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Airsoft is military simulation game, played with replica firearms that fire plastic pellets.
They have to be in your checked baggage, unloaded, and declared at the ticket counter, the same as if you were transporting an actual firearm by plane.
One of my friends takes his rifle and 6 pistols when he plays. You  will have to talk to the staff members at your local field to find  out though. it is specific to the arena.
No, it was not designed for it, running a larger battery will  increase wear on parts very quickly.
it depends on the type of gun you buy.
Anything is possilbe with enough money and the time it will take to jump through the NFA hoops with the BATFE.Airsoft rifles do not create a loud 'bang' as does cartridge rifles. In fact there is almost no noise. That being said, WHY would you put a silencer on any airsoft gun ???
yes that's the good thing about air soft guns their legal anywhere
You budget will have a big impact on the answer.
Depends on what you want to use it for. For CQB or pretty much any game play that you will shoot someone who is less than 100 feet away from you, you want something between 345-400 fps. If you are looking at something more long range, then 400-500fps would work. Most places that I have seen won't...
Legit guns? Airsoftgi.com, Evike.com, Airrattle.com or the  stores of the said websites  The cheap plastic ones that will break in 20 min? Walmart,  Basspro, Cabellas, Greentop 
I would suggest rephrase your question, as you don't say what brand your gun is. But: most AEG Airsoft guns come with a charger for the removable battery. If it is a cheaper gun, it may require standard batteries. Check your gun's owners manual to find out more.
The pxt-001 has a battery stored in the front grip. To get it out you squeeze the top of the front grip and lift it off. Then you disconnect the battery from the gun and charge it with a charger.
You will need to contact your local law enforcement for a current, correct and legal answer.
Ask a person that makes barretts.
Yes they do i have been shot in the head by one that was only 200 fps and it left a welt there that stung for 2 days if you are looking to have a war with these wear proper face protection before you fire one they can even make a person go blind.
Both can cause injury. All in all the airsoft is slightly safer.
Usually near the outdoor/hunting section which is usually adjacent to the fishing section. If you're asking about a whole airsoft-dedicated store, you're best chances are looking online for things, because there are very few whole airsoft stores. Most of what you'll find in your sporting goods store...
at the moment no there isn't anywhere you can get it but people are working on prototypes and are trying to make it.
I don't think they even make airsoft guns that weak. You probably won't notice you were hit unless it was from a very large pellet.
yes you can as long as it still has the orange top
  usually the gun comes with a dejamming rode that would be used in that situation.   if it doesn't id recoment that u should put something that is long and wont mess up the gun and stick it down the barell
Legit Airsofters usually keep the Fps of their guns between 350 and  500. From close range a 360 fps airsoft gun can leave a large welt  through clothing and even draw a little bit of blood on bare skin.  FPS over 500 has a minimum engagement distance of 20ft in order to  avoid this. Even though...
I wish I knew a real answer to that question myself. The two  ways I've found to IMPROVE the situation is to:  A). buy a pair of goggles with a fan  or B). cut holes into the mask just big enough to let air out,  without letting a bb in. 
Some well known airsoft websites are airsoftgi.com, airsplat.com,hobbychase.com and shortyusa.com.
evike.com and airsoftgi.com
Slide Rail into placeIf pins came with it push pins in locking the rail in placeIf it came with pins chances are you are done If it didn't come with pins I would have no clue what to do there.
No, steer clear of spring Airsoft guns unless you are getting a good shotgun or a sniper, in which case look at the feet per second(FPS). If you are looking for good airguns check out buyairsoft.ca or Canadian Airgun Supply. I find that G&G and KWA brands are the most popular, and reliable .If...
Best left to a trained technician
A gun that cocks back automatically after you shoot.
yes. if you like it than pursue it. cash isn't everything and that's not too pricey anyways. -------------------- thank you for response :) - yh i know it isn't to pricey i suppose but my parents keep saying i need a bigger tv and stuff like that but im gonna get one :) (m4) - by the way thanks...
Compensators, Muzzle brakes, Flash hiders and Supressors only add cosmetic appeal to airsoft guns. Some suppressors though can be attached to lengthen the barrel of the gun to allow the installation of a longer inner barrel for increased accuracy/range
Yes But A parent has to be with the child and both have safety goglles
At the fields where I play, any gun user over 400 fps must go by  the rule of 20-ft minimum engagement (20 feet away from target).
Buy a decent sniper rifle (gas or spring) a scope if it doesn't come with one and then practice.
"Best" requires opinion, "sniper" refers to how you use it, and "cheap" descries the user. Airsoft is a manufacturer. Please respect this site as the privilege that it is or risk blockage.
This depends on the game. I have been to some games that last 2  days nonstop. Most places hold 15min, 20min, 30min, and FK games.  FK means full kill which means one team is completely eliminated.
AIRSOFT guns are not intended to fire anything but soft BBs- AIR SOFT.
YES! so long as you make sure that the gun is full metal (Metal  Internals and externals) isn't heavily damaged and is made by a  good brand.
Airsoft guns are illegal to the general public in Australia. You can only own one with a permit.
maybe but this one is reusable (type this in the website, Google, Bing, Yahoo: etc, Youtube, then type in the video, Airsoft Claymore Anti Personnel Mine) do you understand it? yes or no? P.s: sorry about the understanding i cannot write too much and i want it to keep it small and i mean less word...
It matters where you live, you can find BBS in Sports.
Airsoft guns are imitation guns that shoot anywhere from 6-11 mm plastic ball projectiles that are propelled forward by compressed air by the means of manual cocking of a spring, electric revolution of gears that pull back the spring, or compressed Gas. These airsoft guns can shoot anywhere from 200...
