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The Maldives are a group of atolls just southwest of India. They are officially known as the flattest country in the world, with no point above 10 feet. The capital is Male.
Islam is the official religion of the the Maldives, as well as the only religion tolerated. Practicing any other religion in the country is strictly illegal, for the law is based on the principles of Islam. Non-Muslims are forbidden from becoming citizens.
Maldives is ahead of the standard GMT by 5 hours.
Atolls, Channels, Islands, Straits
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A random search for flights from Chennai (MAA) to Maldives (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 3hr 45min via Colombo (CMB)MAA - CMB Srilankan Airlines Flt 124 Dep 09:15pm 04Mar,Thu CMB - MLE Srilankan Airlines Flt 107 Dep 11:35pm 04Mar,Thu Flight Duration: 2hr 45min; Layover Time: 1hr 00min; Total Trip Time:...
The time in U.A.E. is always UTC + 4 hrs., and the time in the Maldives is always UTC + 5 hrs. Therefore, the Maldives are always 1 hr. ahead of U.A.E. 4 PM GST = 5 PM MVT
A random search for flights from Madrid Barajas (MAD) to Male (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 12hr 35min via Doha (DOH)MAD - DOH Qatar Airways Flt 072 Dep 03:05pm 27Feb,Sat DOH - MLE Qatar Airways Flt 380 Dep 01:05am 28Feb,Sun Flight Duration: 11hr 15min; Layover Time: 1hr 20min; Total Trip Time: 12hr 35min
A random search for flights from Birmingham (BHX) to Male (MLE) shows: OPTION 1: 14hr 05min via Dubai (DXB) BHX - DXB Emirates Airlines Flt 038 Dep 08:20pm 12Mar,Fri DXB - MLE Emirates Airlines Flt 654 Dep 10:20am 13Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 11hr 00min; Layover Time: 3hr 05min; Total Trip Time:...
A random search for flights from Birmingham (BHX) to Male (MLE) shows: OPTION 1: 14hr 05min via Dubai (DXB) BHX - DXB Emirates Airlines Flt 038 Dep 08:20pm 12Mar,Fri DXB - MLE Emirates Airlines Flt 654 Dep 10:20am 13Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 11hr 00min; Layover Time: 3hr 05min; Total Trip Time:...
They are called Maldivians
A random search for flights from Frankfurt (FRA) to Male (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 12hr 25min via Doha (DOH)FRA - DOH Qatar Airways Flt 024 Dep 10:20pm 19Mar,Fri DOH - MLE Qatar Airways Flt 382 Dep 08:10am 20Mar,Sat Flight Duration: 10hr 30min; Layover Time: 1hr 55min; Total Trip Time: 12hr...
Both are beautiful islands.
scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, angling, reef casting, sailing, parasailing and catamaran sailing.
yews becasue i've seen celebrities doing it in pictures. unless it's isolated and you may be bound to offend someone. if you're on your own island or an olsated island. ma ybe no onew woill notice or they'll tolerate it as they'll receive tourist money. trends like nudism especiallty toplessness is...
People in the Maldives eat coconuts, fish and starches. One of thefavorite fishes is skip jack tuna.
The best time to go to Maldives is from November till April from November till April is the best time to go to maldives
First President of the First Republic is Mohamed Amin DidiFirst President of the Second Republic is Ibrahim NasirSecond President of the Second Republic is Maumoon Abdul GayoomThird President of the Second Republic Mohamed Nasheed
In the Maldives, 88 people was killed and 24 reported missing and presumed dead after it was hit by a tsunami on 26 December 2004.
The currency of the Maldives is the Maldivian Rufiyaa.
Located in Asia,south of India.
Yes, they do have a government and Maldives is a Republic country after 26th July 1965.
Because there is the best sea and the most beautiful fish .
Yes, you can export onions, lemon, and garlic to Maldives only  after getting export licence in India.
It is as it is an island by itself with no one around to supply  them food and that is why fishing is an important occupation
After Ibrahim Nasir talked with the British to grant full independence. It was declared on 26th July 1965.
The largest industry in the Maldives is the tourism industry
  John Keells own the following islands   Ellaidhoo Island Resort, Dhonveli Beach Resort & spa, Hakura Club
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Male. It has 103,693 people living in it.
Most would opt for the more tropical Hawaiian Inlands.
maldives' mens traditional clothing
A random search for flights from Brisbane (BNE) to Male (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 26hr 50min via Kuala Lumpur (KUL) BNE - KUL Malaysia Airlines Flt 134 Dep 11:20pm 07May,Fri Connecting flight wait time 14hr 20min KUL - MLE Malaysia Airlines Flt 189 Dep 08:05pm 08May,Sat Flight Duration: 12hr 30min;...
The flight time from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to Malé International Airport (MLE) is 17 hours, 52 minutes.
Thais do not need to apply for visa to go to Maldives
It cosist of 1190 low lying trophical Islands. About 2 00 islands are populated. . About 100 islands are resorts. Rest of the islands are used for agriculture and other economic activities. There are no mountains or river. But some islands have large fresh water ponds. Islands are surrounded by...
