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Who is the founder of agnosticism?

No one founder of agnosticism has existed. The word is a variant of agnosis, which simply means "not knowing," and people use it in reference to their belief that a person (MORE)

When did Agnosticism start?

First of all, Agnosticism isn's a religion as such. It's an answer to religion.. A Theist believes in a god. An atheist believes there is no god.. An agnostic is in between (MORE)

Where did agnosticism start?

All humans are born as atheists. We inherit the god of our parents. Agnosticism, is not the natural state of humans, as, a concept of a god must first be introduced to the (MORE)

What is the definition of agnosticism?

You're kind of a fence sitter and neither here nor there on whether God exists. It's the most logical position to me. check out this article (MORE)

What is your reaction about agnosticism?

I agree about agnosticism; you can't prove that God exists or does not exist. Answer: I don't know. I just don't know. Seriously though, for those who are very realistic, b (MORE)

When was agnosticism invented?

There was not a specific date that agnosticism was invented - many will have been unsure of religion since its beginning. The word agnostic, however, can be traced back to Tho (MORE)

Why is agnosticism looked down upon?

Agnosticism comes from the point of view that the truth value of certain claims especially claims about the existence or non existence of any deity, but also other religious (MORE)