In most airsoft wars and tournament at public airsoft fields, you have to be 12 and up and you need a waiver signed by one of your parents/legal guardians. If you are just going to have an airsoft war in your backyard with a couple of friends, you can be any age. You have to be 18 or older in most...
Redwolf Airsoft's FAQ states: "We ship all over the world; from Alaska to Russia. For countries where there exist requirements regarding the appearance of airsoft guns, we will perform the appropriate modifications prior to shipping. For countries and cities where airsoft is illegal, shipping is at...
airsoft or bust!! i made it up myself. how about this"takin' shots and brakein' skin!"
It all depends what you want to do. If you just want to shoot targets in your backyard, go get an airsoft gun, they are much cheaper than paintball guns. However If you want to play with people in a competitive game, get a paintball marker. There are nearly no "airsoft fields" and It is hard to play...
Most airsoft guns have the motors in the grip (like AK, M4/M16, and G36 models) but some guns (mainly bulpups) have the motors entering the gearbox from the back.
Go to the Google website, and from the upper toolbar select IMAGES. On the search page, enter "airsoft" or "BB gun", and you should find hundreds of pictures.
It all depends on the model. They can hold 5, 6, or 8.
Airsoft miniguns can shoot at a variety of fps's, it can range from aroudn 200-700 fps. These guns are not very accurate however have a very high rate of fire, and is mainly used to spray around the enemy
on many high-end, and even some cheaper airsoft guns there is a switch labeled "hop-up" this adjusts how much friction is put on the top of the bb as it exits the barrel. The friction causes the bb to have back spin and therefore curve upwards and have a longer flight. The hop-up can, in the right...
You can find that gun at (See the link below.)Comes with an extra mag. Use coupon code 0311 to get 10% off first order. There is a video review at the page address above. You can also do a google search for "MK23 airsoft pistol"
.20 for a 300-360 FPS and .25 for anything above 360 FPS.
You can shoot from any range except point-blank.
Airsoft guns can range form any where from 100 to 600 feet per second or FPS. The lower end of the spectrum about 100 to 250, they pierce anything more than paper, and hardly hurt at all which will not make a mark through a shirt or pants. The mid range fps is from about 250 to 400. The upper mid...
The legal amount of fps for an airsoft gun to war with for CQB is around 300, for field however is 550.
if its gas, you put a gas cartridge in the magazine or handle, and turn the safety off and pull the trigger. If its electric, put new batteries or charge the battery. if its spring, pull the top slide back and let go, and then pull the trigger. Green gas, place mag upside down, green gas goes on...
You can upgrade your airsoft gun, just depends on what type you have , and what you want to do to it. You can upgrade the barrel to get a higher fps on it. you can upgrade the spring on electric guns but you will need added parts to go with this upgrade. Please refer to this link and it will help...
== You Can't! ==   == ---- ==   == Technically speaking you can. It's called the "Poor Man's Chronograph". Here is the link <http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/BulletDetail?bulletID=34>. ==
Try gun shops, gun shows, estate sales, auctions, Shotgun News, want ads, for sale ads, pawn shops.
For the money I would buy the JG BAR-10 instead
Most airsoft tactical vests are for adults. your best bet is to find the smallest adult vest possible and hope it fits. I have never seen one for a child and i have been playing for about 10 years now
yes its very good i payed £24 for mine
just get a real gun you freak show
only if the 10 year old is mature enough to have it.no if he plays around enough
Good grades, good behavior, pay for it yourself.
In my opinion airsoft wars do not hurt but yet I play paintball.  But it really matter what fps the airsoft gun is and how close they  are to you and if they are shooting you once. But really airsoft  does't pack a punch in the hit it just stings a little bit.
Yes i think that they should because if you think that they are responsible enough and if you have a forest or a Range by your house.
No but You Have to be over 18 for most airsoft guns.
No, but you need to be at least 18 years old.
Of cource it is. As long as you don't get caught! :-pCheck your local laws! Also, keep in mind that is is illegal, not to mention irresponsible, to have a realistically colored airsoft gun out in public in California.
no, because people may get hurt when they are walking by and will complain It also might be illegal where you live (for example in California).The reason people are pushing for stricter laws against airsoft is because of people who are stupid and irresponsible enough to play in public places. People...
These guns go for anywhere from $800-$20,000 depending on the condition, matching serial #'s and traceable history. I have seen 1 new in the box 1878 colt shotgun with factory letter that went for $10,000, and another 90% metal and wood, had some handling marks, that had some history behind it that...
it matters what animal if it a pigeon or other small pests its legal but if its a mountion or bobcat it is in fact illegal
Spring airsoft guns work of manual operation. This means that you have to pull or move a part to get it to function. Here's the basic parts that make it function:- Cylinder- "Piston"- "Piston head"- Piston catch- Trigger- Spring- Spring guideThe cylinder is what the air is funneled through.The...
The R-76 is NOT scopable so a Red Dot will NOT fit on it.
Virtually no, unless you have a blowback gun.
Not sure what the question is, be more specific, each gun has its own magazines, and spring guns suck if not bolt action rifles or shotguns.
Yes, there are many places that are either exclusive airsoft fields or have an airsoft day at paintball fields.
yes. red dragon airsoft, i at least watch their videos, and their very reliable and helpful. Ive bought guns that they've reviewed, like the Thompson and the STEN, the mp40 and a shotgun, their videos are at least accurate.
it will hurt a lot and go get some ice
Check with your local police for a current and correct answer.
AAirsoft guns can be shiped to any state if the company can ship them to the country but the only problem is if it is leagl or not to use them i use them in a state that they are illegal in who care but yea u can get it shiped to NYC
If your mags are leaking get Moondog Industries gas fill O-Rings from Evike.com. They are extremely easy to install and cheap (fix 6 mags for 5 dollars).
airsoft megastore is one