.
A nevus flammeus is a red birthmark caused by capillary dilation. A quarter to half of all humans have a nevus flammeus, often at the back of the neck and referred to in layman's terms as a "stork bite."
This abbreviation is commonly used to mean that the patient has a history of D iabetes M ellitus. Other abbreviations for "DM" include: . dermatomyositis . diastolic murmur
It is short for 'versus' which is Latin for 'against'. So that A vs B means A against B. It implies that the team is playing at home. When the team is playing on the road, they are said to be "at" the other team: Home Team vs. Road Team. Road Team @ Home Team.
Diuretics may be grouped as potassium-wasting and potassium-sparing. Some are referred to as loop diuretics, osmotic diuretics, and thiazides.
To wager is to make a bet and the amount gambled is also called the wager (or stake).
Online first aid course
The main goals of patient scheduling are to maximize the use of the health center's capacity while minimizing wait times for patients. This is a tricky balance, made more difficult by patients who don't show up for scheduled appointments.
Normocephalic is an adjective, not a noun; it has no plural form.
If by "funny" you mean unusual or abnormal, the term you are looking for may be "paraesthesia."
\nThat just means that there are different degrees of intensity in the signal. Look at it like the different degrees of contrast in a picture...
Obstruction or blockage in the ureter(s); the tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder.
It simply means, isolating a chemical so there are no other compounds present with in the mixture other than just the one you want. E.g. C6H5COONa(aq) + HCl(aq) --> C6H5COOH(s) + NaCl(aq). To make pure benzoic acid you would neeed to use the purification process known as recrystalisation. The...
ultra heat treated
An abnormal swelling, not necessarily malignant cancer.
5 pregnancies, 3 births, 2 abortions, 3 living children
This depends on the condition and the cure. If the condition is very bad, say from a nasty disease, one can normally cure the disease but not always repair the damage to the body. Fortunately the body will over time heal most wounds, but not always all to a perfect condition as it was before the...
Erythema means redness. Non-erythematous means "not red."
For information on a) meiosis (medical) and b) examples of rhetorical statements see the related link below.
A Cardiologist is a Medical Specialist dealing with Heart problems. Cardiac electrophysiologists specialize in the electrical activity of the heart.
This term can be a venectomy or phlebectomy.
UNOS stands for United Network for Organ Sharing. They manage the supply and distribution of organs for transplant.
The adults had gone out for food, leaving their offspring in the den.
Ventilator or respirator machine
Stagnant hypoxia : failure of heart to transport blood(contains oxygen) to organs/cells. Hitotoxic hypoxia : the cells or organ can't taske the oxygen, usually it is caused by"cyanide intoxication. Anemic hypoxia : when the red blood cells carrying oxygen are decrease in numbers,usually...
Lingual is tongue when used sub lingual it means "under the tongue".
Hepatoduodenal or hepatoenteric means pertaining to the liver and intestines.
cilia: thin hairs attached to the mucous membrane lining the respiratory tract
Hyperchlorhydria is excess stomach acid. It's not dangerous in itself, although it may be associated with other stomach problems.
The parenchyma is the bulk of an organ, so the parenchymal tissues of the testes is the bulk of the testicle, not the related or nearby blood, nervous, muscular, or skin tissue.
eatures . Functionally test page description languages, mark-up languages, and portable document formats for basic functionality . Available for most industry-standard page description languages and mark-up languages . Reference output from many printers and viewers available . Multiple...
AP in the context of the heart may refer to "anteroposterior," a possible view of the chest x-ray. This is not a typical view, but may be used in a very ill patient.
the film is well spread and stained and suitable for reporting. The red blood cells are normochromic normocytic and have no parasites. The white cell count numbers are within reference range for age and and have normal morphology. There are no abnormal storage cell, foreign cells or parasites. The...