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John Cabot

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Giovanni Caboto (1450-1499), known as John Cabot in English, was an Italian explorer and navigator that discovered Newfoundland. He was sponsored by King Henry VII of England.
he wanted to find a faster route to Asia
he got along just fine but also dis agreed with them once in a  while after meeting them....I think
The John Cabot school. I don't know look. Up the j on Cabot secondary school on Wikipedia
John Cabot . Giovanni Caboto . Jean Cabot . Juan Caboto . Zuan Chabotto . Zuam Chabotto . Zoane Chabotto . Giovanni Chabbote
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Cabot was an Italian navigator and explorer whose 1497 'discovery' of North America is commonly held to be the first European voyage to the continent since Norse exploration of the Americas in the early XI century. (Wikipedia) For the source and more detailed information concerning your request...
Yes John Cabot had a ship it was called Matthew his only ship.
he discovered north America euroupe and Asia
John Cabot's crew went mutinee, and threw him overboard. He was never seen again. I'm not sure which year it was, but on google, there is a website: Johncabotinfo.com It will telll you the exact date.
I don' knowJohn Cabot did not succeed his goal. John Cabot's goal was to  travel around Asia.
John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) was born in Genoa.
He enjoyed sailing and map-making. I don't know about anything else.P.S. whenever you post, end it with a ^ sign. its good luck
couragous, adventuress, explorer, Italian,
King Henry he gave Cabot a small ship called Matthew and a crew of 18 including his son Sebastian.
yes,john Cabot did have a brother his name is Piero .
He was the 1 British man who found the Eastern part of Canada(NewFoundland).He was the second person besides the natives obviously to come to N.A.The first was Columbus who discovered more of the U.S.He was a great explorer but unfortunately their is not much about his life you can find on the...
John Cabot had no influence on the native people, because he had no contact with the native people. Citation of source: "John Cabot." Wikipedia. Web. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cabot >.
magnetic compass's lead line and the quadrature
John Cabot never explored France. He did, however, discover parts of North America in 1497-8
John Cabot explored with Sebastian Cabot
  * == Because he just did! ==
he wore tights (LOL) and a shirt with fabric shoes!
John Cabot explorerd the eastcoast of Canada on his first voyage looking for a sea route to Asia.He could have landed in Newfoundland or Cape Breton NS.
mice, rats, and the crew had to sleep on the deck
acording to one of my textbooks the answer is yes, he is. remembr  these textbooks may or may not be accurate, so dont get to excited!   -Grade 5 student   Edmonton Alberta,   Canada
John Cabot dI'd find his way to the route to Asia
Sailed to the Newfoundland and claimed it for the king of England.
John Cabot never led an expedition to Asia. However, when he was alive, it was believed that the New World was actually Asia, so he would have thought he had gotten to Asia. His motives for trying to get to Asia were to acquire expensive items, such as silks, spices, and jewels. He traveled to the...
he found North America, when he was looking for the northwest passage( Far East i belive)
At around 1482, Cabot married a Venetian woman named Mattea.The couple had three sons there names were Ludovico, Sabastian and Sancto
The risk's were getting lost [and he did] and getting killed [iceburges,rocks]. The rewards were 10p [that was about 100$ back then] and another voyage [that was also a risk because after he left the port he was never seen again]
John Cabot, the Italian explorer, named the new land he found "Newfoundland."
1. he died at the age of 49   2. he was born in 1450   3. his name is john cabot   im not giving you anything else
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They Brought back his mom from the ocean and i saw the whole thing :) on movie
john cabot traveled in 1493 in North America
John Cabot left on june 4th 1497
Yes, the:- Cabot Tower in St. John's, Newfoundland,Cabot Tower, in Bristol, England.Cabot Circus shopping mall in Bristol.John Cabot University in Italy.Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton Highlands.John Cabot Academy in Bristol.Cabot Ward an electoral district in BristolCabot Square in London.Cabot...
  no he was not sucsessful at finding china
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  John Cabot's wife died when she was 34 after John's expedition....
CanadaHe mainly Explored Newfoundland, which is in Canada.
john Cabot came from England to America.
John Cabots's Accomplishment was That he was the first to see the  Vikings.
Because he thought he would not to be able to reach his goal.
no not really he was very damanding and rude
Well, The country that sponsored John Cabot was.... England...King Henry VII Sponsored him :D
I don't know. If you know, please erase this and put the correct answer in. XD :P
John Cabot explored in the 1500's
it is not known he was lost at sea.
Well if your talking about JamesTown then he made a new colony.  He wanted to find gold in 1 of his voyages to though 
He was a Doctor of medicine in 1833 in the Royal Collage of surgeons in Edinburgh
he discovered new lands for England which brought new resources for their empire.1. fish2. timber3. new land for settlementshoped this helped!
John Cabot was born in Genoa, Italy, and raised in Venice. XD
what are three charachter traits that john cabot had
Three   Sebastian,Ludovico,Sancto
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wich french explorer gave canada its name
John Henry was black
He took a ship.
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  John Cabot sailed to the NewFoundland to look for spices. His routes took him by England where he traded spices.
john Cabot was a sailor around 1500's sailed for gold and such. if some one knows how do you get deoxys in ruby gba
They thought he was going far too north. They were strong and hearty.
he wanted to reach china but he landed on the coast of Canada
The mission's purpose was to search for a Northwest passage across North America to Asia