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Republic of Macedonia

This category covers questions about the Republic of Macedonia, a country located in the central Balkan peninsula in Southeastern Europe. It declared independence from Yugoslavia on September 8, 1991 which was recognized on April 8, 1993. Since then, the Republic of Macedonia has been disputing with Greece over the use of the word "Macedonia," which is also a region in Greece.
There is not a place called Mastodonia. Do you mean Macedonia? TheRepublic of Macedonia, is a country in southeastern Europe. It isalso a name for a region of Northern Greece.
there is not such language Macedonian, origin is Greek. η Μακεδονια ειναι ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ
Albania, FYROM, Bulgaria
Answer: чека (čeka)
The Macedonian flag has a yellow dot in the middle and has many red and yellow stripes around it.
well since Macedonian is Greek γέλια is the word for laugh used as a noun, its γελάω as a verb.
Waving the index finger means "no," as does making a clicking sound with the mouth, though both are generally considered rude. It is impolite to nod in conversation, which indicates one wants to interrupt a speaker, or to nod one's head instead of saying "yes." Macedonians take offense if they are...
If you are not FYRMacedonian yes you do.
It didn't, Macedonia is still and was always part of Greece. There is a country Former Yugaslav Republic Of Macedonia, but this is a modern name given to the Country. The historical area "Makedonia" is mostly in Modern Greece and was considered a Greek state (as eg.Athens was) to the Ancient Greeks,...
Alexander became king when he was 20 years old
The main ethnic groups in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedoniaare South Slavs, Albanians, Turks, and Shutka Roma.
There were many. It is similar to asking who was the king of England
Macedonia is a province on the northern Greek peninsula on the landthat was once the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia.
Thucydides (II 99) defined ancient Macedonia as thearea extending to the east as far as the lands of mountainPaggaion, east of river Strymon, to the south to the ThermaikosBay, Chalcidice, river Pineios (the border with Thessaly) and theKambounia mountains, to the north up to (including) the city...
There are several seas which are on the northern border of Russia.All of those seas though are part of the Arctic Ocean.
The traditional Greek lamb gyros with tzatziki (pita souvlaki) asonly Greece can make of course. However, Greeks from Macedonia in the north just like the Greeksfrom Athens in the south enjoy an assortment of traditional and notso traditional Greek culinary delights. Thessaloniki Bougatsa - Custard...
Ther isn't a specific "cold month" but anytime during the Winter would be cold. :d
about 10 hours depending on what route you take and how many stops you have
Answer . *Serbia. *Slovenia. *Croatia. *Bosnia-Herzegovina. *Macedonia. *Montenegro. and soon probably also:. *Kosovo
Slovenia, Croatia, Central Serbia, Svenska, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia & Hercegovina, & Macedonia
The name "FYROM" is the official name designated by the UN and usedby all international organizations and all countries whenparticipating in any international event or on the internationalstage. For expediency there are 135 countries that deal bilaterally withthe Former Yugoslav Republic by the name...
Answer . If you go non-stop, about 12 hours. Connecting flights will obviously add to the trip.
The Battle of Megalopolis was fought in 331 BCE between the Greekdiarchy of Sparta and the Greek kingdom of Macedonia. Alexander'sregent Antipater led the Macedonians to victory over King Agis III.
Ancient Macedonia was a Greek kingdom on the northern Greekpeninsula in southern Europe. Modern Macedonia is a Greek province on the northern Greekpeninsula in southern Europe, The unrelated Former Yugoslav Republic is a newly founded SlavicRepublic north of historical Macedonia in the Balkan region...
Toronto to Thessaloniki, historical Macedonia, Greece is 12h 15mduration, 1+ stops Toronto to Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is about a9 hour flight. This includes a stop at another airport, as thereare no direct flights from Toronto to Skopje.
11.97 (births per 1000 persons)...
The distance from Česká republika (Czech Republic) to Macedonia is about 837 km.
Skopje is the capital and largest city of the Republic ofMacedonia.
As I have known, you really need a visa for a Philippine Passport holder in order to travel abroad.
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Skopje is the Capital of Macedonia and is the capital city ofSkopje and is south of Bucharest.
VARDAR is the name of the biggest river in Macedonia. (Vardar = in cyrillic Вардар)
Departure point : Macedonia Destination point : Australia Estimated flight duration : 16 hours, 37 minutes
"Good evening!" in English is Dobra večer! in Macedonian.
NAJDOBRO /n-a-i-do-bro/ ODLICNO /od-li-ch-no/ GOLEMO /go-le-mo/ But I don't think that's what you wanted to know Alexander the great = aleksandar veliki
chevapi is very good. it's sort of like a groundbeef sausage type, flavored very well if cooked properly. grandmothers are usually the best at making them
Skopje is the capital and largestcity of the Republic of Macedonia.
Phillip II of Macedon revolutionized the Macedonian army andwarfare in the Ancient world. Phillip II made military service afull time occupation which allowed the men to train constantly andbecome a cohesive group. He also innovated the phalanx technique byintroducing new weapons such as a longer...
chineese,french,italian,fast food,national,grill...