Islam is the only official religion of the Maldives.
The Maldives are best known for their rare, exotic beauty and the for fact that due to global warming the Maldives are under the threat of disappearing.
Rufiyaa.100 laari to one Rafiyaa
A random search for flights from Hong Kong (HKG) to Male (MLE) shows: OPTION 1: 9hr 05min via Kuala Lumpur (KUL) HKG - KUL Malaysia Airlines Flt 9721 Dep 03:05pm 21May,Fri Operated by Cathay Pacific Airways KUL - MLE Malaysia Airlines Flt 0189 Dep 08:05pm 21May,Fri Flight Duration: 7hr 40min;...
70000 cars in maldives
The flight time from Perth to the Maldives is approximately 7 hoursand 33 minutes. The exact travel time depends on factors such as weather conditionsand delays.
  Distance: The distance between Chennai (Madras), India and Male, Maldives is 790 miles (1271 km). Flight: Chennai (MAA) to Male (MLE) Flight Duration * 3 hours 55 mins * Via Colombo Bandaranaike Apt, Colombo (CMB)
Visit maldivedigest.com , You will get the details of resorts in Maldives as well as the Maldives directory and so many more. in addition a forum would be there open for all visitors ....hope it helps :-)
Yes it's a beautiful and fun vacation spot. Me and my family went last year and it was the best holiday I've ever had in my life. The food is beautiful and cheap! Some fish there are $5 and in America they would be $350! The scuba diving is magnificent, the sea was warm and there were what seemed...
The Maldives is an LEDC, less economically developed country. Despite the fact the country receives large amounts of money from tourism, the GDP per capita is low.
The legal age to purchase tobacco in Maldives is 16 years old.
A random search for flights from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) to Male (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 28hr 30min via Washington Dulles (IAD) & Doha (DOH)DFW - IAD American Airlines Flt 1962 Dep 05:25pm 22Jun,Tue/25Jun,Fri IAD - DOH Qatar Airways Flt 052 Dep 10:50pm 22Jun,Tue/25Jun,Fri Connecting flight wait...
A random search for flights from Charlotte (CLT) to Male (MLE) shows:OPTION 1: 32hr 55min via New York Kennedy (JFK) & Dubai (DXB) CLT - JFK JetBlue Airways Flt 1082 Dep 06:10am 22Jun,Tue JFK - DXB Emirates Airlines Flt 204 Dep 11:20am 22Jun,Tue DXB - MLE Emirates Airlines Flt 654 Dep 09:45am...
Mohamed Ameen Didi is the FIRST president of the FIRST republic of Maldives.Ibrahim Nasir is the FIRST president of the SECOND republic of Maldives.
The flight will take 13h 41min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).
14.55 (births per 1000 persons in 2009)...
Generally speaking, there are a few mosquitoes on the islands, but they are an occasional nuisance rather than a big problem (as in India or Sri Lanka). Most people would not really be bothered by them, but if you are susceptible to being bitten by bugs generally (as some people are) then you're...
The Maldives covers 298 square kilometers, or 115 square miles, according to the CIA World Factbook.
no maldives isnot a part of india
The Maldives, a tropical hideaway, home to about 270,000 natives 1,350 different species of coral and fish.with a lots of beautiful beaches that gives you a memorable time to have up till long lasting.
25hr 10min Houston Intercontinental (IAH) - Doha (DOH) - Male (MLE) by Qatar Airways.Flight Duration: 19hr 25min; Layover Time: 5hr 45min; Total Trip Time: 25hr 10min
tiny island of south asia
Approximately 20 cm (that would be 200 mm).
maldives population is 2,865 sq mi
I suggest you contact the JW branch in India: INDIAPO Box 6441, Yelahanka, Bangalore-KAR 560 064.
Maldives has not won a medal at the Commonwealth Games.
Maldives has participated in every Summer Olympics since the 1988 Games in Seoul.
Maldives has competed at eight Commonwealth Games: 1986, 1990,  1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014. Maldives are yet to win a  medal at the Games.
Malé is the capital city in theRepublic of Maldives.
  == Answer ==   Most trips to the Maldives from the East Coast will go via Europe and the Middle East. From Boston, it will take approximately 7 hours to Frankfurt, plus another 6 hours to either Qatar or Dubai and then approximately 5-6 hours from Dubai or Qatar to Male, Maldives. ...
Well most of the people work in tourism industry and fishing
  sri lankan does not need visa to visit maldives
  OPTION 1 - Indian Airlines (now Air India) via BLR   MAA - BLR IC541 Dep 07:25am 23Feb Mon / 25Feb WedBLR - MLE IC965 Dep 10:30am 23Feb Mon / 25Feb Wed   Flight Duration: 2hr 45min; Layover Time: 2hr 20min;Total Trip Time: 5hr 05min   OPTION 2 - SriLankan Airlines via CMB   MAA -...
Hello!   There are not many animals in Maldives, (on land). But in the sea, there are lots of marine life. There are reef fish like stonefish, lionfish, reef sharks, etc....   There are lots of tunas also in the oceans.    
Yes, Maldives is in.