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Blues Music

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The influence of blues music can be heard in jazz, R&B, and Rock & Roll. It evolved in African-American communities from spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed ballads. This category includes questions and answers about the Blues, its composers and music variants.
In country blues music (pre-amplification) they generally didn't  use percussion. Generally they stomped their feet. After the  implementation of amplification however, blues bands did start to  use drums. There wasn't a preferred brand or model, generally the  drummers just chose whatever was...
Both the call and the response are given by the soloist.
•A style of music that evolved from southern African-American secular songs and is usually distinguished by a strong 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, a 12-bar structure, and lyrics in a three-line stanza in which the second line repeats the first: "The blues is an expression of anger...
well blues being mainly American I will use those cities (im Aussie) Austin Chicago Louisiana they are the main ones
the blues were founded in the 19th century by the slaves that worked on the plantations in Africa and in America. The slaves sang to get them through the days and they would sing to increase happiness and reduce sadness. I hope that helps :) :)
I was at the 1970 Festival. It was broadcast on national public radio, so look for air checks. WARNER BROTHERS recorded the festival but had never issued it last time I researched it.  Not sure if they recorded the between-sets jam between Luther Allison and Johnny Winter.  That would be...
Since it's very beginnings in or about the early 20's, Blues has always had an audience. I believe this genre was most popular from it's beginning's through the sixties. Although still very popular, I hear many people say "that sounds bluesy" when speaking of a song.
Answer . I am sorry to say my research brought up very little on 'Lady Jo', but I did find out her real name is 'Joanne Glasscock'
You'll find different opinions here. Here's mine, anything with strings and any type of drums. Brass was used in jazz and soul.
With an acoustic guitar played by a singer. Somewhere around the early 20's, the blues are a spinoff of Jazz.
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I think one of us is confussed maybe me. Unable to find a band by this name I did find an old blues standard from 1926 by Phil Spitalny & His Orchestra. It has been recorded by many artists.
The singer delivers the message lyrically using a melody built upon the blues scale.
He is the most popular and incredible man of all times. He compose  many lyrics and melodies mainly funk music, pop and some MPB. He is  a creative artist who performed in USA a great show. He actually  lives in SP/ Brazil. His facebook Edison Ribeiro (Di Ribeiro)  artistic name.
This may be more opinion than fact. I believe that Blues music consists of a singer, guitar, bass and drums. Maybe a piano but no brass or horns, these belong in soul music.
The Blues is a style of Music so The Blues
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Blues music began shortly after the civil war.
As portrayed in the 2008 movies "Cadillac Records" and "Who Do You Love?", Leonard Chess (Lezjor Czyz 1917-1969) was a driven businessman and promoter within the record industry from 1947 to 1969. He and his brother Phil (Fiszel) operated Chess Records, a major source of the "electric blues" music...
Lyrical themes may be similar in some instances, as well as instrumentation. Blues and country actually have different roots.
Listen to Robert Johnson and BB King they are the two greatist Blues artists of all time.
African slaves sang blues music originally. then it developed and Americans started to sing it.
Popular music, otherwise known as "pop music: in its origin is in fact not from some form of African form. It can be said that popular music has a string of influences that include jazz and the like, but not African music.
They both provide outlets for the struggle, poverty, and pain many African Americans have been through.
because it sounds better than other music(all opinion)
  Effectively, the slave trade created the genre "Blues" music.     In order to fully understand the Blues, we must return to the time of slavery in the United States. Out of 35-40 million Africans to be tricked, trapped and captured onto slave ships, only an estimated 15 million...
  The africans were the people who sang  it   They called it the working song as it had a steady beat  so it was keeping a steady rythmn to work to.   It is sometimes called the 12 bar  blues     It Normally has a saxaphone, Piano and a vocal singer and a  guitarist     ...
3/17/2013 - Yes, in Memphis, TN.  He was touring with other blues artists, when he became ill.  According to the emcee at today's Blues Festival in Greenville, SC, he has pneumonia and respiratory problems.  Word is that he was admitted Friday, March 15, 2013
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the notes of the blues scale is as follows bottom c, e flat, f, f sharp, g flat, g, b flat and a   Glad to help Maddy Ell.
The main contributor to Blues music was the African Slave trade as they introduced many of the techniques and instruments to America.
it was actually used in the great depression, around 1929, and the early 1930's . it is a product of African Americans- negro cultures celebration in their culture when they moved north into the Bronx and Harlem during the war for more jobs.
Soul music is part of R & B (Rhythm and Blues), which also came from Black gospel music.
Yes. Little is known about the exact origins of the music now known as the blues. No specific year can be cited as the origin of the blues, largely because the style evolved over a long period of time and existed in approaching its modern form before the term blues was introduced, before the style...
It is by no means clear in the song lyric that the suicide is a male. Billy Jo Mcallister could very well have been Wilhelmina Josephine Mcallister. It is a tragedy-ridden and depressing song. everybody in the song except the narrator dies over the course of the story. It is one of the more...
you got the question the wrong way round. it should read "why was slavery important to blues music?" blues evolved from slave chants.
