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What is the capital of Bahrain?

Manama (Al Manamah) is the largest city (approximate population of  155,000 people) and capital of Bahrain, an island country on the  Persian Gulf.    Manama is locat (MORE)

Where is Bahrain?

Bahrain is a Muslim country consisting of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf. Neighboring countries are Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar. See this for geography and map of Bahrain (MORE)

Where is Bahrain located?

Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf. It is connected to Saudi Arabia by a long bridge.   Bahrain is a Middle Eastern country.
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Is Bahrain a MEDC?

Bahrain is an LEDC or less economically developed country. It can  be said that the country is the process of transitioning from  traditional lifestyles into industrial or m (MORE)

What is the size of Bahrain?

  Bahrain is a country in the Middle East (southwestern Asia) with an area of: 253 square miles (665 square kilometers). The estimated population as of 2007 for Bahrain wa (MORE)
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Is Bahrain a nation?

Yes, they became an independent nation in on December, 16, 1971.   Prior to that they had been a British colony.
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Is there taliban in Bahrain?

No, there is nothing called Taliban in Bahrain. Bahrain is a moderate Islamic country, has always treated other religious with respect and peace. In Bahrain you can live t (MORE)
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How safe is Bahrain?

It depends what part you are staying in; but other than that it is quite a safe place. If you are planning to stay in new areas without riffraff like Saar or Manama, you'll be (MORE)

Is Bahrain a desert?

The majority of the archipelago which the Kingdom of Bahrain is made up of consists of desert plains. In the past there had been small oases in the deserts which could support (MORE)

Is Bahrain landlocked?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a nation made up of roughly 30 different islands. Being an archipelago, it is natually anything but landlocked. A land locked nation would have vario (MORE)