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Was Albert Einstein right handed?

No, Albert Einstein was a lefty.Even though he writes with his right hand he is indeed left handed.People think that when Einstein was in school he would get in trouble for wr (MORE)

Was Albert Einstein Jewish?

Yes. He did not practice Judaism, but his Jewish identity was very strong. He was a supporter of Israel, and worked tirelessly against antisemitism. Here are some quotes fro (MORE)

Did Albert Einstein die in his sleep?

No. Dr. Albert Einstein died from internal bleeding caused by a rupture of an aortic aneurysm.
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What was Albert Einstein famous for?

The special and general theory of relativity, E=mc2, reveals the equivalence of mass and energy. When Einstein applied his theory to gravitational fields, he derived the "curv (MORE)

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Did Albert Einstein marry?

Yes, he married Mileva Marić, in 1903. They separated in 1914, and were divorced in 1919. A few months later, he married his first cousin, Elsa Lowenthal Einstein. They had a (MORE)

Did Albert Einstein wear glasses?

    he wore them sometimes. he really only needed them to read
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What has Albert Einstein invent?

E=mc2 which is the main and important one for everything  now.  +++   He did not "invent" anything. He was a theoretical physicist who  studied the relationships betwee (MORE)
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Where was Albert Einstein from?

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Warttemberg, Germany on March  14th, 1879. Six weeks later he and his family moved to Munich. He  studied and worked in Switzerland. He retu (MORE)