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Where is the Ukraine?

  It is a country located in Eastern Europe. It was a part of the Soviet Union, but now it is an independent country. So it's not "THE Ukraine". It's just Ukraine beca (MORE)

Where is Ukraine?

The Ukraine is a country in eastern Europe between Russia on the east, Belarus on the North, Poland on the west, and Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south. https: (MORE)
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Why is Ukraine called the Ukraine?

It isn't. Some people do refer to it as such, but this is linguistically wrong. The name of the country is simply Ukraine. So it is gramatically right to write 'Ukraine' not (MORE)
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If you marry in the Ukraine can I stay in Ukraine?

From living in Ukraine for 10 years, no one will stop you living in Ukraine, if you are a citizen of different country you might have trouble coming back if you stay for too (MORE)
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Why is ukraine called ukraine?

Ukraine in a translation to an Ukrainian language is "in country". For someone who knows: У Кра!!на. (ukraina) u- in, kraina- country. Make sense.
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How can you get to Ukraine?

You can walk, run or swim, better ask them first though. Just a word of warning watch your back as you will probably get shot. It has been nice answering your question and I h (MORE)

Is it called the Ukraine or Ukraine?

The correct usage (and that preferred by the current government) is simply "Ukraine." The other usage was preferred by the Russian and Soviet overlords in Ukraine's past; they (MORE)