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Natural Disasters

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Despite all that humanity has accomplished, Mother Nature still likes to remind us from time to time of who's really in charge. Post all questions regarding the causes and devastating effects of the Earth's natural disasters including earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, floods, and tornadoes, into this category.
From space they look like saw blades or spiral galaxies with holesin their centers. On the ground they are similar to ordinary stormsexcept there is little or no lightning and the winds are stronger.Severe coastal flooding may result from the storm surge.
Taylor Swift's telathon for Haiti raised $58 million dollars.
According to the  United States Geological Survey, more than 3 million earthquakes  happen each year. That's one earthquake every 11 seconds!  Obviously, many of these earthquakes have little or no effect on  human civilization - most are too weak to notice, and many others  occur in completely...
They sent supplies like food water clothing etc
Predominantly due to friction. Major earthquakes (the ones you hear  about on the news) occur at collision (where two tectonic plates  are smashing together) and conservative (where two plates slide  side-by-side) boundaries.   Rocks (which obviously make up tectonic plates) can undergo two ...
It occurred on Boxing Day, 26 th December 2004.
Most earthquakes occur along the Pacific Ring of Fire, which isalong the top half of the pacific plate. . +++ . Perhaps the second major area is the Eastern Mediterranean andneighbouring countries, involving a complex of continental plates,with NE Africa rifting and the Mediterranean closing. . "Top...
Everything it can to humanity.
Science cannot predict when earthquakes will occur, nor in any  particular place. What they can do is look at the record of what  earthquakes have occured and where and produce statistics that say  if this pattern continues then it is likely there will be an  eathquake of this kind of magnitude...
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The Alaska earthquake of 1964 occurred along a subduction zone,  which consists largely of reverse faults.
Depends on the size of the earthquake that causes it
Earthquakes cause horizontal shaking, or vertical shaking, or even  the two combined, which is the most damaging, for equal magnitudes.  If you are outside, then you should lie on the ground, because if  you try and stay on your feet, then you could get thrown into the  path of passing traffic,...
7.545km  N of `Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan  2015-10-26 09:09:32 UTC212.5 km deep
By living in the living in the present movement and not thinking about future,fear is always about something will happens to me in the future,this is the cause of fear.by keeping your mind in present movement and enjoying present you can get rid of any type of fear.
You can only prepare to cope better with an earthquake should it  happen.  1. Buildings are designed so that they flex rather than break  when shaken.  2. They keep stocks of temporary shelters such as tents.  3. They keep stocks of bottled water.  4. They acquire vehicles which can cope with...
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The correct answer is Sliding Friction
Depending on the environment they are in when they occur,  earthquakes can:   - create faults and folds in the earth's crust   - trigger local volcanoes   - create tsunamis   - destroy local man-made buildings and/or structures
a new fault line that was undetected had no name
Surface wave cause the most damage during an earthquake.
I'll assume you're referring to the earthquake of 2010 and yes,there have been many others. The first recorded earthquake on theisland, though it wasn't Haiti yet, occurred in 1564. There weremore in 1701, 1751, 1770, 1783, and 1842. The greatest recordedquake was on August 4, 1946 with a magnitude...
yes they are strong especially Oklahoma but most of them are weak of EF0 or EF1
Since lightning is an electrical current, normally in a  thunderstorm, little pieces of ice way up in the cloud collide  together fast and hard, making an electrical charge, which then  eventually makes an electrical current that is known as lightning.
As of now yes they are unstoppable but i am sure there will be  certain technolgy later on.
Water has a very high specific heat capacity, meaning that a body of water will not change temperature very easily. As a result it is not uncommon for some bodies of water to be warmer than the air above them. This creates a layer of warmer air just above the water's surface. If there is enough...
Yes. When a tornado forms, hot and cold air come together. They  spiral around each other at a great speed, which is known as  torsion.
kase waek ka wag kana kase mag searh mag paturo kana lang sa mama at papa mo gago
In the eastern Sri Lankan Ampara District alone, more than 5,000people died. A holiday train, the "Queen of the Sea", was struck bythe tsunami near the village of Telwatta as it traveled betweenColombo and Galle carrying at least 1,700 passengers, killing allbut a handful on board. About 1,000 more...
There aren't really any similarities there are just diffrences
It can in some cases. Sinkholes can cause giant holes too.
Because this is the biggest one in our history. A whole country, event hough it's small, is in ruins. There is no infrastructure working or anything. Everything has to be rebuilt from the ground, starting all over. Not even the tsunami whiped out a whole country.
children and adults were effected -correction- practically anyone and everyone in haiti, that answer is poo. :)
scientists can study what is going on underground
Yes, they can. If they move on to land they are classified as full-fledged tornadoes. Even if they stay one the water they can capsize boats.
A hurricane cannot be stopped.
yes they will burn the bottom brush but if prescribed fires are  done in time it will relese all seeds as soon as it is burned to  replant all seeds to re populate the area with plants
$10,000,000,000 has been spent on the Haiti Earthquake.