Well it all depends on what are you comparing it to? Compared towestern countries the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia isquite poor. It used to be the poorest part of Former Yugoslavia.Salaries are higher in the capital Skopje about 500-600 euros/monthand much lower in the rest of the country...
The (Former Yugoslav) Republic of Macedonia is a newly foundedSlavic state on what was once the kingdoms of ancient Paeonia andDardania and is unrelated to the historical Macedonia on thenorthern Greek peninsula. . Located in the northern and eastern hemisphere of the Europeancontinent FYROM is a...
Macedonia is a province on the northern Greek peninsula thatcoincides with the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. FYROM has nothing to do with Macedonia. FYROM is a country that wasancient Paeonia/Dardia that was occupied by Slav tribes thatinvaded in the 6th century AD. FYROM is actually a pseudo...
Macedonia is a province in northern Greece but used to be monarchyin ancient times when it was a Greek kingdom. The most famousMacedonian king was Alexander the Great of the Argead Dynasty thatoriginated in Argos in the Peloponnese and founded Macedonia on thenorthern Greek peninsula.
A Poppy is the national flower for the Macedonian republic. A poppy is one of a group of flowering plants in the poppy group, many of which are grown in gardens for their colourful flowers.
Бог да те благослови (bog da te blgagoslovi)
Gjorge Ivanov was the President of Macedonia in 2010. He became the 4th President of the Republic of Macedonia on 2009 May 12.
The first official "macedonian" grammar and alphabet have been developed by Venko Markovski, Krume Kepeski and Blago Konev (he changed his name later to Blaze Koneski) who were ordered by Tito to invent a new language in on 1943-44, a process known as 'serbianization of the bulgarian dialect'.....
The vast majority of Kosovar refugees fled to Albania because the vast majority of Kosovars are ethnic Albanians and knew that in Albania they would not be persecuted. As for Montenegro, it was relatively close by.
Politics taken out of this problem and to view the issue on both sides in black and white is not possible.. Its correct to note that the native people of the region at the trun of the 20th century were macedonians. This in many circles makes these people the decendents of the macedonians.. However...
Macedonian banks have alert pay, but they don`t have paypal
Yes, like the rest of Greece since Greece is in the European Union.
Yes - some by bribery of the aristocracy, some by militaryconquest, others by fear of conquest.
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is 2nd world countries. It iscompetitively poor then western Europe and northan America but richthen South Asia and Africa.
No, they are Italian, German, Irish, and Native American.
The most complete study of Greek skeletal material from Neolithicto modern times was carried out by American anthropologist J.Lawrence Angel who found that in the early age racial variabilityin Greece was 7% above average, indicating that the Greeks hadmultiple origins within the Europid racial...
Macedonia first appears on the historical scene as ageographical-political unit in the 5th century BCE, when itextended from the upper waters of the Haliakmon and Mount Olympusto the river Strymon. In the following century, it reached thebanks of the Nestos. The history of the Macedonians, however,...
Macedonia Μακεδονία, Makedonía is a geographic area and historical province ofGreece. In ancient times it was the location of the ancient Greekkingdom of Macedonia.
Demetrius urges war against Rome . Philip makes peace with Aetolia . Philip builds a fleet . Philip allies with Carthage . War breaks out in Illyria . Rome seeks allies in Greece . Campaign in Greece . Attempt at peace fails . Hostilities resume . The war ends
Yes. . Ancient Macedonia was a Greek kingdom on the northern Greekpeninsula. . Modern Macedonia is a Greek province on the northern Greekpeninsula. . There is an unbroken record of people identifying asMacedonians with a Greek ethnic linguistic and culturalidentity, continuously inhabiting the...
Yes. Macedonia in Greece is the COOLEST place in the world.
Yes, it certainly was an empire. A king called Phillip of Macedonunited with lower Greece and conquered neighboring territories andthen his son Alexander the Great went all out and conquered Persiaand added much of the eastern world to the empire. It was shortlived and fell apart after the death of...
Yes, there is a small dormant volcano in the village of kosel inmacedonia
Gjorge Ivanov was the President of Macedonia in 2011. He became the 4th President of the Republic of Macedonia on 2009 May 12.
You can travel without visa with Macedonian passport in every state in Europe, including: Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt and some other African states.
Same as all other Greek silver coins: drachmas. Same as all other Greek gold coins: staters.
The Macedonian in the region of Greece had people in ancient history who worshiped the Greek god Zeus. Being of Greek origin.
Yes. FYRMacedonian people need to acquire a visa on the Mexicanembassy at Serbia.
Ancient Macedonia which today is the province of Macedonia on thenorthern Greek peninsula, is a historical, geographic, cultural andethnic identity of Greece.
Nikola Gruevski was the Prime Minister of FYRMacedonia in2011. Gruevski became the Prime Minister of Macedonia on 2006August 27. His party, the VMRO-DPMNE was re-elected to power in2011.