  The 'blues' came about as the result of tough living conditions and hard times. Experiences that were then set to music. The actual time frame seems to vary depending on the source. It may have started in the mid to late 1700's give or take 100 years. It was the blues that essentially...
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Many famous Blues Musicians were given song from their ancestors who were slaves on the plantations, the slaves would call to each other using a steady beat or rhythm which turned into a song. They sang to pass the time during their back breaking work.
there are about 38 to be exact its 60 so there's your answers
  The most popular musicals written in 1972 were "Grease" and "Pippin."
No he is still kicking around, playing the blues and "drinking alone"
  Musically, country tunes are built a lot of times on four chords, whereas basic blues songs use three. Often times in blues and country, you are dealing personality and physical characteristics of a female, or male. Then it depends on how the song goes. The blues complains more than country,...
blues music sound very sad and slow because people at them days were slaved to work.
Teresa Brewer Rosemary Clooney Doris Day Connie Francis McGuire Sisters Ruby Murray Patti Page (alphabetical) Need to precise about the definition of "top 10 hit" for example the British "hit parade" did not appear until 1952. Prior to this and for many years after sheet music sales were...
Here are most of the songs in order played and album...1). The Voice-Long Distance Voyager (I need confirmation on this first song)2). The Day We Meet Again-Octave3). Steppin' in a Slide Zone-Octave4). (Not Sure about the 4th song played)5). The Afternoon: Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)/Time to Get...
Many are based on the 12 bar blues (I-I-I-I-IV-IV-I-I-V-IV-I-I, with each being for one bar), although a16 bar blues has also been developed. Some more modern blues music, such as rock and roll, will use the 7ths of each of these chords. The harmony of traditional blues music tended towards plagal,...
I may be completely wrong, but i looked the word "blue" in a dictionary, it says "feeling of sadness" i can relate that definition to the fact that the slaves taken from Africa were the ones who kinda created and gave birth to this genre when they chanted their songs. And most of those songs talked...
  1800 its like jazzBlues music started in America in the cotton fields. The slaves had to work all day and were fed very little. They were not allowed to talk or they would get their tongues cut out. The only time they would talk was when the owner of the fields (the slave driver) was out. They...
Bill Williams. Look at the cover of his LP: The Late Bill Williams: Blues, Rags and Ballads.
I don't think so. A guy named Andrew Strong recorded Mustang Sally in '91 on a soundtrack called "The Commitments" and he sounds a lot like Joe Cocker, but that's the closest I've heard.
Parlami D'amore Mariu, sung by Achille Togliani, text written by Ennio Blacks and music composed by Cesare Andrea Bixio.
James corbinque was the first founder of the blues music and wrote the first song about blues, which was lost in a ship accident on the way to japan
A young African millionaire taken from his home and sold as a slave. He name is unknown
Blues music came from the black slaves brought over from west Africa who sang it while they worked.
The point of "BLue" music is for people to express their feelings in a song, once sung by black American slaves, singing about their blues (downs) which was being slaves.
5 interesting facts about the blues music
it first originated in rag time with jazz and even before that
Because it is one of the few instruments upon which singers can accompany themselves and it was easy to carry around for itinerant musicians. Also, some extremely poor musicians were able to build primitive instruments themselves when they couldn't afford to buy a professionally made example.
A riff is a slang term that is usually used in jazz or blues to describe a short line or phrase that a musician will play.
no genre can suddenly appear at a certain year, it would have progressed over time. it started around late 1800s and early 1900s
· Blues Music is polyrhythmic and has its roots in the West African musical tradition.· Polyrhythmic is a simultaneous combination of contrasting rhymes in music. Where two rhythms or sounds are simultaneously playing together.· The lyrics of the songs reflected daily themes of their lives...
Blues song almost always make exclusive use of the I-IV-V (1-4-5) progression in a 12 bar phrase. ((I-IV-I-V-IV-I) 2-bars each.) this is crucial for achieving that classic blues sound, unfortunately it also makes all blues songs sound similar and rather predictable.
Yes, because the blues is in the performer, not the instrument. That said, there are many instruments, like the steam calliope for example, that may have trouble expressing the emotional range of the blues.
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A musical is a play where the characters sing and dance.
The original instruments used in blues were the guitar and the harmonica
  Blues has an influence on pretty much all pop music. From country, pop, rap, R&B, hip hop, blah....blah.... go on and on. It's not really all blues.... it goes back way past blues all the way to Bach and simple song forms. Blues is a style of presenting musical ideas. How does that affect...
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Nope. They composed thier own songs.
Blues is the outcome of gospel. Gospel was used by slaves to relay messages through the songs they sang. Certain songs would tell them that they were heading north to freedom .
Blues is a very broad genre, but the most common instruments include: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, electric bass, upright bass, electric piano/organ, piano, drums, and various horns (e.g. saxophones and trumpets). Of course, this is only an abbreviated list, because it's possible to...
In the present day, artists such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonnamasa, etc. In the past, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Lightin' Hopkins, and many many more.
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