Over 3 millions which is 1/3 of the population
The term for "harbor wave" or "standing water" in Japanese is spelled: Tsunami and is pronounced "sue-NAH-me."
Yes, earthquakes have been known to occur on the continent, but  Antarctica is possibly the quietest continent in this regard.
"Fire tornadoes" technically aren't tornadoes but a type of whirlwind produced by a fire. These firewhirls can be produce by just about any fire that is intense enough. So yes firewhirls are possible in MN.
Its a science that is being worked on. Once an earthquake hashappened, then regional centers can predict if there are likely tobe more or not, but its not a perfect science. How they do whatthey do is they have remote sensors that they deploy to regionswhere there are known faults. Those who live in...
Yes. Since it is caused by wind and sand, yes.
yeah.They had a earthquake and over 50 000 people have died.
Yes, Kansas actually ranks 4th in number of tornadoes among all the states.
The height of the wave, above the rest position, is its Amplitude.    Twice the amplitude is the distance from the deepest point to the  highest point.
In open ocean, yes. A cheetah can move at 60 to 70 mph. A tsunami  in open ocean can move at 500 to 600 mph.
Formed August 14, 1969 Dissipated August 22, 1969
The stress of an earthquake is how much force has been built up for a period of time between two tectonic plates.
the long term effects are seismic waves which are little earthquakes after thr REAL earthquake; they will go on for who knows how long....the short terms the length of the REAL earthquake the truth is no one knows how long it will take to recover from Haiti it might take years it might take more or...
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring when  you are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below points  can be of help:    Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement.   A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth's  crust. An increase...
The energy dissipates, meaning that as the wave breaks, it will eventually convert to heat.\n The energy dissipates, meaning that as the wave breaks, it will eventually convert to heat.\n The energy dissipates, meaning that as the wave breaks, it will eventually convert to heat.\n The energy...
There isn't really anything that was unique about it. The reason that there is so much talk about Katrina is because of all the devastation that it caused. It sadly hit one of the poorer parts of the USA (New Orleans) making it that much harder for people to rebuild their homes and even lives. In my...
Eventually the oceanic crust, along with the magnetically aligned minerals contained within, will be subducted into the mantle.
The safest place to be in your house during a tornado is in the basement.
Tornadoes can happen at any time of day or night, but most  tornadoes occur between 4-9 p.m.
Yes. Tornadoes vary greatly in strength. There is even a system of assessing tornado strength called the Enhanced Fujita scale. It uses damage to estimate the peak wind speed of a tornado, and then sort it into one of six categories: EF0: 65-85 mph. Tree limbs broken with some weaker trees toppled....
The amount of sushi in japan put pressure on the tectonic plates, causing a massive earthquake. Ninjas were also involved. Or were they?
Peolpe have been donating money, adobting a kid, sending money to that kid, basically helpping that kid get foood, water, and a education.
No, the Haitian earthquake occured because Haiti is situated on the eastern end of of a small plate that separates the Caribbean and the North American plates known as the Gonave micro-plate. This micro-plate and hence Haiti is bounded to the north by the Oriente Fracture Zone and to the south by...
Between 1921 and 1995 Florida had two days with violent tornadoes: April 15, 1958 and April 4, 1966. Each day saw a single tornado in Florida with a rating of F4.
False. While hurricanes can be very large, mid-latitude cyclones  tend to be larger.
A lot of damage happened in Haiti no schools no houses no nothing.
Yes, it was even felt in Jamaica and guantanamo bay in cuba
I think the answer might be faults but I am not sure. Hope I  helped.
No they are caused by tectonic plates colliding or separating.
Anything in the electromagnetic spectrum. Gamma raysXraysUltravioletVisible LightInfra-redMicrowavesRadio WavesThey are characterised by the fact they are all transmitted in packets of energy called photons. Sound is not an electromagnetic wave, nor is ultrasound or any physical oscillation.
Right now the earth is rotating one revolution every 24 hours. That doesn't seem like much - it is only 0.0007 RPM. But the earth has a huge circumference. If you were to tie a string around the equator, it would be nearly 25,000 miles long. That means that if you could somehow stand stationary...
1. Antarctic Plate and Pacific Plate2. North American Plate and Eurasian Plate3. South American Plate and African Plate4. Antarctic and Australian Plate5.African Plate and Antarctic Plate6. Nazca Plate and Pacific Plate
Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Myanmar, theMaldives, Bangladesh, Madagascar, and the coastal regions of Africawere the areas most affected by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami(December 26, 2004). As many as 15 to 20 of the countries borderingthe Indian Ocean (and some even farther) saw...
usaThe United States.
Keep a battery operated weather radio around so that you may be alerted of tornadoes or other dangerous weather even if the power goes out, which is common in such situations. Have a plan on where to go after a tornado if your house is damaged or destroyed. It should be within walking distance as...
Just bout everywhere. Tornado Alley isn't an area where tornadoes form exclusively, it's just a place where they form more frequently than other places.